Who's Behind the Curtain?

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: The title sounds like a game, doesn't it? Well, it is and you should see what's poking through the hole in the curtain.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Swinging   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

My name is Sherry and I'm eighteen, a senior in high school and I'm in love. My two best friends, Val and Tonya, are also seniors and they're in love, too. We all three have boyfriends but it's not them we're in love with.

No, we're all in love with sex.

We all three started falling in love with sex when the first one of us, Tonya, learned from her older sister about masturbation. Now I don't mean playing around a little bit with yourself, I mean the real thing.

She showed us each how to do it and from then on, we all three used to do it together almost every day.

Then we started doing each other which pretty quickly led to oral sex with each other, what we call 'six-nine-six' with each of us in a triangle between the other's legs all getting each other off orally.

We each lost our cherry at different times; Tonya, always experimental, at thirteen, me, I was fourteen and so was Val. As much as we loved the sex we shared with each other, we all three agreed that guys had something we just adored. Need I say more?

But, we still do have sex with each other. Oh, we're older now, experts in getting each other off, we are really good. But fucking guys is really what we love the best.

So we all three, of course, have boyfriends. I have Craig, Val has Shawn, and Tonya has Alex.

What I want to tell you about started at one of our countless sleepovers, one night when we all lay in a tangle of naked girl bodies, each of our faces still damp from girly juices, content in the sex we'd shared and I brought up a story I'd read on some erotica story site on my computer. I just love reading these dirty stories.

"I read something today, we should all try," I posed and went on, "it was a story about three couples, married couples, and the wives were kind of bored and wanted to spice up their sex with their husbands. So, they decided to rig a bedroom with a blanket hung across and a hole in it just at dick-height."

They both giggled at that and I went on, "So, they had each husband come into the room behind the blanket and put his dick through the hole. Each of the wives would play with it, you know, fool around and then a wife had to guess if it was her husband's. She then sucked off that cock before the next guy got behind and put his through the hole."

"So all they saw was his dick poking out?" Val asked.

"Yeah, so, they went through all three and then the hubbies came in and told them what number they were: one, two or three. If a wife was wrong she spent the night with that guy, the one that was the wrong husband. See?"

"Yeah, cool story," Tonya said.

"I'm telling you this because I wonder if we want to do this same thing with our boyfriends?" I asked them.

"Hey, great idea, I've never had Shawn or Craig," Tonya said. "Yeah, that might be fun."

Now, just so you know, none of us were crazy in love with our boyfriends, they were nice, we loved them in a way and they fucked us like we wanted to be fucked, hard and all the time. Sounds slutty but, well, that's what it was.

"Yeah, great idea, Sherry, when and where, girl, that's the question?" Val asked.

"Well, my parents are going to a wedding in two weeks, they'll be gone the whole weekend from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. I've told them I'll be fine and I do have a car so they're not worried," I said.

"And nobody has a problem if any of us ends up with the other's boyfriend?" Val asked. We all agreed that it was fine, even fun.

So, we all had some fun again, now talking about boy's cocks sticking through blankets, us playing with them, sucking the one we thought was ours, finding maybe it wasn't and having him the rest of the weekend. Oh, did that make us hot.

We talked incessantly about our upcoming blanket party, even got the blanket all ready, actually measuring the distance of each boyfriend's dick from the floor. We wanted it right. Each boyfriend wanted to know why we were measuring them and each one of us said to just wait and see.

My parents left about two-thirty on Friday afternoon to fly to their wedding and Tonya and I got busy stringing up the blanket, getting the hole just right. And we had a little fun together, as we often do, getting our clothes off and chasing each other through my house, finally catching each other and falling into a giggling pile eating each other out.

My boyfriend, Craig, took me out to dinner and I told him we were having a special party at my house afterward and he quizzed me all through dinner but I wouldn't tell him.

After we ate, we went back to my house where I kept having to hold him back from trying to get my clothes off, telling him to just wait, he'll have plenty of that later. But, one of the reasons he's my boyfriend is that his dick is always ready, any time and every time.

So, soon, we were all six together and we sat the boys down to tell them what the weekend held. They had each covered at home that they were staying out over the weekend so all was set.

"You mean, put my dick through it and you all guess who it is?", Tonya's boyfriend, Alex asked.

"Right. Whichever of us thinks it's her boyfriend's goes ahead and sucks it off. Then we do the other two just the same way," I added.

"And if any of you are wrong, say, um, Sherry, you thought I was Craig but you sucked me off instead, then I'd be with you the rest of the weekend and Tonya'd be with someone else, maybe Craig, I guess."

"You've got it, fellow."

"And we've got all day tomorrow and most of Sunday?" Craig wanted to know.

"Yeah, we've got meals covered, well, we'll order in pizza tomorrow night but someone has to get dressed when it comes," I told them and they all laughed.

