Learning to Go Without

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Our parents told my brother and me that they were planning on a family vacation at a nude resort. Here's how this sixteen-year old girl and her fourteen-year old brother coped with it all.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Nudism   .

Chapter 1

My family has always seemed pretty normal, you know, the standard-issue Mom and Dad and younger brother.

I'm Becky, sixteen, and my brother is Kent, fourteen but just about to turn fifteen, then there's Mom and Dad, they're thirty-nine and forty-two, respectively, if you want to know.

Mom is a very attractive blond and I've inherited her looks; her hair color, like mine, comes from a salon. We're both trim and with some decent curves, both of us look good in bikinis.

Dad is also trim as is my brother, they both have wavy brown hair and handsome grins.

This all began one evening about a month and a half before the end of school as we were finishing up supper. The conversation had been about exams and stuff but turned to summer and what we might do for a vacation.

"Um, Mom and I have been talking about a different kind of vacation, one that we've always wanted to take and, um, well, we think you two are getting old enough."

I started thinking about something like Disneyland but maybe with less for little kids as Mom added, "Yes, we've always wanted to go to a nude beach, a nude resort, there's one in the Caribbean that's got a beautiful beach and looks really nice."

"Nude?" I asked, hoping I heard it wrong or that she might be joking.

"Yes, it's a nude family resort and we'll show you their website after we put things away."

"But, Mom, that's ... well, that means I'll ... and Kent ... we'll both have to ... you know ... and with you, both of you. All four of us."

"Yes, it would. And the people there would be nude as well. It's a family resort so there will be small children, preteens, teens, young people, people our age and older. All nude," my Dad explained.

"That's why we are bringing this up now, so you two can talk about it so we can see what you two think and maybe to get used to seeing each other that way before we go," Mom said.

"Yes, we don't need to do anything right now, we just wanted you both to know that this is something we could do this summer so you can be thinking about it, you might want to try it out here at home to see how you like it, you know, get used to being that way around each other and let us now what you think after you've tried it out," Dad said and the conversation more or less ended as we went to do homework or watch television.

I went up to my room and closed the door, turned out the light and just lay in bed wondering just what was happening. My parents, so normal and average, have gotten this nude idea into their heads and want us to all go to some naked beach together. With my little brother. And with them. Omigod, my dad with his ... oh, I didn't want to think about it so I put in my earbuds and listened to music.

But, visions of my brother's dick kept circulating through my mind, interrupted by thoughts of my father's penis hanging down, who knows how long. Why do they want to do this, I kept thinking over and over.

I just couldn't get it out of my mind. I've really never seen any of my family naked. Well, my brother when he was little, I still remembered the cute little penis he had, as I lay there in the dark, suddenly realizing that I was rubbing myself.

I jerked my hand away, feeling guilty that I was turned-on by the idea. But now the mental images of my brother and my dad had them both with enormous erections, then each one slowly stroking them as I watched. My hand went back down into my panties as two fingers slid inside.

After masturbating to the idea of seeing my brother and my dad naked, I simply couldn't get the idea of being nude around my family out of my mind, it was like the idea had infected me and I couldn't shake the notion. It was keeping me wet and tingly just about all the time.

Kent and I didn't really say anything about it afterward until a few days went by. Then, one afternoon after school, he asked me if I'd thought about what they'd asked us about the vacation and what I thought about it.

"Well, at first I just couldn't believe they were serious. I mean, they've never come up with anything like this, it just seemed to come out of the blue."

"Yeah, I thought they were kidding at first, but ... well, I guess they're not," he said.

"It's been on my mind ever since, I just can't quit thinking about it," I told him.

"Me, too. So, what do you think?"

"Well, I ... I just don't know. When Dad said maybe we could try it out on our own, well, I guess they really meant it. It seems to be something they really want to do. I'm not sure what that would be like, I mean, you and me, like with no clothes on."

"Yeah, I guess I've been wondering about that, too. What it might be like."

We talked on and both agreed that is was a really strange feeling about the two of us being naked around each other and especially the idea of us all four being naked together.

"So, do you think we should try it out like they said?" I asked him.

"Well, it's something they seem to want pretty bad, what do you think?"

"I think I'd like to think about it some more," I told him and we left it at that. But, the whole idea was now stuck in my mind and was turning me on all the time. I'd never masturbated so much before, it was like I was sexed-up all the time thinking about it. Strange.

Then, on Saturday night, when our parents were out playing bridge with friends, Kent came into my room and asked if I'd thought any more about it.

"Yeah, I can't seem to get it out of my mind," I told him and he replied, "Me, too."

