The Bsmbc: the Beginning

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: What is the BSMBC? You'll just have to read the story. You'll be glad you did.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Group Sex   First   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

I helped start a club in our local high school. There were several already, of course, a Nature Club, Writer's Club, Science Club, Hiking Club, I think even a few more. Oh, Stamp and Coin Collectors, too. Each one had meetings posted on the bulletin boards and on the school website but ours didn't. No, the BSMBC kept pretty quiet, most of the kids in school didn't even know it existed.

So, was it the Boy Scout's Mountain Biking Club?

No, but here's how it started.

My name is Eddie and my best friend was Tim. He and I have palled around since fifth grade and often slept over at each other's house, some times in a tent in the backyard.

Well, as happens sometimes with horny boys, we began jacking-off together, especially in the tent or in his or my bedroom when we slept over. Then, one night, we were fifteen and in a tent in his back yard, we were both going at it, no we never did each other, that was not something we did, and he was getting close when he kind of blurted out, "Oh, I wish Gwen was doing me right now," then, in the flickering candlelight, he quickly added, "Um, I was just kidding, forget I said that," and went on to finish.

Well, Gwen was his older sister, a year older. We both shot our cum and had cleaned up and were laying there in the, now, darkness as I asked him, "When you mentioned Gwen a while ago, I really sounded like she's been doing that to you. It's okay with me, I won't tell."

"Oh, that just slipped out. Shit, she'd kill me if she knew I said that but, yeah, um, we both do each other. It's really the best, so hot. Have you ever had a girl do it to you?"

"No, but she's your sister. Doesn't that take the fun out of it?"

"I can tell that your sister's never done you. Oh, man, I can tell you that it's so hot, so good, we do it almost every day after school."

"With your sister? I mean, do you kiss her and stuff?"

"It may seem weird to you but, yeah, we kiss and make out and stuff. You should try it with Alicia."

Alicia was my younger sister, a year younger at fourteen. She was getting to be a pretty sexy girl, I was now trying to get looks at her body now that it had changed and she was developing. Her bras were 34-B and she was looking hot in a bikini, yes, I know, my own sister.

"Alicia? Geez, she's gotten to be looking pretty nice but, I'm her brother."

"Do you have a dick?" my friend asked.

"Of course, you just saw it."

"Well, I'll guarantee you that your sister can make it feel better than you can make it feel. Try it and find out."

We were soon asleep after that but for the next few days it was on my mind. I know Tim's sister, Gwen, of course, she was quite pretty and having seen her in a bikini, oh, she did look hot. And she was stroking him off every day after school. And, he was doing her. That meant they pretty much had to be naked, naked with that beautiful sister of his.

I was now seeing my own sister in a different light, a view of her as a girl, a sexy-looking girl. I imagined it was her stroking me at night when I lay in bed moving my hand up and down.

The next time Tim and I were together I asked him.

"How did you get your sister to do that, to get you off like that?"

"Well, she caught me doing it one afternoon after school. She came home earlier than I'd thought and I was on my bed, naked going at it, when she walked in on me."

"You're kidding, she saw you doing your dick?"

"Yeah, started laughing. Shit I was scrambling under the covers and she was laughing like mad. 'Come on, let me watch, ' she said. I couldn't believe it. She said, 'let me watch and I'll take my bra off to help you get off.' Well what would you do if your sister said that?"

I had to be truthful, "I'd do it in a minute."

"So, you think maybe I ought to let my sister catch me, like accidentally on purpose? See what that does?" I asked him.

"So, you're thinking about it, Eddie? About getting your little sister to whack you off?"

"Well, it sounded so good when you were talking about it, yeah, I guess I am."

"That's what worked for my sister and me."

So, I wondered for a few days about how to do something like that.

I got home before she did, it was a way to save on school busses to stagger the start and dismissal times like that, the high school kids went off earlier and got home earlier, so I ran upstairs and got naked to begin doing my dick.

