A Family Tradition

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: When my mom caught me masturbating, she told me that she used to do it for her brother. She even told my sister about it and the family tradition goes on.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

It was Danny Tillotson who first told me about jacking-off.

"Do you jack-off, Todd?"

"Do what?"

"Jack-off, play with your dick, rub it up and down?"

"Are you kidding?"

"No, like in the shower, take soap and get your hand all soapy then put your hand around it and do this," he told me as he moved his fist back and forth.

"No, I guess not, I've kind of played with it, geez, why are we talking about this, Danny?"

"Well, try it next time you shower, just do it and keep going, it'll get to feeling better and better. It's really great."

Our talk went on to other things as talk often does but the next morning as I started to get in the shower and my dick was already hard, I tried what Danny suggested and I was in there so long, I ran out of hot water. But, I'd learned something new. I was nine and still in elementary school.

I had a kind of sex talk from my mom not long after that but it was mostly just about how babies get made in some pretty vague terms. It really didn't mean much to me, after all, I was a long way to getting married and becoming a father. There was also some stuff in school about sex, I don't mean from the other guys I hung around with, no, from the teachers.

There was some stuff about the body, male and female and how each was different and stuff and about how you can get diseases and stuff, too.

Well, I was finding that my jacking-off was more enjoyable each year and by the time I was twelve it was feeling excellent, I was now having ejaculations that had been clear and thin but as I approached thirteen, they became white and sticky. I knew then that I had sperm in my cum and that I could get a girl pregnant if I ever got my dick inside where I'd heard all the talk about.

My mom, of course, had a couple of talks with me in the meantime, now about how girls could get pregnant and even about birth control which I was also being taught in school.

I was told not to tell my sister any of this, Lisa was a year younger and, I supposed my mom was telling her stuff a year or so later than me.

By the time I was in eighth grade, I'd seen some Playboys, of course, again, Danny was the guy who introduced me and it was his computer where I first saw porn, he had figured out how to get to it with all the blockers that his parents had put on it.

So, now I was watching girls give their boyfriends handjobs and blowjobs, all kinds of fucking, eating pussy which really looked so hot and from how some of the girls acted when they got it done to them, well, I wanted to do that the first time I saw it.

The videos we watched at Danny's house were incredible, just everything you could think of and some you couldn't.

So now I was masturbating all the time. Yes, still in the shower, I'd learned to do it quickly to save water and then did it much more leisurely in bed at night, sometimes twice and during the summer, when I woke up and then once or twice during the day.

Then one Saturday morning during the summer, I was fourteen, eager to enter high school the next fall, when I woke up and started playing with it as usual and decided to have a good old time of it so I lay back, closed my eyes and went at it.

I was close, oh, really close when I heard, "Oh, sorry, Todd," and my eyes snapped open and there was my mother with an armload of clean clothes that she put on my dresser.

I knew I was in trouble so I just went ahead and said, "Sorry, Mom," as I whipped the covers over me.

She looked at me and laughed, then said, "Oh, that's all right, I know boys do it, well, girls do, too, of course, I remember how my brother used to all the time."

"Uncle Ted?"

"Oh, yeah, I even, hmm, well, you're getting old enough now, well, you've got to keep this as a family secret, promise?" and I nodded my head.

"Well, just like today, years ago, I walked in on my brother, your Uncle Ted, when he was doing it. And, well, like you, he jumped and covered up but I talked him into finishing while I watched."

I couldn't believe my mother was telling me something like this, then she went on, "So, I saw the whole thing, it was pretty cool, I must admit."

"Wow, Mom, that's really some story."

"Well, that's just the beginning, actually. I'm gonna tell you the rest but you've promised, right? Well, I watched him even after that, I really liked seeing him do it and, well, I ... I even ... I even did it for him."

"You did it to his, um, his, thing?" I asked, absolutely astonished.

"Yes, I masturbated my brother for a long time after that. I really liked making him feel good, it became something we'd do every day, sometimes more."