"Well, I don't really know what to do. Maybe we could try like getting down to our underwear. After all, we've seen each other in swim suits and there's not a whole lot different," I said.

He nodded and asked, "When would you want to do it?"

"Um, I guess, maybe tonight, they're gone."

Now he nodded and pulled off his tee and started undoing his belt. Well, I tried to think of it as a kind of bikini as I pulled my top off and slid down my shorts as I lay on my bed.

He stood there in his white briefs, an erection making itself quite evident. There was no question that my brother was turned-on by the idea. Well, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, I was too.

"You're, uh, kind of excited, huh?" I asked, nodding to his briefs.

"Oh, come on, Becky, guys get like that at the drop of a hat."

"Or, maybe the drop of a top?" I kidded him. "Come on, it's not anything more than if we were going swimming, right? And I understand."

"No, I guess not but it just seems like it's more."

"Yeah, I kind of know what you mean," I admitted, knowing I was getting pretty wet and it might begin to show on my panties if I opened my legs. But I was not about to do that. At least yet.

"You think we should go farther?" he asked timidly.

"If we're going to some beach for a week and, I guess, just stay naked for the whole time, um, we'll have to do it sometime and, well, maybe now's a good time. What do you think?" I asked him and he answered me by pulling down his briefs.

There it was. If I'd been wondering just how his dick might look these days, there it was, sticking right out, kind of angled up, pointing over my head. Do you want the truth? It was so sexy to look at, so long and stiff-looking and it didn't have a lot of pubic hair around it. There was some so I didn't think he shaved like I do.

I realized that he was waiting on me, I was so engrossed in looking at his nakedness that I'd forgotten that I'd made an agreement to get naked as well. So, I reached back and pushed the hooks together, felt my bra come loose, then swallowed hard and let it slide down my arms as his eyes got large.

"Oh, wow, Becky, you look like the girls in Playboy. You are really hot-looking, they're just perfect."

There were a couple of twitches to his penis as he complimented me on my boobs, that was nice, I guess I can even turn-on my own brother. So, I raised my hips and slid my panties off and dropped them on the floor. He stood there looking at me, it was dead quiet in the room and there was no way I was going to open my legs, no matter what.

I lay there naked on my bed while he stood there, his dick moving slightly as we checked each other out naked for the first time. I had to keep from putting my hands over me, especially over my crotch, after all, we had agreed to do this.

"You're really beautiful, Becky. I mean I've seen you in a bikini but, well, this is incredible, your body is just perfect."

"I like your's, too, Kent, your, um, your dick is bigger than I expected. It really gets hard, huh?"

"Looking at you it sure does, oh, massive hard."

"But, I'm your sister, I really do that to you?" I asked knowing that he was doing it for me even though he was my brother.

"Sis, do you know what you look like? I mean you're the hottest-looking girl there is, even the ones I've seen in Playboy. You make me massive hard, here, feel," he said as he stepped up next to my bed.

Touch it? He wanted me to feel how hard his penis was? But, then I looked at it again, so straight, so rigid, so pretty and pink. I knew this was more than just being nude with each other but, well, it looked so nice, I just reached out and put my hand around it.

It was so warm and so stiff-feeling, even though the outside was soft.

"It really is hard-feeling. It's normally little and soft, right?" I asked, adding, laughing, "This is so crazy."

"It might be crazy but it sure feels good to me," he said as I began to rub the tip with my thumb. Then, I let go and we just more or less looked each other over for a few minutes.

"You think I could, like, um, see inside? Like up between your legs? What you look like there?" he asked in a whisper.

Well, there it was ... he wanted to see my pussy. What now?, I thought. But I also realized that I could see pretty much all of him even though some of me was hidden away.

"Um, yeah, I guess, maybe we should just consider this as sex-ed, huh?" I said as I slowly spread open for him. "Do you want me to show you the parts down there?" I asked and he told me he did so I showed him my pussy lips, the outer ones and inner ones, then up inside so he could see the hole leading up into me, then my clitty which I told him all about how it can really make a girl feel good.

"This is so sexy, I'm really feeling hot. Are you gonna, um, like masturbate after this, when you go back to your room?" I asked my brother.

"Geez, that's kind of personal. I guess so, you're right it's pretty sexy doing this, I mean, you can see what it does to me, right? So, yeah, I'm gonna go do it right after this."

I could see, his dick was sticking right out straight. We decided that this was enough for the first time and I really think we were both eager to get alone so we could each masturbate. I know I did and it was one of the best orgasms I'd ever had. I know seeing my brother naked and then knowing he was in his room doing it while I was in mine getting off, well, it was pretty erotic.

