Not Alone
Chapter 1

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - One late night at the lab, Kayleigh receives a mysterious transmission from the stars. Before she knows it she, her boyfriend, and her supervisor are whisked up into space on a journey through the many strange planets and species of the universe. They may never be able to go home, but life among the stars has its own rewards.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Humor   Space   Paranormal   Furry   Cheating   Group Sex   Harem   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   Teacher/Student   Big Breasts   Transformation  

Kayleigh had first fallen in love with the stars when she was eight. It was the annual summer vacation up north, into the soft-focus land of cottages and evergreens, where they all relaxed in the slow summer cool and Kayleigh tried to ignore the impending school year. But this time her mother had been replaced by her father's new girlfriend, a spindly thing that seemed to have walked out of a clothes ad, and her father never left her alone -- since this was his monthly weekend, he wanted to make up for lost time. Everything was indescribably off.

But that night, as she lay on the grass listening to cicadas in the distance, she looked up at the stars and was suddenly filled with an intoxicating mixture of calm and wonder. It was nothing like the city, where only one or two brave lights poked out from behind the cloak of smog and light pollution. There were so many stars, uncountable, all spread out before her but always out of her reach. Unlike her rapidly mutating family, the stars were eternal, and always reliable. There would be more nights at the cottage, and plenty more stargazing, but it was that night more than anything else that brought Kayleigh to where she was today.

Where she was today was in her university's astronomy lab at 1:13 AM, gazing into a telescope with extreme boredom. This was typical grad student minion-work. Twice a week she had to spend her nights watching the skies for signs of anomalies, whatever that meant. So far everything had been peaceful every night, and the same stars that used to produce such wonder for her had become a dull duty of employment. One of the other grad students had claimed to have seen a star go supernova on his watch, but other than that everyone agreed that it was a dull burden.

There was a knock at the door, startling Kayleigh out of her self-pitying reverie. She wondered who it could be at this hour -- security wondering why the lights were on, or perhaps something more ominous.

It turned out to be something significantly less ominous. Tom, her boyfriend, waving at her through the little window inside the door. She let him in. "What are you doing up this late?"

"Horror movie marathon on the TV," said Tom. "And then I figured since I was already up and too scared to sleep, I might as well bring you a little care package." He handed her a mass of tin foil, inside which was wrapped a couple of cookies and a BLT sandwich.

"Aw, my favourite," said Kayleigh, taking a bite of the cold sandwich. "You're such a sweetie." She kissed him on the cheek, leaving a ring of bacon grease in her wake.

He blushed in that cute way he always did and jabbed his fingers together. "Well, it was really nothing you know ... you're the one who's out here doing science and everything."

Kayleigh had met Tom at a campus pub, instantly attracted to him because he was the only one who looked as out of place and uncomfortable as she felt. He had turned out to be a nice guy, although more than a little childish, with his bedroom full of sci-fi books and toys. Nowadays she felt sorry for him more than anything else. After college he had failed to find a job in the toilet-bowl economy and unlike Kayleigh hadn't had the foresight to hide in academia. She had toted him off like a pet to this big research university halfway across the country, where he spent his days watching soap operas and trying to figure out how far her stipend could stretch.

All that, and she wasn't even faithful to him.

It was one time, Kayleigh kept trying to tell herself. Everyone failed to live up to their own morals once in a while. ("Failed to live up to her own morals" sounded a lot better in her head than "fucked her supervisor at a conference".) But every day she mentally repeated her infidelity in her mind. The feel of Richard's curly chest hair against her cheek, his masculine musk, the soft head of his uncut cock ... she couldn't forget a second of it. Her and Richard hadn't spoken about it since returning from that fateful conference, but deep down she knew that if the opportunity came up she would do it again.

"Kay?" said Tom, waving his hand in front of her face. "You listening?"

"What?" She had been distracted by the strain of pity and guilt that had been a constant presence in her mind for the past three months. "Oh, sorry. I just zoned out for a second there. Late night."

"You sure you're okay to work like this?"

She waved away the concern. "If I get too tired I'll just grab a Coke from down the hall. That machine has to have like fifty bucks in quarters from me alone in it."