"I bet he loved that," I said without thinking about it.

"Oh, we both did. Really we both, um, well, we both did each other after a few weeks."

She said it and just looked kind of red-faced about it, then added, "Pretty naughty, huh?"

"Each other, like... ?" I stuttered.

"Yes, we did each other. Wanna know the truth? It was wonderful. I know that seems crazy but it really brought us very close to one another after we started. I've never ever regretted it a single moment. It was really beautiful if you want to know the truth."

"I guess I've never heard of a brother and sister doing that."

"Oh, it happens, believe me, lots can happen in families. So I understand how boys are, my brother was the same way and he had me to help him feel good. And he made me feel good, too. It was wonderful."

"The way you tell it, Mom, it really seems nice."

She had a kind of dreamy look on her face as she replied, "It was, Todd, it really was," and she got up and walked out closing my door as she left.

I was too shaken to go back and finish what I had started so I got up and went in and showered and did it there instead.

I really didn't feel much like going downstairs after my shower, still embarrassed after being discovered like that but, finally, my hunger overruled my humiliation and I went down to the kitchen and got myself some breakfast. Thankfully, my mom wasn't anywhere to be seen and I ate then went out to do the edging of the flower beds which was on my chore list for the day.

The rest of the day went by fine, I did try to avoid Mom though the time or two we did run into one another, she seemed fine, even friendly and cheerful. Maybe reliving the story she'd told me about my uncle had cheered her up. She sure did seem cheered telling me about it.

Then, as I was in bed later reading, a knock came to my door and it was my mom.

"Hi, can we talk for a minute?" she asked. "I'm sure you remember me telling you about how Uncle Ted and I used to, well, make each other happy getting each other off. It was nice because no matter if we were dating anyone or not, neither of us ever got lonely or had to, you know, do it ourselves. Do you think you understand?"

"Yeah, I guess I do, you just did that for each other, it was, I guess, pretty loving for a brother and sister to do that. Even if it might be weird to some people."

"But it doesn't seem weird what Ted and I did?"

"No, Mom, the way you explained it and all, that you were really making each other happy, well, that seemed pretty nice."

"What if Lisa did that for you?"

I immediately felt a flash of heat across my face as I sputtered, "Lisa?"

"Yes, what would you think if you and Lisa did what Uncle Ted and I used to do for each other?"

"I ... I don't know, Mom, I mean, wow, this is all so new. You really mean that me and Lisa would ... is that what you mean? That we'd like do each other?"

"Is that something you think you'd like?"

"What about Lisa?"

"I'm asking you."

"Well, yeah, I ... well when you told me about you and Uncle Ted, well, it sounded so nice and, well, pretty sexy, too. I mean you two must have had a really good time doing it."

"Oh, we did, we did indeed. So?"

"Well, sure, I mean, yeah it would be great but...".

"What if Lisa has already agreed?"

"Are you kidding me, Mom?"

"I asked you a question, Todd."

"Sure, geez, I mean it really makes me, well, pretty interested. Yeah."

"You mean this is interested, right?" as my mom pointed to my dick under the covers poking up. I felt myself blush as I said, "Yeah."

"Should I send her in?"

"You really mean this? I mean, it's sure weird but, yeah. She said she'd do what you used to do for Uncle Ted?"

"She did and you can do her as well. You'll see, it's nice when a brother and sister make each other happy."

"Okay," I said and my mom got up and went downstairs.

It was surreal, like a dream, I was sure mine was the only family who were going to do something like this but the truth was, my dick was rock-hard just thinking about it. Then I looked up and there was my sister standing in the doorway in her nightie.

"Mom said you wanted to try what she and Uncle Ted used to do?"

I couldn't believe it, Mom must have told her and sent her to my room. Incredible.

"Um, yeah, close the door, Lisa. Did Mom talk to you about what she and our uncle used to do?"

"Yeah, they used to get each other off. I have a friend in my grade, she and her brother do it. Are you nervous, god, I am," she admitted standing there at the end of my bed.