We decided to tell our parents that we had, indeed, tried being nude together and they were surprised that we had. They were pleased that we seemed fairly comfortable about it and we all agreed that we could go on the vacation they had planned. My mom did tell me later that, just to be on the safe side, that I was getting old enough now, that she would have me put on the birth control pill which she did.

Chapter 2

Even though she didn't exactly say it, I guessed that with nudity being added to the regular adolescent state of things, especially going to a nude resort where boys my age would be around, well, better safe than sorry. Whether she thought about Kent and I possibly having sex, I really don't know. Maybe she thought of that, maybe she didn't; she certainly didn't bring that up.

Then, about a week later, the nudity thing was brought up again and we told them we'd tried it again and it seemed more comfortable the second time. It was true, Kent suggested one day after school that when we went up to change out of school clothes that we just practice being nude again. Since we were now booked on this vacation, it seemed a good idea and we did seem more comfortable around each other, except that my brother had a stiffie all the time.

"Are you going to go take care of that, Kent, you know, jack-off?" I asked him.

"I was kind of hoping we could do it together, you know, like in front of each other."

No question about it, I felt each word right inside my pussy and could feel myself getting even more aroused and wet.

"I mean, well, we've gone this far, it would be pretty hot to do. Have you ever seen a boy shoot?"

There was a question I never expected my brother to ask me. But, I told him truthfully, "No, not really. I've been told it's pretty cool."

His hand dropped down to grip his dick as he began moving it back and forth. Then, he stopped and said, "I need to get some hand lotion to make it work better," and left to return a minute later with a small puddle of white lotion in his palm as he resumed stroking himself.

"I guess we can do it," I said as I lay back and began rubbing my fingers back and forth in the wetness I was making. After all, I thought, he's already seen everything I've got and, well, I was interested in seeing him shoot, I'd heard it was really neat.

I began rubbing as he stood there with his fingers wrapped around his dick moving it back and forth in a slow rhythm. It did feel good, really sexy, but a bit awkward as well, with my younger brother jacking-off watching me masturbate.

Pretty soon, Kent was moaning as he stroked, then said, "Oh, I'm really close. If you want to see it, here I go," and white globs went spurting up out the end of his dick, some landing on his leg, the rest on the floor next to the bed. It was amazing, even better to watch than I'd imagined. And that was what happened inside the girl when a boy cummed, he shot his stuff all over the inside of her.

Watching it happen helped me get off and we were soon masturbating for each other almost every afternoon after school. Of course, that part of it we never planned on telling Mom and Dad. We didn't do much in the way of touching each other or kissing or anything like that, just getting ourselves off while we each watched the other.

The exception to that occurred the next afternoon after we'd gotten naked and had masturbated together. I asked him, "Are you going like that or do you think you want to shave there?" Pointing at his pubic hair.

"Oh, I'm scared to death that I'd cut myself and I can't get the guts to try it. I don't know how you can do it."

"It's not that hard to do, would you want me to shave you?" I asked, now feeling a new level of openness as we spent more time together naked.

"You'd be real careful, right?"

"I do myself, silly, sure, your dick is too cute to cut off, Kent, I'd never do that," I laughed. "Come on, it'll give you a whole new look," I told him and got up and he followed me into our bathroom where I got out my shaving gel and razor.

"Um, let's see, stand here and, um, spread your legs," I asked him as I sprayed some of the gel on his hair.

"That's cold, wow," he winced and I began rubbing it into a lather.

"I like that, Sis," he grinned, then I began shaving away his public hair. I could now see his balls easily, they both hung down in a little skin bag underneath and were so cute. I even lifted them up to get a feel of what they were like.

Once I got him shaved, I put my fingers around his still-soapy dick and slid my hand up and down as I looked up at him. I didn't ask, I just did it.

"Oh, Becky, mmm, that feels so good," he moaned.

"Well, you were still all excited and hard. Does it ever get soft and floppy like it's supposed to?"

"Not when I'm around my beautiful naked sister and, oh, man, sure not when you're doing this."

"Will I make you shoot if I keep doing this?"

"Why don't you try it and see?" he said, grinning down at me. So I did.

And, yes, he did shoot, all over me which wasn't so bad because I was naked already. There were advantages to nudity after all. But that was the only time I did my brother. I did, however, shave him every other day which was fun guiding the razor with one hand and lifting his dick out of the way with the other. I made sure to rub just a bit, too.

We did talk about how it would feel to be in a place where everyone, whole crowds of people, were naked, totally nude, letting the whole world see them, all of them.

That did get us to decide to try to get an all-over suntan, we had three or four weeks, hopefully enough so we wouldn't stand out too much. So, every sunny day found us out on our patio, naked laying in the sun.

