Mixed Messages
Chapter 21

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 21 - A boy discovers through his mother's emails and IM logs that she leads a secret life. Enlisting the aid of his sisters, the three of them set out to train themselves in D/S, educate their dad, and tame their mom's apparent sexual cravings. Several others help along the way.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   ft/ft   Consensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   DomSub   Spanking   Gang Bang   Interracial   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Slow   Nudism  

We waited for Mom's arrival as four o'clock rolled closer. We had the Haskins brothers and Connie stashed behind the hedge screen near the pool, with the video camera ready, while the family members, plus Adele, sat in the kitchen.

Dad and I had on swimsuits and t-shirts. My sisters and Adele were in their almost non-existent new swimwear. They also had on their slut shoes and their chokers. I had given each girl her animal token to wear on her choker and had explained its significance to tonight's events.

Penny had loaned Connie one of her tiny Wicked Temptations swimsuits for the events of the late afternoon and evening as well. Connie had changed into it before slipping out back to hide with the Haskins brothers. As sexually primed as Connie was, I just hoped that she would leave Clete and Toby alone long enough for our little skit to get underway.

Everyone was wired and the girls were a little anxious. Dad may have been nervous, but you could not tell from looking at his determined expression. I was surprised that I felt an unnatural calm come over me. Maybe it was the demon taking hold. I do not know. I just remember being rather calm, and actually feeling a mild thrill of anticipation.

We heard the overhead door to the garage start up, heralding Mom's arrival. Adele leaned in and kissed me. She did not wish me luck. Instead, she simply said, "I love you. Please don't hurt her too much." I smiled affectionately and caressed her cheek once before the door opened and Mom came in.

Show Time!

Seeing us all sitting there looking at her, Mom came to a sudden stop and smiled at her husband and her children. She said, "Well, is anyone going to give me a hug, a kiss, and a drink, in that order?"

She was smiling with a somewhat tired look of having been busy with meetings all day--if, indeed, that was where she had really been--followed by a drive home from another town during rush hour traffic. We all knew of her complaints over the years of not being able to sleep well in hotel rooms. We just never equated her not sleeping with her possibly staying up all night fucking strange men until recently.

My sisters stood up and walked over. Each of them gave Mom ... Cheryl ... a hug. I had to get my own head in the game now. It would not help in dealing with 'Cheryl' if I kept thinking of her simply as 'Mom.' Cheryl received their hugs, but was a little hesitant to offer her own hugs to her practically naked daughters.

I was next, and I reached around her with what amounted to a lover's hug. She hugged me back and actually squeezed me tight. It was the hard kiss to her lips that shocked her. She went rigid and did not move. She tried not to reciprocate my kiss, but her instinctive reaction to such a kiss had her already in the act of opening her lips. I tickled her tongue with my own before pulling away. I smiled in her face as I gazed into her eyes. "Welcome home ... Mom," I said in almost a whisper.

I squeezed her ass with my left hand and pushed her gently toward Dad ... Master Frank. He was almost leering at her as he reached out and went through the same routine that I had just performed on her before she could think too much about what I had done.

When he pulled back, he said to her, "You remember Ron's friend, Adele, Hon?" He waved a hand in Adele's direction as Adele stood and smiled at her thinly. Dad continued, "Ron's been seeing a lot of her lately. Although, I don't see how he could be seeing any more of her than he's seeing right now in THAT swimsuit." We all snickered at this, even my sisters, and Adele blushed. Cheryl smiled nervously but did not laugh.

She went right into her hostess mode in the presence of a guest, even though that guest and her daughters were basically naked in their tiny swimsuits. "I'm glad to see you back over here again, Adele. I hope that Ron and the girls are behaving themselves in the presence of guests."

Adele said, "Oh, Mrs. Campo, they are behaving better than I would have ever imagined anyone could behave." Then she put on a cool expression as she extended her hand to Cheryl. Cheryl took it and, as she did, I saw that, for possibly the first time, her eyes had latched onto the fact that Adele had on a choker just like the ones at the throats of her own daughters. She did not say anything though. She could have just been chalking it up to a teen fashion statement, as she quickly glanced at Kelly and Penny to confirm that they had on similar chokers.

"I have a glass of wine poured for you," Dad said pointing to the table. She raised an eyebrow but did not say anything about there being glasses of wine for all of us teens as well. She took a sip and sighed with that deep sigh of someone finally home after a grueling time away.

