Peace at Last

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My two children, Zach and Kim, just a year apart, were fighting like mortal enemies. Then suddenly it all stopped and they got along fine. That's when I found a used condom that told me why. Now I had to decide which I wanted more.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

We've decided to write this story for you to read from the perspective of each of us since it is the story of how peace finally came to our family and continues to this day. It's the story of Mom, Colleen, thirty-seven, her son, Zach, fourteen, and her daughter, Kim, thirteen.


Being a single mom always has its trials and tribulations, even married moms have that. But I never realized just how bad it could get until my children, a boy, Zach, and his sister, Kim, a year younger, began to enter their teens or, in the case of Kim, just got close to her teen years.

They weren't bad when they were younger, maybe that's what really left me unprepared for all the hostility and bile that rose up between them.

It began when Zach was about eleven and his sister was ten. They seemed to argue about almost anything. And, while there were brief periods of a truce between them, as another year rolled by, the spite and arguments just escalated.

It got to the point that I was just stressed-out all the time trying to keep them apart; I'd even gone to my doctor and was now on medication and was also seeing a counselor ever other week but the kids refused to go. It was literally driving me crazy. Literally.


Pardon my french, but my fucking brother was the biggest asshole there ever was. I hated him. He was always putting me down, never giving me a minute to myself, just riding me all the time. It was about everything ... my grades, my looks, my friends, my lack of friends, my taste in music, how Mom liked him better, that I was adopted (I wasn't, I had my birth certificate but that made no diff to him), that I was a failure in all things, just on and on.

We got into almost continuous screaming matches, he would take my stuff and hide it or, worse, throw it out, I knew he was going through all my stuff, I went through his, too, his hidden Playboys, some stuff even worse, I even told Mom but she just said that's how boys are, maybe she did love him more than me.

Not just that, I was getting my periods now and that made everything even worse, particularly when he taunted me about it. What an asshole. My tits hurt, too; they were developing and you girls know how that is. It's not all fun though I was, like every girl, excited that they were blossoming.


Of course, I was an asshole. What else could I be being a brother to a snotty little bitch. I knew she was looking through everything in my room, I even know that she had ratted on my stash of girly mags to my mom, who, thankfully, really didn't give a crap. I also know that she put pepper sauce on the inside of my briefs because I did it back to her. We just hated each other more the older we got.

I rode her about her little girlfriends, they were all so stupid, and that my grades were better (well, usually but there were times when her's were better, then I held my tongue). Well, you get the picture, we'd scream and yell at each other then Mom would scream and yell at us and just go crazy.

We were driving my mom crazy, she was in treatment for how she was feeling about Kim and me arguing and yelling all the time but we just didn't seem to be able to control our anger and frustration toward one another.


Then, all of a sudden, the summer that Zach was fourteen, it all stopped. The first day or so I didn't really notice, I had become so inured to the constant battling.

But after a few days of a quiet house and two children who now seemed to get along ... no, even more than that, more than just getting along. They seemed to like each other, do things for each other, Kim might get a Coke out of the fridge for her brother and take it to him, Zach might offer to bring down her laundry.

I knew I wasn't hallucinating, I knew I was seeing it as it was but what was it? They seemed not only to get along but to enjoy each other, kid each other in nice ways not the surly, vitriolic ways of the past. They laughed and hugged each other goodnight. Crazy.


I was home alone and decided to have a little afternoon fun so I took off my clothes and got on my bed, legs spread open, my fingers making me feel good. I just loved masturbating ever since I first did it when I was about nine. It just made my pussy feel so good and now, as I was in puberty, with my boobs growing and hair under my arms and on my pussy, I just wanted to pleasure myself all the time. I was so horny.

So, my legs were straining open, two fingers running in and out as my other hand rubbed my juices over my clit when I looked up, almost ready to cum, and there was Zach.

"Get the fuck out of here, you bastard," I screamed, my face turning crimson.

"You're really beautiful, Kim, really beautiful, I really mean it," he said just standing there. I picked up a book on my bedstand and threw it at him.

"Get out."


I got home and went up to change when I heard some soft moans from my sister's room. I'd wondered if she might be getting off and there she was stretched out, legs splayed, going like sixty.

While I was totally surprised, I was also totally riveted to watching her getting herself off.

