By Mutual Consent
Chapter 1: A change in direction

Copyright© 2011 by niteowluk99

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: A change in direction - Debbie Jones was a slut, there was no two ways about it she was a nymphomaniac where cocks were concerned and her husband knew it. Now you may say there was nothing wrong with this except for poor David Jones had not been blessed with the best equipment, and the painfully knew that his sexual desire levels were not going to satisfy his wife. Five years ago he had agreed in principle to his wife taking discreet lovers to satisfy her unbridled passion.

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Debbie Jones was a 28-year-old married woman without any children, she had put this down to her husband's lack of interest in the sex Department and also the fact that he had less than 5 inches when fully erect to please her with. To describe Debbie many people would say she was a typical BBW, others would say she was excessively plump but she still managed to turn many a man's head and often noticed those admiring glances, what with her large 44DD breasts and her bubbly personality. At 4 foot 10 tall she was like a little pocket battleship full of energy and charisma; often David came off second best if they had a row or an argument and not just in the argument but physically as well. So when she turned round and told him that within the next two weeks she was going to get a copious amount of cock he knew better than to argue.

Between the two of them they had discovered a website specifically for couples in their situation where either by lack of equipment or endeavour the husband was failing in his duties and a substitute was being used, basically it was a website that specialised in cuckold husbands. The situation had reached the point where Debbie would go through the personal advertisements, whereas David seemed to like to read the often true accounts of other couples experiences.

At the time of making her boast about getting plenty of cock, Debbie had composed a standard reply to the adverts, before she realised she had actually send six replies to various adverts ranging from coloured men offering their extensive cocks to a couple of white well-endowed men who promised total training for both the slut wife and the inadequate husband.

Debbie's reply followed a simple format consisting of, recently married couple, wife a generous 44DD breasted lady would like to give her best to a fine upstanding cock of minimum 8 inches in length, poorly equipped husband to watch and assist where necessary but both willing to learn and obey.

The first reply she received back arrived within minutes, and was from Jed a middle-aged coloured guy who demanded total obedience and to be the only dominant force in their relationship. His aggressive nature actually scared the pair of them and Debbie in particular almost decided this was not going to work when a second e-mail arrived from a guy calling himself Master Ray, instead of demanding anything from them he explained the way he saw things would work between them. That being on the days when he was to visit, David was to be the cuckolded wimp and that Debbie was to be Master Ray's personal whore, but the rest of the time they were free to live happily as man and wife. Something about the manner of this reply struck home to Debbie and he felt a sense of inner calm and that she could trust this person even though the only contact had been this e-mail.

Later that night she talked it over with David but insisted she was going to try out Master Ray one way or another and it would either be with David's consent or she would go behind his back. David knew better than to challenge her on this matter so they agreed to a three week trial to see how Debbie got on with Master Ray. Like teenage girl on her first day Debbie now tried to compose a reply e-mail to this man she had never met but who had already started her pulse racing and her cunt juices running. Seven discarded e-mails later she sent the eighth e-mail she had composed and hoped for a positive response.

The many seemed like hours as she waited for the reply which did not come that night, she had just about convinced herself that she had blown the chance of meeting by the contents of her e-mail reply and so it came as a great surprise next morning when she reluctantly turned on the computer expecting to be disappointed yet again she found his reply. Dearest Debbie, my big tittered slut, I was glad you chose to reply in the manner that you did and I thank you for trusting me so early with your home address.

I have worked out that you are literally less than one hour away from my home address and therefore you can expect a visit real soon. I do not intend to give you a specific time or day from my visit as I want you to anticipate it from now until it happens, but I will tell you this that if I fail to make you come at least three times during my visit then I will allow you to do to me as you will for 30 min.

However I will expect full cooperation from your inadequate husband in all matters of my choosing and what is more I will request of him certain tasks which are not negotiable. If the contents of this e-mail meet with your approval then simply send me a reply that says yes master, if they do not meet with your approval then the message should read no master.

