A Little Spell
Chapter 1

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Pauline is a beautiful businesswoman and determined to succeed at any price, but her lack of respect for subordinates is a little too much for her executive assistant to accept. Convinced that all his new boss really needs is a different perspective, Robert is just the man to give it to her...Being a warlock, like he is.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Magic   Fiction   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Pregnancy   Voyeurism   Size  

Once upon a time in a city far, far away there lived a woman named Pauline.

She was tall and very beautiful, with long blonde hair that she kept neatly pinned and a statuesque body that her expensive business suits did little but accentuate. Pauline took great pride in her appearance and by the time she'd reached her twenty-ninth birthday, the woman had little doubt that her intimidating beauty was one of her greatest weapons and she very much viewed the world around her in precisely that fashion. Whether as a senior executive at a Fortune 500 company or in her personal life, as an aggressive and independent female with expensive tastes, Pauline had little regard for others. She took no prisoners, as she liked to say and even boast of in the company of lesser mortals.

By pure chance, Robert happened to be one of those lesser mortals and he was a man who might have done anything he set his mind to, if he'd been so inclined. He'd come to the city to attend the university and had stayed long after he'd gotten his degree. Robert stood upright and proud and confident in his abilities. He'd been hired as a paralegal at first and soon found himself promoted to legal assistant. Not so many years later his diligent competence earned him a position as an executive assistant. The work was largely secretarial, but Robert didn't mind. He enjoyed his career and he was good at it, and if he lacked ambition it hadn't hurt either his reputation within the company or his family life. He had a lovely wife and two wonderful children living in a warm home and he was content in all ways but one.

Robert had worked for the former executive whom Pauline had replaced a few months previously. The woman had inherited the coveted corner office with its 57th floor view of the Hudson River. She'd gained access to the 'executive suite' as it was called, consisting of a luxurious study, a well endowed library, private dining room and staff, and personal rest rooms. Pauline had also inherited Robert, who was widely regarded as the best assistant in the company.

The only reason Robert hadn't moved up himself was that his former boss had retired and the senior executives couldn't justify the replacement of their own long-tenured assistants (although several of them tried, including the V.P of Human Resources) and so Pauline was far luckier than she may have deserved. Unfortunately, for all her ability and success, Pauline was surprisingly myopic when it came to the abilities of others.

"You people are the rungs on my ladder of success..." Pauline addressed her staff, which was something she did every Monday morning. "You fuck this project up and I guarantee you'll be eating out of a garbage can by the end of the week."

She glared around the conference room with her hands on her hips, standing well over six feet tall in her three inch heels. Pauline loved looking down on people, both literally and figuratively, and she did so now, daring someone to challenge her authority. Someone would do it sooner or later, the people in that room weren't sheep, she knew ... Except for Robert maybe, and she'd already begun to doubt the admiration her peers in management held for the man. He'd be the last one to say anything, but someone would, maybe that weasel Tyler...

"Do you have something to say, Mr. Tyler?" Pauline stood even straighter if that were possible and the man, a young expert on international banking laws, paled noticeably.

"N-No ma'am!" The emphatic shaking of his head actually filled Pauline with a twinge of disappointment. She was so looking forward to making an example out of someone, a bloody and rather humiliating example to establish her authority once and for all.

"All right then," she clapped her hands briskly. "Hop to it! Go! Make some money!"

Robert had sighed inwardly at seeing Pauline single out the Tyler boy again. She didn't seem to like anyone, but for some reason she rode that young man particularly hard. He was a good lad, smart and hard working, scrupulously honest in Robert's not inexpert opinion. He'd seen a lot of shady characters and Tyler was one of the good guys, if only Pauline would give him a chance to prove it.

The woman was just too uppity, Robert thought, a phrase that came to him from his humble origins in rural Kansas. That Pauline was good at her job, Robert had little doubt. She had brains and all the ambition in the world, she just lacked ... Self-confidence, Robert decided. That she was so beautiful was part of her problem. She'd gotten so used to using her physical attributes, and her appearance overwhelmed everyone at first, that Pauline wasn't quite so certain about the rest of her. And so she abused people with her intimidating beauty as much as her position to get what would have come so much easier, and possibly quicker, Robert thought, by simply being nice. Being respectful of others and mindful of their feelings.

That decided, Robert next considered what to do about it. He knew the woman thought very little of him, but she had very little insight into anyone really. When Pauline looked at Robert, he thought, she only saw him as a middle-aged man, stuck in a go-nowhere job serving his betters. She saw a glorified secretary, good for making coffee and taking dictation. She'd never asked his opinion on anything, although certainly her predecessors had involved Robert in a great many important decisions. He didn't mind that so much, it wasn't his job to make decisions, nor even advise. His ego wasn't so large as to think he was smarter or wiser than anyone else, but that didn't change Pauline's low estimation of him either.

Nope, Robert thought to himself, having a little talk wouldn't do her any good at all. He'd have to be proactive, to use one of Pauline's favorite words. He'd have to take action and give the woman a little lesson in humility, or if not that, Robert might at least give her a different perspective on things. That thought actually made him smile, which was something of a luxury around the office these days.

"What's so funny?" Pauline demanded, staring at Robert with obvious distaste.

"Funny?" Robert stopped smiling. "I was just thinking about what my daughter, my youngest, wants for her birthday next month."

"Hmmph..." Pauline sniffed and chided herself for becoming involved in her secretary's personal life. She couldn't care less if the man had a hundred kids, so long as they didn't keep him from doing his job.

"A Tinkerbell," Robert chuckled. "I don't know where she gets her imagination..."

"Save it for your lunch break," Pauline cut him off impatiently. "We have work to do. I have some emails to write, so grab your little notepad and a pen."

