A Lazy Day at the Office
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - With a sexy, seductive voice, she cooed into the phone, “I’d love to make love to you.......right where you are.....or behind closed locked door at the office....ooooh!” He swallowed hard, and felt his cock twitch, “Mmmm, naughty Natalie.” She giggled, and blushed, “I likes being naughty.”

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   True Story   Slut Wife   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Public Sex   Workplace  

Candice had met her new love Marcus at the corporation Christmas party. She was just walking through the room conversing with people when this handsome guy, with thick wavy hair, bold facial features, and a smile bright enough to melt an iceberg walked up to her and introduced himself.

"Hello, I've not seen you here before; the names Marcus Kindcade, business manager."

There eyes met, and she felt the gaze from his gorgeous blue eyes go clear through her, straight to her clit. Trying not to sound nervous she responded. "Hi, I'm Candice Walker; I work as a secretary in the legal aide department. I just moved here from Illinois, and haven't been working here that long. Nice to meet you."

"Candice that's such a nice name, may I get you something to drink?"

"Please call me Natalie. Thanks, I'd love a strawberry margarita."

"Sure thing doll, I'll be right back."

They sat in the corner table, and began talking. Before long, they conversed like long lost friends. When he invited her to dinner, she did not hesitate to accept. That was two years ago, now they were lovers.

She was sitting on the sofa thinking of him, and bored. She missed his touch, his kiss, and especially the way he made love to her. However, he had an office to run, and had went to work that Saturday to catch up on his paperwork.

She tried reading, watching television, and just could not concentrate on anything but his sexy voice, and hot body. So she decided to call him.

"Hi darling, are you busy, your baby is bored," she purred into the phone.

"Not really just pottering with some spreadsheets, real interesting stuff," he responded with a laugh.

She giggled, "Don't just love spread sheets? I was thinking about sheets of a different kind."

"I'm thinking that way too, with you on top of them, in that sexy blue, silk nightie."

"Mmmm I could arrange that, if you were here. I'm so bored, and if you haven't guessed, horny."

She heard him sigh and all of a sudden go quiet, something he did when he was becoming aroused. "What do you have in mind ... I'm sure you have something?"

"Me meeting you at the front door wearing that sexy outfit, and leading you to the bedroom. Once there, I'd climb on the bed, motioning for you to join me."

"Mmm, this is getting interesting, does it have to be the bedroom""

"No if we are alone, it can be anywhere."

"You know variety is the spice of life?"

"Oh yeah it is. You know, I just might just sneak up on as you're sitting in your favorite chair, wearing that nightie, putting my hands over your eyes and saying guess who."

"Let's get a little spicy."

"Ooooooooh spicy, go for it!"

"What would you like?"

"You," she laughed, and doing something new."

"Well I do owe you a special treat, something you would like."

"Mmmm, I like a lot of things, ' she purred.

With a voice as smooth as Tennessee whiskey he spoke, "You tell me, how can I please you mistress?"

Oh my god, when he talked like that to her, she nearly climaxed right than and there in her panties. She smiled and told herself, 'time to turn Marcus's heat up a few notches."

With a sexy, seductive voice, she cooed into the phone,

"I'd love to make love to you ... right where you are ... or behind closed locked door at the office ... ooooh!"

He swallowed hard, and felt his cock twitch, "Mmmm, naughty Natalie."

She giggled, and blushed, "I likes being naughty."

Marcus wondered just what his gal was up too, the idea of her being naughty always aroused him more, and their sex was hot, wild, and very satisfying. However, he would play uninterested for now.

"Natalie, I'm sitting at my desk right now trying to finish some work."

"Okay spoil sport, I'll let you go so you can finish your paperwork."

She sat there and frowned. All of a sudden her eyes lit up as a naughty idea just popped into her head. Marcus was about to learn how naughty she will could be. She'd show up at his office in a trench coat, wearing a sexy garter-belt, matching lingerie and heels, and nothing else? After all it only took ten minutes to get to the office. She headed toward the bedroom to prepare for another naughty rendezvous' with Marcus ... this time doing something she knew would blow his mind, and his load.

He bade her goodbye, and returned his attention to the reason he came to the office that day. After twenty minutes he gave up. As much as he wanted to finish the paperwork, Marcus couldn't focus on it any longer. All he could think about was different scenarios where Natalie was being naughty. Her gorgeous five-foot three curvaceous body always did turn him on. Like the time she wore then little skimpy French maid outfit. His cock was beginning to swell, his mouth watered.

Natalie checked herself out in the full length mirror by the bed. The turquoise colored corset, matching garter-belt, g-string, hose and four inch fuck me heels, clung to her full figured curve. The color, accentuated her milky white complexion, green eyes, and auburn hair.

She whistled, giggled, and squealed, Hot-damn if this doesn't drive his crazy, I'm taking him to a shrink."

