The Beginning of a Hotwife

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: With every new sexual liaison my husband arranges for me, I get asked about just how I got started being a hotwife. It all started before we got married...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

I'm a hotwife, always have been. What's a hotwife, you ask? Well, on my computer The Urban Dictionary defines it as: A married woman she has sexual relations with with other men, with the husbands approval. Usually while the husband watches or joins.

Please don't blame me for the poor English of the definition, that's what's on their website. Also, I go a bit beyond their definition - I like women, too.

So, I want to tell you how I got to be that way, how I became a hotwife.

Well, I was thirteen. No, not married and a wife, no, just like you, in middle school, seventh grade and for a couple of years I'd had sex with several of my friends, my girlfriends, from kissing to sucking boobs to wonderful oral sex culminating in glorious orgasms. I loved it and just couldn't get enough.

My girlfriend Cheryl, once sleeping over, as we lay in each other's arms kissing and petting after sex, she told me she was no longer a virgin. I knew she wasn't dating so I asked her who the guy was.

"Um, I really don't want to say who it was but it was wonderful. Oh, just wait, girl, it's just the best. We girls have fun and I love this but, oh, his dick was thrilling, just the best."

"I won't tell, you know that, we've both told each other lots of things before," I begged really wanting to know which boy's dick she had inside her. "Was it a boy at school?"

"I'm not telling you but no, it wasn't, I'd be afraid they'd talk too much and then it would be all over school."

It had to be someone in the neighborhood, I thought.

"Are you in love with him, do you feel serious about him?" I wanted to know.

"Well, he's nice looking and all but it's really sex, I just wanted to lose my cherry and he was someone I could trust."

"How'd it feel? Did it hurt and all that? Blood and stuff?"

"Nah, we've both used stuff inside like that dildo thing my older sister gave me, my cherry was long gone. So's yours. But, let me tell you, sex with a guy is fantastic. All the different positions you can do and I love sucking him off."

"You let him cum in your mouth? And swallow it? Is it okay?"

"I love it. The first time I wasn't sure but, girl, I can tell you I love sucking his dick."

My head was spinning as I ran through every boy in the neighborhood, then I asked her, "Is it a grown-up? A man, a grown man?"

"No, he's sixteen, in high school."

"It's Mitch, isn't it?" I asked her; Mitch was her brother.

"I can't say, just forget all this," she said as her face turned beet-red.

"I don't care, Cheryl, he's cute, if you ask me. I'd let him have my cherry," I told her.

"Well, I can't say but please don't ever tell anyone what you think."

So, we kissed and fooled around a little more and fell asleep in each other's arms.

A few days later, after school at her house, she said, "You'll never believe it but, remember when you told me the other day that you though Mitch was cute and you'd let him have your cherry?"


"Well, I told him. I hope you're not mad but here's what he said. He said he'd love to, that he thought you were the hottest of my friends and he'd just love being the guy you first had sex with."

"You're kidding, he really said that? About me?"

"He sure did and he really meant it."

"Well, I'm not on the pill and it's not something I'm gonna do without some kind of protection."

"We use condoms," she said, then realized just what she admitted. "Oh shit, well, I guess you figured it anyway, yes, it's Mitch."

"Well, I understand, hey, he's a cute guy, like I said, I'd do it with him."

"Do you want to? I'd talk with him about it, I know he'd love to have sex with you, Paula, he's already said that. He's home right now, my parents won't be home before almost six."

I told her I just couldn't make up my mind that quickly and when I called her later from home, I told her I would like for Mitch to be the one. She told me she asked him again and he was real excited about it so she set the next afternoon for him to have sex with me.

Was I nervous? Oh, yeah. Was I excited? Same answer.

Well, that was my start in sex with guys. Cheryl's brother, Mitch, was really hot looking especially when you got his clothes off. I just used to love kissing and licking his body from the top down spending lots of time somewhere in the middle.