"Of course," Robert nodded dutifully, unconsciously confirming Pauline's low opinion of him as a spineless sheep. "I'm right behind you," he said, rising from the conference table to follow his boss into her spacious office.

Pauline sat at her desk and gestured for Robert to take his customary seat. It should have been a comfortable chair, and had been for many years, but now it was adjusted so low as to be almost painfully uncomfortable. When sitting in it, Robert had to crane his neck to look up at his boss. He didn't sit down today however, and Pauline looked at her assistant with some surprise in her brilliant blue eyes. The two of them regarded each other silently for a long count of ten.

"Take a seat, Robert," Pauline said, hardly believing that she'd need to say the words at all.

"In a moment," Robert nodded. "First I'd like to say something, if you wouldn't mind."

Pauline had no idea what Robert might have to say. Could he be the one to challenge her finally? It seemed doubtful as the man was a career stooge, that was obvious. She had more ambition in her pinky finger than Robert had in his entire body. No, he must have something else on his mind. Maybe he needed a day off for one of his precious rug rats, Pauline thought. Or perhaps he wanted to brown nose a little, offer Pauline some sweet office talk in hopes of getting a raise maybe. That was the sort of thing she understood and expected from her subordinates.

Pauline certainly didn't expect what Robert was about to do.

"He calleth forth the mixture of things, coupling and engendering. The seeds are mingled as milk, and runneth past the lips..." Robert began speaking, the rhythm and cadence being much more important than the words; they only served to guide the patterns of his thoughts.

"Robert..." Pauline stared at the man, standing in front of her and waving his pen around like a conductor with a baton. " ... What are you..."

"Conception, changes the blood, mingled as milk, the pale waxing black and the red diffuse things shine..." Robert's voice rose and fell, the words accented with every small gesture of his hand.

By the time Robert had finished speaking several minutes later, his hair was standing on end and the very air itself seemed to crackle with static energy. That was always a good sign and although Robert had been burdened with very little doubt, he hadn't done such a thing in quite a long time. It was nice, he thought, to see and feel the familiar sensations of his all too distant youth. He licked his lips, pressed his pen back into his breast pocket, and smoothed his hair.

Robert walked carefully to Pauline's chair, looking at the pile of clothing that now sat there and of course some had fallen onto the floor as well. Her navy suit and white silk blouse, her black silk stockings, Robert gathered it all, slowly and carefully. He gently retrieved the woman's lacy underthings, a beautiful and expensive Victoria's Secret bra and panty set in teal, of all colors. Robert may have blushed at that, but only a little, he was far more intent on finding his boss.

"There you are," Robert smiled as he lifted Pauline's delicate thong between his thumb and forefinger.

"What the hell?" Pauline was sitting in her left shoe, naked as the day she was born, with her legs spread around the closed toe of the patent leather sling. She was rubbing her temples and looking around, plainly confused and possibly even in a state of shock.

"You're lucky you were wearing clip-on earrings," Robert noted seriously. He picked up the shoe carefully, not wanting his boss to fall out of it, and set it on Pauline's desk. "How do you feel?" he asked gently, keeping his voice intentionally soft.

Robert wasn't afraid of anyone entering the office. Pauline had explained her closed door policy on her very first day in the office and no one dared violate it. Robert was quite reasonably cautious because his normal voice might be a little too loud for Pauline in her new condition.

"My head hurts," Pauline said and then she blinked rapidly as she realized where she was. "What is this? What happened? Jesus Christ! What the fuck?"

Robert clucked his tongue at the woman's language, but he supposed she did have some small excuse, no pun intended.

"What did you do to me?" Pauline demanded, struggling awkwardly to get her butt out of the shoe and stand on her own two feet. "Hey ... I'm naked!" Things were coming slowly to the woman, but they were coming, and Robert nodded in agreement.

"I cast a little spell on you," Robert said. "No pun intended."

"What?" Pauline stared at the man and then down at herself. "You son of a bitch! I don't know what you did, or how, but you're going to pay! I swear, you'll be eating out of a fucking garbage can! You're kids will be orphans, you fuck! I'm going to bury you! I'm going to cut off your balls! I'm going to ... Hey! Stop it! Put me down, you bastard!"

"Shhh..." Robert had a lot of patience, far more than most men, but Pauline was being wholly unreasonable with her remarks and she needed some discipline. "I'm going to spank you," Robert told her. "When you're bad you'll get a spanking and swearing at someone is bad."

"Oh, you sheep piece of shit..." Pauline breathed as Robert held her struggling form gingerly between his fingers. "You wouldn't dare!"

"Yes," Robert said sadly, "I would." It was the same tone of voice he used with his children on those rare occasions when they needed a little pat on the petunia, as Robert liked to say.

He sat down in his chair, the low one because the other was Pauline's and he'd never sit in the boss' chair. He put the woman over his right thigh, face down, and pinned her there with a finger to the small of her back. Robert was careful not to hurt her. She was only six inches tall now. Still perfectly formed as she'd been a few moments before, but just ... smaller. One twelfth her original size to be exact and Pauline would stay like that until she'd learned her lesson. Getting a little spanking, Robert thought, would only be the first step on that long and arduous path.

"You can't do this!" Pauline was practically crying by then.

Pauline pounded her tiny fists against her assistant's leg. She kicked and screamed, her voice now high pitched like one of those chipmunks in the cartoons that she'd hated as a child. It was embarrassing and beyond her worst nightmare, being helpless and defenseless and at the mercy of a man far, far below her own imperious station. Pauline didn't understand the how, and so far Robert's explanations as to the why made very little sense, but when she was back to normal, Pauline vowed that she'd see him, his family, and even his friends suffering for this ridiculous outrage.

