You Should Try This

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: When I was thirteen, someone showed me how to masturbate when I got erections. Thanks, Mom. And, there's more, too. I'll tell you all about my sister and me, as well.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

My grandfather on my mother's side died when I was thirteen. I didn't really know him much but he did leave Mom some money and some stocks. The stocks she kept invested for our college, my sister and I, Lucy, she was fifteen, and I'm Luke, thirteen. The money, she spent some of it on having a really nice in-ground pool put in our backyard complete with a large, covered deck and patio with a built-in gas grill and lawn and pool furniture, the whole works; it was just the greatest.

And all this happened right as we were finishing up our school year. What great timing.

Now, I mentioned school year, that actually happened to be a bit flexible. You see, Lucy and I are home-schooled by our mom. She's divorced, has been for many years, and about six years ago she wrote a children's book which really took off. She's written four more and each one has done really well. So, while we do live out in the country, we do pretty well.

Once the pool was in, I was in the pool mostly every day, unless it was raining when Mom made me get out because if the possibility of lightning. Otherwise, I was out there in the pool.

The third day we had the pool, Mom and Lucy went into town, there's a fair-sized city about thirty miles away, for a clothes-shopping trip and I went in the pool shortly after they left. The difference this time was that I went in naked.

I can't even tell you how good it felt to be naked in the cool water, it really was so nicer, I know it was just a simple thing but the effect was so soothing. The water on my skin, just everywhere, was exhilarating. I swam that way until they returned.

Then, after a few minutes, Lucy came out in a new bikini. I can tell you that my sister has been making my penis get bigger for the last few years as her body has developed. And this newest bikini, one she just bought, seemed to be the skimpiest. And, seeing her in it sure made it get bigger and stiffer so I just stayed in the water.

She dove in and came over to surface near me.

"Oh, the water's perfect. So, like my new bikini? Mom said it would be okay since there's just the three of us, it's pretty hot, huh?"

"Yeah, you look good in it, Lucy, really good," I told her.

I was pretty sure that she hadn't caught on that I was naked in the pool. Then, she pushed me over, just horsing around as we had started doing in the pool, when she screamed, "Luke, you're naked, omigod, your ... um, you..." and she got out and ran inside.

A minute later she and my mom came out as mom told me, "Okay, Luke, what's this about skinny-dipping in the pool?"

"Well, you two were gone and I ... well, it really feels great this way. It's so better, just, well, I like it like this."

"Well, let's get out and we can talk about this," she said as I waded toward the shallow end. She came over and handed me a towel and asked in a low voice, "Um, maybe you better go to your room and take care of that."

I put the towel around me as I got out and started inside as I asked my mother, "Do you mean take care of getting dressed?"

Okay, let's stop for a minute. Look, I know a lot more now than I did then. I told you I was home-schooled. You probably had lots of kids you hung with who talked about sex and stuff all the time. I didn't. So, you were probably an expert in masturbation by my age but, while I was getting erections, I hadn't quite discovered jacking-off yet.

"No," she said with a grin on her face, "oh, my, well, what I meant was, um, let's go up to your room," and we went up to my room and I sat on the bed with the towel wrapped round me as she closed the door.

"You had an erection, Luke, your penis got larger and harder, it's something you need to take care of. Do you understand?"

"No, I guess I don't."

She took the edge of the towel and pulled it aside looking down at my dick standing straight up from my lap.

"Have you masturbated?"

"I don't know that word," I told her.

"When your penis gets hard like this, do you rub it like this?" she asked as she sat down and took my penis in her hand to begin stroking it up and down. "Does that feel good?" she asked.

"Yeah, it feels really good," I softly mumbled.

"Do you do this when it gets hard like that?"


"Well, it'll make you feel really good then it won't be quite so hard. Usually boys do this several times a day to relieve their hardness like this. Girls do it too."

"But they don't have anything to get hard, right?"

She was still stroking me as she said, "No, not exactly, but they get urges and feelings like those that make you hard like this."

