A Dream Come True

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My pastime is photography and that's gotten me in bed with four cheerleaders so far. What a hobby.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

In high school, we had an art club and I joined it when I was a freshman. Photography was my interest and there were several others with the same enthusiasm. I also got involved with the school newspaper and did a lot of sports shots and the like.

In doing that, I was covering a football cheerleader practice one afternoon, taking shots prior to the upcoming Homecoming game, when during a break in the practice, one of the cheerleaders, Amanda Phillips, came over to me.

"I wanted to tell you that I really like the photos you take for the paper, you're more artistic than the others."

Well, she was a junior and really pretty so I was pretty stunned, to tell the truth.

"Um, gee, thanks, Amanda, that's nice to hear."

"I was wondering if you would take some pictures of me, some I can give my boyfriend, maybe at the beach, sometime?"

Well, there isn't a single male who would turn this girl down for anything she asked, she was that pretty. About five-three, honey blond hair, maybe just over a hundred pounds, she had a pretty figure but her main assets were her boobs, they were large, at least for her overall size.

"Um, sure, yeah, that would be fine," I managed to get out.

"How about Saturday afternoon? I could pick you up, say about one?"

I agreed and wrote down my address, a date with one of the best looking girls in my high school. I realize it wasn't really a date but still...

So, Saturday came and right at one, Amanda pulled up and I went running out to her car with my camera bag. I looked over at her and she was gorgeous in a white dress with embroidery along the top and sandals on her feet. I was hoping for something really sexy but was still happy just to be with such a pretty girl.

We drove about a half hour to a beach I'd never been to before and parked. She led me over a few dunes out on to a stretch of beach that had large rocks and such around. There weren't many people there and she went over to one large cluster of boulders.

"How's this, Alan?"

"Yeah, fine," I said as I raised my camera.

"Oh, not yet," she said as I watched her reach down and pull up the hem of her dress and pull it over her head and off.

Stunning, absolutely stunning. She was in a tiny bikini, like a thong, just the smallest I'd ever seen. And, man, her boobs were awesome. She turned around in a circle for me and asked, "Well, think my boyfriend will like this?"

All I could manage was, "I dunno, I sure do," as I began to move around taking shots of her from various angles and distances. She posed against and on the rocks even spreading her legs in a pretty suggestive pose.

Did I have a hard-on? Is water wet? Oh, man, I had to try to crouch to keep from being too obvious.

I clicked off several more shots when she asked, "Think I ought to take my top off?"

An actual shiver went through me as I tried to process those words. She was asking me if I thought she should get half naked.

"Sure, he'll love those shots," I told her.

"And what about you, Alan, do you want to see me topless?"

"Yeah, sure," I struggled to get out as she reached back and her top loosened as she held the front to herself.

"Wanna see 'em, Alan?" she teased as I nodded my head. She dropped the tiny top to the sand and there she was. I already knew that her boobs, even though they were pretty large, were totally firm, now I saw the nipples that crowned each one. Small and pink and hard and erect in the center.

She reached for her nipples and twisted them as she said, "Look, I'm all excited, my nips are so hard. You like my boobs, Alan?"

I was taking some pictures as I moved around when she added, "Be sure and get some close-ups, okay?"

I moved toward her clicking as I went when she said, "God, I am so horny, I'm just crazy, come here and suck them for me."

Every guy my age has seen Playboy and Penthouse magazines and usually porn on the computer, too. But these were real and right there, right in front of me and she was asking me to suck them.

I moved over to her as she leaned back on a big boulder and held her hand under one, cupping it, offering it to me as my lips encircled her nipple as I began to suck. I even felt kind of dizzy doing it and then, then, I felt the palm-side of her hand press against the front of my shorts.

"Oooh, you're hard, you must like this," she said as her palm began moving up and down. My breathing was fast and I could hear my heartbeat in my ears thumping away as she rubbed and I sucked.

Then, a jolt went through me as I felt myself cumming in my shorts, moaning as I sucked. She kept on like nothing had happened, then after a few more minutes, she said, "Your shorts are wet, you must have shot your load. Well, we better finish up."

She pulled her breast out of my mouth and began posing again, then, suddenly reached down and pulled off the bottom of her bikini and started posing with her legs open, rubbing herself, even putting a finger up inside her pussy as I continued talking pictures.

Finally, she said that was enough even for her horny boyfriend and slipped her dress back on and picked up her bikini as we started back.

"Sorry, I messed your pants up like that," she said.

"Oh, it was worth it, it really felt good, everything."

As we got in her car, she turned and asked me, "Do you need to get right back home, Alan?"

"Um, no, not really."

"Good, I want to go home first, I've got something I want to give you in thanks for all you've done today," she said as she put the car in Drive and off we went.

