It Was All Mom's Idea

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My first time may be a bit different from yours, my mom held his cock as I lowered myself on to it. Oh, there's more, too.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

Sex ... I love it, just can't ever seem to get enough. And this is how it all started, I got it from my mom.

Let me take you back to when I was a little girl. My name is Carla and my dad died when I was six. So, Mom had some boyfriends after that, she's always been a good-looking woman with a great figure and she had me when she was nineteen, so when Dad died, she was twenty-five, hardly an old lady. No, she looked good and she had a lot of boyfriends.

My bedroom was upstairs, next to hers, and it was only about four months after Dad had died that she began dating and I began hearing her and her boyfriends.

Oh, yeah. The first few times her first boyfriend stayed over, they were pretty quiet but my mom has always been pretty spirited between the sheets. When Dad was alive, things were pretty hot and loud then, too.

So, at first, they held it down, then, as their familiarity with each other increased, so did the noise. Well, sounds, anyways. Mom is a screamer (Yes, I am, too.) and she stopped trying to hold it back soon after she was getting sex again regularly.

There were a series of guys over the next eight years, as I said, she was a looker and attracted them easily.

Her little Carla was becoming a looker, as well. By the time I was nine, I was getting boobs, well, booblets, anyway, and my nipples were swollen and sensitive. I liked rubbing them unless I went too far and made them sore but I soon learned to stop short of that. But they were small handfuls and I loved wearing shirts loose enough so the fabric rubbed against my nipples. I also loved letting some of Mom's boyfriends get a look down the front of my shirt. I could tell they liked what they saw even if Mom's were so much bigger. Mine were swollen-looking and soft pink.

I also took to wearing a teeshirt, a long one with nothing under it, just so I could show myself to her boyfriends when she was out in the kitchen or whatever. I knew they were looking, I knew to look at the front of their pants, oh, yes, I knew that much, all right.

At school some of us girls were already talking about sex, I even had one girlfriend whose brother was having sex with her, she talked about it very openly just like it was the most normal thing ever. Talked about sucking his dick, fucking him, giving him hand jobs, rubbing his cum on her tits to make them grow, all kinds of stuff. So, at least I had some theoretical information about sex and it was enticing enough that I wanted some practical experience as well.

My mom saw me rubbing my pussy one time in the bathtub and had a talk with me about how to make myself feel good that way, even showing me how she did it including putting her finger up inside and rubbing inside and going in and out.

Then, for my tenth birthday, she'd ordered me a small dildo and a small vibrator and showed me how to use them. And, ever since, my birthday presents each year have included a new dildo and a new vibrator, each year a little bigger, now with a clit head that really feels so good. What a nice Mom, huh?

I had been asking her about sex and if I could start having sex when I turned ten and she said that was just too young, that I needed to be satisfied with providing my own pleasure.

Then, at twelve, as I was unwrapping the first vibrator that sported a clit head, after she told me how to use it, I asked again, "Mom, I'm twelve now, my boobs are B-cup, I've got pussy hair, I want to start having sex. There's a boy at school that I really like and..."

"No, boys your age are just too inexperienced, trust me, I started like that and you'd be sorry, very sorry. Boys your age just don't know what they're doing, they just want to get themselves off and they really don't care about the girl. No, you need to wait and then I'll see to it that you have a proper introduction to sex. You have to trust me on this, it's really for your best, I want you to always remember your first time and not like I do, I want it to be a memory that you cherish as every girl should."

So, that was her last word on the subject and I figured I'd be a virgin a while longer. Not that I had a cherry, that had been taken out with the first dildo several years ago.

Mom was also letting me watch porn on her computer. She had lots of hot websites bookmarked so that made it easy. And, we each had a vibrator in the desk drawer for when we watched videos on the computer. My mom was a hot woman and she was raising her daughter just the same way. I loved it. I masturbated at least four times a day, twice after I got home from school, once after supper, then in bed later to get to sleep.

In the summer, well, I'll just say it was more and I had to always use lube or my pussy would get inflamed and bright red. I was a busy girl. But I always had fun.

I've told you my mom was a hot, sexy woman. She dated a lot and a some of the time the men she dated would spend the night. And they were noisy nights, for sure.

She also would throw parties several times a year, she knew lots of people, and there would always be plenty to drink and the bedrooms got quite a bit of use. The parties I was allowed to attend, I mean she couldn't just send me out to the garage and those were rather a learning experience in their own.

The necking and making out was not the kind kids my age might be doing, these were adults, rather lusty, horny adults, and there was lots of groping going on that I witnessed firsthand. Then, I would go back to my room, lock the door (unless I wanted people coming in to use my bed), then get myself off.

Now by the time I turned fourteen, I was just into a C-cup bra and looked like I was somewhere between maybe eighteen and, say, twenty-three or four, something like that. I didn't try to look young, either, I wanted to look sexy and hot and old enough to have plenty of experience, though I had very little.

And, I wasn't shy about how I looked, either. I dressed as provocatively as my mother did and she was a hot lady, I can tell you. My shorts were really short as were my skirts. My panties, those that weren't thongs, were as scanty as I could find and my bras, when I had to wear them, were low-cut, several were pretty transparent. My tops were often low-cut or cut-off to show my boobs or my stomach or both. I loved showing as much bare skin as I could and my mother never complained.

