A Party of Four

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Being an old family friend, I was asked to stay with a fourteen-year old friend who was having three of her girlfriends over for a weekend. This college-guy found out just what four eighth-grade girls can get up to.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

I've never written this kind of thing before, so if I jump around a little and get things a bit out of order, well, I hope you can be a little tolerant, after all, few of us are masterful writers and I'm honest enough to admit it right off. So, let's begin.

I'm Andy and this happened the summer before I started my junior year of college, I was twenty. My parents had been friends with the McDaniels, Jim and Deborah, for a long time and, in the normal course of things, I had gotten to know them as well along with their daughter, Terri, who was six years younger, aged fourteen when this all happened.

I had known Terri since she was born, and even with the age difference, we had our own kind of friendship even though our ages were rather apart. So, when my parents came to me and asked if I would stay at the McDaniel's house while they were traveling for a weekend away and look after Terri, I agreed right away because they had always been nice to me.

Then, a day before I was to go house- and 'Terri-sit, ' I learned that she was having her three best girlfriends over as well. Knowing I was committed and was probably in for a weekend of giggling and such, I just decided that I would have to make the best of it.

I got to their house before they left and put my backpack in the spare bedroom and Terri and I saw them off. Her parents told me they were glad they had such a good family friend to stay with Terri, especially one she was comfortable with.

They left about four-thirty and at six, her friends began coming. First was Allison, the tallest who, though she was also fourteen, looked more like sixteen or seventeen. She was followed by Dana, a redhead who was freckled and looked more her real age. Last was Christina, medium-height and blond, really a beautiful girl who could easily become a model, I thought, though all the girls were cute.

Terri's mom had left a lasagna casserole warming in the oven and around six-thirty, we all ate off our laps in the den as I listened to the girls pattering on about school, boys and, well, mostly, boys.

Then, Christina changed the subject, "You know, I keep trying and trying, and no matter what I do, I just can't get an orgasm when I masturbate; I don't know what I'm doing wrong but it just doesn't happen. Any advice?"

Well, you know what happened in my pants, right?

"Does it feel good, you know, when you rub? Do you get wet?" Dana, the redhead asked.

"Oh, it feels nice, yeah, pretty good and, oh, yeah, I get wet, too. I can just do it for hours, it seems, and, sure it feels good but it just doesn't do what I know you girls get from it."

"Have you ever looked at porn while you did it?" my young friend Terri asked.

"I can't at home, my computer's blocked and I haven't figured out how to get around it but I did watch some at Allison's house."

"Yeah, when Christina was over about a month ago, we watched for hours doing ourselves. I couldn't believe it but she never did get off. I did three times. It was pretty hot porn, two videos of a college sex party, really hot."

"And that didn't do it?" asked Dana.

"No, like I said, it felt good and all but I didn't have what Allison had. And I can see what I'm missing, it just looks so wonderful when you girls get one but there's something wrong with me, I guess."

I sat there at the end of one of the two small sofas listening to the four of them talking about such intimate matters, just like I wasn't even there. But, of course, I was, complete with an enormous hard-on.

"It's easy for me, I can do myself and just have two or three in, oh, even, ten minutes. One after the other," my young friend Terri told her.

"I sure wish I knew how you did it," Christina told her and Terri replied, "I can show you, want me to show you how to do it?"

The three friends of hers all looked at me, realizing that I was there when she added, "Sure, here's how I do it, I'll do it for you" and she moved over next to Christina on the sofa, reached over and unbuttoned her jeans, then wet her fingers in her mouth and slid her hand in under the elastic and began rubbing back and forth across Christina's clit.

I sat there astonished, simply amazed that she would be so bold and unfazed that I was there. She even looked over at me and smiled as she rubbed.

Within a minute or two, Christina was wriggling and moaning as Terri rubbed and rubbed, then she let out a long gasp and whimpered as an obvious orgasm began.

"Oh, OH, OH, oh, uh, uh, I did it, god, I really did it, oh, it's incredible, don't stop, do more, make me do it again, please, mmm, again, I want to feel it again," she cried as Terri now cupped her hand down between her legs to insert two fingers up into her as her other hand rubbed her clit.

Now Christina was fully laid back on the sofa with Terri masturbating her in front of the two other girls and me as Christina panted and moaned as it went on. I looked at the other two girls, Dana had a hand down in her jeans which were loosened at the top and Allison was loosening hers to have a go herself.

Dana was in a padded arm chair, her hand moving briskly back and forth as she let out a howl of pleasure as her orgasm took her over. Then, Christine had her second, shrieking loudly, "OOH, OOH, OOH, WONDERFUL, OH, mmm, mmm, oh, I can do it, I can cum, I'm so happy," she groaned as Terri took her hand out of her jeans, telling her, "Now, you think you can do that? Like whenever you want?"

"I think so, it's where you rubbed just at the top, then up inside, oh, it was wonderful, thank you, Terri, I'll never be the same because of you." Right then, Allison let out a whimper as she orgasmed as well, her face flushed and rosy with delight.

"What about you, Terri, we've all gotten off," Dana asked.

"No, two of us haven't, what about Andy, he hasn't. How about we watch you do it?" Terri said grinning at me.

I sat there, my face warm, telling her, "Well, it's really your party, girls, I'm just here making sure everything is okay for the weekend."

"Well, what if we want to watch you? Would you show us how you do it? We've seen in on the internet but none of us have ever really seen a boy do it," Christina begged.