Cheryl was right about sucking him off. I just loved it and did it almost every time we were together. I, to this day, still love to suck guys off, it just gives me a feeling of power to cause such an outpouring of pleasure in a man. Yes, I love it.

Mitch and I had sex several times a week until he went away to college. After about a month together, he asked me if we could include his sister, he said he knew we did some fooling around, so that began our threesomes when she and I were both thirteen.

So, that set me on the track of sharing my body as a hotwife. At thirteen.

Into high school, I often had threesomes with a girlfriend and her boyfriend, even a boyfriend of mine and his sister. Then with a set of identical twin girls and their boyfriends. So, I was probably one of the more experienced girls in my school.

That continued into college first with my roommate and her brother, a high school junior who visited her one weekend. I had been having sex with her all along and when her brother showed up, she suggested that I give him a sample of my wares and she watched as we had sex, then asked him if he's ever had thoughts about her.

You can guess the answer and she said, now's the time and we fucked him all weekend. They stayed together at least until we both finally drifted apart after college; may still be for all I know.

I did have some fun at fraternity parties, seven guys was my record, at least in college, and I sure did walk with a limp for a few days.

Then, I met Todd, we were both seniors, due to graduate in a few months. It was lust and love at first sight. No, I didn't let him in my panties on the first date, it was the third.

So, was Todd hung like a Belgian draft horse? No, I've lovingly measured it after I have sucked it to maximum and he's just at seven inches and just over five inches around at mid-shaft. Quite nice but I've had bigger.

Is bigger better? Not to this girl, it's far more important how it's used and the heart and mind that's attached to it. Some guys with big cocks just aren't very good lovers. I never judge a lover by the size of his cock. And I found an absolutely wonderful lover when I found Todd. He is masterful at bringing my body to its peak arousal and even beyond. There was one night after we'd been seeing each other for a while when it was my birthday, my twentieth. He told me I was going to have an orgasm for each year. Todd was a man of his word.

So, I was perfectly suited to become a hotwife. First, I wasn't a wife. But it did start right when I was poised to become a wife.

After we were engaged and had set the date, of course, all the planning took place, the days, weeks and months of planning. Todd had chosen his best friend from college, Jon, to be best man. They hadn't seen each other in almost two years as they each moved to rather distant cities from one another.

So, it was to be quite the occasion for the two of them as well as the two of us. Jon flew in several days early in order to have some time with his old college buddy and I was eager to meet him after all the tales I'd heard about the two of them.

While I first knew Jon as my fiancee's college buddy, it seems that they had first met in middle school, then went through high school together before attending the same college, even taking the same majors, electrical engineering.

When Jon arrived, Todd and I were already living together, we had been for over a year and a half, it just made our sex so good being with each other like that, and Todd had insisted that his friend stay with us in our spare bedroom.

My sweetie had been building me up for meeting his best friend and, I know, wanted us to hit it off. He even had me dress sexily for meeting him at the airport so he could see the catch he had made.

I did try on several ensembles before we left for the airport and was really enjoying the reaction I was causing in my fiancee, mostly visible in his pants. Yes, I am somewhat of an exhibitionist and love to be looked at.

So, from bottom up, I was in some rather spiky black heels, black net hold-up stockings, a short white leather skirt with a white thong panty under with a sheer white top which did a very poor job of hiding my boobs.

Todd pronounced me, 'eminently fuckable, ' and as we were walking out the door to get in the car, he asked me, "Why not take off the panties, I want him to see the girl I've got," so when we drove away, I put them in the glove compartment.

I must say, I felt 'eminently fuckable' as I walked into the baggage area where we were to meet Jon. I could tell that every man's eyes were plastered on me and quite a few women's as well. I even got a wink from one woman and a 'thumbs-up' from another.

