Oh, but It Does Work

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My sister caught me masturbating and couldn't understand why I did it. "I tried it and it just doesn't work. It was nothing," she told me. Then I showed her she was wrong. Things haven't been the same since.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

This last summer was especially eventful because my parents didn't send my little sister off to camp like they had the last few years. Before she started going to camp, they hired a woman to take care of us as they both worked.

Then, when Megan, my sister, started going to camp, they let me stay home on my own. So this year, I was sixteen, now had a driver's license and Megan was thirteen and they figured they didn't need Mrs. Hopkins any longer.

Well, it did mean that I had to put up with my sister more, I really did enjoy the times when she went away to camp but, it looked like those days were over.

I still managed to avoid her most of the time, I often slept until eleven or even noon, when I could and then more or less did my own thing during the rest of the day.

Now, I didn't hate my sister, no, but she was kind of spoiled and a bit of a brat. I really thought both my parents tended to spoil her but probably most older brothers think that of their little sisters. And the three years difference, well, that's a lot when you're teenagers. Even different schools of course.

So, I mostly watched TV in my room or used my computer or X-Box while she talked with her little friends for hours or watched movies on the TV in the family room that she would charge to our cable bill. That was okay with Mom and Dad, we both did it.

Then, one afternoon, she was watching a movie as I walked into the family room and she turned it off as it ended and told me she was going up to her room. So, I turned the set on again, plopped down and looked for something to watch.

I had, in the past, rented a few pay-per-view movies that were pretty hot, I guess even considered porn, maybe, to watch in my room and looking over the ones available, there was one that was supposed to be a college sex party that I started up.

Well, it wasn't long before I had my hand down in my sweatpants which, being rather restrictive, I pulled down to my knees so I could do things properly. I was laid back on the sofa stroking slowly while one girl was getting fucked by one guy and sucking another.

My bottle of lotion was upstairs so I spit on my palm which helped things nicely and was going quite well when I heard, "I know what you're doing, Bryan."

Well, I couldn't do everything at once, so I let go and pulled up my pants and hit Pause which didn't help because the frame was of the girl's face with the guy's dick right in her mouth.

"You were playing with yourself, with your dick."

"It was just that...", I started to say.

"You were jacking-off, I know what it is."

"Well, just don't tell Mom and Dad, okay? I wouldn't tell on you if I saw you doing it."

"Well, I don't do it, it doesn't work, it doesn't do anything."

"What do you mean, it doesn't work?"

"I tried what my friends all talk about and it did nothing, it was dumb."

"You tried masturbating and it didn't work?"

"Yes, if you must know. It was nothing. Big deal. I can't understand why you or anyone else does it."

"Well, I can tell you why I do it, it feels awesome, just great. When I make myself cum, it's just the best feeling."

"Yeah, okay, but girls don't shoot like boys, maybe that's the difference."

"What did you try doing?"

"They all talked about fingering themselves, so I tried it. Nothing, big zero."

"Well, exactly what did you try?"

"I put my finger in and it didn't do anything for me, big deal."

"And rubbing yourself, your clit?"

"My clit? Like inside?"

Holy crap. I know my Mom and Dad didn't explain much to me but, well, this was terrible.

"Your clit. Have you heard of it?"

"Yeah, I've heard the word."

"Well, it's not inside, it's, oh, geez, Megan, maybe you should get a girlfriend to show you this stuff."

"Do you know about it, about how girls do it?"

"Yeah, I've, well, you've got to promise that this is all just between you and me. okay?"

She agreed and I continued, "Well, I've done it with a couple of girls, not at the same time, but, with one then about a year later with the other, so, yeah, I know how they did it. The first girl really showed me all about it."

"Would you show me how?"

"But, Megan, you know that means I'd have to see you, like we'd not have our clothes on."

"Well, I've seen a few dicks, they're cute but it's not like I've never seen one before. I mean, I just saw yours."

I decided not to ask her how she'd seen these dicks and just move on.

"Yeah but are you ready to get naked with me?"

"You really can show me, you've done it with girls, girls who it did something for, who really enjoyed it?"

"Oh, Megan, I can tell you these two has wild orgasms."

"And it feels good when that happens?"

"Sure does when it happens to me."

"Can I see?"

"See me do it? Like when you walked in on me?"

"Yeah, see you jack-off, that's what boys do, right? They shoot cum out the end and it's all white and sticky?"

"Right so far. Um, you won't ever tell? Promise?"

"Yes, I promise," she said.

"Let's go up to my room then," I told her and she followed me up as I wondered just what I might be getting into. If this ever got out, I'd be dead.

Now, my sister was thirteen and she was just changing from a skinny little kid into a real girl. Her boobs are small, she didn't wear bikinis so I didn't have a great idea what they looked like but they did seem to be more than just bumps. She was getting a waist and hips but she wasn't like the girls I was used to.

