The Role of a Lifetime

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I was listening to my parents having sex when I heard my own name called out by my mom. She was role-playing at being me. So I decided to play myself in the future.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

It was the summer between middle school and high school and I was really ready to leave middle school behind and get on with life as a highschooler. I looked forward to going to real dances and on real dates and, yes, even some fooling around, you know, sex.

Now don't get the idea that I'm a slut, I'm not. But I'm just like all my girlfriends, my body has been changing and developing for several years and, well, I'm really wanting to use some of this new body that has developed.

Yes, I am developed. My boobs are just almost into C-cups, I think by the time I start school this fall, they will be. My legs are nice, too, they've filled out from the sticks they used to be and so have my hips. There's curves where there used to be a straight road, if you get my drift.

And I was feeling sexy all the time. Yes, I masturbated, had since I first figured out how nice my pussy felt when I rubbed around on it, then put my finger inside. By now I'd put a number of things inside me except for the one thing that I really wanted inside me. Can you guess what that is?

Yes, that's something I hadn't done yet, I'm still a virgin and, since I didn't have a boyfriend at this point, my prospects weren't all that hopeful.

I did have parents, though, who greatly enjoyed their sex; I can remember the first time I ever heard them. It woke me up, I was about five and I walked down the hall toward all the commotion and opened their door. There was a lot of movement in the dark detaching and covering up but I didn't really know at the time what it was all about.

It was only years later when I added what I was hearing at school with the sounds that kept emanating from down the hall several nights each week to come up with some idea of what my parents were up to.

That led me to stationing myself outside their door at times and getting a much clearer idea of the amorous proceedings taking place inside.

So, I've listened at their door for several years now and then, during the summer I was telling you about, I heard the telltale sounds and snuck down and sat on the floor outside their door.

I could hear them quite clearly.

"Oh, Daddy, suck my titties real good and I'll suck your big dick if you do."

"Oh, Cheryl, you know Daddy just loves it when you suck his hard cock. But right now I want to fuck your little tight pussy."

"Good, Daddy, fuck me just like you do Mommy. I love it when you fuck me. Can you do it doggie-style, you know how I love it that way."

Now maybe that dialogue doesn't mean much to you but it sure did to me; my name is Cheryl.

My mother was role-playing that she was me and that my daddy was fucking me. ME!

You can imagine how that concentrated my attention as I moved my ear closer.

"Oh, your cock is so big, Daddy. I just love it so much," my mother was saying in a slightly higher-pitched voice.

"Well, sugar, Daddy's cock just loves my little girl's tight pussy. Here, mmm, mmm, see, it's going inside. Wiggle your cute little butt and make Daddy happy as he fucks his little princess."

My mouth was open as I sat there listening to the two of them pretending that I was being fucked by my father.

I would say it was disgusting except for one thing: my pussy was drenched and I had three fingers in it going as fast as I could trying to be quiet about it.

"Make me cum, Daddy. Make your little Cheryl's pussy all happy."

"Mmm, keep moving like that, precious, it makes Daddy's cock feel so good."

"It makes my pussy feel good, too, Daddy. Fuck me harder, you know I like it like that. Then cum in me, give me all your Daddy-cum."

I crouched there in the hallway, my fingers fucking me as my dad fucked my mom pretending it was me he was doing. Then, right when my father started cumming, my own orgasm began as I crouched there trembling and shaking as wave after wave of such sublime pleasure washed back and forth over me. It was by far the strongest and longest orgasm of my life.

I didn't wait to listen for my mother's orgasm, I just wanted to get back to my bed and try to process all this.

It took me a while to understand that I didn't seem upset about it, I was turned-on, massively turned-on. I lay there, both hands between my legs fingering myself on and on as I realized that what I'd heard from my parent's bedroom was what I wanted, I wanted my father to have sex with me. I wanted him to be my first.

I masturbated for a long time, through a third orgasm then did another one when I woke up the next morning. My parent's sex from the night before was all I could think about the next day.

They were gone to work, of course, and I was still so aroused that I masturbated four times that day, my pussy was just crazy. I looked and I was beet-red between my legs.