"I think there's like a 24-hour coffee place around here. If you want I can get you some java from there."

Kayleigh couldn't help but smile. Sometimes she felt like a big sister to Tom, which was sweet but not really conducive to a romantic relationship. "It's okay. For the last time, you don't have to wait on me."

"You're right," he said. Tom glanced at the display monitors, full of anonymous stars and data he couldn't comprehend. "I guess I should be going then."

"Well, I never said you had to go," she said, laying her hand on his. "I wouldn't mind some company on this long dark night."

Ten minutes later they were making out, him straddling her on the leather office chair which somehow managed not to collapse under both their weights. The feeling of Tom's tongue in her mouth and his hands running up and down her sides was nice, Kayleigh thought. The fear of getting caught made it almost nostalgic. It felt like high school. But there, again, was the issue: it seemed like a stupid thing to complain about, but things were too comfortable with Tom, too familiar.

A loud buzz interrupted them. It was the radio, the powerful receiver steered towards the stars. With a guilty look on her face Kayleigh pulled herself away from her boyfriend and flipped the switch to open a radio channel. "Hello?"

There was a lot of static. Kayleigh frowned and moved to hang up, but suddenly a voice broke through. It was bizarre, like an accent neither of them had ever heard before, in an androgynous voice. Even the basic sounds were off, simple vowels tripped over. But for all that, the message was still quite comprehensible.

"Greetings to the denizens of Ira-3 ... the planet you call Earth ... my name is Gaog, and I am not supposed to be contacting you."

Kayleigh flipped on the transmitter. "Who is this? Is this a prank?"

"But I must tell you ... there are worlds and species out there beyond compare. Species just as intelligent, if not more, than you. They do not want to deal with you. They think you are too primitive, too destructive. But I believe differently."

"I'm asking you again ... who is this?"

The speaker didn't respond to their words, just continued on. "Do not destroy yourselves. We are watching, and if you just hold on for a little longer, manage to pull back from the brink ... all will be yours, and you shall be introduced into the society of the universe."

Kayleigh and Tom exchanged looks of bafflement. She ran her hands over the controls at lightning speed. There was a long patch of static, and then the voice continued.

"If you heed nothing else I say, heed this ... you are not alone."

The transmission cut off as abruptly as it had begun. "Hello? Are you still there?" Kayleigh frantically tried to trace the transmission, trying every method she knew to determine its origin. And then, eventually, one worked.

She took in a deep breath. "It wasn't a prank."

"What do you mean?"

"That transmission came from the orbit of Mars."

Tom still looked perplexed. "So, was it like astronauts dicking around or something?"

"There are no astronauts around fucking Mars Tom." Kayleigh's voice was not angry but excited, almost giddy. Scratch that, absolutely giddy. "This is the real deal. A genuine, bonafide, real-life alien transmission. Holy shit."

"You sure?" Tom asked. By this time his girlfriend was bounding around the lab, manic glee filling every pore of her body. She punched the air vigorously and then skipped around the huge telescope in the centre of the room.

"Pretty damn sure." She bounded back into her seat, though her excitement would not be denied, and the energy transferred itself to twitching fingers and a stomping foot. "We need to send a reply. I need to notify people ... God, can you wrap your head around it? An actual alien is talking to us."

Tom still had a look of disbelief on his face. Kayleigh guessed he was right to be skeptical -- this was pretty fantastical after all, and it could still be just a well-executed prank. But it didn't feel like it. She had a hunch that this was real, that this transmission was the big one.

The alien had used English, so that was what she decided to reply in. Kayleigh grabbed the old dusty radio set and promptly began transmitting. "We have received your message. My name is Kayleigh Griffin, and I am ... a scientist. We want to learn about these worlds that you speak of. Who are you? What are you? Please reply."

Silence reigned in the observatory. Kayleigh was half out of her seat, leaning forward on her haunches, waiting tensely for the next transmission. Tom still seemed dumbfounded. "Of all the nights for me to bring food..." he said under his breath, then shook his head and went back to quiet.