In the blink of an eye Debbie had sent back the reply yes master and added please hurry. The message Debbie sent back was without the consent or knowledge of the husband David, not that his opinion mattered much in her eyes. The one night stands and casual sex that Debbie had experienced over the last seven months and convinced her that her husband was nothing more than a doormat and she could walk all over him as she chose. Now with Master Ray at the helm she felt her life would take a decided turn for the better and at long last her cunt would get the pounding it deserved and craved for and be absolutely full of real hard cock and her desires would be fulfilled.

Over the next 48 hours that she was home she jumped at every slightest sound and blushed with every knock on the door, her mind went into overtime imagining Master Ray turning up and ravishing her body.

At 5:45 on Friday night she had a phone call from her mom, asking her to call by to sort out some problem or other, so dressed conservatively in a one-piece dress, off she went. By chance at 6 PM master Ray arrived at her home and rang the doorbell, after a short while David answered the door and was taken aback when Master Ray introduced himself. Pushing past David he entered the hallway and turned before demanding that David close the front door before showing him into the living room.

Once in the living room, Ray turned to David and simply said strip; David hesitated almost refusing to believe what he had heard until a much stronger voice demanded he strip himself naked. Suddenly David's bravado deserted him and the realised he would be in serious trouble if he did not obey the command he had been given. Quickly David slipped out of his shirt and trousers and then standing there in just his pants, he seemed to wait for some unexpected command but a scowl from Ray made him realise the error of his ways and quickly his pants dropped to the floor, instinctively David covered his manhood behind his hands until the authoritative voice of Ray instructed him to place his hands behind his head. No sooner had he done so than Master Ray suddenly burst out laughing and declared no wonder your slut of a wife is in need of a real man, this made David blushed even more.

In the next 5 min master Ray ordered David to turn round bend over and then reach behind him to pull his arse cheeks apart to show his boy pussy, once again David could not believe his ears as Ray told him in no uncertain terms that if he behaved properly like a good little wimp then he may just get his boy pussy well and truly fucked. As David stood back up, Ray commented about how his poor excuse for a cock was now standing rigidly to attention, and he ordered David to begin to stroke his cock but warned him against coming without permission and in particular warned him about making a mess with his load and suggested that he come into a glass.

As David stroked his own cock, Ray delighted in declaring that the wimp was not fit to fuck anyone let alone a full blooded horny little sluttish whore that was his wife, he even went into great detail about how David was going to get the ring side seat in order to watch a real man fuck Debbie in all three of her holes. Ray even delighted the telling David that after training he would be expected to prepare his master's cock with his own mouth before it entered the slut's body and then afterwards he would be expected to lick clean that same cock before eating out the spunk from the whore's cunt. Suddenly with the mental images created by Master Ray, David felt the tingling in his balls which heralded the arrival of his orgasm and just managed to stick his cock head into the entrance of the glass before the first spurt erupted from his cock, Master Ray insisted that he continue to stroke his cock until every last spurt was safely in the glass.

Now in a further serious voice master Ray demanded to be shown the married couples bedroom and once inside he demanded to know where Debbie kept her underwear and sex toys, having been shown their locations he selected a large rubber cock and a pair of frilly panties. Now ordering David to bend over and part his cheeks once more, Ray slowly pressed the head of the rubber cock against the crinkled ring of David's arse. Increasing the pressure until the rubber cock head passed beyond the anal ring, Ray continued to press home this rubber cock until very little remained outside of David's arse, now master Ray ordered David to put on his wife's frilly panties and then told him to select a pair of self-supporting stockings to put them on to match. Once David was dressed as ordered master Ray ordered him back downstairs to the living room and they sat around waiting for the return of Debbie. All the time they waited David had to keep the rubber cock firmly up his arse and had to play with his cock through the panties but was not allowed to cum again.

The torture was compounded by the descriptions of what Master Ray had in mind for Debbie, upon her return and furthermore what cuckold David would be expected to do to prepare everything and to clean up afterwards. For David the minutes seemed like an eternity and he suddenly realised that for the first time in his entire life he had managed to retain a hard cock despite having ejaculated only minutes ago. In fact he was beginning to feel the tell-tale tingle all over again and wondered if he should ask for permission to cum, as if sensing the situation Master Ray instructed David to stop stroking his cock and instead he was to bend over and slide the rubber cock in and out of his own arse, Master Ray even governed the speed at which this was to happen, telling David to slow down or speed up.