She drove to Marcus's office, parked the car, and entered the building. She tried to look cool, calm, and collected, as she made her way to his office, hoping no one would see her. She crept up to his office door, shaking so hard with arousal she knew he would probably hear her approaching.

Marcus was sitting in his chair, day dreaming when he heard a noise. Before he could investigate Natalie entered the room wearing a London-fog trench coat. Now why on earth would she wear that, it wasn't that cold outside.

He was about to ask why, when she turned, locked the door, and dropped the coat.

His eyes bugged out, his cock lurched, and he started to sweat. "Oh baby, you are stunning. Oh fuck, you're turning me on!"

"Are you busy darling?"

"My cock is swelling at the sight of you; I'm going to be very busy."

She walked over, he moved his chair out away from the desk, and she climbed on to his lap. "Busy with what?" She then kissed him hard before he had the chance to protest.

He kissed her back passionately, and replied, "You!"

His kiss always made her feel so alive. A warm flush covered her skin, goose bumps formed, and beads of sweat went down her neck and cleavage. She wrapped her arms around his neck, nibble his ear, and purred, "Mmmm!"

He trembled with desire, nibbled her ear and growled, "Mmmm baby-doll, you taste better than ever. I love your warm flesh against me."

Tongues teasing, hands roaming--umm you feel nice Marcus."

He stroked her face and neck, and kissed her again.

"I feel overdressed, compared to you."

She began unbuttoning his shirt, and ran her hands across his chest.

He ran his hands across her chest, "Mmm." Her breasts were straining the corset and he could feel her hardening nipples thru her bra.

She reached down and began unhooking the front of the corset slowly, seductively watching his eyes.

"Oh my baby," his eyes wide and pupils dilated with excitement.

"Marcus, please remove that damn shirt."

All he wanted to do was touch her breast. "Do if for me!"

She dropped the corset to the floor, and started taking his shirt off, kissing the exposed flesh, knowing he would feel the burning desire in her lips scorching his skin.

"You are warm, soft, and so fucking sexy!"

"Ooooooooooh god yesssssssss!"

"Oh baby, my cock is so hard for you!"

Skin to skin, nipple to nipple, kissing deep, as their actions aroused animalistic lust.

He could feel the dampness in his boxers from his oozing precum.

Her clit was hard, throbbing, and rubbing the thin fabric of her panties.

He gasped, "Baby, you turn me on so fucking much, I want you ... God I want you!"

With her right hand she reached down, and caressed his swollen member through his pants. She purred seductively, "Mmmm, I want you Marcus."

She then stood, and bent down and began to unbuckle his pants.

He watched in anticipation, "Ooooh Natalie!"

She unzipped his pants, wanting the prize within, moaning softly.

He buried his face in her tits, one hand on one of her breasts, toying with her nipple.

She grasped his hard cock, stroking it, loving the feel of it in her hands. Her pussy drooling, saturating her panties, she stopped only to remove them, and handed them to him.

"Oh fuck, you know what I like!"

She had him stand so she could remove his pants. She kissed him hard, and squealed, "I need that hard cock inside me ... before I explode with delight! Ooooh Marcus!""

"Oh Natalie –mmm, go slow darling, make it last."

"Ooooh Marcus."

She pushed him back into the chair, climbed on to his lap and kissed him deep. She began grinding her body against his, slowly—deliberately--driving their passion to go through the roof.

His fingers went between her legs—teasing.

She spread her legs further giving him better access. They hugged each other tightly rocking in the rhythm of lovers, as his touch made her quiver clear to the center of her woman hood.

He continued his actions, stroking her clit, slowly, enjoying the moment.

She kissed him softly, and whispered, "I love you baby."

He kissed her, and finger-fucked her slowly, regularly, deeply, with three fingers.

She rode his fingers, as if they were a cock. She teased his cock slowly, running her fingers through the precum, and brought them to her lips and licked them.

He twisted his fingers as they went in and out of her pulsating hole.

She kissed him, teasingly, moaning with lusty desires.

"Natalie, you are beautiful."

She looked into those gorgeous blue eyes, getting lost in him. Her whole body trembled with desire for his cock. "Marcus, fuck me!"

"I am going to take you Natalie, all in good time."

"Oh I know baby, and I love driving you crazy like this."

"Oh baby – that's an understatement."

She caressed him with slow, teasing touches, and passionate kisses.

God she knew how to push his buttons. He sucked in her right nipple, drawing it into my mouth, and started sucking it hard.

She turned every inch of him with her kiss, lips, tongue, and fingers ... When he latched on to her nipple, she stopped long enough to shriek, "Ooooooooooh fuck yesssssssss!"

He bit her nipple, gently at first, then harder.

She trembled, pulled his head closer, grinding her pelvis into him, as her juices covered his whole lap. Closed her eyes and hissed, "Oh fuck, yes!"

"I love you making me wet. I want to taste you honey, and feel your wetness on my face."

"Drenched is the word. Oh my god, please do baby!"

