The Neighborhood
Chapter 4

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Sex Story: Chapter 4 - A story about a man who wins the lotto which brings about a number of changes in his life.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic  

Bret made it a point when doing his regular shopping to also purchase some items at a women's store. He did a lot of window shopping and visited a number of women's stores at the mall. He finally found the dress he was looking for. He asked the lady sales associate if he needed to buy a strapless bra, and she told him that it was built into the dress. When he inquired as to what kind of high-heeled shoes he should buy to go along with this dress, she took him over to the shoe department and gave Bret her recommendation. This was somewhat of an expensive purchase but he could now afford it. He was a little proud of himself as he walked out the store with his purchases.

Monday was a quiet day till he received a phone call from Kim who lived across the street. This time she said, that her garbage disposal no longer worked. She asked Bret if he could come over and have a look. Bret told her he needed to gather up some tools and would be over in half an hour.

When she responded to his pressing the doorbell button, he was a little surprised. She had on a somewhat tight sweater but what caught his eye as he was following her into the kitchen, were the tight tan slacks she was wearing which outlined her very fine bottom.

She pointed out the sink in the kitchen which was a somewhat a redundant action on her part.

Bret looked into the sink drain and with the aid of a flashlight could see a soda can tab that was wedged against the side of the garbage disposal grater. He took out an extremely long, long nose pliers from his tool box, and was able to pull the tab out. Using a large Allen wrench on the bottom of the disposal, enabled him to break the rotor free. He pushed the reset button on the bottom of the disposal, and when he flipped the disposal switch on, he heard it run as it should.

There was a smile on her face as she said, "What do I owe you this time?"

"Just a soda would be fine."

They sat at the kitchen table with her again expressing her thanks.

"Not having a man around to tend to items such like that can be expensive if I need to call in a repairman every time something happens."

"Don't worry about calling me. These are really small repair jobs and it breaks the monotony of my daily routine. I understand you are in the realty business, do you mind if I ask you a business question?"

"No, go right ahead."

"I was wondering if there are any properties for sale near the U of I campus in Champaign. I have a friend who maybe going there and I would like to buy something where she could live while going to school. I could rent out any extra rooms. I also don't want to be involved in the everyday management of the property, so I will need a management company to handle that aspect."

"I really don't know about properties that are there, but let me check. Properties near universities normally are expensive and get snapped up pretty quick. With the economy being what it is, that could have changed so let me look into it."

"Thanks and if you have any other problems here please give me a call."

On Tuesday, Bret was anticipating Maria's arrival. Just after twelve his doorbell chimed. When he opened the door, he saw Maria standing there with a very nice smile on her face. She entered and asked Bret what he had in mind.

He gave her the dress and shoes which excited her because of how nice they were. He asked her to go into the bedroom and make sure her makeup was perfect and put on what he had given her. Bret said he wanted to take some pictures of her.

Maria followed his orders and when she emerged from the bedroom Bret was amazed by her beauty.

"You are very beautiful, Maria, I wish I was twenty years younger so I could date you."

"Oh Mr. Frazier."

Bret took a number of photos with Maria assuming different positions and facial expressions. When he had a sufficient number of photos, he told Maria she could change back to what she was wearing and do the cleaning.

Maria wondered what was going on, but she didn't say anything.

When she was done cleaning and getting ready to leave, Bret asked her to have a seat. She did and when he looked at her, he noticed that she was wearing a short skirt and her legs were slightly spread. One glance told him she was up to her old tricks as she was sans panties.

"Maria, you haven't changed at all. I noticed that you are still up to what you were doing when you were in school. You do present a pretty picture, but there is no reason for you to do this."

"I am sorry Mr. Frazier, but I get such a thrill when I do this and I know you are looking. It's not just anyone I do this to, but there is something special about you that makes me want to do it."

"Have you thought anymore about college?"

"Yes I have, and I am leaning toward going to college. Maybe I can apply for some loans. The expense of attending school will be a perennial problem."

"That won't be a problem. I have a friend who didn't know where his next meal was coming from at one time. Because of hard work, he has been successful and wants to use his money to help out people who could use a hand up. I told him about you and what your problem was. Maybe I laid it on too thick, but he says he will pay tuition, room and board, books and fees for you for four years of college."

"Oh Mr. Frazier!"

"Before you get too excited, let me explain that he has imposed some conditions. The main one is that you must maintain 3.8 grade point average, U of I is on a five point system. Since he doesn't have the time to monitor your progress, he is requiring me to do that. That means you present your bills and marks to me and I will see that the bills are paid. Now, I have one condition that I will impose on you and that is that you will wear panties. If I see or hear about you not wearing them, this assistance will come to an end. Do you have any questions?

"Yes, Mr. Frazier, please thank your friend for doing this for me, but why did you take those pictures?"

"I almost forget about that. I have another friend who is in the advertising business. I am going to send him the photos and see if anyone is looking for someone like you to do some modeling. You are a beautiful young lady and maybe if you can do some modeling, you can earn some spending money while you are in school. If you get any phone calls about modeling, don't think they are crank calls. Oh... , the dress and shoes are yours to keep"

Maria left Bret's home now feeling very excited about going to college. Bret felt good about being able to help someone.

Kim phoned the next day and said she found a six flat house that was for sale and was one block away from the university. She spoke with the realtor that had the listing. That realtor told her that the owner had a number of properties and was strapped for money, but in the realtor's opinion, the owner was asking too much for this property. The realtor thought that the price could be dropping next week and that there are a number of people interested in this property. Kim asked Bret if he really wanted to become a landlord.

"No, I changed my mind and am going in a different direction. I am sorry I put you through all this trouble."

"No trouble at all, as that is what I do and is the least I can do for what you have done for me."

Bret went to dinner with Sally. It was a pleasant experience, as always. He wondered what Sally had in store for him this evening. Back at her home, he was disappointed when she told him that her monthly friend had just visited her. She however was not deterred and didn't disappoint Bret because she pulled the zipper on his pants down and gave him great head. His hand was cupping one of her large breasts when she was doing this.

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