They waited. And waited. But the deafening radio silence persisted.

Kayleigh cast a glance towards the clock. An hour had passed. It had certainly seemed like a long time, but it still struck her. Had something happened to their contact? Had he (or she or it or some pronoun humans couldn't even comprehend) only intended to send the one short message, and would leave them in the dark, trying to decipher those few lines? Had her message failed in whatever way? Would she be known as the incompetent grad student that ruined the first contact?

"I need to call Richard ... I mean, Professor Bell." She got up from her seat and paced around the room, anxiously jabbing numbers into her cell phone. It was 3 AM, but she knew that Richard would want to here the news as soon as possible. Honestly, she should have called him an hour ago.

The phone rang three times before she heard that ragged, sexy voice. How could she think about sex, especially infidelity, at a time like this, she chided herself. "Kay, you'd better have a damn good reason for waking me up in the middle of the night."

"I do." And then the whole story came out in excited childish ramblings. Kayleigh wished she could see Richard's face and take in his reaction. Over the phone he was silent, giving her nothing but the occasional heavy breath, and she had no idea whether he believed her or not.

Finally, after she had exhausted herself, he spoke. "Are you sure about this? Have you triple-checked the co-ordinates?"

"Quadruple checked them. This is too exciting to fuck up."

He was chuckling in that parental way he did. "Well, it might be a problem with the machine. Let's wait until tomorrow and I'll check to make sure it's working properly. If it is ... then we have quite the discovery on our hands."

"Great." She was beaming. "I'll see you tomorrow then."

"Don't get too wound up -- like I said, it's probably just a glitch. Still ... don't tell anyone else, okay? Department secret, for now."

"Uh huh." After a few more pleasantries she hung up. The manic energy of discovery, of having a childhood fancy appear before her practically wrapped in a bow, was still filling Kayleigh. She wanted to go dancing, or run a marathon, or get in a big fight. But she couldn't abandon her post.

She bounded up to Tom, who was watching the screen, waiting for something to happen again. It seemed like he might be waiting a long time. She threw her arms around him and gave him a big sloppy kiss. "Let's fuck!"

"Wait, are you serious?"

"I'm always serious about fucking." She was nibbling his neck and unbuttoning his shirt. "We're probably the only two people on campus. We can make as much noise as we want."

Tom's resistance, never too well built up in the first place, was rapidly crumbling. "But ... where..."

Kayleigh looked around at the numerous desks. She found one with nothing fragile on it and swept all the papers and books aside. "I've always wanted to do that." She whipped off her shirt and tossed it away. It landed on the edge of a cubicle, where it continued to hang. Kayleigh lay down on the desk and began worming out of her jeans. She was wearing simple black underwear underneath -- nothing frilly, but alluring nonetheless. Truth be told, a body like hers didn't need much in the way of packaging.

Tom looked nervous, although a tent in his slacks betrayed his attraction. "Are you sure there isn't a camera going or something."

"Todd, I am getting fucked right now, and if you aren't up for it then I'm just going to have to lay here and fuck myself."

He still looked hesitant, so she made good on her threat. She slipped two fingers into her panties and ran them along her puffed up pussy lips. Even she was surprised at how wet she was. She inched her panties down her stickiness, then let them slide down her legs, revealing her patch of brown pubic hair and the glistening slit underneath. She ran her hands along her entrance and tossed her long hair back, trying to do the best imitation of a porno magazine for the dumbfounded-looking Tom.

Secretly she was a bit of an exhibitionist. Maybe it made her a slut, but Kayleigh loved the feeling of mastery that came when a man's attention was firmly and totally fixed on her. She and Todd loved to masturbate for each other, although they never had the willpower to stick with it -- halfway through they would break off from their solitary pursuits and be all over each other.

It looked like that would be the case here, with the naughty setting of a scientific building you were definitely not supposed to fuck in increasing the rush. Tom's pants were around his ankles, and he was stroking his already stiff cock, looking vaguely hypnotized. Kayleigh slid a finger inside her cunt, and the sensation shocked her. Somehow being penetrated made the whole insane situation feel more real. She made a come-hither motion and Tom began slowly shuffling towards her, the tip of his cock gleaming with precum.

