by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: What's the BSMBC? It's not the Boy Scout's Mountain Biking Club, that's for sure. You'll just have to read the story and find out.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Swinging   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

Ron and I have been married for three years now. We live in Denver and have made good friends with the couple in the next condo, Allan and Luann. They're about our age, like mid-twenties and well, we've gotten to know one another somewhat better than most neighbors.

About six months ago, we were at their place for a cookout after a swim, our condos have a really nice pool, and had begun our third bottle of wine. I think it was Allan who posed the question, "Gee, I wonder who's got the bigger boobs, you or Carlene?"

"You just want to see her boobs, I know you," she shot back at her husband who was sitting there with an obvious hard-on in his trunks.

Then, my hubby pops in with, "Well, I might just want to see Luann's. What about it girl's?"

Luann looked at me, shrugged and reached around and untied her top and let it fall.

Well, my friend next door had perfectly lovely breasts. Smallish C-cups, from the look of them, perfectly formed so nice and round with small dark red nipples. Luann was quite pretty to begin with and topless she could hold her own with any Playmate foldout.

They were now all looking at me so I did the same. Now, I'm pretty nice myself. Also with C-cups, they are round and full and each one points off to the side just a bit and I have those light pink puffy kind of nipples that always look freshly-sucked.

"Stand up together, the two of you," my hubby, Ron, suggested and Luann and I got up and breathed deeply, putting our boobs out front and center for both hubbies ogle us.

"God, aren't they gorgeous?" Allan said to Ron.

"So hot, both of them. I really don't care which one's got the bigger ones, I just want to play with them," my husband said.

Luann and I looked at each other, shrugged and we both moved closer to the two guys. They stood up and each one reached out for the other's wife's boobs.

I'm not exactly sure what I expected or what Luann expected but that's what took place; Allan was standing there in front of me, his hands feeling my boobs as my husband stood next to him feeling Luann's.

"Wow, really nice, Carlene, you've got yummy boobs," Luann's husband told me as he squeezed them gently enjoying them as I did as well. It might have been a bit unexpected but it was sure making me get wet.

Then I saw Ron bend down and kiss Luann's breasts and take one of her nipples in his mouth. Allan looked up at me and did the same. His sucks went right down to pull on my pussy. This was so sexy.

Look, I love my husband, sure, but to have another young, good-looking guy feeling and sucking your boobs, well, how could I not be affected?

"I think we should all get naked and have some fun," Allan suggested as he raised up off my nipple.

I, of course, looked at Ron, who shrugged and told me, "Well, I'm in if you are, hon," while Luann already had her bikini bottom off.

"Well, I guess we're in for a new level in our friendship, huh, guys?" I said as I pulled my bottom off as well.

Instantly, both hard cocks were out in view and, I must say, Allan had as nice as dick as Ron, long and straight, pinkish in color with a handsome, smooth, rounded crown on the end. They both looked about the same size, Ron is just under seven inches and Allan's was quite similar, in fact, it felt identical since I was now gently squeezing it in my hand.

Allan stepped forward and we embraced and kissed pressing our bodies together as our hands explored each other. Out the corner of my eye, I could see that our spouses were similarly occupied.

Everyone got acquainted for a bit before Luann suggested, "You two could take the master bedroom and Ron and I can use the guest room, if everyone agrees with that?"

There seemed to be no real discussion as each newly-paired-off couple retreated to our respective rooms. Allan pulled the covers off their bed and we both got on looking excitedly at each other.

"Well, Carlene, I've dreamed about this, actually, ever since I first met you. I am so up for this."

"Ever since we first met? I had no idea but knowing guys like I do, well, none of you surprise me, I think it's part of the male DNA," I quipped as our hands enjoyed each other.

I put him on his back as I turned around and swung a leg over his head. He was sure to know what it was I was wanting; it was what I always wanted with a new man as I lowered my lips down over his cock to begin sucking him while I dropped my pussy down for him to get to know.

As you might imagine, the atmosphere was pretty erotic and arousing, a new man, my next door neighbor, the two of us enjoying oral sex, knowing we would soon be fucking as would our spouses in the next room. Yes, even in the air conditioning, it was steamy.

As Allen licked and tongued me, I was thinking ahead hoping that we might make this arrangement a regular thing between both couples, yes, this was nice, very nice. I've always loved sucking a cock; it all started in the seventh grade with a boy I had a crush on, Anders Carlsson, a beautiful blond boy from Sweden whose father was running the huge paper mill on the other side of our town.

He had me to his house one afternoon after school and he asked me if I wanted to see him naked, that he liked being nude. It totally surprised me and I was even more surprised when I told him that, yes, I did want him to take his clothes off.