Then Todd began waving as I looked up and there was a simply beautiful man walking toward us, grinning from ear to ear. Todd jogged ahead and they were hugging when I caught up. My fiancee's friend was tall, well over six feet, solid, sturdy, and, oh, so handsome. I had seen his friend in pictures but, well, in person, he was so much nicer. I was already turned-on just being dressed the way I was, with some of the looks I'd gotten and when I saw Jon, a jolt went through my middle right where you're thinking.

"So, this is Paula," he said as he embraced me and gave me a hard, rather long kiss with just a slight push of his tongue as his hands went down and up onto my bare butt. The picture of me that people behind us were getting flashed through my mind for a split second before the tingle in my pussy took over. This guy was so hot.

So, the moment I first met him, my fiancee's best friend was groping my bare ass in front of crowds of people.

He lifted up and dipped his head down near my ear and whispered, "Mmm, commando, we're gonna get along very well, pretty lady," and lifted back up so they could get his luggage.

Once we had it, we left the luggage area and headed back to the short term parking as I felt his hand slip down and back up under to my bare butt. Todd's friend was certainly not bashful or shy, that was certain.

Getting into the car, he, of course, held the door open for me to get in the back seat as I slid in, twisting my legs open to slide in as he gazed well below my eyes.

"Well, Todd, you've pulled off the coup of the century, bagging this beauty for yourself. Good thing I didn't live here, good thing for you, buddy." He said this as I watched him looking right at my open pussy. Yes, the whole thing had turned me on so much, I just wanted him to see everything I had.

"I got her first, so too bad, buddy, I knew you'd like her," Todd told him as they started to talk about the wedding and the old days from college.

They talked for a bit longer then Jon took his stuff upstairs to the spare bedroom. After he had left the room, my fiancee asked me what I thought of his best friend.

"Oh, he's hotter than I saw from his pictures. He's hunky, real man candy, for sure."

"You like him, huh? I'm glad, babe," he said right when Jon returned. Todd asked if we wanted a beer and then got up to get them as I leaned back across from him, just moving enough to open my legs briefly to keep his interest.

We chit-chatted about the wedding and how we had met, stuff like that as I moved occasionally to give him little flashes while I watched his eyes dart down each time. I knew my pussy had snared another admirer.

When Jon came back in the room, Todd asked his friend, "Well, I'll bet this is the first girl I've been with that you'd like to fuck, huh?"

Jon looked right at me when he answered, "You're sure right about that," and we all laughed but I knew he meant it.

We had a few more beers and then the guys went out to get pizza and bring it back; not the big chain-kind but a small pizzeria close to us that makes the best we've ever had.

So, we all ate our share and had a few more beers as they mostly talked about the times they shared in high school.

It got later and I knew Todd was horny when he suggested we all turn in about nine-thirty. We got into our room and he immediately had me out of my clothes.

"I am so horny, seeing how you were dressed all night, knowing Jon was looking at you. Did he ever see your pussy, you think?"

"Oh, well, I might have just accidentally flashed him a few times. Purely by accident, of course," I said, grinning.

"You spread 'em open so he could see that pretty pussy of yours? The one I'm gonna eat right now?" he said as he gently pushed me down on the bed and spread my legs wide and he knelt on the floor and began licking and tonguing me as I held his head to me.

Soon, I was laying back on the bed, my legs draped over his shoulders as he ate me out. It didn't take long to get me off, after all, I'd been showing myself to my fiancee's best friend all evening long.

Then, I moved up on the bed and spread open for Todd to have me. I was so hot and wet by then, his cock slid right up into me and, again, it wasn't long before I knew I was getting close again.

"Oh, I'll bet Jon would like to be doing what I'm doing right now," he said.

"Well, you had me dress up like that, poor guy's probably in there jacking off right now."

"Maybe, when we're finished, I ought to send you down the hall to help him out. Bet he'd love that. Bet you'd love that, too, huh?"

I thought a minute before I answered that to make sure I didn't seem too excited about the possibility.

"Well, he's pretty hot but I'm enjoying this right now."

"Would you go take care of Jon, if I asked you to?"

