Checking on Matt

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Once when my eighteen-year old nephew, Matt, was visiting me, I went looking for him and, as I turned into his room, he was laying on his bed, naked, his hand stroking his long, thick cock. "I was hoping you'd come check on me, Aunt Connie," he said grinning. I was soon happy I had as well.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Aunt   Nephew   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Size   .

Chapter 1

If you're from one of those families where your cousins and nephews, first and second and thirds, I suppose, outnumber the US Congress, well I guess you're lucky.

My family is pretty small, I have two aunts, an uncle, two cousins and a sister, whose son, Matt, is my nephew. He's my only nephew so I've always called him my favorite ever since he was old enough to understand the joke.

I think if I did have a slew of nephews, he'd still be my favorite because he's always been cheerful and intelligent. I'm a teacher so I've been around lots of young people and Matt is more interesting than most to talk to because he likes to watch the news and read the newspaper to keep up on things.

Being a teacher, I like the fact that he gets good grades, rarely getting a B, almost always A's. So, he's my favorite even though he's my only nephew.

Matt and I always got along well and I began having him visit us when he was just three or four. The 'us' was my husband and I, he is now long gone and out of the picture, but Matt has continued his summer visits for a week or two each year as I had my two children and, after that, my husband departed.

He's been really great with my two kids who are, of course, younger, my daughter is six years younger, my son eight years.

I think he has come to regard me as much a friend and confidant as an aunt which pleases me enormously. We've talked about a lot of things that I don't think he's comfortable talking to his mom or dad about. So, it's been really nice. It's given me a bit of a preview of how it will be as my own children get older.

A few summers ago when he was staying with us, my two children had gone to a movie with friends and I had just finished folding the laundry when I went in the kitchen, then looked around for Matt to see what he was up to.

He had been on the soccer team in high school, now just graduated and soon to be off to college to major in geology, an interest he's had since he was small. We had discussed girls and dating over the last few years and I know he's had several serious girl friends and quite a few casual ones as well.

He had also basically told me that he had sex with several of them, even starting at thirteen with one. He was an athletic, handsome guy and I could see why the girls would be attracted to him. And his smile would soften anyone's heart.

So, I went outside and didn't see him around so I tried upstairs and, rounding the corner to his bedroom, there he was stretched out on his bed, naked, his hand moving up and down on his rather large penis.

"Oh, sorry," I gasped as he said, "I was hoping you'd come looking for me, Aunt Connie."

He said it smiling right at me as he continued with his masturbation.

Well, I'm no fool, I knew it was deliberate, he wanted this and I was going to ask him why.

"What are you doing, Matt? This is on purpose, isn't it?" I asked him standing there quite in shock at what I saw. He had the largest cock I'd ever seen; old boyfriends, ex-husband, the few guy's I'd been with since.

"I just wanted you to see what you do to me. You make me get like this, Aunt Connie. You've made me get hard since I was, oh, maybe nine or ten. And, now, yes, I'm doing it on purpose so you know."

"I ... I...", I stuttered, truly at a loss for words as he took his hand away and it stood high in the air over him.

"I've jacked-off thousands of times dreaming about you and I finally wanted you to know. And I want to do something about it, Aunt Connie."

Well, that didn't need much explaining.

"I'm your aunt, Matt, we're related."

It was awful but there was a part of me that didn't want the conversation to end, I wanted to continue looking as his large cock. I had been alone now for several years, with no more than the occasional date.

"I'm not wanting to marry you Aunt Connie or have children with you. I've just wanted this in you for years now," and he gripped himself again and began stroking anew.

"I've wanted to get you naked and kiss you all over your body, everywhere, especially between your legs. And your breasts, I've wanted to kiss and suck them so much all these years. And this," he said as he lifted his swollen cock,"this I've wanted inside you since I was in middle school."

"Matt ... we just ... oh, I can't believe this. Can you stop that for a minute, please?" I asked nodding at his hand moving up and down.

"I want you to see me cum and see how turned-on you make me. Will you watch?"

I know that you're reading this and thinking, wow this is weird and made-up but it's not. He asked me with pleading in his eyes. Two things kept me there; he really seemed so sincere and, well, I was so horny watching him, I wanted to see my nephew ejaculate.

"Yes, I'll watch, Matt, it'll be our secret, omigod, I can't believe we're doing this," and I sat on the end of the bed as he continued on.

My pussy was simply afire with passion and arousal. He slid his hand up and down over and over his long, thick cock, the veins dilated; he had to be close to ten inches and really thick around; a glint of precum stood in the slit at the head of his cock.

"Oh, I've wanted this for so long, mmm, oh, yeah, I'm real close. See what I can do, Aunt Connie, and it's all for you," he groaned as he bucked his hips up and spurts of his cum went flying up out of him as he gasped, "Um, uh, uh, mmm, mmm, oh, so good, mmm, oh, Aunt Connie, it's just for you," and he fell back on the bed, his penis still swollen and hard, me sitting there watching him, his strong, masculine body so different from just a few years ago when he was a small boy.

I remembered his penis from then, small and thin, the end just tapering down almost to a point. But now, well.

He reached over and took some tissues and began wiping himself clean.

"I'll do that," I whispered as I got up and knelt next to the bed taking the tissues from his hand and cleaning his cock and abdomen where most of it was.

He was watching me with wide eyes as I leaned forward and kissed his dick right on the tip where a small milky drop had come up.