There was one thing that I'd missed in the last year or so about my sister ... she had become quite beautiful, especially naked as I saw her now. I was truly transfixed, her petite body there in front of me, the perfect cones of her breasts, each tipped with a swollen pink nipple, her hands between her sexy legs, wisps of hair slicked down in her juices as she masturbated, she was stunning.

I guess I have no other way of putting it: I was in love.


I didn't even want to say anything about the new way they were behaving lest the other shoe drop and they revert back to their old ways. So, I decided to just enjoy whatever respite there was and hope for the best. At least I was keeping my sanity for the moment.


My brother didn't leave. He just told me again how beautiful I looked as he began taking his clothes off.

"What are you doing, Zach?" I screamed as he pulled his briefs to the floor letting his hard cock flop out, the first one I'd ever seen. A jolt went right to my pussy as I tugged the covers over me.

"Don't cover yourself, Kim, you're really beautiful, I really mean it," he said as he stepped to my bed and slipped under the covers next to me and took me in his arms.


I think it was my kiss that did it, that calmed her down and let her see what was happening with the two of us.

It was a soft kiss, gentle and loving, as I felt her arms now go around me and pull me closer. Her naked body seemed electric pressed against me. I'd never had sex before, never even seen a girl's boobs, nothing, and here we were holding each other tightly together, my dick folded up between us as we kissed and kissed.

My sister started moving her hips rubbing my cock back and forth on her middle, even widening herself so it felt better.

I knew what I wanted to do but didn't know if my sister was on the pill or not or even if she'd let me make love to her. All I knew was that I sure wanted to.

We kissed a while longer and now our hands were moving over each other, mine on her firm breasts, hers down between us rubbing my raging erection.

"You're so hard, Zach. Am I making you like this?"


Being a single woman in your upper thirties with a couple of kids is not the easiest life in the world. Just because I'm a mom doesn't mean that I don't get horny. I've got some toys but, well, that's just what they are. I really crave a live, warm, stiff cock rather than a soft silicone battery-operated substitute.

I did have a guy about eight months ago that I'd met and it started out looking quite promising. He was nice, seemed to like Kim and Zach, and I had my hopes up. The sex was good, too. We hadn't quite gotten to the full-trust stage so then it all fizzled out, I was left with an economy-sized box of condoms gathering dust at the back of the top shelf of my closet in the hope that someday a few of them might get used again.

Little did I know that they would and that it would be my children using them.

Chapter 2


It sounds crazy but all the angry feelings about my brother melted away when he held me in his arms and kissed me. It was like I was being swept away to a different universe, one where everything was reversed. Now, rather than animosity, I felt love and affection, even lust as our naked bodies pressed together.

Yes, it felt so warm between us I almost thought we'd burst into flame. He answered my question, "Oh, you sure are making me hard. All I can think about is how I want to make love to you."

I'm not on the pill but I knew Mom had some condoms hidden in her closet. Should I get one, I wondered? I knew where this was going and it was all I wanted now, too. He agreed and I jumped up and ran to Mom's room and pulled out a foil-wrapped package and ran back to my room.

He tore it open and rolled it down his dick just like I'd been shown in sex-ed. Now it was for real and now it was on my brother's penis headed inside me.

"Ready, Sis?" he asked as he waddled up between my opened legs. Nodding to him, he put his dick right in the middle of my slit and began to press forward, at first just sliding up off me. I reached down to pull my lips apart and he tried again, this time moving inside me up to about half way.

"You okay?" he asked looking up at me. I nodded again and he pushed further in, then began moving back and forth.

"Oh, you feel so good inside, just incredible. How's it for you?" he asked.


Here I was fucking my sister, the one that I fought with like cats and dogs, now I had my dick in her pussy as she moaned and told me how much she loved me. All because I saw her masturbating and told her how beautiful she looked and she did.

I knew that I would have to get us some condoms, that we just couldn't keep on using the ones Mom had, she might notice, after all.

"It feels wonderful, I just never thought we'd be doing something like this, I mean, god, we used to fight like we were crazy. Now all I want to do is fuck you, Sis."

"And that's all I want you to do, just keep your dick in me as much as we can. We're home a lot so we can do this a lot."

"I do need to get more condoms though. I'll get some so we can do this more."

"Good, I want to do it a lot," she told me.

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