A Little Neighborly Help

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I masturbate a lot and to make it easier, I just wear a robe when I'm at home. Then, a new neighbor asked me for some help and when I went to change, she asked me what was under my robe. She soon found out.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Interracial   White Male   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

Do you remember the first time you masturbated? I do. I'm a guy and the day is etched in my mind.

It was summer, school was out, my mom and dad had gone to work and I was slowly waking up but not ready to get up and get my breakfast.

So, I rolled over on my stomach and moved my hips around getting comfortable as my penis lengthened and began to feel very good. I scooted around some more as it just felt better and better.

I flopped over onto my back as my dick pushed my white briefs straight up. I rubbed my palm over the tip and it felt even better. Sliding my briefs down, I took it in hand and stroked back and forth, my eyes closed, the feelings just getting better and better.

I had played with my dick, like most little boys have, but this was feeling even better, much better. I slowly rubbed up and down as my breathing deepened and my heart sped up. It just felt better and better as I went along. It had always felt nice but this was something new.

I rubbed and stroked, then, suddenly, my whole body froze as my semen spurted out in small arcs while I watched with fascination. I wiped up with tissues and went off to have breakfast. It was the first time that day, the last time was in bed later that night, my fourth of the day. Yes, I loved to masturbate. I still do.

I was able, in a few years, to convince several girlfriends that they should masturbate me and a few even liked for me to do it while they watched. I was having sex as well, my first fuck was when I was fourteen and it was even better than doing it myself or even having my girlfriend do me by hand. But, my hand was always with me and freely accessible any time I wanted.

So, like most guys, I still did myself and saw nothing wrong with doing it just as much as I wanted. I knew by then that I wouldn't go blind or whatever they used to tell boys, it even seemed that my eyesight got better.

There was a funny incident in college when I was on my bed naked stroking away when the door opened and my roomie's girlfriend walked in.

"Oh, sorry, Ethan, I'll come back later," she gushed.

"You can wait for Stan if you want, I like company while I do it," I told her as I continued moving my fist up and down.

She came in, closing the door, and sat on my roommate's bed as I went on. I was getting pretty close and told her I would be squirting in just a minute. She moved over to my bed to get close and soon there was cum arching out of the tip of my cock onto my stomach and abdomen.

"Really cool, I love to see guys get off, love how it squirts out like that. Here," she said as she reached for some tissues and cleaned me off, holding my cock in one hand to wipe with the other.

My roommate had a night job off campus and she would come over to see him after work but always came an hour or so early to watch me masturbate though it wasn't long before she offered me a hand.

As time went by, we were masturbating each other but she was careful to dry herself as much as she could so her boyfriend wouldn't suspect. If you're wondering if we took it further, well, a gentleman shouldn't tell. After all, they did get engaged and married right after graduation.

After college, I got a job in the Midwest and was soon settled in a townhouse complex. I was there just a couple of months, really hadn't had much of a chance to meet any women in the area so far, so relied mostly on solo sex. I had learned, being on my own, that it was convenient if I just wore a robe around the place so I could relieve any horniness whenever the need arose, so to speak.

After I had moved in, a few weeks later, a Japanese-American woman moved in the next unit with her daughter who was attending a local college. I had met them when they were moving in, Mika, the mother, and her daughter, Hana.

They could have been sisters, actually, they looked so alike. Both slender and petite, Mika was very pretty with shiny dark black hair which she was wearing up the day we met but I'd seen it down since and it came to her waist.

Her daughter was a slightly-younger-looking version of her with one exception: larger boobs, almost to the point of looking a bit top-heavy. But not quite. And both of them had smiles that lit up a room.

So, I was home one Saturday morning and a knock came on my door. I pulled it open and there was Mika in a teeshirt and jeans, her hair pulled back, to ask me if I could help her move a sofa to the other side of the room.

"Oh, sure, come in a sec. I'll just put some clothes on and we can go do it."

As usual, I had my robe on which prompted her to ask, quite to my surprise, "Are you naked underneath?"

"Yeah, but I'll just be a second."

"Can I watch?" she asked just like she was asking for a cup of sugar.

"Sure, come on back," I said as I began feeling the blood swelling me as I went into my bedroom and turned. I pulled the knot loose as the robe parted, then slipped it off my shoulders and just stood there wondering if she might do something.