When Mom came home from work, I followed her up to her room so I could talk to her. I'd made up my mind.

"Mom, I need to talk with you about something, something really important," I asked as she sat down on her bed looking rather concerned.

"Yes, honey, what's wrong?"

"Well, nothing's exactly wrong, it's more that something new has happened."

"Yes, dear, what is it?"

"Well ... um, I overheard you and Dad last night after you'd gone to bed. After you started, um, well, having sex."

She really looked strange when I said that.

"I heard what you were doing, I mean what you were saying."

"Did you hear your name?"

I knew now she had a pretty good idea how much I might have heard.

"Yes, my name and that you were pretending to be me."

"Omigod, Cheryl. Please understand that, well, sometimes grownups used role play to kind of heighten the experience. We didn't really mean anything by it, we really didn't. I'm so sorry you're upset."

"Well, I'm not really upset, not really. It more made me wonder if maybe that was something that Daddy has thought about, you know, him having sex with me?"

"Oh, sweetheart, it was just innocent on our part. Just don't worry about it, please, Cheryl."

"But, maybe I'd like it, too?"

"Like it? You mean ... do you mean sex with your father, with Dad?"


There I'd said it. There was no turning back now.

Mom just sat there for a minute, then said, "Cheryl, what we were saying wasn't meant to suggest that it was something you should do, it was just, well, to kind of spice up our own sex."

"But doesn't that mean that Daddy, well, is turned-on by the idea. By the idea of me?"

She now really looked perplexed.

"Well, honey, um, well, maybe he is. When we first started doing it like you heard, well...".

"When was that? When did you start playing it was me?"

"Oh, this doesn't sound very nice but, well, it was when you were twelve. You were getting your boobs and, well, Dad had said something to me one night about how sexy he thought you looked and, well, that's when I first pretended I was you. I hope you're not angry about it."

Actually I was pretty turned on about it and I told her.

"You like the idea? The idea that I was playing at being you?"

"Yeah, especially that Dad was turned-on by the idea. What if I wanted to really join the two of you?"

I knew I couldn't take those words back, they just seemed to hang in the air between us as my mother sat there looking at me.

"Join in our sex together?" she softly asked.

"Yes. I sat there listening to you two last night and was so turned-on it was incredible."

"Oh, Cheryl, we just couldn't."

"But what if I want to, what if it's okay with me?"

"But it's something that you can't go back on if you change your mind."

"I know that but I'm going to have sex some day and, well, I'd like for it to be my daddy. Is that so awful?"

"Well, I just don't know. You realize that this would have to be a complete secret, that no one could ever know about."

"I know, Mom. People aren't supposed to have sex with their kids but, well, I do know one girl that does, with two of her brothers. She loves it."

"Yes, well, I suppose I should talk to your father about it, if it's what you really want."

"Why don't you two just do it like you did last night and I'll come in your room? You don't think Dad would have a heart attack, do you?"

"Honestly, Cheryl, I think your dad would be very pleased. But do you really think that's what you want to do?"

By now I was really excited by the idea of just walking in on my parent's sex and joining in. I know, crazy, maybe, but I was fourteen and super-horny.

"Mom, it's all I can think about these days, losing my cherry, and I'd love no one better than my dad to do it. I don't mean for you to be jealous or anything but, well, you two got me thinking about this whole thing."

"That certainly wasn't our intent, of course, and, well, I just don't know what to say about it all. I need to think about all this," and that's pretty much where we left it.

It wasn't until the next afternoon when Mom got home that she had me come up while she changed.

"Well, I've thought over about you joining Dad and me in the bedroom," she said as she took out a package and handed it to me. It was a box of condoms. My pussy just flooded at the sight of it.

"Oh, Mom, you really mean it, that I can come in and we can all three be together. That Dad'll be my first guy ever. Oh, I'm so excited," I cried as I threw my arms around my mother and hugged her tight.

"I just hope you're really happy with the way this works out. I kind of had a talk last night with Dad about you, you know, what he thinks of you as you're growing up now and getting to be so pretty and, well, I don't think he'll be a problem, I expect he'll jump at the chance to grant your wishes and become your first lover."