He was beautiful. Blond hair and eyebrows, light smooth skin and the loveliest penis I've ever seen, even to this day.

Once he was naked it was just minutes until I was as well. Then he had me lay down on his bed as he give me the first oral sex I'd ever had. Oh, it was indescribable so don't even ask me to try to tell you about it. Then he asked if I would suck him. Of course I'd heard about blowjobs, even knew you sucked and didn't blow. So, I got my first mouthful of semen and was on my way to many, many more. I just loved the ability to cause such pleasure in, at least from my viewpoint, such a simple and easy manner.

So, here I was sucking yet another penis, the first new one since Ron and I began dating, but I did sense that I'd maybe been wanting a new experience, someone different to have sex with. I guess you're not supposed to feel that way but, well, I admit I did.

Maybe part of that was the wonderful attention he was giving me down below. Ron often gave me oral sex, as I did him, but doing it with someone new is always arousing and, yes, I was very aroused.

His mouth was softly sucking on my clit as he finger-fucked me with his second and third fingers; I was not long from cumming. I knew I was just moments away when he groaned and I felt the warm spurts into the back of my mouth, a moment I always relish when my own orgasm began to mount, then swept over me like a wildfire out of control.

I was shaking and shuddering as wave after wave of purest ecstasy washed over me, it was wonderful, one of the best climaxes I'd had in a while. It was amazing what a new lover can do.

It seemed that being with someone new, even though our spouses knew we were together for sex, was enough that Allan, even after my sucking him off, still was quite hard so I flipped around and got up on him to ride us both to wonderful orgasms.

We fell on one another kissing and cooing telling each other how good our sex was and it appeared that both of us wanted to make our spouse-swapping a subject of discussion once we are all four back to together.

After a bit, Allan got up and went to see if Ron and Luann were still in their bedroom or back out in the family room. He came back and got me and we went back to join the others. The first thing I saw was their smiles. Evidently, they'd had just as good a time as we had.

"You two look pretty pleased," I commented as Allan and I came in the room holding hands. Ron and Luanne were on the sofa close together, her hand slowly stroking my husband. Yes, it was a bit odd to see another woman pleasuring my husband but there was no feeling of jealousy, just wetness and tingling in my own pussy as I sat in Allan's lap wiggling playfully over him.

"We all look pretty happy," Luann said and we all agreed.

"I think we should plan on doing this again," Ron said and we all instantly agreed.

Well, that made my pussy all warm and wet; now I had a new lover to look forward to, one who certainly just made me very happy.

"So, how did you and Ron meet, Carlene?" Luann asked me.

I looked over at my husband who was now grinning as he said, "Wanna tell 'em, hon?"

"Oh, this sounds interesting, maybe there's a story behind those grins?" Allan asked.

"Oh rather. It goes back to high school, well, for Ron, I was still in middle school, eighth grade, actually. It all started, well, it really started with my brother, um, and Ron's sister."

"Yeah, my sister and I, well, let's say we had a close relationship. Close enough that we were masturbating each other. Well, it turned out that I knew Carlene's older brother in high school and he brought her to one of our meetings."


"Oh, Ron left that out. It was the BSMBC, the Brother-Sister Masturbation Club at his high school. I know it sounds weird but there actually was a group of brothers and sisters who pleasured each other and they met every other week at someone's house," I explained.

"Wow, that is weird but pretty hot. You sure you two aren't kidding us?" Luann asked.

"No, it really happened. At one time there were seven brother/sister pairs in the club," Ron told them.

"I take it that no one took minutes or anything like that," Luann laughed.

"No, each time we met, one brother or one sister would masturbate his or her sibling while the rest watched, then each couple would do one another in the same room as all the others," I told them.

"And did everyone keep it all a secret or did the whole school know?" asked Luann.

"No, it was kept pretty secret. New sibling pairs came into the group when someone happened one way or another to know or find out that a brother and sister were also doing it."

"So, what was it like, Carlene, when you did your brother for the whole group? How many watched?" Allan asked me.

"Well, I was really nervous. It was the first time Scott, my brother, and I went to a meeting. We both had to take our clothes off, all the meetings were held naked, and then I jacked him off. He did me at the next meeting."

"What was it like?" Luann asked me.

"Nervous at first, really nervous. Everyone was great, though, they'd all done their first times, too, and the sisters are all close and supportive. As soon as we came in the house where the meeting was, all the sisters came to me and introduced themselves. I already knew a few from school but didn't know they were involved with their brothers. One was a girl from my class, neither of us ever knew until that first meeting.

