A Tease No More

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: How would you feel if the sexiest girl you knew growing up now wanted to move in with you and offered you all the sex you could want? Well, she did and I'll always be thankful to my older sister.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

I'll never forget the sexiest girl I'd ever known growing up. How could I? She was my sister.

Yes, Tara, my older sister. She was two years older than I was so when I started getting hard-ons, just entering puberty; she was already well along. And well along she was.

I remember when I was ten trying to get looks at her boobs which, at twelve, were getting to be quite amazing to this always-horny brother of hers. My sister, always cute, was now turning into a sexy girl with curves. I still remember the first time I saw her in a bikini. It seemed almost nonexistent to me at the time as I drank in all that bare skin, the suit just barely covering the most interesting parts. She was hot.

Oh, she knew it, too, I was pretty shy about stuff like that but my sister wasn't. She'd often say things like, "You'd just love to see my titties, Luke, wouldn't you?" A couple of times she even pulled down her bikini top until just the very tops of her nipples showed.

And did she kid me about making me hard?

Oh, man, did she ever. She knew she gave me hard-ons and just teased me on and on and on about it.

As I got older, she didn't let up. One day, I was in watching TV and she walked through the room, stopped suddenly, faced me and pulled up her teeshirt flashing her breasts, her perfect breasts, at me, then went right on out and up to her room.

I went to my room and jacked-off twice.

So, you know what happened, right? Of course, when she saw me a while later, she asked me if I got off good in my room after she flashed me. See what I mean?

Now, yes, I hated being teased but I loved having such a sexy, beautiful sister.

She was medium-height with long, shiny brown hair, and like I said, very curvy. She tanned beautifully in the summer and her legs were gorgeous. I did know her bra size because I started looking at them when I was ten and they were 32-A cups but by the time she was sixteen, they were 34-B and when she was in her senior year, 36-C. She could easily have been a Playboy model, really she could.

I know I'm her brother and all, but I must have spilled gallons of cum dreaming about her and, now, as an adult, well, I admit, I still do.

The teasing changed over time as well. She would ask me to put on suntan lotion over her as she lay out in the afternoons during summer working on her tan. Her bikinis were smaller every year and she had me do her front and back, making sure I didn't miss a spot, especially the sides and tops of her boobs, she was very nonchalant about it as I had a raging hard-on I kept trying to keep hidden.

She would also hug me and let her hands slide down my butt as I did the same to her but it just never went further the way I wanted it too.

I wanted to fuck her so bad but the only sex I ever got out of it was with myself. And now I was in college. My third year, and, yes, I was still jacking-off thinking about my sister.

Now don't think that I was still a virgin and was not having sex. Far from it. I'm a pretty good looking guy myself and while I've lusted the most over my own sister, there are many others that I have partaken of in a lustful way. And to both my own great enjoyment and to her's as well, every one. But, with Tara, it just never happened. Oh, I wanted it, but it wasn't in the cards.

So, she had moved away to a city about three hundred miles from home and I was now away from home as well, in college, mid-way through my junior year. I had a two bedroom house off-campus and had just lost my roommate when he lost his parent's support because of his grades. I wasn't surprised, he hardly was ever sober enough to go to class.

I was now about two hundred miles from home and about the same distance from Tara where she moved to be with her boyfriend, a guy that I never particularly liked and one that our parents disliked intensely. Such is life in families, I suppose, and thought little of it until I got a call one early evening from my sister, sobbing that she was leaving her boyfriend who, it seems was fucking two other women.

Unbelievable. I mean, you should see my sister. She's gorgeous. So, I listened and listened and she had already talked with Mom and Dad and they had offered her to move home but she was wondering if, since I now had a vacant bedroom, if she could move here.

She told me she thought she could get a better start in the area I lived in than where Mom and Dad lived and that she wasn't sure if she wanted to face them now every single day. I could sympathize with that, it's bad enough getting over your mistakes without having to face the parents every day.

Well, the second bedroom was empty so I told her to just do what she wanted and she said she wanted to move in with me. She said she would rent a truck and haul her little car behind it and be here in two days. That left me enough time to clean the place up above minimum bachelor standards and to get all the dishes done and put away along with a final going-over of her bedroom.

She arrived and we got her unloaded and mostly settled, then returned the truck to the rental agency and picked up some Chinese food to take home, a good idea considering the state of my cooking skills.

So, here was Tara, now twenty-two, sitting at my kitchen table as we ate Chinese food telling me chapter and verse about the way she was treated by her ex-boyfriend. I can tell you that it easily confirmed what I'd thought of him all along and easily what my parents did as well.

But, she soon got over it as I sat there listening to her, marveling at how she looked. She was even prettier than ever, now a blond, a sharp change from her beautiful, long dark brown hair, now light blond with highlights and her breasts, now peeking up out the top of her sundress, seemed even more full than I remembered. She was dazzling as I watched while she sucked the sweet and sour sauce off her chopsticks.