And then he tripped over the pants that still clung to his ankles and stumbled until he fell down onto the table, spread halfway across his girlfriend, inadvertently headbutting her belly button. There was a brief pause, and then both burst out laughing.

"Smooth move, Romeo," said Kayleigh in between giggles.

"You distracted me with sexiness," Tom muttered into her belly.

"I think I might have bruised ribs or something."

Tom looked up with a wicked grin. "Awww. You want me to kiss your boo-boo?"

Without waiting for a reply, Tom leaned down and left a hot kiss on her stomach, followed by a long lick of his tongue that sent a compulsive shiver through Kayleigh. He didn't linger on the allegedly injured area for long, though, instead working his way down to the hot and wet delta between her thighs.

Tom laid a kiss on her nether lips and Kayleigh squirmed. His practiced tongue slid out and flicked ever so lightly against her cunt and hard clit. She grabbed him by his shoulder-length brown hair and tried to forcefully shove him deeper into her sex. She was not in the mood for being teased tonight.

He obliged with a more forceful ravaging of her pussy, tongue sliding hard between her lower lips and bathing her wet gap in a sheen of saliva. Kayleigh threw back her head and moaned as she felt ripples of pleasure emanate from her most sensitive areas. Tom had learned exactly what made her scream, and was doing it all tonight. But still, it wasn't enough.

Kayleigh grabbed him by the hair again and pulled him up. "Enough," she said, her voice surprising her with its huskiness. "Fuck me. Fuck me as hard as you possibly can."

A second later she felt the slam of his cock forcefully entering her. Tom didn't have the biggest cock she'd ever seen, but it seemed custom-made for her, fitting smoothly into her pussy and shaped just right so as to hit those spots that consistently sent her into spasms of ecstasy. Tonight was no different. As she felt his girth fill her, she let out a sigh of absolute contentment, already feeling her cunt buzzing in anticipation.

Tom pulled Kayleigh to the edge of the desk and pushed her legs up, giving him the angle to fuck her deeper. And then he was thrusting away, his hips pumping and driving her into the hard wood beneath her. That impact only gave her another illicit thrill, as strong sensations pulsed from her pussy to the tips of her fingers, with clutched reflexively from the edge of the desk.

He was fucking her with absolute abandon, slamming his cock into her as fast as he could, enjoying the simple animal pleasure of coupling. For her part Kayleigh was thrusting back as well as she could, trying to capture this fantastic cock and enjoy the sensations it was giving her forever. It didn't take long for both of them to reach the edge. Kayleigh felt the tension building in her torso and knew soon it was going to explode.

"Fuck me!" Her cry was practically a snarl. "I'm gonna come! Oh god, fuck me!"

The orgasm wracked her whole body. She shot up and clutched Tom's back, digging her fingernails into his shirt as her flesh hummed with overwhelming pleasure. She heard him gasp and felt his cock pulsing within her, spilling his hot seed into her quivering cunt.

"Jesus," Kayleigh said a moment later. "That was crazy."

Tom shook his head, awakening from his sex-induced reverie. "Well, it was your idea."

"I know." She hopped off the table. There were no cameras around that she knew of, but their sweat and juices were all over the table, and its carefully arranged papers were in a mess on the floor. As she stood she felt some of Tom's cum drip out of her and onto the laboratory floor.

It was then that she noticed the light outside. Curious and heedless of her state of undress, Kayleigh walked to the window. She couldn't see any obvious source of the brightness, but it was bright as day, although the light was obviously artificial. This inexplicable shine was entrancing. Mites of dust danced in the warm glow, and Kayleigh felt something -- she wasn't sure what, she didn't care -- leaving her body.

Tom was right beside her, naked from the waist down, staring slack-jawed out the window. She held his hand as they stared at the wonderful light.

"We should go outside," Tom said, his voice sounding unusual.

Outside. Of course they should be outside. Where else could they be, at such a time as this? Everything, everything, would be solved if they only stepped outside.

