Naughty With Nick

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I'm sure I'm not the first girl to ever be attracted to her stepfather; here's how I made him my lover.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

I've never written one of these stories before but I've wanted people to know what had happened to me. As you know from being on this website, it deals mostly with sex and that's what this story is all about.

I suppose I should tell you about myself and what my experiences in sex have been.

I'm Nikki, now eighteen, just graduating from high school next month, I have long, shiny brown hair down past my shoulders, I'm slender and weigh one hundred and six pounds and measure five-two. Oh, my other measurements, for you guys out there, they are thirty-four, twenty-two, thirty-four. And, they're B-cups and, well, it's my opinion and I've also been told, they are really pretty. Nice and round and full with nipples that are small and hard in the center and soft and pink and wide around the outside. You'd like them.

My first sex was probably like yours, my own hand. That happened, it seems really about the time I went into middle school, say sixth grade, that I started to become accomplished in giving myself sexual pleasure.

I didn't know about my clit but I did know that if I held my electric toothbrush base to my pussy it felt best right up near the top of my pussy. There were other things like a big, fat pencil, the eraser end, that I used but my fingers were always with me and, literally, right at hand.

The first penis I ever saw, let's see, seventh grade, John Markson. I was over at his house after school and he simply asked me the direct question, "Do you want to see my dick?"

Well, they say directness can get you places and I told him I did and the next thing I knew, there it was, his pants and briefs were on the floor and he was saying, "Go ahead, touch it, you can play with it, I really like when girls play with my dick."

Now, I've since had more enchanting offers but it was nice and his dick did look ever so interesting that I soon had it in my hand fondling it like a favorite toy.

It became a favorite toy as it turned out with us being together either at his house or mine, we were kind of unofficial boyfriend/girlfriend at that point and I was playing with it, stroking it, until it was time to go home. He did seem to cum at times, at least there was a point where he groaned and said it felt really, really good.

Then, he asked me to suck on it, which, of course, I had heard about at school so his was the first cock I ever had in my mouth. The effect was dramatic. I never knew how powerful as a female I could be until I sucked John. I soon knew to bargain with him to try something I'd heard about before I took him again into my mouth. But he readily took the bait and began giving me oral sex before I would suck him off.

Oh, my. I had let him play with my pussy a few times, even put his finger inside me but the first afternoon his lips and mouth and tongue were between my legs, well, it was also the first orgasm I ever had that I knew for sure. It was so strong that I scared him, he first thought I was in pain. Oh, he learned.

Then came Peter Rasmussen. Of course, all the boys kidded him about his first name but I was soon very familiar with it as we masturbated one another and did oral sex on each other. He had a long, slender cock which I just couldn't take in all the way but he didn't seem to mind. There were others as well, not lots but a few.

Then my sophomore year in high school, a senior, Jimmy Dodge, well, he had condoms and I let him use one, then I let him use one every day up in his bedroom or mine.

I don't know if my mom suspected but it was soon after I began going with Jimmy that she took me to her doctor and got me on the pill. That was also about the time she got married.

Now, she was married to my dad when I was born but, about two years later, they were divorced and it was over ten years before she met the second guy she married, Nick Wilmans.

It was a bit confusing at first with him being named Nick and me named Nikki so we had to agree to quit calling me by the shortened version.

I liked Nick and he was a smart guy, helped me a lot with my homework and even helped me get along better with my mother, we did have our disagreements at times.

Now that I was on the pill, Jimmy and I would have sex nearly every afternoon, sometimes at his house, sometimes at mine. I was loving it, he would give me oral sex to get me hot then we would fuck like crazy. He was the one who suggested we first do it doggie-style which really turned me off seeing as it had never looked very romantic whenever I saw dogs doing it.

But he talked me into it and like so many girls and women, it soon became my preferred position. Jimmy's dick was also nice and long so he got me good and deep which gave me some fantastic orgasms.

We had great sex together and I got very comfortable with my body. I had become quite pretty, especially naked, and Jimmy just loved to look at me and have me take various poses, including some triple X-rated ones which I loved doing. He had a stash of Playboy and Penthouse magazines and he would have me take the same poses as some of his favorite models in the magazines.

So, like so many girls, I came to love my body and the pleasure it gave me. Then he went away to college and there I was, all of a sudden after having sex every day, now having none at all. If it's ever happened to you, well, you know how much you can miss it.

Now, going without sex, I began dreaming about my stepfather, Nick. It would be Nick in my mind when I would masturbate when I got home from school, naked on my bed, legs spread wide, fingers darting in and out, my other hand rubbing my clit until I exploded.