"Here we go." Robert used his pen, the same one he'd used to weave his little spell, to give Pauline's bare backside a good spanking. He had to be careful because it was rather difficult to judge how hard to do it, but so long as she was squirming Robert thought she was okay.

"Owwww ... Ouch! Ouch!" Pauline hadn't been spanked since she was five years old, and never like this. It hurt quite a lot and more than it should have, the woman thought. It's only a pen for crying out loud! But it was a pen as tall as she was and wielded by a giant. Her flesh began to burn as the heavy instrument slapped her ass repeatedly. It seemed like her butt was on fire and her defiance soon gave way to submission as Pauline discovered she had a low tolerance for such things as spankings.

"Please ... P-Please..." Pauline was crying now, her rear end practically glowing from the spanking Robert was giving her. "I ... I'll be good ... I promise ... Ow!! Please ... Stop ... Owww!!..."

Robert did stop, but not because Pauline had been promising to be good. All wayward children will do that, as every father knows. No, he'd stopped because he'd reached fifteen good strokes, which had been the number Robert had decided upon before he'd even started. It was always best to have a goal and to stop once you got there, whether it was too much or too little, only time would tell.

"Oh ... Jeez..." Pauline sniffed, standing up as Robert lifted his finger away. She wobbled slightly, balanced on the man's leg like she was, and rubbed her butt lightly, twisting her head as if she might see the damage, which was largely imagined at that point.

"Now, don't forget your promise," Robert said patiently, putting his pen away. "You need to understand that I didn't spank you because I wanted to, I did it because you needed it."

"Needed it?" Pauline stared up at him, the look on her beautiful face telling Robert everything he needed to know about the woman. "What I need is a witch doctor! You'd better fix this, Robert, and I mean right fucking now! Because if you don't ... Hey! Put me down!"

Pauline screamed obscenities as Robert picked her up, cupping the tiny woman carefully in his hands and placing her on the desk. He didn't say a word as he looked through the drawers, finally finding a plastic roll of Scotch Tape. He peeled off a long strip of it and looked around for Pauline.

"Get back, you asshole!" Pauline had taken her momentary freedom, such as it was, to run for the telephone and jump on the speakerphone button. She'd slipped off it the first time without getting it pushed far enough to get a dial tone, and she was stomping her foot on it as Robert reached for her.

"Dammit!" Pauline swore, ducking under Robert's hand, and half-tumbling off the phone to the desk. Something bright and shiny caught her eye. A pin as long as her arm was laying there under the edge of the phone and she reached for it, pulling it free and striking what she thought was a reasonable en garde position.

Robert lifted his hand slightly as the woman stabbed at his palm.

"You want some of me?" Pauline shouted in her high-pitched voice. "Well come on! Come get some, Bobby!" She danced around, waving the pin like it was a sword, and used the time it afforded her to begin a plan.

Pauline wasn't a stupid woman by any stretch and all she needed was to contact someone, anyone. She was small, but quick, and Robert was clumsy by comparison. If she could get to the floor she had a chance of running and hiding, of making her way to one of the other offices. She'd find someone to help her, someone to call security, the police; hell, she'd call the Marines on Robert's sorry ass for what he'd done to her!

Unfortunately for her, Robert wasn't very dull either and he understood the need for Pauline to be isolated from other people, especially her staff and co-workers. Not so much because Robert would be in trouble, he had some concern there, but not a lot. No, his chief worry was what his colleagues might do to the woman if they found her in her present condition. He had a duty to protect her while she was so vulnerable, Robert told himself, after all this wasn't a punishment, it was a lesson.

"Okay, that's quite enough of that," Robert finally said, moving quickly to take Pauline in his hand. Although he received a rather painful jab in the thumb, it wasn't life threatening and he disarmed the woman fairly quickly after that. "I'm sorry to do this, but..."

"What? No ... You can't ... Robert!" Pauline protested loudly as Robert wrapped her in cellophane tape, pinning her arms to her sides and immobilizing her completely. "Oh ... That's the last straw, mister!" Pauline was seething with anger now, wrapped up like a ... Like a mummy, she supposed, in hot, sticky tape. "You're fired! Do you hear me? Fired!"

Robert nodded, but didn't say anything. She wasn't being rational, he told himself, that was just anger talking and he wasn't really fired. Besides, the way this was going, Pauline was going to be small for a long time, so she'd need a good assistant.

And Robert was the best.

"Daddy!" both girls shouted at once, running to embrace their father as soon as the front door opened.

Robert bent over, letting his briefcase go and hugging them both, one in each arm as they kissed his cheeks. They were beautiful children, taking after their mother, and Robert was very proud of them. Heather was the older, a very precocious six year old, and Stacy was the younger and she'd be four in another month or so.

"Is my birthday coming, Daddy?" Stacy asked, as she did nearly every day just to make sure it wouldn't get lost somehow.

"It sure is, Punkin," Robert smiled at her and kissed her forehead. "Pretty soon. Where's Mommy?"

"In the kitchen," Heather answered quickly. "Come on, Daddy!"

The little blonde girls took their father by the hand, happily leading him to the kitchen and Robert reminded himself of just how lucky he really was.

"Hey, honey," Brenda was just putting a cookie sheet into the oven and she gave her cheek to Robert for a kiss. "Dinner's going to be a little late..."

"We were making cookies, Daddy! See?" Heather pointed at the mixing bowl and broken egg shells and flour that littered the kitchen counter.

"I do see," Robert said seriously.

"Peanut butter!" Stacy said with a smile.

"Mmmm, my favorite," Robert chuckled. "You girls get washed up now, okay? Daddy wants to talk to Mommy for a minute."

Brenda glanced at her husband. It wasn't often either of them had something to say that the children couldn't hear. "Heather, take your sister upstairs and help her wash her hands."