"Honey," Dad said, "why don't you change into that swimsuit of Kelly's you wore last Sunday night and join us for a bit out by the pool before we order pizza?"

Cheryl almost snorted her wine through her nose. She coughed and said, "Frank, I don't know if it would be appropriate for me to wear that with a guest here."

Adele asked, "Even if the guest is already similarly attired; as are your daughters?" Cheryl looked at her for a second, and then looked at Kelly and Penny, who were sipping their own wine and smiling. Dad and I were smiling as well.

Penny said, "Yeah, Mom. Anyway, I think that suit makes you look just way hot! We'd love to see you in it. And wearing that suit really worked out well for you on Sunday, if memory serves." Penny actually wagged her eyebrows at Cheryl before sharing a snicker with her sister.

Kelly agreed, "Yeah, Mom. Put it on and join us."

Cheryl thought about it for a few seconds and saw Dad raise an eyebrow and smile. She finished the rest of her wine with a big gulp and said, "Okay, I'll go change into it and be right down."

When she went upstairs, I finally let the breath out I had been holding with a long but soft whoosh. We all looked at each other and nodded. Then we placed the wine glasses down and headed out to the pool area to join our fellow coconspirators.

Opening round complete; now we begin the next phase.

We were seated and waiting at the pool furniture when we heard Cheryl exit the house and approach with the soft clop of her sandals. You could tell that she had not worn the high heels because of the distinct sound. I was a little surprised that I could not hear my own heartbeat pounding louder than the sounds she was making in her approach.

As she rounded the hedge screen, Cheryl was just removing a bathing wrap that she had draped around herself. Seeing Dad first, she began, "I sure am glad we built that privacy fence as high as we did, I would hate to have the neighbors see..." With her arm extended to drop the wrap, she pulled up short and her voice caught as the rest of us came into view.

She did not squeal or scream upon realizing that there were more faces here, especially male faces, than she had anticipated. But she was startled into instant embarrassment because of her near nakedness in front of a larger audience than she had anticipated.

Penny had been sitting on Toby's lap to the left of all of us. She rose and quickly pulled the wrap out of Cheryl's hand before she could use it for cover. Kelly had meanwhile gotten up from where she had been sitting on Clete's lap to stand behind Cheryl, thus cutting off her route of retreat to the house. Connie was standing at the tripod, capturing the whole event with the video camera.

"I ... I ... Frank, you didn't tell me that we had other guests," Cheryl stammered. She was obviously trying frantically to think of something to say or do to offset her embarrassment over her state of dress, or undress. She did not seem to note the presence of the video camera, since she was still trying to come to grips with the presence of all the other people gathered around her pool furniture.

I was amused to note that her embarrassment was having other effects on her besides her deep body blush. The tiny triangles of her top barely covered her nipples as it was. Now those same nipples were so stiff that they appeared to push the minuscule pieces of fabric away from the soft sensuous globes of her tits.

Cheryl was getting aroused despite, or maybe because of, her embarrassment at the bold appraisal her body was receiving from the four men before whom she now stood. She realized that by wearing such a skimpy swimsuit, she was basically being put on display for the pleasure of us guys. It would be interesting to see how her body continued to react to this as we moved ahead.

Dad addressed her previous statement. "I guess I should have mentioned that Kelly and Penny's friends, Clete and Toby Haskins, had joined us for today's events, as well as Ron and Adele's friend, Connie Younger. You remember Clete, I am sure, since he and YOUR son..." I smiled ironically when he referred to me as HER son and opened the door to the possibility of his knowing that I might not be HIS son as well, " ... have been best friends for a while. Allow me to introduce Clete's brother, Toby. Toby Haskins, this is my ... wife, Cheryl."

Toby took his cue well. He stood and extended a hand. "I'm so pleased to meet you ... Cheryl." Cheryl's head gave a surprised twitch. I guess she was taken aback that a teenage boy, and a young one at that, would be so forward as to address her by her given name. Still, she shook his hand nervously.

Dad beckoned Connie over to introduce her as well. Connie slinked over wearing an expression of lust on her face that no one could miss. "I am so pleased to meet you, Cheryl. I just know that we are going to get along very well." Cheryl was becoming slightly unnerved rather than annoyed at the continued use of her given name by all the young people around her. I could see it in her expression.