Near the end of the first week, Kent asked me to put the suntan lotion on his back, so we began doing each other's back and butt, it was pretty sexy and it always got us aroused enough to masturbate out there under the warm sun.

Then about a week later, Dad brought up, "Well, we know we're going on this vacation. We'll need to try all this out, the four of us, all together."

I looked at my brother as I felt my face warm, it seemed one thing to be naked around my brother and a whole different thing around our parents, especially my dad.

"So, tomorrow morning, it's Saturday, and we'll make that the first day we're all nude together. Then, when you come down, you can come down without anything on. We need to get used to seeing each other this way before we go. We might as well get it over with," our mom told us. There it was. Tomorrow.

I lay in bed not wanting to get up and go downstairs. Okay, it had turned out to be rather fun to be naked with my brother, even pretty sexy ... well, lots sexy, actually. My own brother, who'd ever think that? But now it was Mom and Dad. I could just picture Dad's dick as being this big elephant trunk thing hanging down, almost dragging the floor. Well, I knew I couldn't stay in bed forever so I got up and went down.

When I went in the kitchen, Kent was already there eating breakfast as were my parents. They were sitting so I didn't get a look at them below the belt but my mom's boobs were on display and, well, they were pretty nice. I guess maybe that's how I'll look at her age and, well, she's pretty hot.

There were pancakes and sausages so I helped myself knowing that my Dad was seeing my naked body for the first time in years so I hurried to sit down and eat. I had to hold my arm down to keep from trying to cover my boobs, after all, we were nudists now and that meant we were each on full display.

It was a bit of a struggle to try to talk normally as we ate but there was conversation though, by now, I've totally forgotten what it was about. Certainly not about us all being naked.

Mom got up to get more coffee for them and when she brought the pot over, I saw that she had trimmed pubic hair, a simple 'landing-patch' right above the slit between her legs. Pubic hair is quite a topic among my girlfriends and it seems that most of us shave our underarms, legs and pussies. It is more or less the standard these days. But moms? Well, now I saw how my own mom was shaved.

Then I thought about Dad. I'd heard that more boys were shaving their pubes though Kent hadn't, he had some fine, dark curly hair around his dick before I'd shaved it all off but Dad? Oh, I didn't even want to think about it. Then he stood up.

Maybe I didn't want to think about my dad's penis but, well, there it was and, yes, my eyes were drawn directly to it. Not just that, it was stirring something deep inside me, yes, right there.

My brother's dick was pink but Dad's was more brown, almost like it was tanned. It hung down some but not completely. The end was plump and it was somewhat larger than Kent's, not surprising, I suppose. Then I turned away, that was enough for now, I thought, as my pussy tingled unexpectedly, after all it was my own dad.

It was a Saturday and we always had chores to do so I went about dusting and polishing the furniture as Mom ran the vacuum around. My brother and my dad had dressed and were outside doing the yard when Mom turned off the vacuum and asked me, "Well, Becky, now you've seen us, what do you think?"

"It's ... well, it was super-weird at first, especially ... um..."

"Dad?" she asked.

"Yeah, I mean I knew he had, well, I knew he had one like Kent does but it's really pretty different. It just seems weird to be around you two like this, especially Dad."

"We understand, honey. We knew it would take some getting used to. After all we didn't start this when you were both little. You're physically pretty mature now and, well, you have to get used to a whole new way of being with the rest of the family. Just don't be surprised if your brother or your Dad gets the occasional erection, that's just the nature of men. And, I suppose it's all to our benefit as women, right?"

Well, she was right of course and I got to see my father's first erection a little later in the afternoon, not a huge one but obviously it had lengthened and swollen from what I'd seen earlier. I'll be honest: I thought it was pretty sexy.

So, we went nude from then on when we were home, it just became the way we were. And, yes, I did see my dad's dick get pretty darned big one evening as we were watching television and out of the corner of my eye I saw Mom slowly reach over and give him a few strokes, I guess just in fun hoping we wouldn't see. Well, I looked back over a minute or two later and, well, here was this huge penis sticking up which Mom soon put a towel over. It was rather fascinating to see.

Then, school was out and now we were making serious preparations for our first nude vacation. It didn't take much packing but we did have lots of sunscreen and, of course, some clothing, after all, there were towns and restaurants nearby that we planned to visit.

It was a ten-day package and after the flight, we were picked up in a van and taken to the resort. Driving in, everything looked pretty normal, even getting out and checking-in. Then as they came to get our bags taken to the room, a woman walked through the lobby sending a shiver through me as I realized from her nakedness that I would soon be expected to walk around just as bare and exposed.