"Okay Mommy," Heather nodded and she was always such a good girl the way she watched over Stacy, it made her parents proud. Brenda washed her hands at the sink while Robert watched his girls leave the room.

"Brenda, I have something I have to tell you." Robert had been wondering how to explain what he'd done and why, but he knew his wife loved him and that helped.

"Okay," Brenda replied easily.

She was a lovely woman. Not striking, but very attractive with a fine figure despite having two children. Brenda's blonde hair was cut to her shoulders and she had soft blue eyes above a cute, pert little nose that Robert found very appealing for some reason. She had a pink, freshly scrubbed complexion that suited her pretty face. Brenda had that girl-next-door quality, a mixture of innocence and promise that so many men found completely disarming.

Brenda was also rather more pragmatic than Robert, or perhaps cynical, although she didn't think of herself that way. It was just that she understood the real nature of the world and the people in it better than her husband did, or so she believed. Robert saw only the good around him, anything bad was merely confusing, and while that was one of the many qualities that she loved about him, it could also be a little frustrating at times.

Robert paused for a second, wondering if he shouldn't try to explain first, but finally the man decided just to show his wife what he'd done. He reached into his suit coat, into the breast pocket, and carefully removed Pauline, who was still wrapped in cellophane tape around her tummy and hips, trapping her arms to her sides. Another strip held the woman's legs together. She'd been safe and warm enough in Robert's pocket, he'd made certain of that, but she didn't look too happy and her small, high-pitched voice immediately went to work explaining that.

"Put me down! Get this fucking tape off of me! I was suffocating in there, you sadist!" Pauline had struggled against her bonds, but it was no use. The Scotch tape was strong, certainly strong enough to hold her in its tight embrace, and the sticky plastic was chafing her skin. But worse than that, it was chafing her mood.

Robert set his boss down on the small breakfast table in the center of their kitchen, and Brenda looked on with her blue eyes wide as saucers.

"Brenda, this is Pauline, my boss. Pauline, please meet my wife, Brenda." Robert thought introductions would be best.

"You're wife?" Pauline made an angry face. "Look Brandy, if you know what's good for you and your family, you'll get me out of this..."

"How ... What..." Brenda shook her head and finally turned to look at Robert. "Spells?"

Robert nodded. He'd told his wife a few times that his family was a little different, but she hadn't really believed him of course. She'd thought he was teasing her in some strange way. According to her husband, Robert's family had a long history of what people called witchcraft and while Robert wasn't particularly adept, since he didn't practice the art very often, his mother and especially his one and only twin sister were quite good at it.

"I didn't believe you," was all Brenda could think of to say and Robert nodded again, knowing that all along.

"Hey, bimbo! Down here!" Pauline didn't care what the woman believed, so long as she believed her husband was in big trouble.

"Bimbo?" That startled Brenda and the other thing about Robert's wife was that she did have a bit of a temper, as most women do for some reason. She looked around for her spatula and even picked it up before Robert could stop her, placing a gentle hand on Brenda's shoulder.

"That's just stress talking," he explained patiently. "I'm sure she didn't mean it."

"Well, for being so small, she certainly has a big attitude," Brenda frowned, waving the spatula menacingly, but it was just an act now. "So, um ... What are you going to do with her? Doesn't she have to work or anything?"

Robert spent the next ten minutes explaining to his wife, and Pauline, how he'd cover for Pauline at the office. He'd bring her in with him of course, but Robert could handle meetings and such. He'd filled in for his previous boss many times and always with excellent results. Perhaps Pauline could take some time off for personal reasons, but maybe not. Robert was of the opinion that no one would really miss her for a week, possibly even two.

"Won't miss me?" Pauline had never felt so insulted in her entire life. "Are you insane?"

Robert had lost his mind, she thought. Of course people would miss her, how could anyone not miss a beautiful, six foot tall blonde? How could they possibly not miss her business skills? The company needed her! Pauline hadn't been hired just because she looked like Aphrodite in a business suit; she'd been hired because she was good at what she did. Not miss me? The woman thought that was the dumbest thing she'd ever heard in her life.

"Well, I suppose the first thing you should do his find her some clothes," Brenda said, retrieving her cookies from the oven. "She can't stay like that."

And that was as close as Brenda would come to admitting that despite being a mere six inches tall, Pauline still possessed a rare beauty that intimidated her. If she hadn't known Robert so well, Brenda might have worried about her husband's motives in that regard. But of course Robert, being Robert, had probably blushed and apologized several times already for Pauline's immodesty.

"Hmmm..." Robert nodded because he'd been thinking about that too. "Do you think Barbie's clothes would fit her?"

"Barbie?" Pauline squirmed in her Scotch tape, "Who the fuck is Barbie? You've done this before, haven't you? You sick bastard!"

"Such language!" Brenda stared at the tiny woman. "I won't have anyone talking like that in this house!"

"Oh yeah?" Pauline glared up at the housewife. "Well fuck youuuummmppph... !"

Robert had picked Pauline up quickly, covering her mouth, and most of her face, with his thumb. He made a silent apology to his wife, who was looking none to happy right then, and decided he'd better find something for Pauline to wear.

"You really need to work on your people skills, Pauline," Robert said, carrying his boss carefully in his hands. "Brenda is very nice. I think you'd like her if you just..."

"Yeah, yeah ... whatever," Pauline cut him off. "Look, I have to use the bathroom, so..."

"The bathroom?" Robert paused at the top of the stairs.

"Yeah, you know, pee? Maybe later I'll have to do something else too? You didn't think of that, did you?"

Pauline would have crossed her arms right then if she could have. Tiny or not she'd just proven that Robert hadn't really thought this whole thing through, and if she could make him start doubting what he'd done, Pauline thought, the man might just let her go. He seemed to be that sort of guy, in her opinion, and she'd had plenty of experience wrapping insecure men around her fingers ... And squishing them.