David felt even more humiliated because he knew he could not even control the pace of his own pleasure, he felt like a toy to be turned on and off at his owners will; but even more humiliating was the fact that David was loving the feel of this rubber cock sliding in and out of his arse and doing so in full view of a total stranger, but no even worse than that the stranger was making him tell him how much he wanted it to be a real man's cock. Once more Master Ray sensed the rising tide of David's passion and suddenly commanded him to stop; reluctantly David did just that and then just when he thought his ordeal was over he heard the words he had been dreading, "Take out your play thing and lick it clean, Wimp!" master Ray commanded.

Of course David knew better than to refuse and after the initial disgust at having to lick something that had been up his own arse, David discovered he was not as appalled as he assumed he would have been. Right in the middle of cleaning the rubber cock he heard the front door open and close. As he had been previously instructed David called out, "Debbie, Come here a minute!"

Debbie sensing excitement in his voice came quickly thinking that Master Ray had phoned some new instruction or other. She stepped into the living room and initially only saw David; what she saw was, her husband obviously still highly aroused wearing her pink lacy panties and red self-supporting stockings, he was busy licking her black rubber cock and the aroma that invaded her nostrils was one of pure lust.

Just then out of the corner of her eye she saw some movement as Master Ray moved into view, He simply said, "Hello you little slut of a whore, you will obey your Master, won't you?" instantly Debbie knew this was master Ray from the tone and sound of his voice and without thinking she curtsied and replied, "Yes master Ray, I will do whatever you tell me to do and accept whatever you wish of me!"

Master Ray turned to David and ordered him to finish his task, before turning back to Debbie and telling her it was inspection time and she should completely undress so he could check her over. With mounting lust, Debbie quickly undressed and silently thanked her lucky stars she had seen fit to shave that day and her panties were her sexy ones. No sooner was she naked than, she was told to open her legs and show her real man her horny little spunk catching cunt.

As Debbie opened her legs and held open her cunt lips, Master Ray turned to David and said, "Hey weenie dick, when was the last time you were up this harlots love box?"

David gulped and weakly answered, "Last night, Master!" Master Ray turned to him and scowled before ordering him to get over to it then and lick out any remaining traces of his worthless spunk because Master Ray was not having his superior spunk tainted by a weedy cocked male whores excuse for spunk!

In a flash David was on his knees, with his head buried between his wife's legs licking out her cunt as instructed when suddenly he felt a tightening around his own cock, at first he thought it was Master Ray's hand until he realised it had a strange coldness about it and even stranger it was clearly large enough to cover his entire cock and was so matter of fact so hard.

Stealing a glance down, he saw his cock was no held in a metal tube with tiny hinges along its upper edge and his poor cock head was trapped on display at one end of the tube and his cock was almost pulled tight to the six inch other end which dug into his balls; his glance down cost him a clip around the ears and a reminder he was supposed to decontaminating the whores cunt.

Master Ray laughed as he showed Debbie the key which locked away her husband's excuse for a cock and suddenly it dawned on David why he had been allowed to cum only once and then had to play on with his cock, for he had a fully blooded hard cock now trapped almost painfully in a tube which prevented his stroking his cock but worse he could not even get his cock to go soft.

After ten minutes of David licking Debbie's cunt, and before she had a chance to orgasm; David was ordered away from her much to Debbie's frustration. Now the rubber cock was slipped back into David's arse and his lacy panties pulled up preventing the dildo slipping out. Master Ray then described everything he was doing to Debbie for David's benefit as he was made to bury his face into a cushion on the sofa.

"Now bitch, let me check your fucking tits!" Master Ray announced, "I see they are firm and bouncy when slapped, (This was accompanied by the sound of hand hitting flesh), nipples are hard and erect but do you prefer them pinch, pulled or twisted" master ray enquired as he carried out each action. He continued "I can see me having many a good tit wank for the wimp to clean up on these fucking beauties!"