"So after we play the little blanket game, we'll each have our own bedroom and spend the night with the one we've gotten from the contest. Then, tomorrow, we'll all have breakfast, naked, too, guys, you'll be with us three girls naked all weekend, that should keep your cocks hard, and we will have all day out back around the pool, the weather is supposed to be great and all three of us girls have agreed to have sex with whichever of you wants to. So, here's your chance," Val explained.

"You mean out at your pool, all of us just fucking whoever we want?" Shawn asked.

We all nodded our heads as I went on.

"Then, we three girls will get together and each choose who she wants to spend the night with, just as long as it's not her regular boyfriend and pair-off. We figure you guys will just love the whole weekend," Val told them.

"Oh, my cock is so hard just thinking about it, it's incredible," said my boyfriend, Craig. "This sounds like one hell of a weekend."

"Shall we start?" I asked.

So, we three girls went upstairs to my bedroom where the blanket was hung, eager to see how well-hung what stuck through the hole would be hung. We each quickly took our clothes off and waited.

A knock came and we called in the first boyfriend. The blanket moved some then a nice, long, rather thick cock entered our side of the blanket as we gathered around.

I was the first one to hold and feel it. Of course, it was raging hard, big surprise, huh? The tip was smooth and rounded, pinkish-brown, I didn't think it was Craig, my guy, though I wasn't totally sure either way, so I played with it and stroked it and licked around the head for a minute before I handed it over to Val.

Tonya pointed at the cock sticking through the blanket, then silently pointed at herself trying to tell us that she thought the cock was Alex's. Well, time will tell.

Val enjoyed playing with the mystery cock for a few minutes, then gave it a quick suck and turned it over to Tonya who wasted no time getting it into her mouth. She certainly looked happy sucking whoever's cock it was and in a few minutes, the blanket was shuddering back and forth with some moans from the other side as she backed away, turned to us, opening her mouth showing us the stringy strands of cum, and then said, "The next guy can come in now."

Out popped, well, I'll call it the way I saw it, out popped a beautiful long, thick, lovely-veined cock, nicely flesh-colored with a bulbous, smooth, shiny head. I knew it wasn't Craig, the first one could have been but I was sure this one wasn't.

I played with it anyway, of course, thinking that I might just want to sample this healthy specimen before the weekend's over. I gave it a bit of a suck to thank it for showing up.

Then Tonya took it over and left it happy from her mouth as well. Val was next, she seemed to indicate that she knew it rather well and sucked it eagerly which brought a few groans from the other side of the blanket leaving her with a mouthful which she happily displayed to Val and me.

When the second dick pulled back through to the other side I was sad to see it go but was soon rewarded with what I felt pretty sure was my boyfriend's cock. The first and third had a slight upward curve to them like my boyfriend had. It did look familiar.

I moved toward it, holding it, fondling it, caressing it, licking it, sucking it. Yes, it did seem familiar, even its taste. I sucked a minute more then moved aside for Val to conduct her penile examination.

She played with it for a minute, then licked circles around the tip until whoever was on the other side moaned a few times getting some giggles from our side of the blanket. A few nice sucks from Tonya and then I took it back in my mouth to suck the cum out of it to then send the mystery cock back out of the room.

"Okay, anybody know whose boyfriend it was?" Val asked.

"Mine was the first guy, I'm pretty sure," Tonya said.

"The third guy was mine," I said.

"You sure, I thought he could have been Shawn?" Val claimed.

"Well, okay, maybe mine was number one but I'm not positive. And I thought this would be easy," I offered.

"Shall we call them in?" I asked and getting all nods, I opened the door and told our three boyfriends, each one standing there beautifully erect awaiting our summons, to join us for the results.

Well, without boring you, Tonya was right, the first guy was Alex and Val and I were wrong, we each chose each other's boyfriends. I guess we need to get to know their cocks better.

So, off we went to the assigned bedrooms, me now with Shawn, who was whispering, "I was hoping it'd be you, Sherry," as we went in and closed the door.

Turning to each other, we stood there for a few seconds just looking at each other's naked bodies. His cock did look somewhat like my boyfriend's, nice and long and thick with a slight upward curve and I was going to get to know how it felt inside as well. This had been fun so far.

"You're really beautiful, Sherry, I can't wait to have sex with you. Has Val ever told you how much I love eating pussy?"

"No, but I'm sure willing for you to do me," I said as I climbed up on my bed and spread open for him. He got up between my widened legs, his cock wavering back and forth so sexily as he knelt there rubbing his fingers in the slippery wetness between my thighs.

Then, I stuffed my pillow up under my butt to raise my puss up for him. He bent down and began licking all up and down along my inner thighs, not getting to my pussy, just the sides of my thighs which were so sensitive as he did it. This was a guy who was in no hurry which was fine with me; every lick was sending shivers right through my pussy.

He licked all around under me, just never on my pussy, all around, over and over, up and down along my thighs, sending tingly little shocks through me.

"Oh, you are making me so hot. You're teasing me, aren't you? Just making me crazy?"