"It's sure making me feel good, Mom. You mean I should be doing this?"

"Sure, you do it now. Let me get you some hand lotion from my bathroom, it'll make it nicer," and she got up and I took myself in hand and began. Oh, it did feel good but not quite as nice as when my mom did it.

She came back and squirted some on my hand and I began again.

"Oh, wow, that's lots better, almost as nice as when you were doing it."

"Would you like for me to do it for you this first time?" she asked.

I nodded and she took some lotion and began again.

It simply felt heavenly as she stroked up and down.

"Have you ever had any fluid, anything wet come out of it when you were asleep? Maybe it woke you up, maybe feeling really good there?"

"No, I don't think so, well, there might have been once about a month ago, my briefs were wet in front, I thought I maybe peed, you know, just a little."

"Did it feel good?"

"I think, kinda, yeah."

"Well, you're getting older, honey, and that's your semen, it has the seed in it to make a girl or a woman pregnant and have a child. We've talked about that, right, and now you're getting old enough."

"So that's what makes it hard and all and why it feels so good right now, it's really feeling awesome."

"Yes, and you can start doing this yourself to satisfy the urges you get. Everyone starts doing it at about your age when they start getting these kind of sexual feelings."

"You mean you and Lucy, too? You said girls do it, too."

"Yes, I do it and I'm pretty sure your sister must as well. I showed her how a couple of years ago."

"Did you do it for her the first time, too?"

"No, I showed her how but she did it."

"I like you doing it," I said, not sure if I should be saying that or not.

"Well, sweetie, with no other man in my life, I'm kind of enjoying it, too."

"You mean you would do that to a boyfriend or a husband, I mean if you had one?"

"Yes, this and, well, a lot of other things, too."

"Like what?"

I didn't know not to ask.

"Oh, well, there are lots of things you can do to make another person happy, lots of sexual things. You can suck on this, for example. Or you can have intercourse, making love, we've talked about that before. There are lots of ways to do that. Lots of positions. I guess you're old enough to look through this book I have, Lucy did a year or so ago. It's got lots of ways to have sex."

"It's feeling really good, it's supposed to, right?"

"Yes, real good, then, providing you're old enough, your semen will come out the end, kind of spurt out and it's a thick, white, sticky liquid. I told you that when we talked about sex and babies and all that."

"Does it feel really, really good right before it comes out?" I asked, breathlessly.

"Yes, it does," she answered as my cum began to arc up out from the little slit on the end of my penis.

"Oh, oh, mmm, oh, it really feels good, oh, really good."

She stroked on it a little more, then reached over and got some tissues and wiped the semen off.

"Now, when your penis gets hard and swollen like that, you can do this to relieve yourself."

"Maybe I can talk you into doing it again?" I said, using my very best smile.

"Well, I think I'll let you handle that little chore," she said as she leaned over and kissed me, then went back downstairs. I sat there on my bed, put a little more lotion on my hand and did it again. It still felt pretty good though not as great as the first time.

I pulled on a pair of shorts and went downstairs. Mom was in the kitchen, so I asked her, "It really felt great to go in the pool, you know, skinny-dipping. It's really nicer and there's no one around to see, I mean except you and Lucy and you both saw me this morning, so could I swim like that?"

I fully expected to be turned down as she replied, "Oh, Luke, I guess there are worse things than swimming nude. As long as we don't have any guests over, I guess it's okay," and I went over to her and kissed her quickly and just as quickly shed my shorts and went running out to dive in the pool.

Lucy was in the water and she swam over to me asking, "You're naked again. Mom won't like that."

"She said I could. You've already seen me so what's the difference if you see me once or a hundred times?"

"Okay, I guess so," and she swam off and got out to sun by the pool, while I swam around enjoying the cool water all over my body.

We had dinner and then after dark, when we were watching television, Mom asked, "Does anyone want to go skinny-dipping in the pool. Looks like Luke has started something and, well, it's dark out, so that makes it a bit more private."

