It Worked Out for the Best After All

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Romantic Sex Story: I caught my girlfriend fucking a football player and dropped her on the spot. My younger sister gave me a lot of sympathy and comfort and now I know what real love really is.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   White Couple   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

What is the old saying about inside every black cloud is a silver lining? Well, it's something like that. I'll have to ask my grandmother, only older people like that really know all those sayings. But, that's just what happened with me. Here's how it all happened.

First of all, I'm Scott and I was seventeen when this took place. We had just gotten out of school for the year, I'd finished my junior year, more than ready for my last and final year of high school, it was the beginning of summer and I was headed over to my girlfriend Julia's house.

She lives with her mom but since her mom works, I knocked and waited, then used my key to the house and, as I let myself in, I heard some noise from the back of the house. It's a small two bedroom place, one story, of course, and I walked back through the hall when I heard, in the unmistakeable voice of my girlfriend, "Oh, fuck me hard, Tom, god, fuck me, fuck me hard," coming from her bedroom. Since I'm not Tom and I wasn't, at the time, fucking her, I could come to no other conclusion, I was the one getting fucked.

I did take a peek and it was Tom Forner, a halfback on the varsity football team, fucking my now ex-girlfriend. They were really going at it when she saw me and screamed. That's when I left and went home. Shitty, huh?

I rather slammed the back door when I came back to my house and tromped up the stairs right as my cell phone was ringing. It was her.

"What the fuck do you want?"

"Oh, Scott, I'm so sorry. I really am. What you saw, well, it's only happened a few times..."

That was all I needed to hear which I answered, "Well, fuck you, and you can just go fuck him. That's it, period," and clicked the phone off, then turned it off and went in my room and flopped face down on my bed. Well, shit.

"Are you all right, Scott?"

It was my sister, Alicia, two years younger at fifteen. We had been the typical big brother-younger sister in the past few years, really able to talk about things, especially as she was coming into the sometimes difficult ages that I'd already experienced.

"Oh, yeah, I'm just fine, Sis. Okay."

"Well, you don't seem it and you sure didn't sound it. Was that Julia you were talking to? Your girlfriend?"

One nice thing about my sister, there are many more, she's really a nice person, it's that she's a good listener.

"My ex-girlfriend. What a bitch. I went over there and there she was up in her room and Tom Forner, well, you don't know him, probably, big, hot football player is fucking her like there's no tomorrow. And she's yelling out all this stuff, I could tell it wasn't the first time."

She was sitting on my bed and after I told her that, she stretched out beside me and put her arms around me and pulled me close. I did have a few tears running down my cheeks and she kissed them away, then just kept kissing me, moving to my lips.

I'm not exactly sure how it all happened but we kept kissing, I just think it felt good to us both. Soon, her tongue was sliding into my mouth and I began to get hard. I realized it was my own sister, yes, I knew that, all right, but, well, it felt good and we just kept it up.

She had kind of moved over me a bit, kissing down on me as her hand reached down and took mine and brought it to her breast and held it there as she kissed me.

Of course, I knew this was not the way a brother and sister normally kissed but, well, I didn't care. It all felt good. I moved my hand up under her teeshirt and onto her bra and could feel the firm breast underneath as we continued to kiss.

Then, quite unexpectedly, by me, at least, she reached back with both hands and I felt the bra loosen as she pulled it aside so my hand was on her naked breast.

You can imagine what happened with my dick now.

Let me tell you a bit about my sister. First, she's really cute, well, that was a few years ago. Now she's quite pretty, she's developed into a very attractive girl with a nice figure. She's blond, not natural, she and my mom both go together to get it done, and I know she had 34-B bras because I've looked at the labels. So, the bare breast I was now feeling was firm and round and had a hard nipple in the middle.

Alicia had actually dated more than I had, I think maybe even gone farther than I had. The real shame of my break-up with Julia was that I hadn't fucked her yet. No, she's giving it to Mister Football Star and I'm still a virgin. I wasn't sure if my sister was.

Then, she raised up and pulled her tee and bra right off and lay right back down over me. When she did, I got a glimpse of her boobs and they were beautiful. I'd seen my sister in bikinis, of course, and the tops didn't hide too much, I already knew they were nice and firm and round, now I knew that they also had the lightest pink nipples, they looked good enough to eat.

She began kissing me again as my hand returned to her breast, the center of her nipple now as I rolled it between my fingers. Then, she raised up and scooted up a bit to place that nipple right on my lips which I eagerly opened and took in.

I had no idea what was going on, what was on my sister's mind, but I was certainly not fighting it, that's for sure.

I sucked for, oh, maybe five minutes, just loving what we were doing when I felt her small hand press down on the bulge in my shorts and begin rubbing.

It was like my head was spinning. I'd just had a nasty breakup with my girlfriend, catching her in bed with another guy and now, I was home, in my room, with my younger sister, topless, in my bed, me sucking her boob as she rubbed my dick through my pants. It really seemed to have no explanation that I could fathom but I was happy nonetheless.

Then she asked, softly, tenderly, "Are you feeling better now?"

I smiled up at her but I just didn't want to stop sucking or, especially, for her to stop rubbing. But she did, she stopped and was now trying to work the zipper down on my shorts.

"Can you get these off, Scott?"

What an offer, it was unbelievable and, yes, I got them down and off in a hurry.

"These, too?" she asked tugging on my briefs.