After we ate, I took my beer and she took her wine into the living room and we talked more about our lives as they now stood. I told her about school, girlfriends and she started to reminisce about our younger teen years together.

I mentioned that I'd thought she was the hottest girl in our high school and that seemed to get her going.

"Oh, I knew you and your little buddies were hot to see whatever I had. And, well, I didn't make it easier on you, I'm afraid. I rather teased you with little flashes here and there, I was hell-bent on giving you stiffies all the time. Maybe you didn't know it but it was all on purpose. I just loved seeing you get all hard, your pants poking out then you'd go up to your room. We know what you were doing, don't we, little brother?"

"Doing my homework, of course, what else?" I replied taking another swig.

"Oh, sure, you were whacking it good and you know it. Dreaming all that cum of yours was going in your sister's pussy, right in here," she said as she patted her abdomen. "You were, weren't you?"

"Oh, maybe, I just don't remember."

"Sure, oh, yeah, sure. I remember when I was a senior and I had that red bikini, remember it?"

"Oh, what male on earth could forget that red bikini?"

"Remember how I'd untie the top when I was on my stomach and when you came out the back slider to swim, I'd raise up? I loved it when you stood there for a minute then went back in the house and didn't come back for fifteen, twenty minutes. It made me so hot, just knowing I was making your dick go crazy that I'd usually go in and masturbate myself. We'd both be doing it in our rooms, did you know that?"

"Geez, really, you did it, too, in your room?"

"Yeah, I was awful, just making you get erections all the time, I knew what I was doing, that's for sure. Remember the afternoon I tanned topless?"

"Oh, shit, I'll never forget that. You had me put lotion all over you, boobs and all. Oh, those wonderful boobs."

"All on purpose to get you hard. I was laying there as you spread it on me, you wouldn't look me in the eyes, but I was watching your trunks. Oh, what a sight. The end of your dick was sticking right out the bottom, right out where I could see it. I almost reached out for it."

"It did, it was hanging out?" I asked amazed at her telling of it.

"Yeah, it was cute, well, nicer than cute, it was nice. Like I said, I almost touched it. You would have loved that, huh?"

"I think you're still teasing me, Sis."

"I remember that as soon as you'd finished putting the lotion on me, you went back inside and, even with me still topless, you didn't come back out for almost a half hour. You jacked-off, didn't you, Luke? You jacked off thinking about your hands on my tits. Come on, tell me."

"Well, what do you expect? Yeah, I went up and jacked-off. Are you happy now?"

"I'll bet you were happy, then, right? Did your cum shoot real far after feeling up my boobs? That's what I wanted, you know. When you came back out, I looked to see if your dick was still hanging out and it wasn't. I was really disappointed."

"So you wanted to see my dick again? I wish you'd have asked," I said with a grin.

"Yeah, maybe I should have," she said as she leaned toward me pressing her lips to mine as I felt the tip of her tongue slip between my lips. Then we kept kissing, not letting up as our tongues explored each other's mouths and, after a few minutes, broke apart, breathing excitedly.

"I'll bet it's hard now, Luke. It would be sticking out of the bottom of your shorts if you had shorts on, I'll bet."

"Well, you've teased me into another hard-on, Tara. Some things just never change."

"Oh, they might change, Luke, like this," she said as her hand came to rest right on top of the hard-on currently under discussion. She was looking right into my eyes, smiling at me as her fingers took hold of the lump and gently squeezed.

"Maybe you'll show it to me, it's been a few years and I'd see the whole thing not just the tip end."

"Okay, are you still teasing me, Tara?"

Chapter 2

With that, she started wresting my zipper down and wormed her hand inside my pants, found the opening to my boxers and brought it out into the daylight so it could finally meet my beautiful sister.

"Oh, wow, Luke, nice, really nice. My how my little brother has developed. God, I remember your little dinky one when you were six or seven. It did fascinate me at the time but, well, I certainly like how it's turned out," she said as she began pulling up and back on it.

Well, here I was sitting on my sofa with my older sister, my beautiful older sister who I've lusted over for years, next to me playing with my cock.

"You know, Luke, you've got a beautiful cock. Women really do think they're beautiful, you know, especially one like this all long and hard and thick with such a pretty head," she said as she scooted back a bit, bent down and kissed the crown, then licked her wet tongue over it around and around for a minute, then slipped down over it and began to suck.

She drooled some of her saliva down my shaft so her fingers, now circling it, could easily slide up and down as her sucking concentrated on the top half. Then, she lifted up off my cock and took her other hand to lick the palm and used it to rub circles around the tip of my so happy cock for a minute, then went back to first licking, then sucking.

She sucked for a few more minutes, then licked the fingertips of her other hand and twisted them over my cock's crown like she was twisting a bottle cap back and forth, then went back down on me sucking me tightly.

I've told you how beautiful my sister is, now let me tell you just how beautifully she can suck a man's cock. Oh, it was the best I've ever felt from a woman's mouth. She was masterful and all I could do was sit there joyfully as I was sucked right up to the heavens.

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