I actually thought I felt my pussy get warmer when he asked me that. I really did.

I didn't want to answer too quickly so I hesitated a few seconds that told him, "I guess so, you sure it would be okay with you? I mean I wouldn't ever want to do anything that would come between you and me or the two of you?"

"It really doesn't bother me and I know he'd love it. What guy wouldn't? So, sure, if you think you might be interested I'd like for you to go make him happy. Seems a shame if he just jacks-off."

"You're really sure? I mean I'll do it if you want me to," I told him hoping he'd tell me to go down the hall to Jon's room.

"Sure, it'll be a bit of a surprise for you anyway."

"What's that mean, Todd?" I asked wondering exactly what that meant.

"Oh, I've seen him in the locker room and, well, go see for yourself."

So, I kissed him and went down the hall to the spare room and knocked softly.

Chapter 2

"Yeah? Come in."

I opened the door and there was Jon reading a book.

"Todd sent me down to see if there was anything you might want tonight?" I asked standing there naked at the foot of his bed.

"Well, what I see sure looks wonderful."

"He's okay with that, too, Jon. It's what he told me."

"Really? Wow, what a friend, huh, and look at you, you are really beautiful. I've been looking at you all night, especially that nice commando pussy of yours."

"Wanna see it up close?" I asked as he pulled the sheet aside now showing me what Todd had hinted at. Oh, it was beautiful, there's no other word for it. And straight up, it looked like a monument between his legs. Tall, so erect, so wonderful.

"How, uh, how big are you, Jon? Todd didn't tell me about that," I said pointing as I crawled in next to him.

"Oh, don't worry, Paula, it's just like most others. And if you want to know, it's just under nine inches," he told me as I reached for it.

It was throbbing in my hand, Todd's had never done that nor any of the other guys I'd been with. It really seemed to have a pulse, a heartbeat of its own.

"God, it feels like it's alive," I gushed.

"Well, it sure ain't dead," he joked. "I think it likes you," he said as his hand reached over to cup my breast. A tingle went right to my middle as I bent over to take the tip of his cock in my mouth.

"Mmm, I've been dreaming of you sucking me ever since I first saw you at the airport, Paula."

Well, that's about when I first thought of it, I recalled as I was wiping my tongue around the head as I pulled on him.

I was on his bed, leaning over him, up on my knees as I felt a finger begin working its way up inside me. I let out a little encouraging moan to urge him on and he soon had two fingers in me moving back and forth.

Just deciding to go ahead and do it, I swung my leg up over him as I felt his fingers pull out and his hands go up to pull my hips down bringing my pussy to his mouth. Mmm, I just love getting my pussy eaten and now I would see how my future hubby's best friend does it.

I was trying my best on his cock but I really couldn't get it all in my mouth and I've never been able to deepthroat because of my gag reflex. So, I did my best which, according to those on the receiving end, was always rated pretty highly.

I was laying right down on him, my pussy right at his mouth as I widened my legs as far as I could just relishing his tongue flicking up and down as his fingers gently held me open.

I was bobbing up and down on him sucking as I went, then licking along the shaft and around and around the head, then sucking just the tip, then licking the length again.

His hands took my feet and he spread me open even further as he pushed my legs wide out while he jammed his tongue inside and wiggled and circled it around. I exploded.

"UUH, UUG, AYYE, AYYE, AYYE, UNNH, UNNH, uh, mmm, mmm," I cried out as I was inundated with waves of ecstasy that pulsed and vibrated throughout my whole body.

It was so powerful, I couldn't do anything but just lay on him as I slowly came down from the clouds. All through my orgasm, which, I think, was the longest one I'd ever had, he kept softly caressing my slit with his tongue. It was lovely.

Then he raised up and asked, "Ready? I want you now, Paula," he said as he reached down for my arm to pull me up into his arms. He moved sideways and flipped me over on my back and was quickly up over me shoving his cock into me as I eagerly raised up for him.

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