As I stood there with my cock pointing to the ceiling, she reached across herself and pulled off her teeshirt and dropped it on the floor. Her breasts were small but just perfect with tiny reddish-brown nipples which were quite erect. She reached back and pulled the hair ribbon out which allowed her glossy black hair to tumble down her back as she unbuttoned her jeans, slid the zipper down and stepped out of them to stand there in a tiny, black lacy thong panty.

Reaching down, she led them to the floor as she crouched, then stood and stepped out of them to take a few steps into my arms as we embraced and kissed while our hands began to enjoy one another.

She had to be in her lower forties but her body was perfect, her skin pale amber and smooth and as I found when I moved my hand up in between us, her breasts were not just firm but actually rather solid and hard.

Her hand had moved as well, now gripping my hardness tightly as she rubbed my cock's head up along her crease in the wet hair between her legs.

She took my cock, stepped back and led me to my bed and asked me to lay down, then got up and swung up over me, all the time holding my erection as she lowered her slender, lithe body down over me pressing down onto me driving me deep up inside her.

She leaned over and kissed me softly, then raised back up and began cycling straight up and down on my hard, throbbing cock.

"Do you like your new neighbor, Ethan?" she asked sweetly.

"Oh, Mika, you're the best neighbor I've ever had. This is wonderful. I can't believe how tight you are, more than any other woman I've had, even the first girl, she was thirteen."

"I do special exercises and use ben-wa balls, you know these?"

It seemed that I heard the term once but didn't know what they were so I told her that.

"Yeah, I think so, women use them to masturbate, I think."

"Yes, they can be used for self-pleasure but most women, most Asian women, use them to strengthen muscles and keep vagina tight. You like what they do, Ethan?" she asked smiling as she moved up and down over me, so tight that she almost pulled my hips up off the bed when she raised up.

"Oh, if that's what makes you feel the way you do, I just love them. What a great invention. Do you use them much?"

"I use them most of the time, especially at work. I show you how I put them in, they are connected together with string to each other. I have many kinds to show you when we go to my place later after our nice time getting to know each other in your bed."

She so gracefully eased up and down over me it was wonderful. Then she raised up just leaving an inch or so of me in her tight little black fur-encased pussy as she began to rotate her hips around massaging the tip of my cock in the tight, shallow part of her pussy just up inside her. It was incredible, no man could last long with that.

And I didn't.

"Oh, Mika, I'm cumming, oh, OH," I groaned as she began taking long, quick strokes on my cock which was erupting inside of her spewing my semen all over her vaginal walls.

"Oh, yes, cum, Ethan, cum, now I do it, OOH, AYYA, AYYA, AYYA, unnh, oh, so nice, Ethan, you and me, we feel good, huh. We will be good neighbors you and me," and she bent over and tongued my mouth so sweetly as I massaged her nice, firm breasts.

She lay over me in my arms as her hips rode slowly up and down, our lovemaking still feeling good to us both.

"I hope we become good, very good neighbors, Ethan. We are starting out very good, I think."

"Mmm, I do too, Mika, I think we're going to be the best of neighbors. Maybe I should go help you move that sofa now."

"Oh, yes, I almost forget that. Don't bother getting dressed, your robe is fine, maybe I can look inside it again after we do our work, have some more fun, okay. Maybe in my bed, this time," she giggled.

I tied the belt around my robe and we went to her condo and as soon as we were inside, Mika pulled the belt loose so my robe fell open and we quickly moved the sofa across the room and a table along with it. She then took hold of me by the cock and led me back to her bedroom where she stripped down as I took my robe off.

"My turn, Ethan," she said as she lay down on her bed, her legs spread open as I knelt down and began licking her black, furry pussy. She pulled her knees up as I feasted on her pretty, tight little pussy all surrounded by ebony curls.

"Mmm. oh, you make me feel so good, mmm, oh, yes, right there, just like that," she groaned as she trembled in her orgasm, "oh, Ethan, that so good, Ethan, mmm, come up here, fuck me now," she asked as she pulled me up while I led my cock to her slit and pushed in, sliding right up inside on all our sexual juices.