"Well, no," Robert admitted. "I guess I didn't, but I'm sure we can figure out something."

Before Pauline could reply, Robert had tucked the woman back into his suit, shushing her as his two daughters came out of the bathroom. They'd been in there quite awhile, Robert thought, but children were slow at that age anyway.

"Who were you talking to, Daddy?" Heather asked.

"I brushed my teeth, Daddy!" Stacy said, smiling brightly for her father.

"No one, dear. That's nice, Punkin, but you should brush your teeth after dinner, not before," Robert smiled at his daughters.

"Why?" Stacy asked, but just then Brenda called her girls to come downstairs and help set the table for dinner. She thought they'd been in the bathroom a long time too and it was best to keep kids occupied and supervised, in her expert, motherly opinion.

"Sweet kids," Pauline said, but Robert missed her sarcasm.

"Yeah, they are. Thanks," Robert smiled. He had put Pauline down on the bathroom counter, next to the sink.

"Well, are you going to take off this tape, or what?" Pauline asked, thoroughly tired of being virtually immobile as she'd been for the past several hours.

"Yes, I will. But you have to be good. Otherwise..." Robert put on his frowny face.

"Sure, right," Pauline nodded. "Whatever you say."

Of course the woman had no intention of being good. This was a war and so she had every right to lie, cheat, and steal. If the guy was dumb enough to believe her, that was his problem. All Pauline had to do, she told herself, was control her temper long enough to get what she needed ... Freedom. To that end she smiled up at Robert's face and agreed with every word he said, even though it made her want to throw-up.

"Okay then," Robert smiled, wishing he could believe her, but no one changes that quickly. Still, he supposed, it was better that she should fight at first, try things her way for awhile, and then later, once she'd begun to learn her lesson, Pauline would be more sincere in her promises. It was just a matter of time and Robert thought they had plenty of that.

"Yeeeeooow!!! Fuck!" Pauline's high pitched scream was loud, and even with the bathroom door closed, Robert thought perhaps his children might have heard it. He hoped not.

"I'm sorry, Pauline. I'm very sorry." He kicked himself mentally for peeling the tape away too quickly, pulling it up and twisting it a little, like a series of loops until Pauline was completely unbound. Obviously having most of her body taped, and then having that taped ripped away was quite painful.

"Oh, you bas..." Pauline licked her lips and caught herself. It had hurt a thousand times more than the one time she'd tried getting her legs waxed. She looked herself over carefully, convinced that she'd lost some skin, but luckily her body seemed okay for the most part. Just a little reddish pink mostly, and damp. That Scotch tape had been hot and the woman had been sweating quite a lot.

"I'm okay," Pauline finally said through her clenched teeth. She flexed her arms and legs and then looked at Robert who was looking at her. "Do you mind? Can I get some privacy? Where am I going to pee anyway?"

"Uh, the sink," Robert decided, although he still hadn't come up with a real good long-term solution to the problem.

"You want me to pee in your sink?" Pauline made a face. "Your children brush their teeth in this sink, mister. What kind of father are you?"

"I'll wash it afterward," Robert promised. "Here. I'll turn on the water and it'll be just like taking a shower."

"I don't pee in the shower, Robert," Pauline said rather haughtily, as if that were something only a lowly secretary might do.

"I'm sorry, Pauline," Robert said with a little sigh. "But you do now." And with that he picked Pauline up and placed her in the porcelain basin, turning on the water and asking Pauline if it was too cold.

"It's freezing! Jesus, Robert!" Pauline jumped away, holding herself tightly and shivering dramatically, but she wasn't that good of an actress and she knew it.

Soon Robert had adjusted the temperature more to Pauline's liking and he placed the soap dish in the sink so Pauline would be able to wash herself.

"Now get out of here. Go on. Close the door behind you too."

"I can't do that," Robert said, dropping the lid on the toilet and sitting down.

"Well, I'm not going to pee with you here," Pauline stated. "I might be only six inches tall, but I'm still a woman, dammit. I have rights and the right to privacy while I pee is inalienable. Understand?"

"I understand," Robert nodded. "I'm sorry, I won't leave. But I won't look either, I promise."

"Yes you will," Pauline accused. "You've been staring at me all day, so why should it be any different when I pee?"

"I haven't been staring!" Robert protested loudly and Pauline grinned because she knew she'd just scored. There was something there, something Robert was afraid of, and Pauline, being the Pauline that she was, had a pretty good idea of what that something might be.

"It's alright," she changed the tone of her voice, sounding like she couldn't care less anyway. "I don't mind. Lots of guys look at me. Girls too. And you know what, Robert?"

"What?" He was looking at her.

"I like it." Pauline smiled and put her hands on her hips. She struck a pose with her legs spread slightly and her back arched, just enough to push her perfect breasts up and out like a goddess of old.

"Oh," Robert cleared his throat and then looked away, leaving Pauline to giggle and take her little shower.

She hadn't gotten the man to leave her alone the way she wanted, but Pauline had learned something very valuable about her executive assistant. For all his odd manners and seeming goodness, underneath he was just a man like any other. And Pauline knew an awful lot about men, and especially their weaknesses.

This battle, she thought happily, was far, far from over.

"You can't be serious!" Pauline stared at Robert with disbelieving blue eyes.

It was bad enough that she was wrapped in a small hand towel, perched on Robert's outstretched palm like Thumbellina. But this was absurd!

"Why not?" Robert asked, feeling rather happy with his idea. "They look nice and you have to admit, you do have a large selection. What would you like to try on first?"