My eye was on the clock and then I heard the door downstairs open and close as my sister trotted upstairs. I slipped on my iPod earbuds knowing she had to pass my door to get to her room, so I just kept stroking with my eyes closed listening to the music.

I didn't dare open my eyes right away, I just had to hope that she had seen me. Finally, I looked and there she was standing in my doorway, looking wide-eyed at me.

"Licia, what are you doing home?" I yelled as I pulled off the earbuds and jerked the covers up.

"I come home every day right now. I ... I..."

"Did you see? See what I was doing? How long were you there?"

"Of course, I saw, you were ja ... masturbating your ... um, thing. I know something, you know."

"How long were you there?"

"Really, not long enough. I wanted to see you, you know, finish. I've never seen a boy do it and see his stuff, you know, fly out like it does."

"Well, you were close to seeing it. I just happened to open my eyes. You won't tell, will you?"

"Of course not, Eddie, everybody does it, you know. I was just, well, it looked really cool, like I said I was hoping to see you finish."

"If you can keep it a secret, I'll show you." There, I dropped the bait.

"Really, let me see it shoot and all?"

"Yeah, but you can never tell anyone I showed you."

"Okay, I promise, I'll never tell a soul, let me see now, come on," she asked and I pulled the covers off so she could see my dick sticking straight up out of my lap.

"It's kinda big, I remember when it was just tiny. But that's with it hard, right?"

"Yeah, it's hard, wanna feel it?"

Chapter 2

Her eyes got big and she stepped closer, her hand reaching out as I felt her fingers wrap around to give it a soft squeeze.

"I can feel your heartbeat in it, Eddie, that's incredible."

She took her hand away and asked me if I used any magazines like she heard some boys do.

"No, I'm afraid Mom might find them if I had some. I just use my imagination. I think of girls that are sexy."

"Like my friend, Linney?"

"Oh, yeah, she's pretty hot, yeah, like Linney ... or you."

"Me? I'm your sister. You think of me?"

"Well, in the last year or two, yeah, I mean look at you, Licia, you've really got a nice body. You've gotten really sexy. I've looked at your bras, you're getting bigger."

"And you look at me like that?"

"Yeah, I mean, you're looking at me and I'm naked."

"I am and, well, you may be my brother but, well, you're looking pretty sexy like that," she said nodding to me laying in my bed with my dick in the air.

"So, are you going to finish? I'd like to watch. Would it help if I showed you my boobs?"

She really said that, I simply couldn't believe it.

"Yeah, that'd be cool, it'll make me even harder."

"Well, you'll be the first boy to see them," she said as she pulled off her shirt and reached back and unhooked her bra to let it slide off her arms.

There they were. So pretty, such nice pink nipples, they were perfect.

"Oh, you are beautiful, I've seen you in a bikini but that was last summer and, well, you've grown. They are just perfect."

"Okay, quit ogling your sister's boobs and get on with what you were doing."

So, I got a grip again and began stroking up and down as I admired the view of my sister beauties. As you can imagine, I was soon sending arcs of white, sticky cum vaulting up into the air as she hooted and giggled at the show.

"Wow, look at you, omigod, you shoot and shoot and shoot. I love it. Do you do this every afternoon after school?"

"Yeah, pretty much, why, you wanna watch me every day?"

"I do, it's so cool and, well, now you've made me so horny, I'm gonna go get myself off."

"Can I watch you? I've never seen a girl do it before."

She just stood there a minute.

"Well, we'd have to never, ever tell anyone, not ever, okay?"

I agreed and she said for me to follow her to her room. I started to pull on my briefs and she said for me to just leave them and come on so I followed her, naked as the day I was born.

She pulled the covers back, then pulled down her pants and stood there in her pink panties.

"God, I am so nervous, well, here goes," and she pulled them to the floor and stepped out of them.

"Alicia, you are a beautiful girl. In a few years you could be in Playboy."

"Really, Playboy, oh, would I love that, those girls are so beautiful and so sexy. Me, huh?" she asked as she pirouetted so I could see all of her. She was beautiful.