She got up and went outside and by the time I got out there and out of my clothes, Mom was already swimming around. I got in and felt that lovely feeling again all over my nakedness as I heard a splash near me and up came Lucy.

"Are you, you know, no bikini?" I asked. She stood up and in the dim light I could see her breasts, flecked with water droplets sparkling in the moonlight. She looked like a beautiful mermaid as I felt my penis begin to swell and harden even more.

"You're right, Luke, it feels wonderful. I never thought it would feel very different but it really does." About then, our mother swam up.

"This is nice, what do you think, Luce?"

"I was just telling Luke that it really feels nice, better than with a suit on, even that little one I bought today."

"Yes, it seems that your brother is on to something. Well, we could make after dark, clothing-optional in the pool. What do you two think?"

"I think we should just leave our clothes off all the time. There are people who do that, I've read about them," I ventured.

"Yes, there are. They're 'nudists' or 'naturists' and there's even a nudist resort over by Lake Cameron. That's how they do it," Mom told us. "I suppose it's really up to Lucy since I suppose I don't mind and I know how Luke feels about it."

"Well, it's one thing here in the dark, I mean you can see a little but in the daytime, um, can I think about it?"

"Sure, honey, don't feel like you have to agree. Think it over, just be sure," Mom said and we swam some more in the cool, moonlit water.

I did see Mom and Lucy a little better as we got out before they got towels wrapped around them. I had always thought my mom was pretty but now realized that she was a beautiful woman. She was thirty-seven but she could have been my older sister. Her breasts were larger than Lucy's and firm and round. I stayed outside as they went in and got some suntan lotion and made myself relax the way Mom had shown me. It felt so good and I was still thinking about Mom and Lucy so much that I did it again. It felt so nice.

I wrapped the towel around myself and went inside and up to bed. There, I rubbed my penis again. I was really loving how it felt now.

Chapter 2

I got up early before anyone else was up and went down for a swim and when I got out I saw that my penis was again lengthened so I lay down on a chaise lounge and took some lotion and began rubbing again.

"Luke, what are you doing?" I heard my sister ask from behind me.

"Oh, I'm doing what Mom showed you last year, relieving myself when this gets long and hard. She said she showed you how to do it the way girls do it."

"You're jacking-off, Luke, that's what it's called, Janice Henricy told me she watches her brother do it all the time." Janice was one of her friends who sometimes came to sleep over.

"All I know is how good it feels. You wanna watch like Janice does with her brother?"

I had really never quite learned exactly how private most people are about their bodies, I was home-schooled and, unlike my older sister, didn't have a lot of friends outside our family. So, I hadn't gotten all that playground talk that most boys get.

"Cool, yeah, I would. She's told me how neat it looks when he shoots, when his cum flies out. Do you do that at the end?"

"Yeah, it is pretty cool and really feels great when it does. It takes a minute but I'll tell you when I'm close."

So, I lay there in the angled morning sun, masturbating as my older sister watched. Then, knowing I was really close, I told her and when it started spurting up out of me, my sister gasped in amazement, telling me, "That's awesome, Luke. I knew it came out but that just flies up and out like it's got pressure. Wow, really cool. Does Mom know you're doing this?"

"She showed me how, in fact, well, she did it to me the first time. Showed me how with her own hand."

"What was it like, was it sexy when Mom did it?"

"Yeah, it really was. Seems odd and all but, yeah, it was great."

"Has she done it again, to your penis like that?"

"No, but you could," I said knowing that little comes to those who don't ask.

"Me do it? I don't know, maybe I'll think about it. Are you going in the pool naked now, all the time, you think?" she asked.

"Yeah, it seems like Mom doesn't mind if I do and, well, you felt how nice it is when you go in like this."

Again, that evening, after we ate supper, we all went skinny-dipping again and when everyone got out Mom gave us all towels and we each went up to our room and got ready for bed. Lucy and I share a bathroom, Mom has her own connected to her bedroom, so I had decided to also sleep naked after trying it and finding out how nice it felt.