"Right then you will get dickless there to pay for your nipples to be pierced and I want the following rules followed when you do!" Master Ray pointed out, "Firstly it has to be done by a man, you will request he fits 3cm gold rings of 10 mm thickness horizontally. Secondly you will ask him to quote for the same rings to be fitted to your cunt, one just behind your clit hood and two others one in each cunt flap. You will get David to insist on you showing him where they are to be placed and allow him to feel the areas where they are to go! Finally you are to ask the man if David could have a Prince Albert fitted to his cock, (A ring that goes through his eye of his cock head to just below its crown) and allow the man to see David's cock still trapped in its cage." Master Ray demanded, "All of this to be done within two weeks!" he added.

"Now for your slut tool; you over heated cunt!" Ray continued, "I see it is already soaking wet from the cleaner's tongue, just a shame that it was not full of Black man's spunk for him to savour! Well let me see one finger goes up too easily, two fingers and there is still plenty of room for at least a couple of proper sized cocks not like the one you're married to!" Ray teased, "three fingers now we are getting a bit tighter, I bet I could slide my who9le fucking hand up there an still click my fingers" he chided, "Ah, that's better four fucking fingers and you are starting to tighten up, just imagine my whole hand up your cunt whilst I slide my cock into your arsehole, shit I bet I could wank my cock off from inside your cunt!" Master Ray laughed.

"All that remains now is for me to check your arse!" Ray continued, "Wimp get over here and lick her arse clean ready for my probing fingers!" As David did as he was told, Ray shoved his cunt juiced soaking fingers into Debbie's mouth for her to lick clean.

After she had sucked them for five minutes, Master Ray asked her, "When and what was the last thing you had shoved up your arse? Bitch." Debbie stopped and thought for a while and then blushed before she answered, "Well, about two months ago, we were messing around and I challenged David that I could take more up my arse than he could his, I ended up with the wooden rolling pin up my arse until only the very end of it was still showing, but when I tried it on David he had more than 10cm still to go!" Debbie blurted.

"Ah, So weedy cock loves his arse full does he, I have a Great Dane who will oblige him and when he knots with his bitch, boy does he knot, last time it took over an hour for the swelling to go down before they could be parted!" Master Ray pointed out.

With that Ray pulled David away from Debbie and told him it was time, and "Well cock sucker, prepare my cock for giving to your whore of a wife and watch her become my slut!"

David looked from Master Ray to Debbie and with a little nod of her head he opened his mouth and accepted his master's cock and began to lovingly bathe it with his tongue until it was standing a full majestic eight inches in length and occasionally hitting the back of his throat. Debbie smiled to herself as she thought about her luck at receiving such a fine healthy specimen of a cock, until she was told that as a bitch on heat she was going to be fucked like a bitch and she should get down on her hands and knees and prepare to be knotted by this cock.

Master Ray pulled his cock from David's mouth and then had him take hold near the base of Master Ray's cock and guide it towards his own wife's cunt. As soon as the cock head touched Debbie's cunt Master Ray thrust forward and trapped David's hand between himself and Debbie's burning cunt. "Feel your wife's pleasure at being fucked by a real man's cock. Wimp! How you wish it was sliding into your own boy pussy hey wimp!" Master Ray teased as he held his hard cock firmly fully home in Debbie's cunt, "Now wimp, beg me to screw your wife and send her to heaven!" he demanded.

David began, "Master, I am unfit to fuck such a horny whore as my wife, please show me the error of my ways and make her cum like never before, convert my demure wife into your raging slut!" he mumbled. Believe it or not he actually sounded genuine as he pleaded with Master Ray to screw the whore.

Finally after Master Ray deemed he had pleaded enough he began to slide his cock back out of her cunt and told wimp to let go of his cock. David was then told to lick his wife's cunt juice from his own hand that had been around the master's cock before going and kneeling in front of his whore of a wife. Now with slow firm strokes Master Ray began to fuck Debbie, slowly building up the rhythm and speed of his strokes as he verbally called her a whore, slut tramp or randy bitch. Soon Debbie was groaning her way through her first orgasm and as it broke she was told to lick just the cock head of her husband, she could not have sucked anymore because of the cock restraint.