"Thank you, Matt, thank you for letting me watch," I said and I got up and went back downstairs feeling that my life had changed somehow.

I was in a kind of daze the rest of the afternoon with the image of his large cock, so unexpected when I walked in and saw it, seemingly permanently etched in my mind.

I couldn't sit still I was so aroused and, finally, knowing that my children would be dropped back at home in about forty-five minutes, I went up and quickly relieved myself in a massive orgasm. It told me I was not getting the physical and emotional attention my mind and body was wanting.

I was back downstairs when the children came home from their outing, telling me all about the movies they saw and the other kids they knew who were there.

Matt came down and was asking them questions about it all as I looked at him, now as a man rather than as a boy as I had previously. Seeing him naked was an eye opener for sure. I just couldn't get the image out of my mind and really didn't want to especially, either.

I looked up at one point and he was staring at me, his face bright with a big smile. I knew exactly what he was thinking, I had been as well.

I knew, of course, that he was my brother's son, I knew all that, all about royalty in Europe and Russia, all the interbreeding, all that, yes. And Matt knew, as well, he said he didn't want children, he wanted sex, pleasure, intimacy, not offspring.

But I was the adult, I was the one who was mature in all this. But I was also so aroused, so turned-on, so impassioned; all I could see was my nephew's hard cock rising up so provocatively. It was both awful and wonderful as I felt stirrings I hadn't felt in years, maybe ever.

I was so distracted during dinner and after that I finally went to bed after I got my two bathed and in bed.

I lay there, my hand between my legs, slowly rubbing up and down, so wet, so warm and tingly, then I reached over to my side table and took out the larger of my two dildos and slid it up inside as I tipped my head back dreaming it was my nephew Matt.

Slowly stroking myself, my entire being was concentrated on that burned-in image of my nephew laying on his bed stroking his big cock as it spewed out his semen all the while he stared at me.

It just wasn't enough. I got up, slipped on a nighty and went down the hall to look in on my children who were both fast asleep. I knew, of course, what I'd decided.

Softly rapping on his door, I eased it open and there he was, just like earlier, naked, stretched out, his cock high over him with his hand moving slowly over it. I slipped inside, laughing as I closed the door, sealing our future as lovers.

"I was so hoping you'd come to my room, it's what I've wanted for so long, Aunt Connie."

"Is this what you've wanted?" I asked softly as I pulled the nighty up over my head and dropped it on the floor to stand before him.

So you know just what he was seeing, I'm thirty-four years old, five-five, one hundred sixteen pounds, gray eyes, long sandy blond hair which I had tied back, C-cup breasts that were still defying gravity, thank goodness, each nice and round and full with medium-sized pink nipples that were feeling electric as he gazed at me, still slowly stroking himself. My pussy was covered with a brown, curly bush, after all, I was, until this exact moment, the only person involved with it in quite some time.

"Oh, Aunt Connie, you are so beautiful, even more beautiful that I imagined. So hot, oh, I can't believe you are like this, so beautiful," he said as he continued slowly stroking himself in front of me.

"I can't quite believe I'm doing this but, well, I am and we'll have to be quiet."

"I'll be anything you want," he said as he patted the bed next to him.

"Let's go to my room, it's a bit farther away from the kid's rooms and my bed's bigger, we might need the room," I said coyly and turned to lead him back to my room.

As we went in, he was whispering, "What a beautiful butt, so nice, just so nice all over," and I turned to him as he closed the door.

"Just feel how hard you make me, look at me, god, I'm about to cum just looking at you."

His words about my body were making me so hot, any woman wants to be desired and complimented, I could feel my juices seeping down my thighs as his eyes devoured me.

I sat on my bed next to him and slowly reached over to take his cock in my hand. As soon as my fingers closed around it, he let out a little gasp and I squeezed, then slowly moved up and down.

It was thick and hard, swollen tight, throbbing in my hand. I knew I had to have it inside me.

"Oh, I've dreamed so long of you doing this. I can't believe this is really happening."

"Well, it is, Matt, it is and you're going to have your dream come true," I told him as I got up over him, reached down to hold him steady and, even before I'd even kissed him, lowered down on him pushing and wiggling to get him inside. It wasn't easy, either.

Chapter 2

I was massively aroused, I knew I was dilated and ready for any cock there was but he was both long and thick and, as juicy as I was, it took some squirming on him to drive myself down until I had him all the way in.

Oh, my. I had never, ever been that full before. I pulled back up and as large as he was inside me, it took some effort to lift myself. It felt like it was making a vacuum inside me. But pushing back down was incredible. And pushing down when he was up inside me and twisting my hips back and forth, oh, it was exquisite. I now had no doubts about fucking my nephew. I wanted him as my lover.

"God, you make me feel so good," he groaned as his hands fondled my breasts. He began softly twisting my nipples which were very erect while I moved over him rhythmically.

There was no doubt about him having the largest cock I'd ever had, it was giving me feelings all along the walls of my vagina as I rocked up and down.

"Mmm, here," I said to him softly as I raised up just leaving the tip of his cock inside me as I scissored up and down just and inch or two fucking the end of his dick where so many of the nerves are. I hadn't done this since I'd been in college and my roommate showed me how she did it one afternoon when she was fucking her boyfriend on her bed across the room as I watched. Yes, they seemed to like having me as an audience and, yes, I was invited to participate in their fun together. It was the naughtiest I've ever been. And I did learn a lot.

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