She raised her legs up over my shoulders as I probed her over and over while she twisted and turned her butt around making it feel so, so good. She was almost twenty years older but it was the best sex I'd ever had. She was a master at using her small, lithe, athletic body to extract the cum out of me, I knew then that I wanted to be with Mika, I wanted her in my bed as much as I could.

We fucked several more times that day and she came over to my place on Sunday and we spent the day in bed feasting on each other. She was insatiable, the most sexual woman I'd ever known.

On the next Wednesday evening, there was a rap at my door and hoping it was MIka, I pulled it open excitedly. There stood Hana, Mika's daughter.

Chapter 2

"Can I talk with you for a few minutes, Ethan?" she asked.

I had her come in and we sat in my living room across from each other as she asked, "I wanted to ask you about my mom if that's okay?"

"Sure, she's all right, isn't she?"

"Oh, she seems so much better than okay, I've never seen her happier than the last few days. She's not home right now and it seems that you might know why she's so happy all of a sudden."

"Well, um, here''s why," and I stood up and let my robe fall off to the floor.

"What are you doing, Ethan? What on earth."

"You can see why she's happy now and you can see how happy she's made me, it's right there," as I nodded downward, rather surprised at my sudden forwardness. But it didn't seem to scare her off, she started to laugh.

"Oh, now I see. Well, I really do see. You're doing my mom, well, good for you. She hasn't had a man around much in quite a while and, well, looking at you like this, I must say, I can see why she's all of a sudden so happy and cheerful."

"I can say I am, too, Hana, your mom is a wonder in bed. Is her daughter like her mom?"

"Well, you're a naughty guy. Doing my mom, now hitting on me for sex, too."

"Yeah, I guess I am. You don't think your mom would be pissed, do you? After all, you two almost look like sisters."

"No, she's not like that, well, unless you just quit paying attention to her as a result."

"There's no way that would happen, I really care a lot about your mom and I want to be with her as long as I can."

"That's sweet. I love my mom and would never want her to be hurt. But, honestly, well, standing here as we talk, with you naked and all with that pointing at me, well, it's got me wondering just how nice that could make me feel?"

I knew then that I would soon be making love to Mika's daughter, Hana.

"It's really easy for you to find out. All you have to do is follow me," I told her as I turned and walked back to my bedroom and pulled the duvet down. As I turned back, she was right there, reaching back to unclasp her brassiere.

As soon as she dropped it to the floor, I could appreciate the difference between her and her mother. Mika, the mom, had B-cups and, no doubt, Hana was at least C.

"Wow, how big are those beauties?" I asked as she smiled in appreciation.

"They're C's usually but with some brands like, Bali, I take a D."

"They're so nice," I said as I reached for one feeling its wonderful firmness while she pulled down her pants, then panties, after she had kicked off her sandals.

She stood there before me, absolutely stunning, her petite body, similar to her mother's except fronted with a bountiful bosom which drew one's eye, she was magnificent. Another significant difference was her pussy ... it was bare, just a simple cleaved peach waiting expectantly between her thighs. I've never been harder.

"So, let's see how you've been making my mom so happy," she said as she hopped down on my bed and spread open. Even flat on her back, her breasts stood high, like mountain peaks, very, very erotic mountain peaks.

I crawled up between her outstretched legs and went right where I first wanted to get to know my lover's daughter.

"Mmm, nice, yeah, I bet mom loves this," she squealed as I licked and tongued her as she raised her legs up in a vee, then dropped them over my shoulders.

Mika's pussy was natural with tight jet-black curls surrounding a lovely pair of plump pussy lips while her daughter was clean-shaven, also with a beautiful plump pair of delicious lips. I eased her lips apart to give greater access to my tongue which I ran around and around the opening up into her.

"Omigod, Ethan, oh, don't stop, DON'T STOP, OOH, AYYE, AYYE, OOH, ooh, oh, mmm, my god that feels wonderful. Oh, I hope you do that for my mom, no wonder she's so happy now all the time," she cried out as she pulled me up over her.

I was reaching down to guide my cock into her as she pushed down hard, putting me about halfway up into her. She was tight but also very wet and slippery inside so I did enter her pretty easily.

"Mmm," she groaned and pushed down hard taking me completely inside, then she began slowly thrusting her hips back and forth as I just knelt there between her legs.

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