"UmmmHumm," he murmured as he licked on and on, just all around, but not on, my pussy. The thrill just kept me on edge the whole time and, finally, his fingers spread my labia open and he started flicking his furled tongue around, poking, rubbing, licking; oh, I just exploded.

"OMIGOD, OHH, OHH, AYYE, AYYE, AYYE, UUH, uh, uh, mmm, mmm, oh, oh, mmm," I cried out as my whole body jumped and shivered as I was swept away in a massive orgasm that rippled through me back and forth for minutes. It was wild, just the best.

He was looking up at me as he slowly licked.

"That was wonderful, Shawn, my pussy is so happy. Come make it even happier," I urged him as I pulled him up over me. He took hold of his cock as I opened as wide as I could. I felt it press right between my labia, then a shove and he was right up in me where he began slowly fucking me back and forth.

"Oh, just as good as I knew you'd be, Sherry. Craig is a lucky guy."

"I'm feeling pretty lucky right at the moment, mmm, feels good. Wonder how Val is doing with Craig?" I posed.

"Oh, I'll bet they're having fun just like we are, babe," he said as he probed in and out of my upturned pussy. I raised my legs up giving him even better access as we enjoyed the newness of coupling our bodies together.

"Mmm, so tight, you are so nice, Sherry, so tight, I love fucking you," he groaned.

"We've got the whole night and even tomorrow if we want. Just keep that cock of your nice and hard."

Well, he kept that request and we fucked in several more positions before we both just collapsed in a happy arm-tangled heap and fell asleep.

I slowly woke the next morning as I felt a hard cock pushing at me from behind. I remembered that it was Shawn, not Craig, and lifted my top leg to reach under and guide him inside which he followed through on quite nicely to begin a lovely wake-up fuck.

"Mmm, good morning, Sherry, you feel nice and tight this morning, sleep well?" he asked.

"Yeah, I hardly moved all night, just fucked-out, I guess," I joked as he slid in and out as I lay there on my side enjoying every moment.

I soon had a fresh deposit of Shawn's cum along with a nice orgasm of my own and we decided to get up and get us some breakfast. We slipped on some underwear and went down to the kitchen where the others were already convened.

As we walked in, we were immediately hooted at for wearing clothes; we were the only ones not naked so we quickly stripped and joined the crowd.

I went over to Craig and kissed my boyfriend good morning as I took hold of his cock.

"Having fun with Val, she treating your nice cock well?" I asked him as I gave it a friendly squeeze.

"Oh, you sure have a hot girlfriend, hon, she's just like you, loves to fuck. How's Shawn? Keeping your pretty pussy happy?" he asked.

"Yeah, he just never stops. Stays rock-hard on and on."

We girls started getting coffee made and toast and eggs as the three guys hovered around us, each one getting in good feels of all three of us, knowing that we were all open to sex with any or all of them.

Alex, Tonya's boyfriend, came up behind me, reaching around to cup my boobs as I was buttering toast, pressing his hard cock into my butt so I leaned over some on the counter and spread my feet so his cock slid up under me along my crevice, all wet and slippery from a lovely morning fuck.

He rocked back and forth, not inside me, just rubbing along my pussy lips, over and over as he fondled my boobs. The two other guys were busy as well, it was some sight in my kitchen that morning.

"Mmm, that feels nice, Alex, maybe this afternoon we can get that nice thing inside me?" I offered.

"That's a date, babe, but right now, mmm, feels good to me even not inside your pussy."

We did make it through breakfast and then we all decided to go back to our rooms until noon, have lunch, then it was pool-time for the afternoon for all.

Shawn and I had sex a couple more times, including an extended oral session on me that was just the best ever. He kept down between my legs for I don't know how long, I do know he brought me through four orgasms, it was stunning.

Then a naked lunch for the six of us, again having fun feeling and groping and kissing and sucking, great fun.

Chapter 2

After we all cleaned up the kitchen, it was pool time where we had all agreed to have a Sadie Hawkins afternoon by the pool with the girls choosing who they wanted first. Since I hadn't had sex with Tonya's boyfriend, Alex, I went right to him and took him in hand and led him over to the shade where we pulled some cushions off a few lounge chairs and threw a blanket over them.

Alex was the tallest of the guys, fairly muscular and had an all-over tan like Tanya had. He has a pool at home and I've heard that his parents are pretty open-minded, letting them use the pool naked and even letting her sleep over with him whenever they want, which is quite a lot, she's said.

So, I got down on the cushions and spread open as he knelt between my legs and began tonguing me. He was pulling my pussy open as he flipped his tongue back and forth sending shivers of ecstasy across my whole body.

I looked over across the pool and Val was sucking my boyfriend's cock as he watched me getting licked. He waved and I waved back, the whole situation getting wilder and weirder by the minute. I'm beginning to think that it would be nice to be able to swap boyfriends from now on whenever the mood struck any of us and we wanted something a little different. I made a mental note to discuss it with my girlfriends soon.

He was tonguing me quite nicely as he held me open while he pressed his nose down over my clit rubbing it around. I was liking that a lot.

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