"Well, I guess this means I have to show you my, um, my pussy. Well..." and she got on her bed leaning back against the headboard, spread her legs and began rubbing her fingers across the lips of her pussy.

You know, of course, that I'm also hard as a rock so I took a squirt of body lotion from the bottle on her dresser and began masturbating with her, standing there by her bed.

"Gonna do it again? Wow, you boys are something. I've heard you guys are just horny all the time, is that true?" she asked rubbing back and forth across her wet, gleaming pussy lips.

"Oh, with you like this, yeah, seeing you makes me so hard I just can't stand it, I've got to get off again," I moaned as I stroked up and down.

"I really get you hard? Like turn you on?"

"Like that you do," I said as I nodded down to her beautiful, naked body while she masturbated.

"Well, you're pretty sexy, yourself. I kind of like the fact that I give you a hard-on like that, it's cool."

"Yeah, but then it would be nice if you took care of it for me."

"You mean, me do that to you; like a handjob?"

"Yeah, I guess you haven't done one if you've never seen a guy shoot until today."

"No, but I have lots of friends who do it to their boyfriends. Even a friend who does her brother."

"Really, like who is that?"

"Oh, Eddie, I couldn't tell you, she made me swear never to tell. But, it's, um, no, if I say that, maybe you'll figure out who it is. Never mind," she said and we both continued on.

"Mmm, oh, this is so sexy, I'm so close, how about you?" she asked breathlessly as her fingers flew across her wet, shiny lips.

We each had orgasms within a minute of each other, Alicia, again, seemingly spellbound by the squirting out of my cum, she just loved when it happened.

"Oh, it is so cool when you shoot, I just love seeing it."

"Well, maybe you'll want to try getting me off yourself. Wanna try it tomorrow?" I asked.

She was quiet a minute, then said, "Well, I'll think about it. It looks like it's still pretty hard. Can I feel it again?"

I stepped over closer as her fingers surrounded my cock and squeezed gently.

"Oooh, it's still hard. How small does it get when it's soft?"

"About like this," I said as I held my fingers just a few inches apart.

"Wow, and it gets up to like thIs?" and I told her it did. We soon got dressed as it was getting toward the time our parents would be coming home.

I jacked-off twice that night in bed and the next morning, Alicia told me that she got herself off twice as well. We laughed when we told each other we both did it twice.

As soon as we were both home, we were quickly out of our clothes, there was no question that this was something that we both wanted to do.

We stood in front of one another, just looking, gazing at each other's wonderfully sexy body as Alicia asked, "Do you still want to do each other?"

I dropped my hand to my hard cock and held it for a moment and told her that I'd love to try it. We got up on her bed, she got some lotion on her hand and took hold of me to begin stroking. I reached down for her as she widened and began rubbing the plump, wet lips between her legs. It felt electric to touch her there.

"Am I doing it okay?" she asked softly.

"Oh, it feels really good, am I doing it the way you like it. Tell me if I can do it better," I asked my sister.

"Mmm, it's good, it feels really good doing it like this. Really sexy, huh?"

"Yeah, just doesn't seem like we're brother and sister when we're doing this," I told her.

"Would you like to kiss me while we do each other? Is that gross?"

"Not to me," I told her as I leaned over and put my tongue inside my sister's mouth for the first time. I was finding out just how sexy my little sister could be and it was damned sexy and I was loving every second of it.

As I was kissing her, my little sister gave me my first-ever French-kiss darting her tongue in and out of my mouth. Well, it was also my first-ever hand job as well along with the first girl I'd ever gotten naked and the first girl's pussy I'd ever played with. A whole gang of firsts and it was amazing, just the best thing I've ever had in my life.

This began us getting each other off every afternoon after school, it was hardly any time at all before we were quite relaxed with each other after those first few nervous, uneasy times. Our nakedness had become more casual and easygoing.