I reached down and pulled my briefs off and dropped them on the floor as her fingers wrapped around my cock and began moving up and down while I sucked. She gazed into my eyes while I lay there in bliss, really not caring what my former girlfriend is doing, only enjoying this new side of my younger sister.

Her hand was really making me feel good, lots better than when I did it myself, that's for sure. I was feeling closer and closer as she went up and down on me.

"Mmm, let's make my big brother feel better, mmm, let's cum and feel real good, come on, cum for me," she said softly as she stroked on and on.

Well, I sure wanted to and I knew I was close. What was happening was so incredible, my own sister, just the thought of it being her doing this put me over the top as I let out a groan and started cumming spurts up in the air as she pumped me up and down.

"UHH, UHH, UHH, uh, umm, mmm, mmm, oh, wow, oh, 'Licia, that was incredible," I moaned as she bent down to lick the cum still oozing up. There were globs of it all over her hand and wrist and my abdomen.

"Here, let me clean you up," she said and I expected her to reach over for some tissues but, rather, she went down and licked every bit off her herself and from me, licking across my tip one last time for what had since seeped out.

Then she scooted back down and put her arms around me and held me. I felt all kinds of things, a lot of them rather unexpected seeing that it was my own sister. But one thing I knew was that my sister could give me a whopping hard-on and make me cum, make me have a terrific orgasm. I lay there kissing her in thanks and with some rising lust, as well.

"Mmm, I want to stay with you tonight, Scott, and be with you; but Mom and Dad will be home in a while so it just can't happen. But know that I'd like to if I could," she said as she kissed me tonguing my mouth as she did.

"So, here's a kiss goodnight, big brother. Dream about me, not her," and she moved up over me, kissing and tonguing me as she spread her legs open and humped me up and down for a few minutes, then got up, took her bra and tee, winked and went off to her room.

I lay there, naked from the waist down, my dick still hard but pretty happy, as my head spun trying to make sense of what had happened. Maybe that wasn't possible. But, it happened, that I knew.

It was amazing how quickly I was over Julia, maybe the medicine my sister gave me to feel better was just right. All I know was that when I turned out my light that night, I slept straight through. The next thing I knew, my bed was moving.

Chapter 2

The sheet lifted up and I felt something cool and smooth get in behind me. It could be nothing other than my sister. I rolled over into her arms as she pressed her naked body to mine.

"Mmm, you sleep in the nude, too. I like that, let's see," and I felt her hand encircle my hard cock. "Mmm, nice and hard, just what I was hoping."

"Be right back, I really gotta piss, sorry," and I jumped up and ran to the bathroom and emptied my whole night's worth into the toilet and flushed, now so relieved.

I came back, now at about half-mast, and when Alicia saw that, she said, "Oh, look at you. I'll be I can get that up again," and she had no sooner spoken the words than her quest was already true.

"Did I help you sleep last night?"

"Oh, Sis, you were exactly what I needed. And now this. You are so pretty, I just want you so bad."

"Well, we have all day. Where do you suggest we start? I want to see if I can keep your mind on me, not her. I'll be you're new girlfriend, okay?" she said as she crawled up on me straddling my stomach and leaning over rubbing her boobs in my face.

I was trying to catch a nipple as she brushed them back and forth across my mouth.

"Ooooh, that makes my nipples tingle," she said, then added, "Are you a virgin, Scott, have you had sex yet?"

I was looking down toward my stomach right where her pussy was with a glint of moisture in the crevice as I told her, "Yes, I mean, yes, I'm a virgin, no, I've never done it."

"Well, I think that needs to change and I think your new girlfriend is just the one to change that," and with that she scooted back and got into a crouch over me, reached under to hold my cock steady and came down pushing and wiggling me into her until she was sitting directly on me.

"In case you're wondering, I'm on the pill, so there's no need for condoms. I like it so much better now without them," my sister admitted. Well, well, I thought.

She just sat there looking at me, my cock fully inside her, neither of us moving, then said, "Technically, you're no longer a virgin, big brother. Feel any different?"

"My dick sure feels different. I think it likes where it is."

Then, she started moving up and down on me, asking, "Is this better?"

"Oh, wow, incredible. Oh, that feels so good. So this is what I've been missing."

"You don't have to any more. You've got me now, I'm your new girlfriend, remember?"

"I sure do, you're the best girlfriend I've ever had," I gushed as she moved up and down over me, tightening on me every time she pulled upward.

"Oh, this feels so good. I'm guessing that this isn't your first time, right?" I asked my sister. "If you don't want to talk about it, that's okay."

"No, I don't mind. Truth is, my first time was just over two years ago. Remember Glen Barnett? He was in your class?"

"Yeah, plays guitar real good."

"Mmm, that's not all he plays real good, big brother. Well, I knew his sister and I was over there and she had to go with her mom to the dentist so, well, let's say that Gary and I got to be better friends that day. He had a steady girlfriend he was having sex with so he had condoms. He was my first."

"Lucky guy."

"Oh, I was lucky, too. He was a great lover for my first time. Really nice."

"Did his sister ever know?"

"Yeah, she came home from soccer practice early one day and we were in his room with the door open, she could hardly miss us."

"Oh, god, embarrassing, huh?"

"Not really, she took her clothes off and joined us. Turns out she'd been fucking him for a while. I was just his latest."

"Wow, so you've been in a threesome? Did she do anything with you, you know, like, sexually?"

"You're sure nosy aren't you?"

"Oh, sounds like my sister likes it all."

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