We pulled into her driveway and she got out telling me to come with her and we went in and went upstairs to what was obviously a girl's room.

Then she turned and said, "I wanted to thank you properly, Alan," and she pulled off the dress and stood there naked in front of me, then went and pulled the covers down and got on her bed, spreading her legs wide.

"Have you had sex with a girl before, Alan?"

"Um, no, not yet," I managed to choke out.

"Well, today's the day, let's get those clothes off, I'm so horny after all that that I really don't want to wait."

What a hobby, I thought, as I pulled off my shorts then briefs and headed for her bed.

"Hmm, nice, you have a nice dick. I've been wondering while you were taking my pictures, just what your cock looked like. Now I know and I like it. That's a good thing ... for you and for me. Come up here, ever had it sucked before?"

I waddled onto the bed as she reached out to take me by the dick as I shakily replied, "Um, no, not yet," once again.

"Well, it's your lucky day, lay down and I'l suck you until you cum, then you can fuck me, okay?"

Okay, she asked, like I might say no?

"Sure, yeah," I murmured as I lay down and she got up over me facing my feet as I felt her soft mouth encase my dick and begin to suck. Her pussy was right there between her thighs as she sucked me, then she raised a leg and brought it over me, straddling me as I saw her pussy descend to my face.

Sixty-nine, we were going to do sixty-nine, I thought as I felt the warm wetness of her pussy as it pressed against me. I opened my mouth and sucked her lips as I tried to french-kiss her there and that got a few wiggles. Now I knew what all the talk was about, man, this was totally the best.

I had one of the hottest-looking girls in the school, a junior, two years ahead of me, naked and on top of me, sucking my dick as I ate her pussy. All because I liked photography.

I think I was doing something right because I was hearing some pretty heavy breathing mixed with some moans from down below and I sure knew she was making me feel good, oh, yeah.

After a bit, she started pushing down on my face as I tried getting my tongue up into her, moving it around, poking back and forth. She began swiping her wet lips back and forth across my face when I felt her begin to tremble and then she cried out, "Oh, god, I'm cumming, oh, OH, OH, UUH, UUH, uh, um, mmm," and went right back to sucking me, now furiously.

I was soon a goner and knew it. There was just no way I could hold off from cumming and as I knew would happen, I felt a jolt go through my body as my hips jerked up and my cum began pulsing into her mouth. She just sucked on and on, never stopping, just sucking. Then, finally, I felt her pull up off my dick and just lick around the head. Oh, that felt so good.

She eased up and turned around, her beautiful body there for me to so admire as she asked, "How was your first blowjob, Alan?"

"Incredible. Everybody has told me how good they are but that was so fantastic."

"I've never had a complaint yet, I can tell you, lots of satisfied customers. You ready for your first fuck?"

If a dick could explode in joy, mine would have right then.

She got back down on her bed and spread her legs open and, with her fingers, pulled her pussy open and said, "Right there, Alan. Come and get it," and I got down holding my dick as I waddled toward my goal.

I put it right on the slit and pushed and it went right in all the way. This I knew how to do and I began doing it. Oh, man, did that feel good. I was loving sex for sure.

"Is it good, you like my pussy, Alan?"

"Oh, I love your pussy. I really never expected this, it's just incredible."

"Well, I need three sets of prints for my three boyfriends and a set for me, four, all told. And, you can make a set for yourself, if you want."

"Oh, I'd love that."

"Can you have them by Wednesday afternoon?"

At that point I would promise this girl anything.

"Oh, yeah, easy."

"Good, have them all done by then and, well, I'll show you again how appreciative I am. Would you like a second blowjob and fuck from your favorite nude model?"

All this was close to overloading my whole mind and body.

"Uh, yeah, that would be great, Amanda," I managed to squeak out as I continued to go in and out of her. She had her hands on my chest softly pinching my nipples, I just thought I might never recover from this it was so good. But what a way to go.

"Mmm, push hard, Alan, just push, don't let up," she cried as she began twisting her hips around in a circle.

"Oooh, oooh, oooh, yeah, yeah," she groaned, "oh, oh, yes, yes, mmm, push, Alan, mm, OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, uuh, uuh, mmm, mmm, oh, that was good, so good. You did me good, Alan, now you," she gasped and started bucking against my cock and in no time, I was cumming hard.

"Oh, OH, UUNH, UUNH, UUNH, uh, uh, mmm, mmm, so good," I moaned.

"You liked my pussy, huh, Alan?"

I was so overcome that it took me a few seconds to speak but I finally got some words out.

"It was wonderful, just the best thing that's ever happened to me, really awesome."