"They all took their clothes off first to try to make it easier for Scott and me, that helped. But, truthfully, it was so sexy to do something like that, especially in front of other people like that, it really turned me on. I ended up loving it. Maybe I'm really an exhibitionist at heart," I joked, though, I thought, maybe I am.

"Yeah, that's when I first met Carlene, that meeting where she jacked-off her brother, she just caught my eye. Well, all the girls, well, they were all naked so being sixteen back when we met, well, I don't have to say, do I? But I really liked what I saw; still do," he said grinning. I thought to myself that he'll get a future blowjob for that nice remark, how sweet.

"So, you two met at this brother/sister group where you all masturbate? Would you do someone else's brother or sister?" Allan asked.

"Like with us, yeah, there were some who found boyfriends or girlfriends in the group. We're one of five couples who married someone in the group. It still goes on at our old high school, the last I heard," I told them.

"Wow, that's really something. And, well, I guess most grew out of going their siblings, huh?" Luann asked me.

"Oh, you'd be surprised. I still do my brother whenever we're together and Ron does his sister, too."

"Are they married, do their spouses know?" Luann asked us.

I looked over at Ron who answered for both of us, "Well, my sister's husband knows and Tracie, Carlene's brother Scott's wife, yeah, she knows."

"Well, truthfully, she more than knows about it, we spouse-swap with my brother and his wife or Ron's sister and her husband whenever we visit or they come to see us. And it's much more than masturbation. We all have quite a good time together," I added.

"Sounds like it. Quite a club, like it pretty much changed your whole lives in a way," Luann commented.

"Oh, there's no question about that. We both became very used to being naked in front of others, really quite relaxed even doing sexual things as people watched. After all, masturbating someone is a pretty personal thing to do and we had, over the time we were members, quite a few people looking at us, naked, getting each other off," Ron told them.

"Did it ever go farther than masturbating your own brother or sister?" Luann posed.

"Not really, at the time, it kept to just siblings when we all got together. Well, there were some who privately did more and sometimes with other people. After all, you already know that Ron and I did hook-up after we first me there," I answered.

"And did you still go to these meetings after you two began dating each other?" Allan asked us.

"Oh, yeah, until I graduated from high school and went off to college. And privately, at home, my sister and I still did each other and Carlene and her brother still got each other off as well. We even got together and did whoever, just kind of drew straws. We had a great time," my husband told them.

"We still do, too, actually," I added, "we get together three or four times a year and have a great time, we're all a mass of naked arms and legs when we're together. They're both married now and their spouses know all about the club in high school and we've shared with each of them, even a few times with all six of us. That makes for a wild weekend."

"So, you two have shared quite a bit before. This is really our first time. But I loved it. What about you, hon? Since we've agreed to do it again, you must like this as well," Allan asked his wife.

"Well, I did agree that we should do it again. I never thought I'd want to do something like this but now that I have, well, I think I'm rather naughtier than I'd ever given myself credit for, I've kind of surprised myself," Luann admitted.

"Well, I guess there's no reason, you two don't really have to go home, why don't you just stay the night and we can sleep the way we were a while ago, me with Carlene, you with Luann," Allan posed.

That was agreeable to all of us and we each kissed and said goodnight to our spouses and went off to bed with each other's spouse. I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited about having more sex with Allan, I really didn't think we would get much sleep.

Chapter 2

We went right to bed and were instantly back in each other's arms kissing, feeling, groping, stroking, sucking, licking, fondling.

"Looks like we get a whole night of having each other, Carlene, I'm really excited about it and want to know what you would like to do next. It's your call, I want to give you whatever you want."

Well, that's nice, I thought, so I told him I wanted us to have oral sex next and do some sixty-nine.

I turned round and got up over him lowering both my mouth and my pussy until we were both engaged with each other. This is just something I really love doing though Ron and I often do each other separately just so we can fully concentrate on the other until they cum, then it's on to pleasure the other.

But doing it simultaneously also has it's added pleasure and I was especially feeling it because of a new mouth and tongue and lips were down under me making me feel so good. I was giving him all my sucking and licking moves as well, trying to make it really good.

There were some soft moans in the room from us both as we sucked and licked each other. I will always remember my first sixty-nine, neither of us had done it before but we had searched some of his porn sites on his computer for 'sixty-nine' and were rewarded with hundreds of videos to watch. We made it through three of them before we were both so ravenous for each other that we simply attacked each other orally. Need I say it was one of the best orgasms of my life?

I was taking sucks all the way up and down on his long, thick cock, there was no way I could try to get it all inside me, I simply gag when I try to deepthroat, I've tried but just can't do it. I do give a good blowjob, though, I've never had a guy quit asking me for them.

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