"Yeah, I am, this is all kind of weird."

"Can I just get in bed, maybe we can snuggle until I calm down?" she asked as she moved toward me. I lifted the covers and she slid in next to me and our arms encircled each other as we lay there together. I reached over and turned out my light, the darkness was calming for us both.

"This is nice," she whispered.

"Yeah, it is. You've really gotten pretty, you know, in the last few years, really kind of sexy," I told my sister.

"Really, me? I have gotten some boobs and, well, my legs look nicer."

"You look pretty hot in that red two-piece you wear to the beach."

"You're looking at your sister, Todd? Me?"

"Well, I'm a guy, you know, and, well, you're looking pretty nice, Sis."

"Do I feel nice holding me like this?"

"Well, I can tell you that it's, um, making me excited," I told her.

"You mean, like hard?"

"Yeah, like that."

"Can I feel it?"

Those four words sent a shiver across my body.

"Um yeah, if you want to," I said and I felt her hand come around and snake down between our bodies until she got to my briefs.

"Wanna take those off?"

I quickly pulled them down as her fingers wrapped around my dick.

Chapter 2

"You really are hard. And, well, a lot bigger than I remember but that's back when we were pretty small. We've both grown, especially you have right there," she said as she gave it a squeeze.

Her hand began rubbing back and forth as she asked, "Does this feel good?"

"It feels wonderful," I whispered as my heart began racing. I pulled the sheet over so we were uncovered and she moved around to sit up on the bed next to me with her legs crossed under her as she moved up and down in the dim light.

"Mmm, mmm," I groaned as she went on. Just having someone else do it was so exciting, it just felt so much better. I guess I was discovering that the way a lot of guys do.

"Can you turn the light back on, I want to see when you shoot. Does it go really far?"

I clicked on the table lamp and saw her sitting there, smiling at me as her hand slowly and methodically masturbated me.

It just felt so good, so much better than when I did it.

"You really look happy, Todd, this must feel really good."

"Oh, lots better than good, it feels wonderful. It's gonna make me cum pretty soon."

"Good, I really want to see. I've seen it on the computer but this is real life, right here. Do you want it faster or slower?"

"A little faster would be good, mmm, yeah, just like that," I moaned as her hand rose and fell more rapidly. This was so good, and our mother knows what we're doing and doesn't mind. She's downstairs knowing my sister is masturbating me. And that I'll probably end up doing it to her.

She had me really close, I was getting that electric feeling that happens right before I cum and, then, then, I raised my hips up as spurt after spurt of my cum went flying up out the end of my dick and landing on my sister's fist and forearm.

"UHH, UHH, UUH, uhh, mmm," I groaned as she cried out, "Look, look, omigod, it does shoot, it really shoots, oh, I love it, did it feel good?"

"Oh, wow, it felt wonderful, really better than whenever I've done it. Really great."

"So Mom was right about her and Uncle Ted, this is nice," she said as she snuggled down next to me and we kissed for the first time. It was wonderful and sweet and just perfect. I reached back behind me and turned off my reading light.

I'm not sure when the door opened and let in a shaft of light glaring around the outline of our mother in the doorway.

"You two asleep?" she asked.

We both roused somewhat and told her that we'd fallen asleep.

"Okay, that's fine, just stay there if you want, I'll see you in the morning," and she pulled the door closed and we snuggled back to sleep, me naked in my sister's arms.

I kept waking during the night, not used to sleeping with another person in my bed, and finally opened my eyes to see my sister staring at me.

"Wha ... uh, oh, you're looking at me," I said groggily.

"I was just thinking how nice this is. I really liked sleeping with you, it's fun to snuggle," she said as I realized that she, like me, was now naked.

"You don't have your nightie on."

"I took it off when I got up to go pee during the night. I like it better this way, don't you?"

"Oh, it's really nice, you feel so soft and smooth," I said as my hands ranged over her. She put one hand down between us and whispered, "You feel big and hard, is what you feel like," as she gripped my dick under the covers.