"Try on?" Pauline wrapped the terry cloth towel tightly around her still damp body. She'd just finished her bath, if you could call riding a bar of soap in the sink a bath. "This isn't Milan and I'm not Fashion Barbie, you numb skull. I want real clothes!"

"These are real clothes," Robert said reasonably, but he might have been a little too optimistic about that, he wasn't sure. "How about this one?"

A wide shelf ran completely around his daughters' bedroom, just about six feet high, and on it were arranged 84 different Barbie Dolls. All of them in perfect condition. It was quite the collection. Not record breaking by any means, but impressive enough, and the best part, in Robert's view, was that the clothes they wore looked to be just about Pauline's size. If she'd only try some on.

Robert held his boss up in front of a doll wearing a very practical looking sun dress of thin yellow cotton, with light blue trim around the short sleeves and skirt. It wasn't fancy like some of the others, but it looked nice and comfortable. Robert told Pauline he thought she was called Springtime Barbie and she even came with a matching sun bonnet.

"Boring Barbie, more like." Pauline sniffed, which made Robert frown slightly because he actually thought women looked pretty good in dresses like that.

"Well, how about this..."

"Disco Barbie?" Pauline giggled and shook her head. "I don't wear tie-dye, Bob. Where's Fetish Barbie? You got anything in leather?"

"Excuse me?" Robert blinked at the tiny woman in his hand.

"Forget it," Pauline grinned, starting to realize how easy it really was to jerk Robert's chain. "That one, over there. The Vera Wang..."

"That's a wedding dress," Robert protested.

"So what?" Pauline shrugged, kicking at Robert's thumb so he'd move her in the direction she wanted to go. "It looks original."

"I think it is," Robert said. "There's some Bob Mackie too."

"Really?" Pauline looked at Robert in surprise. "How do you know so much about fashion? You have a little closet of your own?"


"A little secret closet?" Pauline teased the man. "You know, just for those nights when Brandy is out with the girls?"

"Brenda," Robert corrected her. "And no, I just like to know what I'm buying."

"Sure, sure," Pauline giggled, watching Robert's face turn a little pink. "I bet you do. Show me some Mackie then, a business suit. I feel naked like this."

As luck would have it, there was in fact a Bob Mackie designed Executive Barbie, who came with her very own briefcase. The clothes were a very odd size though and Pauline, who could wear a size 4 off the rack, although she rarely did of course, tried to figure out what was wrong. The skirt was charcoal gray, made of some nylon/cotton material, and it had come mid-thigh on Barbie. But since Barbie was a full 5 or 6 inches taller than Pauline, that dropped the hem to the woman's ankles. Not very flattering, but it fit okay around the hips.

The blouse was a cotton shirt, with only two buttons, and they were just for appearance, there was actually just a bit of Velcro to keep the blouse closed. It was long for Pauline, like the skirt, and much too tight around her breasts, which were somewhat fuller than Barbie's apparently.

"Flat chested, bitch," Pauline complained under her breath.

Standing in the skirt and blouse, Pauline wasn't getting nearly the effect she wanted and putting on the blazer was ridiculous. The sleeves went past her hands and she couldn't even close it over her boobs.

"Forget it," Pauline said in disgust, pulling the clothing off and tossing them to the bed on which she was standing. "This was a lame idea, Bobby. I thought you were a better assistant than this."

"Maybe something simpler," Robert said, feeling rather bad that his idea wasn't working out.

But it wasn't his fault that Barbie had odd, inhuman measurements. Pauline was a natural 36C-22-34 and while there were other women in the world who would have called those measurements inhuman, they were nothing like Barbie's. Pauline thought the doll was something like 34B-18-36 and about 8 feet tall, in proper proportion. If that's what it could be called, but perhaps Pauline was just a little upset too.

"How about this?" Robert had reached for another doll and he set it down on the bed.

"Robert, time for dinner..." Brenda called from downstairs and he glanced over his shoulder.

"Malibu Barbie?" Pauline looked at the doll doubtfully. "Does it look like I'm on vacation here? Where's Kidnapped Barbie? Does she come with ropes? Maybe a gag?" Frustration was beginning to take its toll on the woman.

"Just try it, please?" Robert asked gently. "Dinner's on the table and the girls are waiting." Robert always enjoyed the evening meal with his family. Such things were important, he believed.

"Jesus, I'm glad I never had kids," Pauline sighed, but she was tired of trying on clothes that didn't fit too. She'd tried about a dozen outfits and none of them had worked. But they'd been rather extravagant some of them, like the Vera Wang wedding dress, and that hadn't helped. But Pauline knew she had to wear something, even if it had to be this...

"How do I look?" Pauline said a minute later, actually feeling rather happy for a change.

"You look..." Robert swallowed hard, " ... good."

"You think?" Pauline was wearing a very tight and very small bikini, a black and white leopard print, with long tie strings. "I didn't think Barbie would wear a thong to the beach. Did you buy this, Robert?"

"Uh, yes. I did, actually," Robert nodded and he was blushing now.

It hadn't looked nearly so risqué on Barbie, but on Pauline ... Robert frowned inwardly. He'd seen his boss naked all day long and hadn't thought a thing of it. Nudity was just God's clothes and nothing to be surprised at or ashamed of, not really. At least not under these circumstances. But now that Pauline was wearing something to hide her female charms and invite the male imagination to go to work ... Clothes, even a simple bikini, changed the way he saw her suddenly. It was better than nudity, with the woman dressed like that, it was ... Well, sexy, and that revelation made him cringe.

Pauline, Robert realized with some chagrin, was a very sexy woman and while he must have noticed that before, everyone always did, he'd never consciously admitted it. Until now.

"Okay then," Pauline tried on the sunglasses, but they were too big and didn't really work very well anyway. "Let's go eat! I'm starving."