"I've always wondered how big yours is, Andy, maybe it's time I found out," Terri said as she came over to me, knelt in front of me and began opening my jeans, rubbing over the bulge as she did it, a few giggles sounding in the room.

Three of the girls had masturbated but I really hadn't seen all that much of their bodies but now it appeared that they might be seeing mine and soon. Did I care? Well, at first I would have stopped things, I think but now ... well, I am a horny guy and you know how that is, right?

She was looking right up at me, grinning as she got my pants open, tugging the waist down as I lifted up. They went right to the floor as she pulled them off.

I sat there in a pair of navy briefs, an obvious erection lurking inside as she tugged them down, my cock rising up to a chorus of hoots and giggles.

"Oh, look, omigod, it's huge," shrieked Allison as Dana gaped, "Wow, how about that inside you, huh?"

"Oh, we're going to enjoy this, let's see how you do it," Terri said as I asked her if she had some lotion I could use. She quickly got a bottle and I squirted a line along my cock to a few more giggles as I began stroking up and down.

I had made about a dozen strokes when Terri said, "I've always wanted to hold it, can I do that a bit, just to see what it's like?" I nodded and let go as I felt her small fingers wrap around me and begin sliding up and down.

"Oh, it is hard, like on the inside but soft one the outside. Oh, I love this, am I making you feel good?"

I nodded and murmured, "Unhuh, yeah, real good," when Allison said she wanted a turn as well. Terri did it a minute more when Allison took over, quickly saying, "I can't believe I'm doing this, it's so cool, Terri's right, it's really hard inside but the tip is really, really soft."

"I want him next," Christina said as she took over stroking me up and down, saying, "I saw this on the computer," as she began twisting her fist around the crown of my dick back and forth. "Is it good this way?" she asked grinning at me.

"Yeah, real nice, it feels good that way but it feels good just about any way a girl does it to a guy," I said kiddingly.

"I want to do it, too," Dana said and after a few more strokes, Christina let go and Dana took me and began masturbating me as the other three watched.

"When do you shoot, Andy?" Terri asked and I told her, "Well, it's gonna be pretty soon, it really feels good."

"Then I want to finish, you're my friend and I want to be the one to make you shoot," and with that Dana's grip loosened and Terri took me in hand, stroking faster up and down. "Is it close? Are you ready, yet?" she asked and I told her that it was very close.

Right after I said those words, cum began spurting up out of my dick as the girls went wild, hooting, laughing, giggling, shrieking, just totally enthralled at the act of male ejaculation.

"Look, look, it's everywhere!" cried Dana as Christine cackled, "Cum, he's cumming like crazy, god, look."

Terri was laughing but she was also still stroking me which was still feeling quite wonderful as she asked, "Did it feel good, did we make your penis feel good?"

"Yes, yes, you did but, you know, you've got to keep this a secret, I could get in a lot of trouble over this."

"Well, I thought that boys got all soft after the shot their cum. But you didn't, could you do it again? Terri hasn't done herself yet and, well, maybe all of us could do another round, it was fun so far," Christine asked. She was so beautiful I was hoping that the girls would join me and take some clothes off but I just didn't know how to broach the subject.

But I didn't need to try; Terri offered, "Yeah, let's all do it and let's do it naked, we've seen Andy, it's fair that he sees us, right?"

Chapter 2

I couldn't believe that my young friend was now getting her girlfriends to strip down for me so we all would masturbate together, watching each other get off. I knew it was risky trusting that four girls could and would keep quiet about this but, just think about it, I'll bet you would do it, too.

The first top and bra to come off was Christina, the prettiest of the girls who unveiled her beautiful breasts that were perfect, like lovely large grapefruits, completely hemispherical, each topped with an erect, bright pink nipple surrounded by a swollen areola. Then she pulled off her jeans and the tiny thong underneath and sat back down, her hand already moving between her legs.

Terri and Dana and Allison shortly followed baring their breasts rather eagerly, I thought, making me wonder if perhaps all this might have been plotted out beforehand.

Then, off came their jeans and each one stepped out of their panties and sat down, ready for what was to come next.

I took a squirt of lotion and started first as they all watched raptly as I began stroking up and down. Then four hands began rubbing back and forth across four, pretty little pussies as we all started getting ourselves off.

"Oh, this is so hot doing it like this, watching Andy do it, oh, I'm gonna have a huge cum," groaned Allison as she slid a finger up inside fucking herself with it as her other hand worked her clit. "UUNH, UUNH, UH, uh, mmm, mmm," she groaned as he body shook and trembled, her head thrown back, gasping for breath, making little squeaks of pleasure.

Terri had her legs wide apart as she rubbed across her pussy lips groaning as she went on while Dana was fingering herself with her two middle fingers as her other hand rubbed over her clit.

Allison was humping two of her fingers that she held inside her as the other hand pinched her nipples, it was all so hot and erotic, I knew I'd be cumming soon.

As I stroked up and down, the room had grown very quiet except for a few soft moans and deep breaths being drawn; we were all busy masturbating as I looked from girl to girl I saw all their eyes were on me, or, rather, on my cock, they were waiting. Waiting to see me cum.

And, they would be seeing it pretty soon, I was getting close. Who wouldn't with a room full of pretty young naked girls each one masturbating furiously, their pussies wet and slippery as their fingers went back and forth or in and out.

Then Christina began cumming, her hips thrusting up and down on her fingers. It was all I could take, I began cumming spurt after spurt into the air as the four girls erupted into giggles and laughs and hoots.

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