Then, one afternoon just after we had both had orgasms, Alicia told me, "Um, I want to ask you something, Eddie. Would you mind if I told my best friend, Janice, about us doing this? Well, first, she's kind of said something about her older brother. He's in high school, a junior, I think, and she's seen him naked a couple of times and she's told me she's really turned-on by him. Well, she's been talking about this and I haven't mentioned you and me or anything but, well, I was wondering if maybe I could tell her about us."

"Yeah but what would that do to get them together, that's why you're bringing this up, right?"

"Well, yes, I was thinking that she might tell her brother that a friend of her's is getting her brother off and give him the idea, too."

"Well, I don't know. I mean I know you two have been friends forever but, well..."

I told her I'd think it over and the next day told her that I guess it would be all right.

About a week went by and, again, as we were getting undressed, Alicia told me, "Well, you'll never guess. Janice is doing her brother, Mike. And he's doing her."

"Wow, that was quick."

"Well, you've seen her, she's really got a hot body."

"No, I haven't seen that hot body but I'd love to," I quipped.

"Well, that's interesting because she was telling me about it, about her and her brother, she's so excited, and she wanted to know if she could come and watch us sometime."


"Come and watch us, you and me get each other off, I'd have her get naked too."

"You'd have her get naked, Janice, naked? She's really hot, you sure are tempting me."

"Well, she'd never tell anyone because we know about her and her brother, right?"

I know she asked me a question but I was too busy thinking about Janice naked, I was about ready to let my dick decide for me, something that happens to guys a lot as we all know.

"Um, yeah, if you think she would keep it quiet, um, sure. She'll get naked too, huh?"

"I'd tell her that's the only way we can be sure she'll keep it to herself, what do you think?"

"I think having you both naked would give me the hard-on of a lifetime and then you can make it all happy with that wonderful way you have," I said as I leaned over and kissed her, giving her firm boob a nice, brotherly squeeze.

So we agreed but only if Janice got naked with us, I added that we also would watch her get herself off, I figured I could jack-off while that happened. Talk about win-win.

Chapter 3

Almost two weeks went by, I'd really pretty much forgotten about it when Alicia told me that Janice was coming over the very next day to watch us and that she was all excited. Well, I was pretty excited at the prospect of seeing my sister's best friend naked. I had my sister get me off twice that afternoon because I was so excited about seeing her friend. Then I did it twice in bed that night and a quick one in the shower the next morning.

When I got home, I ran upstairs to wait. And then, there they were, Alicia and Janice, both of them running up the stairs as I lay naked on my bed slowly rubbing up and down as they came in, immediately giggling as their mouths dropped open.

"It's our turn to get naked, Jan," my sister said as they both began stripping off their school clothes like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Janice was beautiful. Don't ever let anyone tell you a fourteen-year old girl can't be beautiful, she was. Her figure was lush and her boobs were somewhat larger than my sister's; they were big and round and firm-looking with pink nipples sticking out surrounded by a large pink area. They looked so luscious, I wanted to suck them forever.

"Oh, it's long," Janice commented as she walked to my bed and sat down.

"Up here, girls," I said as they each scooted up next to me, one own either side, leaving room for me in the middle. We all leaned our backs against the headboard.

"Janice, meet my brother Eddie's dick," Alicia said to her friend, holding it by the tip as her friend took it in her hand.

"I've never felt one, I mean, other than my brother's. Cool. You're really hard."

"Seeing you would do that to any guy," I told her. Alicia picked up the hand lotion from her table and squirted some on her hand and began jacking me off.

They both now had a hand rubbing between their legs as they watched my sister's hand moving up and down as I played with her breasts.

"It's so hot to watch you two. We're doing it all the time now but seeing another brother and sister together doing it, well, I'd love to ask Mike over and us watch you both."

"Maybe we could watch you, the two of you get each other off," Alicia asked her friend.

"Hmm, maybe, let me talk to him. I guess we could all keep it a secret. It would be sexy to do, huh?"

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