She wasn't oblivious to Robert's discomfort by any means. She saw his face, she knew what he was thinking, or had a good idea anyway, and she also knew that this was an awful lot like fishing. Robert was just a big old sucker fish and he was ready to take the bait. Pauline just needed to pretend like there wasn't anything going on. No strings attached. That sexy worm was just sitting there all by itself, she thought, go on, Robert ... Take a nice big bite!

"Robert, dinner's getting cold!" Brenda called as if on cue, making her growing annoyance plain.

"Coming Dear," Robert replied loudly, turning his head away from Pauline, but the tiny woman still covered her ears.

"I'll have to bring you something," Robert was saying. "I'm sorry to do this, but..." He was reaching under his Heather's bed for one of the shoeboxes he knew was there.

"What?" Pauline was shocked as she realized what Robert intended to do. "You can't lock me in a shoebox! I'm hungry! I'm a guest too and I want to sit at the table like a normal person!"

"But my daughters..." Robert frowned, knowing his boss had a point. She was his guest, in a manner of speaking. He'd brought her into his home and Robert had been brought up to treat a houseguest like royalty. Not that he was going to give Pauline free reign or anything, but he did have certain obligations and locking a hungry woman away in a shoebox while he ate his dinner seemed cruel, to say the least.

"You think you can keep me a secret from your kids forever, Bob?" Pauline laughed. "You're gonna have to bite the bullet on this one. Take me downstairs, give me some dinner, and introduce me." Pauline shook her head at Robert's reluctance as he considered his choices. "They're kids, right? They believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny?"

"Yes, of course," Robert nodded. "They're still small and..."

"Well, they'll believe in me too. Just tell them I'm the Tooth Fairy," Pauline giggled. "They'll eat it up, believe me."

The truth was that Pauline had no idea what a child would believe or not believe, it was just pure luck that she was right in this case. She'd never believed any of it, or so she liked to tell herself. She didn't care to remember much at all of childhood, and so far as she was concerned, Pauline hadn't been truly born until she'd gotten to college. Everything before that was just a bad dream, which probably explained quite a lot about her personality.

"Sorry, Honey," Robert gave his wife a weak smile, but he could see she wasn't very happy having to wait fifteen minutes for Robert. Especially since he'd been upstairs playing dress-up with that little minx he called a boss.

"Dinner's ready, let's sit down. Girls..." Brenda called the kids, who were in the living room coloring patiently with crayons. "What is she doing?" Brenda watched as Robert put Pauline down on the dining room table. "And why is she dressed like ... that?"

"It's a swimsuit." Robert cleared his throat and hoped his face wasn't as red as it felt. "Nothing else would fit, so..." his voice trailed off.

"It's..." Brenda blinked. "I don't know what it is, but it isn't a swimsuit! Robert, the girls..."

"It's okay," Robert assured his wife. "They have to find out sometime."

"Can I get a plate, do you think? Maybe a fork or a knife ... something sharp?" Pauline asked, smiling at the way Brenda was staring at her.

The woman never should have had kids, Pauline thought to herself. Brenda must have had potential once, but even so, the poor housewife had never looked this good in a bikini. Not in her wildest dreams, and the best part for Pauline was that they both knew it.

"I'll get you a baby spoon," Brenda said, turning away.

She didn't like that woman, not at all, and she didn't like the way Robert was acting either. The woman was a manipulative bitch, anyone could see that. The way Pauline pranced around on the table, showing off her body like some kind of stripper. Brenda doubted those breasts were real anyway, they couldn't be. Nobody had breasts that large and that ... Pert! Large and pert were two words that didn't go together at all. And her hips and oh! Brenda bit her bottom lip. Who the hell has a waist that small? Who'd want one anyway? She probably starves herself, Brenda thought, hoping it was true. Hoping Pauline had to suffer great agonies every single day to look that good.

It wasn't fair.

Pauline had watched Brenda closely, reading her body language, and she knew she had to be careful. Under normal circumstances Pauline would have ignored Brenda completely, since she was nothing more than some dowdy, boring housewife who'd been pretty once, in high school maybe, but had let herself go. Just like her husband, Pauline thought, they had no ambition. Imagine that, a whole house full of apathetic contentment. It made the woman shudder. Her own parents had never been that way, thank goodness.

The children were naturally impressed with Pauline and for lack of anything better, Robert had explained that this was Tinkerbell from the Peter Pan stories that his girls loved so much. Of course she'd lost her wings, the same way Peter had lost his shadow, and they both remembered that, didn't they? Her wings had just flown away one day, all by themselves, and now Tinkerbell had come to look for them. Mommy and Daddy were helping her and it was a secret, so they couldn't tell anyone. Captain Hook might find out and without her wings, Tinkerbell would be helpless!

Pauline found the whole story, which Robert had taken great pleasure in elaborating to his lovely daughters over Brenda's scrumptious pot roast, quite disgusting. His tale had been sweet and dripping with fun, and the girls alternated between awed silence and elated giggles as they watched Pauline eat and peppered her with silly questions.

"Where's your green dress?" Heather wanted to know.

"At the cleaners," Pauline sighed.

"Where's your magic wand?" Stacy wondered.

"Cinderella stole it," Pauline replied with a shrug.

She was particularly offended at everyone's happy insistence on calling her Tinkerbell, or just Tink for short. Brenda in particular seemed to enjoy Pauline's new nickname and the diminutive businesswoman was tempted to tell the children the real story. How their father was really an evil sorcerer, who had cast a frightful spell over Pauline so that he could steal her position at work and perhaps even more ... So he could have his way with her, abusing Pauline physically and eventually putting her between a couple slices of rye bread and eating her up with a little Dijon mustard.