My stepfather was in sales and that made his schedule quite flexible and he would sometimes be home in his office, a spare room near the back of the house, when I got home. He did reports, quotes, customer follow-up, all the details that go along with a sales job and, from what I could tell, he was quite successful at it.

So, with him there in the afternoon a couple of times each week, I began dressing for him. I'm sure I don't have to explain that, right?

I began fishing for compliments about my body, asking him if a certain outfit looked good or, making an adjustment, say tying my shirt across the bottom, looked sexier, asking for his suggestions.

And, compliments, I got them. I knew I looked good, after all, I got my looks from my Mom who is a good-looking woman. And, of course, I spent many hours in front of my full-length mirror looking at my naked, then scantily clothed body. I always knew just how far to bend over, just the exact position or movement required to show just what I wanted to show. Yes, I knew exactly what I was doing, after all, I was well-experienced in sex by this time but was not getting any so I was super-max horny. And Nick was close at hand.

I had a collection of very short shorts, short skirts, tube tops, bandeaus, halter tops, crop tops, you name it, I loved to dress sexy and now I was dressing sexy just for my stepfather, Nick.

I was halfway through my senior year of high school, already accepted at a college halfway across the country, I knew if I wanted sex with Nick that I needed to get him into my bed soon so I would have time to enjoy it before I had to leave in the fall.

So, on a Tuesday afternoon, I got home and he was in his office working. I knew how good I looked naked and I knew I gave him hard-ons when I flashed him looks at my boobs or pussy. And he never looked away, either, no, he enjoyed every peek.

I went up to change out of my school clothes and decided to ask him which, of two outfits, he thought I looked best in and took them down to his office.

He was typing into his laptop as I walked in.

"Hi, Nikki, how was school?"

"Oh, good, ready for it to end so I can get started in college, you know. But I was wondering, um, from a guy's viewpoint, which of these outfits do you think are hotter, sexier?" and I held up each one for him to see. "I'll try them on for you."

There it was. And when he said that would be fine, I pulled off my top right there and undid my skirt and stepped out of it, standing there in my bra and panties.

"Um, You might want to change in the hallway, Nikki."

"Oh, come on, you see mom in less than this," I said as I pulled on the new top and pulled up the little denim skirt, then did a few modeling turns for him.

"That's pretty sexy, for sure. Is this for a date?"

"Yeah, kind of. Let's try this one," I said as I pulled off the denim skirt and put on a tiny pair of shorts.

"This one's with a tube top," I said, pulling off my top and reaching around to unfasten my bra, letting it slide down my arms. I mostly avoided his eyes but I did take a quick glance and his eyes were riveted on my bare boobs as I pulled down the tube top and did another swirl.

"Well, which one? Or did you like it best before I got the tube top on?"

Chapter 2

I could see that he had a huge rise in his pants as he said, "Well, Nikki, any man alive would want it without the top."

"Okay," I said as I pulled it up and off. "Better?" I asked as I stepped over to him, reached down, took his hand and led it to my breast.

He cupped my boob, then raised his other hand to fondle my other breast as I told him, "Maybe I need a date with you, Nick? I think I'd like that."

"I'm kinda old for you, Nikki, you really need a much younger guy," he said but what I really noticed was that he didn't stop feeling my boobs.

"Seems to me that you're just about the right age, if you ask me. They say a man with experience is the one to have. I guess maybe it would be interesting to see exactly what my mom finds so charming about you, Nick. I certainly trust her judgment."

His fingers were still flexing around my boob while his thumb rubbed across my nipple as I stood next to him.

"Well, Nikki, you are a beautiful young woman and would tempt any man alive."

"I guess I'm really only trying to tempt just one, Nick, maybe I should try harder," I told him as I pulled down the denim shorts along with the little thong panty I was wearing, then stepped back and turned a circle for him to admire.

"You are exquisite, Nikki, just perfect."

"Everything you see is yours to have, Nick. I'm all yours for whatever you want."

"You know you can't ever tell your mom about this, right?" he told me as I now knew I was soon to have his cock deep inside me just where I wanted it.

"What I want is just for the two of us, Nick, it's something my mom will never know about, just you and me," I said as I sat in a chair opposite him and spread open my legs. I knew what I was doing, oh, yes, I knew exactly.

"I assume you're not a virgin, you're eighteen, right?"

"You won't be my first, just my latest. See how wet I am for you?" I teased him drawing a finger up my slit and reaching over to put it in his mouth. "Like my taste?"

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