Oh, that's not quite true. We were going to the mall once a couple of months ago and I had on a cutoff tee over my braless boobs and it was one I had chopped off about two years earlier. She had me go look at it in the mirror and, well, most of my nipples did show so I went and changed like she asked. I would have gone that way, though; see how I am?

So, when I'd just turned fourteen, she had one of her parties and one of the men coming in looked vaguely familiar, his name was Grant. He was handsome and really-sexy looking and had both his hands down on my Mom's butt when he was kissing her hello.

Then, she went off to the kitchen as he came over to me and asked, "Are you Carla, Grace's little girl?"

I told him I was and he reminded me that he used to visit my mom quite regularly a few years back and that I used to sit on his lap all the time back then.

So, feeling sexy, I told him to have a seat and I would again. So, he sat down in a chair and I plopped right onto his lap wrapping my arms around his neck and twisting my butt back and forth in his lap.

"You've certainly done some growing up, Carla. I think you're having different ideas than maybe when you last sat in my lap."

I wiggled around getting the fat, hard ridge of his cock laying right along the crevice between my legs, then rubbing back and forth its length, telling him, "I'm having lots different ideas right now, I hope you can tell."

I kept rubbing back and forth, the party was heating up as one of Mom's younger friends, a blond somewhere about thirty years old, had a foot up on the sofa opening her short skirt as she talked to three guys sitting in front of her, all looking at her hairy pussy.

"I'll bet you wish you could see me that way. You wouldn't see any hair, though, I shave every day so I'm nice and clean and smooth," I told him.

I kept slowly rubbing my pussy crack back and forth across the ridge of his cock as he said, "Carla you should quit doing that, I'm really not into young girls, I think I'm the wrong guy, honey."

"Well, I used to be a little girl, but I'm not any longer. Why don't you come and see how I've redecorated my bedroom and I'll show you just how grown-up I've become," I said just as my mother walked up behind him.

"You'd be a smart man to take my daughter's invitation, Grant, she's becoming quite a young woman and is ready to become a woman, I think. You should go to her room with her, you'll enjoy it, I'm sure. I'll even go with you," she told him as she took his hand.

We got up and all went upstairs to my room and went in. As soon as we were all inside, my mother turned the door lock as I asked him, "Do you like how I've decorated it now, all the little girl stuff is gone," and, indeed, the room was now the room of a young woman rather than a little girl.

"Well, it's no longer pink and frilly, I'll say that."

"Why don't you show him what else has changed, Carla, Go ahead, show him what's underneath that dress," my mother said.

"Here's what else looks different," I said as I pulled my sundress up over my head and dropped it to the floor. It was all I was wearing to the party, my pussy had been sliding on Grant's cock getting the back of my dress wet with my juices.

"Well, Grant, what do you think of my little baby now?" my mother asked her former boyfriend.

Chapter 2

"Well, she's a spectacular beauty, her body is just perfect."

"She makes your cock hard?" my mother asked.

"About as hard as it's ever been," he answered.

"Lay down and spread open for our friend, Carla, let him see your pretty pussy," my mom said and I did what she asked, opening my legs wide, knowing his eyes were feasting on me, making my pussy get so, so wet.

I looked at him, especially at the front of his pants and told him, "Maybe it would be nice if I could see just what effect my showing you like this is having on you, Grant. Maybe you could get it out for me to see?"

He stood there a minute, when Mom said, "Carla's never seen a man's erection, Grant, and, if I remember properly, yours is especially nice. How about bringing it out for her?"

She looked at me, adding, "I'm sure you'll like it, Carla, he's got a lovely cock, one i've had inside me many, many times. And he uses it quite well."

He was sliding the zipper down as I watched him slip his hand inside and begin to pull it out the opening; it took some effort to unfold it out into the open but then he moved his hand away and I saw it.

I really hadn't seen a man's dick before, a few boys, yes, but Grant's stood there, pointing up toward my face, slightly wavering, twitching slightly as my heart thumped and thumped at the sight before me.

"Go ahead, Carla, it won't bite," my mother said as she took my hand and led it forward. My first touch made it jump as my fingers curled around its thickness, squeezing softly sensing its weight and firmness. It was soft on the outside but was stiff, firm and warm in my hand.

"Rub the tip, see how soft it feels," my mother prompted as I moved my thumb across the end.

"It's so soft, really smooth," I said as she urged me on, "guys love it rubbed on the tip like that where it's so sensitive. But even better, they love it sucked right there. Go ahead and try it, I'm sure Grant won't mind."

I got down on my knees in front of him, wet my lips and leaned forward pressing the soft tip through my lips into my mouth where I began sucking while I circled my tongue around it. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that my mother was now naked as well and her hands were caressing his chest as I sucked him.

"Oh, Carla you're sure not a little girl any longer, this is just wonderful, I'll do anything you want, sweetheart," he gasped as I sucked and sucked, smiling up at him.

"Let go of him, Carla, you can suck him later, let's get him naked and on the bed, then I think it's time for you to become a woman, what do you think?" my mother asked me.

I pulled back, his cock rising as it left my mouth and told her, "Now, you mean I can have sex now and do it with Grant? Tonight?"

"If you want to, yes, I think you're ready and, well, look at Grant, I don't remember his cock ever being quite this hard," she said as she squeezed it. "So, are you ready?"

I told her I was and she had Grant lay down, then told me to get up over him and crouch down over his cock. I did and looked down to see her holding his dick steady as she told me to lower down until I felt him. Then she rubbed the tip along my wet slit and said to try pushing onto him.

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