There was something important that was happening here, that was just going on. Kayleigh couldn't quite remember what it was. Oh well. It could wait. The light was urgent.

Holding hands, she and Tom stepped out into the light. Despite the autumn cold nipping at her privates in the faraway place her senses were, she felt great. For a moment she felt that elusive feeling humans are always chasing and never managing to get a firm grip on -- contentment, belonging, absolute and total satisfaction.

She looked down and found that her bare feet were slowly leaving the ground. She was being pulled up into the sky. Oh well. That was just the kind of thing that happened here. Kayleigh closed her eyes and she fell into something a lot like sleep, but much sweeter.

The heavy cover hugged her like a mother nursing its young. Tom was next to her, wrapped up equally tight. Their fingers were interlaced. Kayleigh liked mornings like this. They could just lay there all morning, indulging in sloth and lust, as she didn't have to go to school to the afternoon--

School. The observatory. The message, which she was audacious enough to believe had genuinely come from the stars.

Kayleigh rolled out of the bed, kicking the covers away, landing on the floor on her hands and knees. She didn't remember coming home last night, or going to bed. That wasn't too unusual, but as the numbing tendrils of sleep slowly lost their grip she began to realize that something was distinctly wrong. This wasn't her room. This wasn't any room she had ever been in before.

It was a nice bedroom, to be sure -- bigger than any she had been in, with a four-poster bed, a fancy chest of drawers, a bookshelf stocked with the classics, and other aristocratic furnishing. But it wasn't hers. And the view outside the window was definitely not a ground-level image of their sleepy college town.

"Tom," Kayleigh said quietly. "Why are we in New York?"

It was a skyline she had learned from countless TV shows and movies, looking in fact exactly as it had in the cinema. It was a gorgeous view, if a nonsensical one. Tom muttered something monosyllabic and rolled over.

Kayleigh poked him in the chest until he eventually managed to pull himself to a sitting position. Tom shook out his long hair as if some strands of sleep were stuck in it. "What's the big deal, Kay?" And then he took a look around and looked equally baffled.

"Have you ever been here before?" she said.

"Nope. Last I checked we were at your uni, not ... here."

"I don't even remember falling asleep," she said.

Both of them sat there for a moment, as if hoping that if they waited long enough they would wake up in their own beds. Or maybe they were just waiting for something to happen. But nothing did.

It was Kayleigh who got up first. "I guess we should see what's through that door." Tom nodded, looking nervous.

Through the door and down a brief hallway they came to what seemed like a common room, lit by scattered lamps. It seemed as though night had abruptly fallen, as no light came through the window. It looked like it wouldn't be out of place at her university, aping a kind of stuffy English academicism. Sitting on a comfortable-looking armchair with a plate of toast was her graduate advisor, in his boxer shorts.

"Richard?" Kayleigh said. "What are you doing here?"

"Same thing as you, I'd imagine," said Richard. He looked the two of them up and down appraisingly, and it was only then that Kayleigh realized her state of undress. She and Tom were just as they had been after their impulsive coupling on the desk, wearing only a bra and a shirt respectively. She blushed furiously and tried to cover her privates, while Tom tugged his shirt down until it at least halfway covered his twig and berries.

"Oh, there's no need to be shy," Richard said. "I get the feeling that we're going to be here for a while, so we at least ought to be comfortable around each other."

"Where is here?" said Kayleigh, her curiosity momentarily overcoming her self-consciousness.

Richard jerked a finger towards the window. "It took me a while to stop it cycling through famous cityscapes, but I think I've got what is actually outside now."

Kayleigh and Tom crab-walked over to the window, trying to stay decent, even if Richard was going to have a perfect view of both their asses in a minute. He just took another bite of his toast and looked greatly amused. But when they saw what was out there they both forgot about modesty.

It was space -- littered with stars like the night sky Kayleigh loved, but instead of fading away to the horizon it kept going, encapsulating them completely. The sun was a glimmering light burning far away. It took them a few minutes to recognize the pale blue disk receding in the background as Earth.

There was a deep, authoritative voice behind them. It didn't sound anything like Richard. "That is your home planet. Take a good look, as you won't be back there."

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