When we went in, I closed the door and locked it just on the real outside chance that one of our parents might come home sick or something, it would give us a few more seconds to get dressed.

"Okay, well, are we both going to try to get off? Me, then you?"

"Yeah, okay, I'll try it if you show me," she said softly.

"Then we both need to take our clothes off. Okay?"

She didn't answer, she just went ahead and pulled off her teeshirt, then undid her bra from the back and slid it down her arms.

She stood there topless, looking up at me to judge my reaction. Her boobs were very pretty, yes, small, but just perfectly formed with puffy, light pink nipples whose centers stood up eager for attention.

"Am I all right?"

"Megan, you're a very pretty girl and you've really started to change, yeah, they're really nice, you look so sexy like this."

"Sexy? You think so? You wanna touch them, it's all right if you do."

I couldn't believe my little sister was just calmly going to let me feel her boobs. Nothing like this had ever happened, we'd never played 'doctor' or whatever it was, this was totally new.

"You sure?" I asked and she nodded, so I reached out and felt each one, they were very firm, almost hard, and her nipples in the center were hard, they looked so pretty.

"Boys like to suck them, right? You can if you want."

I sat on my bed and she stepped up to me between my legs as I leaned forward to take one in my mouth while she gently laid her hand on my cheek as she watched.

"Oh, that really feels sexy, makes me feel so hot. Is it nice, you like doing it?"

I nodded as I looked up and just kept on sucking. It was nice, very nice. But I also realized that we didn't have all the time in the world, either.

So, I raised up and was quickly out of my clothes as my sister was pulling off her panties.

Well, she was still young but, you know, she was beautiful. Her little slit was plump and looked to have a few light, curly hairs on it.

"You're bigger than I thought. I really didn't get a very good look. Can I touch it?" she asked as she reached out. I nodded and her small fingers wrapped around it and gently squeezed. "It really is hard. This doesn't hurt, does it?"

"No, it's fine and it's hard from looking at you, Megan."

"Really, am I that sexy to you? You're my brother."

"Well, when you look at this, it's on your brother but does it make you feel hot and sexy?" I asked her as I nodded to my dick which she was still holding.

"Yeah, I guess so. My own brother, I'm sexy even to my own brother, cool."

"Okay, so you wanted to see me do it first?"

She nodded so I got out the bottle of hand lotion out of my dresser and put some on my hand.

"Helps make it feel better and so I don't get sore," I explained as I lay back stroking up and down while she sat on the bed next to me. I was looking at her boobs which was helping me, it was sure better than the stash of three-year old Playboys I had.

"It really looks easy. Have you ever had a girl do it to you?"

"Yeah, it even feels better, wanna try it?"

Chapter 2

She looked at me real funny, even kind of winced her face.

"I don't know, um, I guess I need to learn, some of my friends are doing it for their boyfriends," she answered so I let go and looked at her, then she cautiously curled her fingers around my shaft and began stroking.

"Mmm, that's nice, really nice," I said, encouraging her.

She went on for another minute or two when she asked, "Am I doing it okay? Anything I can do better?"

"Well, you can grip just a little tighter and rub your thumb over the top, it's real sensitive there."

She began doing what I'd suggested and in a few more minutes, I knew I was getting close.

"Oh, yeah, just keep going like that, I'm gonna shoot my cum in just a minute, you'll see it come flying out, get ready," I warned her as she kept stroking me.

"Oh, I can't wait. I have a friend whose told me all about how it comes straight up out that little slit there, are you close to it?"

"Yeah, real close, like right now," I groaned as I felt the throbs as arcs of white, sticky cum went surging up out my dick as my sister cried in glee, "Oh, WOW, look, look, I made it cum, I did it. Is it good, do you feel real good now, like happy?"

"Oh, Sis, it feels really good, just the greatest, lots better than when I do it."

"Better? You like me doing it better? Even my first time doing it?"

"Yeah, it was the best, just the best."

She dipped her forefinger into a dollop of my cum and spread it around.

"Oh, it really is gooey and sticky. Girl's swallow this when they do a blowjob, right?"

"Yeah, go ahead if you want to taste it," I told her and she swiped up a glob and put it in her mouth.

"Hmm, not much taste really, a little salty, mostly."

"You ready to do it, now? For me to show you how?" I asked.

"Yeah, I guess."

"Okay, you know where your clit is, right?"

"No, up inside?"

"Oh, Sis, Mom should have showed you. Look right at the top here, open that up, pull it open. See that little white bump, that's it. Try rubbing it a little."

"You do it. You've done your girlfriend, right?"

So, I began softly rubbing my thumb around her clit.

Her eyes got real wide as I started.

"Oh, wow, that's awesome. That's what felt good when I used to push on my teddy bear."

"Your teddy bear?"

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