Still on and on Master Ray now began pounding her cunt, as he watched David go through exquisite agony as his wife licked the sensitive edges of his cock but he could not find anyway of stroking his cock to gain relief.

As Debbie's second orgasm broke she was told to howl as the bitch in heat she was and heaven only knows what the neighbours must have thought because Debbie did indeed howl almost at the top of her voice.

Finally her second orgasm subsided, but the flashing piston that was Master Ray's cock still pounded her cunt when he suddenly pressed his thumb against her anal ring, for Debbie this new intrusions only doubled the heated passions she was feeling from her cunt and her tight arse literally gripped the thumb for dear life.

Now Master Ray was struggling as he could feel his own impending eruption so with his free hand he reached under Debbie and suddenly gave her left nipple a violent twist as he thrust forward and demanded that she tell him what a whore she was.

In fits of breathlessness she blurted out that she would always be his whore and her body was his to command and she would love to fuck his Great Dane if that's what he wanted then in mid-sentence she screamed her third orgasm was upon her and she almost collapsed forward knocking David backwards. Poor David ended up flat on his back with his excuse for a cock pointing at the ceiling still encased in its shiny metal restraint but with his feet trapped underneath his body, he looked like a stranded whale as he tried to sort himself out.

Because of the instant action of Debbie, the very first spurt of Ray's orgasm had been inside her cunt but the second had flown in an intense arc and landed almost directly between her shoulder blades, subsequent spurts lessening in intensity and it was almost like stepping stones of spunk now pooling on Debbie's back. Ray Suddenly demanded that David do his job and clean up the mess starting with Ray's own cock.

David scurried round and almost loving licked clean his master's cock before lapping like a dog at Debbie's spunk stained back. Just when David had thought he had finished he was reminded that the most potent place he had not cleaned was Debbie's cunt and by now he could quite easily be on the verge of fathering a bastard child to his master.

Debbie managed to roll over and held her legs wide apart as David licked another man's seed from her still horny and very sensitive cunt, as he cleaned her cunt he caused her to have a fourth orgasm and later as they sat chatting, Debbie admitted that never in her entire life had she experienced four orgasms in one session, but even more than that she had never experienced such intense orgasms as she had when Master Ray had been fucking her.

David suddenly pointed to his cock and said, "Master may I be allowed to cum now?" Master Ray stood up and walked over to the table where the cup containing David's spunk from earlier now sat, he quickly added a little of his own piss and using his finger he stirred the mixture before turning to reply.

"If you drink this all in one go; then I will remove your cock cage and you may have ten minutes to cum, but if you gag on this or fail to empty completely the cup in one go then I will punish you and your cock restraint stays in place; not only that but you will then have to buy a large butt plug and before leaving the shop will have to push it up your arse and keep it

There until you get home." Master Ray explained.

"Agreed!" Said David.

Then Master Ray handed the cup to David, who took a deep breath and then raised the cup and opened his mouth pouring the contents into his mouth he waited until all the liquid has slid into his mouth before swallowing. With a sense of pride he held the cup out to Master Ray as if to show he could do his task.

Master Ray tossed the key to Debbie and told her to release her husband's cock. The pair of them now sat and watched David stroke his own cock as he lay on his back in front of the sofa, poor David in his excitement and hurry to relieve his pent up feelings, forgot to obey the first rule and instead of cumming into the cup he spurted all over his chest and stomach.

Master Ray fumed, "You are an untrustworthy idiot, and you know my rule that wimps cum into the chosen vessel I give them, now you dared defy me and cum all over yourself! Clean it up this instant and then bend over the back of the sofa and await your punishment!"

David instantly regretted his action and did his very best to clean himself up, scooping the sticky white strands of spunk up in his fingers and sucking them clean, then when he thought he had got every one of those strands he went and bent over as instructed.

Master Ray then spanked David's arse hard with six well placed and timed spanks which David had to count out aloud and thank his beloved master for correcting his horrible ways. By the time he had delivered the punishment, David's arse glowed like the dying embers of a great fire, Debbie had regained some of her own composure and she leaned over and kissed Ray full on the lips thanking him for keeping his promise of making her cum three times in one night.

Everyone agreed the by mutual consent the night had been a tremendous success.

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