"Lover? Oh, that sounds so sexy. Can I use some of that really cool bubblebath you have so I can smell all nice and everything when I come in your room?"

"Yes, dear, that's fine. I figure tonight would be okay if you're ready."

"Should I wear something special?"

"Well, I expect the sexiest thing you have to wear, like any woman, is the skin you were born with," she said smiling at me.

"Just like naked, not wearing anything? Just come in like that?" I gasped.

"As you get to know men and boys better, honey, you'll find that being naked focusses their attention better than anything else," Mom said laughing as she took back the box of condoms. "I'll just keep these here for later. If you change your mind just don't come in, okay?"

I agreed but knew that I was going through with it now, I was set to have my Daddy take my cherry.

I was all nervous all through dinner, quiet, hardly adding to the conversation, then Mom put on a movie and after we were watching a while I began wondering if the movie was chosen just for this evening, it kind of was rated more adult than what they usually let me watch. It did help me keep my mind off the rest of the evening.

When the movie was over, we all went up to bed and I went and had my bubblebath, then sat nervously in my room until I could hear those familiar sounds of my parents beginning sex. I pulled off my tee and panties and went down the hall to listen.

" ... and you can pretend it's Cheryl who's the high school girl in the movie," I heard my mom say.

"Great, okay, you come in and ask why I wanted to see you after school."

"Mister Hodgkins, why did you want to see me after school today?" I heard my mother say in a slightly falsetto voice.

"Well, Cheryl, I wanted to ask you about this note I found in the classroom, the note to Jennifer Barnes about me, it seems."

"Oh, I didn't mean all those things, I really didn't."

"You mean that, let's see, 'I crave his big, hot cock, Jenn, I'd give anything to suck it real hard then have him fuck me with it.' Do you remember writing that, Cheryl?"

"Oh, Mister Hodgkins, what can I do so you won't tell my parents, I'll do anything."

"Well, get your clothes off, young lady, and get up here, you're gonna get some of this hot cock you've wanted."

I figured if I was going to do this, it was just the time to enter into the game myself as I turned the doorknob and went in.

"What the fuck! Cheryl, omigod, you have to leave, get out!" my dad screamed.

"Now, honey, slow down, Cheryl's here to help us role play. She heard us the other night and wants to play herself for you. Tell him, honey," my mom urged.

"Yes, Daddy, I told Mom that I listened to you two and want to begin having sex and I want it with my Daddy," I told him in my sweetest voice.

He had pulled the covers up over his cock but I had seen it when I came in the room. It looked huge, I just hoped I could take it in. I knew that even babies came out of the same place but it sure looked big.

"Roy, be honest, it's something you've fantasized about, we both know that, and, well, look at your daughter, she's simply beautiful. What man including her father wouldn't want her?"

Chapter 2

He was looking at me as I stood there naked; I even shifted my stance a bit to more open-legged. I knew how I looked, after all I was like every other fourteen-year old girl, I'd spent hours in front of my full-length mirror naked taking in every aspect of my new and developing body. I knew how I looked and it was good, very, very good.

"But, Cheryl's not on the pill," my Dad offered as my mother reached in the nightstand and took out the box.

"You two have planned this haven't you?" he said, now with a smile on his face as he pulled the sheet away.

There it was, long and thick around, a darker reddish-brown with a top that looked like an umbrella.

"Come give your father a hug, dear," Mom urged.

I went up on the bed and climbed on my dad who was sitting cross-legged as I kissed him as he pulled me tight. I straddled him facing him as he sat there with the underside of his hard cock pressed against the front of my pussy. I couldn't resist moving up and back along the underneath ridge spreading my wetness along his shaft.

He kissed me tightly as his tongue entered my mouth. I felt my mom rubbing my back as Dad and I kissed, then he leaned back and asked me to lay down.

I flopped on my back, now knowing it was all going to happen, as he got up and gently spread me open and crouched down to begin licking me. His tongue was furled and rigid as it flicked back and forth between my pussy lips.

Then, my mother did something I wasn't expecting, she bent over and began sucking my nipple as her hand rubbed my other breast. There was surprise but I found that I really liked the wonderful attention of both my parents, I was being loved like I'd never dreamed possible.

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