So, I had brushed my teeth and was going back to my bedroom when my sister came out, looked me up and down, laughed, and went in the bathroom herself.

I was ready to rub my penis again, had the lotion in my hand, when I heard my sister outside my door, ask if I was still awake.

"Yeah, come on in," I told her and the door swung open and she looked at me laying there, naked, with my dick in the air.

"Oh, are you doing that again? You sure like doing it, huh?"

She closed the door quietly as I told her, "Yeah, unless you want to do it for me," giving her my best smile.

She came over to my bed and sat, telling me, "Yeah, I guess I could. It's already really hard, huh?" and her hand went to it as I watched her fingers wrap around it and squeeze gently.

"Mmm, hard, but the top is so soft," she purred while she swept her thumb over the crown.

"That's where a lot of the feeling is, there and right below on the underneath."

"Right here?" she asked as her thumb went down rubbing the most wonderful feelings into my cock.

"Oh, yeah, right there, oh, yeah," I moaned as I handed her my trusty bottle of hand lotion. She took a squirt and began sliding her fist up and down.

"Am I doing it okay?"

"Oh, you're doing it really great," I gasped.

"As good as Mom did it?"

"Um, a little different but really good."

"Did she suck on it?" she asked softly almost where I couldn't hear.

"No," I answered barely audibly, not wanting to seem too eager though it set my heart racing when she asked.

She took a tissue and wiped the lotion off, then bent over, her hair falling around her head as I felt her small, warm mouth close around me and begin to suck.

"Oh, wow, Luce, that's so good, even better, oh, I've never felt anything like this," I said as my hand rubbed her back.

She was moving her mouth up and down on me as she sucked, stopping up near the tip to suck it for a minute or two as her tongue went around it in circles which made my heart race and race when she did it. That just felt stunning.

"Oh, Luce, you're making me really close to shooting, it just feels incredible," I moaned as she sucked and sucked.

Then, suddenly, almost without warning, my whole body froze stiff and I felt the most wonderful feelings of release as my penis began shooting into my sister's mouth. She was sucking it all down as I lay there trembling, feeling like I've never, ever felt before.

Her head came back up as she swept her hair out of her eyes, smiling at me.

"Good, huh? Janice told me that's what she does to her brother."

"I've never felt anything like it, anything that good. It was incredible. I can't believe how good it felt," I told her and I pulled her to me and kissed her over and over.

"I'll do it again if you do something for me?" she asked.

"I'll do anything for that again, just name it," I told her.

"Well, you can lick me down there and use your tongue. Janice told me her brother does it to her and that it's really gets her off big time. But it's really pretty late and maybe we shouldn't take any more chances tonight, okay?" she said as she bent over and kissed me with her soft lips which had just given me such wonderful pleasure.

I reached up under her nighty and gently squeezed her boobs, the first time I'd really touched her in a sexual way. She hadn't seemed to encourage it and until then, I didn't quite have the courage but she sure didn't take my hand away. She smiled and kissed me again, then went off to bed leaving me with the most wonderful memory of my life so far.

I lay there thinking, dreaming, lusting over what she had said about my kissing her down between her legs. About using my tongue. I knew guys used their penis down there, that was fucking and it's how we all got here, every one of us. Somebody put their penis inside a pussy. I knew that much.

And, I also knew that I was going to get very familiar with my sister's pussy the very next afternoon. I was going to be kissing it in thanks for her sucking on mine so beautifully. I rubbed my penis until it shot before I was calm enough to sleep.

As soon as I woke the next morning, sex with my sister popped right back into my thoughts. I jacked-off in the shower before breakfast but my dick stayed excited throughout the day in anticipation. We followed our usual routine with mom teaching us one or two subjects each day, mixing them so we would get them all in a two week period, with Lucy getting a little more advanced version though you can't really say that I was much behind her.

Then, after lunch, we knew that it was Mom's work time where she went to her little office that was converted from part of the garage and we weren't to disturb her unless it was really important, it was her writing time.

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