But even Pauline wasn't that cold hearted ... Maybe.

"Do you lie to your kids a lot, Robert?" Pauline teased the man cruelly as he carried her back upstairs.

"No," Robert said and then a moment later, much to Pauline's surprise, he thanked her. "Thank you for ... Well, for being good."

"What? You thought I was going to say something to your kids?" Pauline laughed, acting as if the thought had never crossed her mind. "I wouldn't do that, Robert. You're the bad guy here, not me. Remember?"

"I'm not," Robert protested. "I'm doing this to help you ... Hey, stop that!"

"Stop what?" Pauline had settled down on Robert's middle finger, straddling the base of it with her creamy thighs, and pulling the digit up so she could hug it to her breasts, riding the man's hand like a pony, or something.

"Stop doing that," Robert paused in the hallway at the top of the stairs. "Just sit on my palm, like before."

"I don't like that," Pauline giggled, wriggling her hips and feeling the softness of Robert's warm skin under her butt. "This feels a lot better! Giddy-up!"

"It tickles," Robert said and he was blushing again, which was something he'd rarely done before that evening. "I don't want to drop you."

"It doesn't tickle," Pauline looked over her shoulder at him, noting the color in Robert's cheeks.

She tossed her long blonde hair, which was rather wild and alluring in a primal way, especially when combined with the tiny bikini she wore. Pauline could practically feel Robert's eyes focused on the pale globes of her perfect ass, the thong drawn tightly between her cheeks as she wriggled her hips. It was a delightful tease, Pauline thought, but hardly subtle and she could well imagine the effect on a man of Robert's conservative nature. Morality, in Pauline's vast experience, offered a man scant protection in the face of lust.

"I bet it feels good for you too, doesn't it?" she smiled at the confusion she found on her assistant's face.

Robert swallowed nervously and decided not to argue the point, but only get her into the bedroom and find a place for Pauline to sleep. He didn't want to think of how she looked riding his finger the way she did. It was almost obscene and he was too embarrassed to consciously admit that he found the woman arousing. He'd never been attracted to her before, although Robert could understand the fascination she engendered in other men around the office. But now, like this ... He was ashamed to realize he had an erection. An erection caused by someone other than his wife and he felt the bitter taste of guilt rising in the back of his throat.

"Mmmm..." This is actually kind of nice, Pauline thought with a sigh as she rode Robert's finger.

Contrary to popular belief, Pauline did have a strong sex drive, she just chose very carefully how and when to demonstrate it. And with whom, of course. The men around the office would never know, at least not the ones who worked for her. On occasion she'd found it useful to be, shall we say casual? with some of the upper management, but the fact was that the men in those positions respected Pauline's business abilities far more than just her sexual prowess. They all had mistresses anyway and doubtless some of those women could have given even Pauline lessons in seduction.

No. Pauline's affections, such as they were, most often involved Rico, her personal trainer at the health club, and Georgio, a particularly handsome young man who worked in a delicatessen of all places. Neither one was much more than a good hard sport fuck after work, but that suited Pauline just fine and she offered her playmates little doubt about who was fucking who. Right about then, perched eagerly on Robert's finger, a part of Pauline was dearly missing her evening romps in the bedroom.

Being six inches tall did have certain advantages, Pauline smiled to herself. She was getting wet and rocking her hips harder as she began to kiss Robert's finger like a lover. It certainly gave new meaning to the old phrase 'getting fingered' didn't it? And the way Robert moved, his hand rising and falling slowly as he walked, the way his finger twitched, just a little ... He was enjoying it too. Doubtless he could feel her sex now, the soft humid patch of curling blonde pubes, her tiny labia spread around the thong which was riding higher and tighter ... Oh yes, Pauline sighed, he could feel it just fine. The poor sheep just didn't know what to do about it and that thought, the idea that she was in control once more, at least for the time being, was enough to bring her the climax she was yearning for.

"Ohhh ... Oh God..." Pauline was squeaking as she came, quite literally, and Robert was horrified.

He stared at the woman, his hand trembling uncontrollably, which only made it worse - better for Pauline that is - while the woman ground her sex against Robert's finger. She'd locked her legs around his digit, hugging his finger as it curled upward. She was even kissing him, dragging her tiny pink tongue along his flesh so that he had to stand tip-toe, squeezing his buttocks tightly for fear of cumming himself. And Robert was doing nothing more than standing there, an innocent bystander, but this woman ... his boss ... made him think terrible things. She drove his heart to beat rapidly in his chest. She cut off his air, making his lungs labor painfully. And she'd done it all without effort, in the time it had taken to walk slowly from his family in the dining room to the empty hallway upstairs. Just by riding his finger!

Robert felt dizzy and weak and any words escaped him. This wasn't what he'd expected, not part of his plan at all. He'd never had sex with another woman, no one but his sweet Brenda. Was this sex, part of him wondered? Was Pauline making love to him? He could feel her body like a flame. She was burning up, writhing and moaning in her soft, high pitched voice. Her legs were clamped around his finger like a vise, ankles locked while her hands moved up and down across his knuckles, hugging his finger to her gorgeous breasts and smooth tummy.

She'd cum, he realized with some shock. Pauline had cum at least once and Robert moved his other hand, as if to hold her, to protect her from falling perhaps, but he found himself stroking her instead. He ran a soft finger along her smooth back, watching as Pauline's supple form stretched. She was arching her back like a kitten, giving herself to his caress. He felt the supple curve of her spine, the warmth of her flawless skin beneath his touch. She was a woman, sublime and dangerous, and yet so wondrous to behold. To explore...

Robert groaned and his body jerked. He felt dizzy and his vision narrowed into a dark tunnel for a moment as his boxers were suddenly stained with his unexpected and desperately unwanted orgasm.

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