"Want me to get you off before we go have breakfast?" she asked.

I nodded and she pulled the covers back and gazed at my dick standing up in the air.

"Hand me the lotion," she asked and soon she was working her fist up and down on me to make the cum spurt once again from my cock.

She put on her nighty and panties and I pulled on some sweatpants and we went down for breakfast and as soon as we went in the kitchen, Mom turned, saw us both smiling ear-to-ear and asked, "Sleep well, guys?" and turned back to the stove to start making pancakes.

"Yes, Mom, it was nice. The whole thing was nice. Thanks for, you know, telling us about you and Uncle Ted and letting us see for ourselves," my sister told her.

"Yeah, thanks, Mom, it was nice to sleep together, too," I added.

"Well, I guess if you two want to sleep together, that's all right, just don't tell anyone, okay?"

We agreed and we had a nice breakfast. Just as we were ending, Mom spoke up with this, "One of the things Uncle Ted and I used to do that I remember the best is taking showers together. It was really nice, we did it almost every day. You can try it if you want to."

We looked at each other and said, 'sure' and departed for the bathroom, leaving our mom sitting there wistfully smiling, no doubt, recalling her happy days with her own brother.

We got up to our bathroom and were quickly disrobed as I turned on the water. In a minute, Lisa checked the temperature and stepped in under the spray reaching back out to take me by the penis and pull me in with her.

"Hey, don't hurt that, it's my favorite plaything," I complained jokingly.

"Mmm, mine, too," she said grinning as she lathered both hands to begin cleaning it so wondrously.

I leaned back against the tile wall as Lisa slid her hands back and forth along my dick until all the soap was washed away.

"Clean enough, I want to save your cum for after," she said as she handed me the bar of soap as I began lathering her.

"You're so smooth and soft, oh, do I love this, I hope we can shower every day. Look what this is doing to me," I gasped as I nodded down.

She spread her feet apart as I went under her getting a soft moan or two, then she turned for me to do her backside. My heart was racing as we finally turned off the water and she reached out to get us towels.

"Does your dick ever get soft?" she asked me. "I thought they got little and soft sometimes. How come yours never does?"

"It does, it really does but look at you, Lisa, you're naked, I've got your pretty body right here to look at, what do you expect?"

"Yeah, I guess you're right. It's fun, though. I just never thought Mom would let us do something like this, much less, pretty much encourage it," my sister added.

"Well, she has such nice memories, I guess that's most of it. And, well, I do feel differently about my sister now," as I leaned to her and kissed her softly. Her arms went around me and she pulled me close as we kissed harder as our hands ranged over one another.

We went in my sister's room and I asked her, "Do you want me to do it to you? I will if you want."

"You've never done it to a girl have you?"

I shook my head sideways and she said, "Maybe I should show you how I do it first, then you'll know what makes me feel good."

I agreed and she suggested that while she was masturbating, I could as well, we would be watching each other.

So we both sat on her bed, her back on the headboard, my back against the wall and I did my standard stroking up and down while she rubbed her fingers across her pussy lips which were wet and shiny.

"Mmm, feels good, how about you?" she asked and I mumbled, "Mmm, yeah, good," and I jacked up and down.

She went along rubbing for a while, then took her other hand and put a finger up inside to begin stroking it in and out as she rubbed circles around the top of her pussy.

"Mmm, yeah, that feels so good. I'm getting close. Are you?" she asked.

"Pretty close, yeah," I told her as I pumped my cock even faster now.

My sister's face was red as she went at it, making little moaning sounds as she tossed her head back and forth.

"Mmm, ooh, mmm, mmm, so good, mmm," she murmured as her fingers rubbed and stroked.

Then I felt it happen as arcs of cum went flying up from the end of my dick onto my sister's leg mostly as she went faster and faster.

"OH, OH, OH, EYYA, EYYA, Oh, oh, mmm, mmm, oh," she cried softly as her hands came to a rest. "Oh, that was so good, it's just so better when we do it together like this."

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