"Ron," Dad said, finally addressing me as I sat there with Adele in my lap and her arm around my shoulders. "How do you think Cheryl looks in that swimsuit?" He was now allowing me to begin my role as Master of Ceremonies.

Cheryl's eyes widened a bit, since I was making the blatant stroking and caressing of Adele's right breast in front of everyone, evidently without Adele taking any offense, look like a casual mannerism. I said in an off-hand way, "I think she looks quite lovely! But something seems to be amiss here. I think that one of the collars like the other girls are wearing would probably look nice at Cheryl's throat as well; don't you think so ... Master Frank?"

Mom was absolutely confused and embarrassed. She was almost naked in front of virtual strangers. These strangers, and now her own son, were using her first name when speaking to or about her. Her son was speaking about 'collars' and referring to her husband of two decades as 'Master Frank.' She was fast approaching overload.

"Master Frank? Ron, what has gotten into you? And since when do you address your mother by her first name? Frank, are you just going to stand there and let YOUR son be so disrespectful, especially in front of guests?" she finally said sharply. This was the point where I expected her to try to exert some form of control of the conversation so that she could try to get her emotional footing stabilized. We needed to keep her off balance.

Master Frank did not react the way she had expected. Her attempt at putting on a bold front was crushed when he stepped up to within a foot of her, invading her personal space, and said softly, "Is he? MY son, I mean?"

Cheryl was so surprised by the question that she was speechless long enough for me to resume. "Please, Master Frank! Let's give the lady a chance to become more acquainted with the way the situation around here has ... shall we say, 'adjusted?' ... since she left on Monday. She should come to realize that there are some new ground rules that you have established as the Master of the House since you became aware of her ... deception ... for all these years."

Master Frank smiled now, but it was more of a predatory smile. Cheryl was still speechless. The basis of her whole understanding of home life was unraveling. The people in her life who she held most dear were acting very strangely and I could see in her eyes that her tired brain was now trying to engage as adrenaline was pumping through her system, causing her to breathe rapidly.

"What ... Deception? What deception? What do you mean?" she finally asked. She made another attempt to assert some control over the situation. "Frank, what in the hell has gotten into you? And you too, Ron? Kelly? Penny? All of you?" She began to glance around, I guess to keep from looking at anyone in the face for too long.

"QUIET!" Master Frank yelled. He looked furious.

Cheryl tried to step back from him, but Kelly placed both hands on her shoulders to force her to remain in place. "Frank! What ... OWW!" As she had tried to protest again, but more in fear than indignation, Master Frank had brought his hand around quickly. He had wrapped his belt from his suit pants around his hand several times so that only about eighteen inches--the notched end without the buckle--was sticking out. He had snapped the belt sharply across Cheryl's left thigh. She now reacted more in shock than in pain. The very idea of her husband striking her ... and in front of others...

"I said, 'Quiet, ' and I meant it!" Master Frank snarled. Cheryl was actually frightened now. "I have decided to institute new rules as the Master of the House. The first rule for you is that females in the house will obey any and all commands of the Master of the House and those of any of the other male members of the household or designated male friends and visitors." He leaned in and said, "And I mean ANY command.

"The second rule is that females, including you, will address me as 'Master Frank, ' unless I tell you otherwise. You will also address YOUR son as 'Master Ron.' Our two male guests today will be addressed as 'Master Clete' and 'Master Toby' for the duration of the afternoon and evening; and on any other occasions at which I so designate them. Do you understand?"

The shock was only intensifying for Cheryl at this point. But I noticed something else interesting occurring.

The Wicked Temptations swimsuits were designed to emphasize and draw the attention of the male observer to the nipples and the pussy of the wearer while simply revealing the ass. What little fabric existed in the suits was not lined. Thus, whenever the fabric became wet, or even just very moist, it almost disappeared into the background leaving the wearer appearing completely naked. The fabric over Cheryl's pussy was slowly disappearing from view. Her pussy was starting to get wet! She was starting to get aroused at all of this, either despite all the humiliation or--more than likely--because of it! I knew, at this point, that what we were doing had a very good probability of working out all right in the long run. I relaxed a little and smiled knowingly at her.

"Frank, you can't mean ... OWW! Stop it; that hurts! OWW!" Master Frank had swatted her again as she had begun to speak again using his name. He had swatted her once more when she had tried to protest. Kelly was holding her in place to keep her from backing out of range of his belt. I could see that Kelly's eyes were moist, but her face was determined.

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