He helped her sit back on his desk, and kissed her hard.

She spread her legs wide, motioning with her finger, and purred, "Eat me Marcus."

"Is that what you want, me to eat you?"

"For starters yes, I want you to taste me, make me cum lover!"

Now how could he resist a lusty temptation like that?

Her eyes were glassy with lust, her skin flushed, and covered with sweat, and she quivered with anticipation.

He pulled up the chair, moved between her legs, and gasped, Oh fuck was she wet! He inhaled her intoxicating aroma, and blew a breath across her pubic hairs. Next he separated the labia, and slithered his tongue around her opening.

Oh fuck, Marcus sure knew how to push her buttons, Natalie, ran her fingers through his hair and squealed, "Marcus, yesssss!"

He moaned as he tasted her sweet nectar, as his finger touched your clit.

She arched her back pushing her hips into his face, covering it with her juices.

He slithered his tongue inside her, and felt her muscles clamp down on it.

She closed her eyes, and felt the climax building, wanting to surge through her. "Oooooooh fuck, Marcus!"

He paused from eating and whispered, "Slow down baby, don't cum yet. Relax, let's make it last, build up more."

She took slow deep breaths to relax, knowing when he resumed eating her; it would start over again, repeatedly.

His tongue resumed probing into her vaginal orifice., tongue-fucking her. His face was pressed hard against her sweet cunt to penetrate her as deep as he could.

Her juices began to flow faster. She gasped for breath trying to relax, knowing she will soon explode.

She was so wet, that the juices were all over his mouth and chin. His finger stroked her clit and he felt her body quiver.

"Oh my God, Marcus, my clit is so fucking hard! I cannot hold back much longer!"

He took his tongue out of her hole, and moved to her clit, kissed it and sucked it into his mouth. He knew she was at the point of cumming over his face.

"Fuck me, I want to cum with your cock inside me!!"

He did not stop. He rubbed his face against her pussy devouring it, while his tongue stroked her clit faster, faster, round and round. He paused only long enough to say, "Cum for me, ooooh God, Natalie—soak me!"

She clamped his head between her knees, began to shake hard, and screamed. "Ooooooooooooooh fuck Marcus, I'm cccuuummmiiinnngggg!!!!"

He licked hungrily at her flowing juices, until every drop was in his mouth. He'd never seen her cum this much; it was literally dripping off of him.

She needed his cock in her, now! "Oh baby do it--FUCK ME!"

"Mmmmm Natalie, you know I cannot resist your clit!" He kissed her clit, sucked it in once more, as his fingers fucked her hole. He tantalized her sensitive bud, running his tongue all over it, as he pussy squeezed his fingers. Her sex was the best ever.

She raked her fingers across his back ... wanting him to move up and fuck her ... deep and hard. She also knew he loved playing with her pussy, and did not want to cum this early.

"Baby, I want to taste me on your lips, and fingers."

"You will, I want you ready to cum again. Because if I fuck you now, I'm so horny, and desperate to explode in you, that I'll only last a few strokes."

"Oh that's a given. My body is responding to your fingers ... nearing another orgasm!"

"Oh God, Natalie my sweet sexy baby, you turn me on so much. When you are ready, yell and I'll fuck you!"

"Oh Marcus, I love your lips, your touch!" She knew if she did one thing, it would make her cum harder and soon, in addition it would turn him of so much, he couldn't hold back any longer. Natalie reached down and took a nipple in each finger, pinched, and rolled them, hard. She yelled--"Oooooh fuck do it!"

He stood, took his cock in hand, and held it to her pussy. He then bent over to kiss her, so she could taste her cum on his face.

She trembled with desire, arched her back, and pulled him close, and started licking his lips, savoring her own juices, and then kissing him hard.

He pushed his cock against her, sliding it into her hot, wet, cunt, and shouted, "Oh Fuck!"

She wrapped her legs around him pulling him deeper. They rocked in the rhythm of lovers.

He fucked her hard, fast, and deep. Oh god, her cunt felt so fucking good."

She shook as the climax surged through her, and they kiss hard.

"Oh Natalie! I love you!"

"Marcus. I love you to baby! I want you to cum deep inside me!"

Her pussy milked his shaft hard with each thrust, and she knew by his breathing he would soon blow his load.

"Ooooooooooh, god, aaahhhhhhhhhhh!"

Her lips came down hard on is, their tongues danced, and their hearts beat at the same rhythm. She held him tightly as his climax surges from is balls, wanting to explode off every crevice of her vagina.

She licked his nipple, and nibbled it, one and then the other. Knowing what the reaction would be, she whispered, "Cum my darling."

Her words did it, he shouted, "Oh fuck and exploded deep inside her.

His hot sperm hitting her cervix triggered her to cum once more.

They held each other wanting the moment to last.

"Oh my naughty Natalie, that was awesome."

"Wow, what a way to spend a lazy Saturday at your office."

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