"Another happy customer, I'm still at a hundred percent. Tell you what, if you get me the prints by Wednesday, I'll do the same thing, give you a blowjob and fuck you silly, how's that?"

I told her, of course, exactly how that was and we got dressed and she drove me home. In the driveway, I unfastened my seatbelt and she pulled me over to her and have me a long, hot kiss and grope on my bulging dick, then said, "'Til Wednesday and another reward, think about me when you jack-off," and she put it in Reverse as I closed the door and watched her drive off.

I went to my room and just laid down to try to let all of the day sink in.

I had the entire five sets of prints finished by late Sunday afternoon, I was taking no chances, just in case I ran out of ink or the high gloss paper I used. Fortunately, I had lots of both and I had a hard-on of all times watching the sheets eject from the printer out into my hungry view.

I had them hidden, of course, until Wednesday, when she was supposed to come by after school and get them, then take me to her house for my reward. Omigod, every time I thought about it, my head felt light and woozy.

The set I printed for myself, of course, I had well-hidden and immediately put it to use to jack-off to.

I saw Amanda across the lunch room and she actually waved and pointed to me as she leaned over to another girl at her table. In a few minutes, that girl, got up and walked over to me and asked me if I could talk with her. So, I got up and we went just a few yards away and she said, "Amanda told me about the pictures you took of her."

"She did?" I asked rather astonished that she would tell anyone about it.

"Yeah, she said how good you are as a photographer, that she'd seen the shots on your camera and they were really good."

"Oh, that's nice, yeah, she seemed to like them."

"Well, it's Alan, right, your name?" she asked and I nodded, "I was wondering if you'd take some of me?"

Now I knew this girl was also a cheerleader, after all, I'd taken pictures of them during practice and at games.

"Um, yeah, sure, however you want them," I added not knowing just how much Amanda had really told her.

"Well, I think just like you took of Amanda, the same kind. I'm not sure what beach you went to but I'll find out from her, how's Saturday, say one o'clock, she told me where you live, I'll pick you up."

Trying to keep my composure, I gurgled out an answer to the best of my ability, after all, my blood was all rushing from my brain down to my dick, making it difficult to respond.

Then, she added the jackpot, "You're kind of cute, Alan, I think I'll reward you just the way Amanda did, okay?" and she winked, turned around and I watched her cute butt wiggle back to her table where she whispered in Amanda's ear for a minute, then Amanda gave me a high-sign and they put their trays away and left. I just sat there in a daze, a very happy daze.

I was waiting on my front steps as Amanda pulled up and we were soon at her house, in her bedroom where I handed her the prints, four sets, each tied as well as I could with a pink bow.

"Oh, how sweet, Alan, you are so nice, well, you deserve just the best I can give you," and she went over and started some music and did a super-sexy strip tease for me ending up naked bent over facing away from me with her hand up under her between her legs and her two middle fingers up in her pussy going in and out.

Then, she pulled them out, turned and put them up to my mouth where I sucked all their flavor away.

"Let's get you naked, Alan, let's get that nice dick of yours out where I can entertain it. You want that, don't you?"

"Oh, yeah, I've been thinking about it ever since Saturday."

"Have you been jacking-off looking at my pictures?"

"Yeah, couple of times a day, well, even more."

"Do I make your dick cum really good, Alan?"

"It's just the best, Amanda, looking at your pics, well, even this is better with you right here," I added as she tugged my shorts and briefs to the floor.

"Mmm, there it is and look how it just loves me. Oh, look on the end, you've got some cum already on the way. Let's get some more," she said as she leaned forward and slipped her soft lips over me and began sucking.

I was hoping she'd do this again. I loved it when she fucked me but sucking me off was different, even better in a way. And now, doing me again as I stood there in her bedroom both of us naked, it was ecstasy. She was looking up at me knowing just what she was doing to me and enjoying it every bit.

But not as much as I was. It was just a couple of minutes before I was pulsing my cum into her mouth as she eagerly swallowed every bit.

Then she hopped up on her bed onto her hands and knees and said, "Time to fuck, Alan. See my hot, wet little pussy waiting for you?" she turned and asked.

I wasted no time getting up behind her as I pushed my dick right up into her and began running it in and out of her.

She put her head down and said, "Mmm, just fuck me nice and slow, let's make it last, I love it this way, do you?"

"Oh, Amanda, I love it any way with you. You're so beautiful, I'm just so glad you asked me to take your photos."

"Well, Alan, I really like what you did, they look so good, very artistic and all and, you know what? You're kind of fun to fuck, mmm, feels good."

Me, I'm fun to fuck? A gorgeous cheerleader said I'm kind of fun to fuck? Wow.

"Any time you want more, Amanda, just let me know."

"Photos or fucking?"

"Oh, either one, I guess, yeah, either one."

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