We went to our rooms, there were two, one for Mom and Dad and one for us. I guess they figured that if we hadn't done anything by now, then it probably wouldn't happen between us at all. Little did they know that we had been masturbating together for well over a month.

On our way to our rooms, we had seen some older people and some small children, all nude, of course, and I was nervous about what the days ahead would bring. Maybe there wouldn't be anyone our age here, maybe it was just much older and much younger guests.

Kent and I unpacked our bags and put away what clothes we had brought. Our parents had told us that we had the rest of the afternoon on our own just to scope the place out without them which was good, I really didn't need my parents around under such potentially embarrassing circumstances.

Kent and I had also decided that we would split up as well, though we knew we would probably bump into each other at times. He stripped his clothes off and went right out to look around while I sat in our room nervously trying to screw-up my courage to venture outside.

Chapter 3

I took off my clothes and put them away knowing that I wouldn't be needing them much and went and looked out into the hallway. No one was there, so I took a towel, Mom had told us that we might want one to sit on or if my brother got an erection, and slowly went down the hall to the elevator. So far, so good. I punched the down button and in a few moments, the door slid open and I stepped inside. Thankfully I was alone until the door opened again on the ground floor.

There were three people waiting to go up as I tried as bravely as possible to walk out and turn toward the big doors to the pool area. The people got in, a middle-aged couple and their daughter about my age, and went up as I walked outside into the sunshine.

Well, I sure wasn't alone now. There were naked people all over the place as I tried to look straight ahead and avoid eye contact with everyone. But I did look over at the pool and it looked like there were several girls about my age splashing around in the water. Looking for safety, I went over and got in near them.

"Hi, I'm Melody," said one girl, a streaky blond with small boobs.

"I'm Becky, just got here," I managed to get out.

"Have you had sex yet?"

She really asked me that. Right up front.

"Um, I really just got here a few minutes ago," I answered, amazed that she would ask me such a question.

"My brother'd love to meet you. He's up in his room. He's really cute and he's got a fabulous cock. Come on, I'll take you up so you can meet him. Why waste any time, that's what we're all here for, right?"

Well, the truth was that I'd planned on having sex while I was here if I thought I could get away with it and here was my first offer, it seemed.

"He's this big when he's hard and he's hard most of the time. I know he'd like to meet you, you're really cute," she told me as she held her hands about seven or eight inches apart.

"You should do it, he's just the best. Perfect start to your nude holiday," said her friend standing next to her.

"Come on, you'll love him," she said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the ladder. We got out and she pulled me along with her to the elevator and pushed the sixth floor, one above ours.

"I ... I've never had sex yet, I'm not sure he'll want me," I tried to explain.

"Oh, he's gentle, don't worry, he was wonderful the first time he did me," she said as the door opened and we got off. "I'll tell him to be easy, he's the best, don't worry," she said as she knocked on the door.

As it swung open, I could see a guy about eighteen or nineteen standing there, smiling, saying, "His, Sis, who's this? Bring me one of your new friends?"

We went in and she closed the door as I looked her brother over.

He was tanned from head to toe, nicely muscled and his dick was huge, at least it looked that way to me.

"Yeah, Mike, she just got here, her name's Becky and she's a virgin. Now, I'll leave you two alone," she said and left me standing naked in front of this handsome guy with the huge cock. I guess my time had come.

"I'm Mike and I guess the rest you can see," he said as he took my hand and led me to his bed. We got in and he leaned over me and said, "You're really pretty, Becky, my sister knows how to pick them for me." Then he kissed me softly as his hand went over my boob and rubbed softy.

"Does she find you girls? Is that what she does for you?"

"Yeah, sometimes, when she thinks there's really someone I'd like," and he began kissing me again as I reached down to take hold of his dick.

It was the second one I'd ever touched and it was sure larger than Kent's.

We made out on his bed for a while, he never rushed things, we just took plenty of time which helped me calm down and begin to enjoy what we were doing. I'd been so anxious about the whole nudity thing then getting taken up to some boy's room by his sister for the purpose of sex, well, this was not your average day.

He moved his head down and began kissing my boobs, then his lips searched out a nipple to begin to suck. Oh, that was so good, every pull of his mouth sent a shock wave right to my pussy which he began to rub up and down as I opened my legs to him.

This was all new to me, of course, the sex I'd had so far was just some simple fooling around with my brother, this was the real thing and I knew I was going to lose my cherry the same afternoon we arrived in the Caribbean.

I was ready. The fun that Kent and I had together just made me want more, lots more. I wanted to be fucked, I was really ready and Mike was going to be the boy to do it.

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