Over the Hills and Faraway.. Book 2 ;Relationships
Chapter 10: July 1989 Hannah the Horny Whore

Copyright© 2011 by Jack Green

Sex Story: Chapter 10: July 1989 Hannah the Horny Whore - After the latest contretemps with his wife Des has several one night stands, but then embarks on a torrid affair with a MILF. When she disappears he takes up with her friend and discovers a woman of many parts! Their sizzling sexual Paradise is undermined by the serpent of the different worlds they inhabit, and when Des returns from another war they realise that they are moving east of Eden.However as one door closes another one opens and Paradise might be regained!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Humor   Spanking   Rough   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Slow   Violent   Military  

Pippa would have made a great actress. She loved role playing to enhance sex sessions; I think she must have started doing it when first married. Speaking for myself I didn't need any fetishes or kinky gear to get me off; Pippa did that for me by just being Pippa. However she liked doing it and I certainly did get turned on by the different characters she would become.

One of the first characters that she created was Hannah. Pippa would dress as a whore and, which was even sexier, talk and act like a whore. In the real world Pippa very rarely swore, but in Hannah mode she had a really dirty mouth, which really turned me on. Other characters that she created were Slutty Sadie, Priscilla the Prick teaser Pupil and Annabel the Arrogant Accountant. These four characters were the alter egos of Pippa that I came across; there were other characters that she had worked on but never came to fruition, well at least not with me! I realised, long after Pippa and I had parted, that these alter egos were manifestations of her personality.

'Hannah' stood in front of me, her blonde hair down to her shoulders (a wig). Her mouth was a red gash, with the tip of an equally red tongue peeking out from between her lips. She wore a red skirt that covered only the tops of her thighs and strained across her hips. Her long legs (have I told you what great legs Pippa has? well she does) were encased in dark shiny stockings and her feet in red high heeled shoes, with straps high up around her slender ankles. Her blouse was white; the top buttons were undone, allowing the sight of a lacy red bra, and the tops of the swelling breasts that were being restrained by that lucky garment.

"I can see you like what you see" she said in a broad West Midlands accent, far removed from Pippa's normal speaking voice "are you going to spend the evening just looking, or do you want to fuck around the world?"

I opted for the second option on offer.

"Let's get it on" Hannah said, and led the way up the stairs to the bedroom. She exaggerated her hip swing so much I was concerned she might put her back out. I followed, entranced by the rotating hips and arse; she was a lovely mover.

At the door of the bedroom she stopped and faced me.

"Cash before cunt" she demanded, putting out her hand for payment. I had a £20 note in my pocket and handed it over. "Sodding hell! You cheapskate, that won't even get you to fucking Dover never mind around the fucking world!" She gave me a glare and then said "I take Visa."

I played along and flashed my card. Hannah took the card and tucked it, and the £20, into the top of her stocking. She had a bit of trouble in pulling her skirt up as it was so tight across her thighs.

I sat in a chair and Hannah started taking off her clothes.First the skin tight skirt was removed; underneath she wore red silky knickers and a matching suspender belt (garter belt). Her quick fingers unbuttoned the blouse, revealing her breasts that were nearly over topping the red under- wired bra, which was the next garment to be discarded. My eyes feasted on her beautiful shaped breasts (as I hoped my mouth would soon be doing). Hannah came over and rubbed her breasts in my face and I licked one of her nipples.

"Hold on lover boy" she snapped, "no handling the merchandise until your fucking card clears." She un-clipped the suspender belt, and as her stockings slithered down her legs the card fell out and she said,

"It's cleared, come and fill my mouth with your hot throbbing prick" pointing to the first orifice on the menu.

With that she pulled my track suit top over my head and then pulled the bottoms down to my ankles. As I stood up she pulled my pants down and took tracksuit bottoms and pants off in one go (I realised with horror I still wore my trainers, how yucky is that?).

She pushed me back into the chair, knelt in front of me and looked me in the eye.

"I going to suck you till you cream my throat," and then proceeded to do just that.

Normally, when giving me head Pippa would only take my knob head into her mouth and would stroke my shaft and balls, her fingers fluttering like moths wings against my flesh.

Hannah engulfed my complete length and started deep throating me as if Linda Lovelace herself had been her teacher. She gagged, she choked, her eyes watered and saliva ran from the corners of her mouth, but she persisted in swallowing me. Eventually she took me out of her mouth, her eyes running with tears and she took deep breaths of air.

"You are so huge lover; I nearly choked with that throbbing yard of hot pulsating man meat in my gob!"

A huge exaggeration I knew, but good to hear.

Hannah continued, "I would suck you to climax but I'd probably drown in your flood of spunk! I'll just suck until I feel your balls swelling with cum."

All designed to make me feel like a sex machine, with inexhaustible reserves of semen and a donkey dick to deliver it with. (Which it did ... and I hadn't!)

She bent her head and started to suck and lick up and down my complete length, kissing the knob head and tonguing my piss slot, very erotic and something that Pippa never did. Her fingers played on my pole like a piccolo virtuoso, and I felt stirrings in the sperm manufacturing department.

"Fuck it" said 'Hannah "I really want to taste your spunk; shoot it over my face and I'll lick it into my mouth."

A few more hefty sucks from Hannah and I gave the signal for her take me out of that greedy mouth. I sprayed my seed all over her face, into her mouth and onto her hair and eyes. Her tongue came out and licked all around her lips; she wiped gobbets of semen from her eyes with her fingers, and with evident relish licked them clean, one by one.

"I hope there's plenty of spunk left for my cunt and arse?" She inquired sweetly.

I said plenty, but I wondered if I could deliver. Hannah stood up, slid her panties down over her hips and her thighs. She gave a wiggle, which set her tits wobbling, my prick swelling and her panties sliding down her legs, where they fell in a puddle of silk at her feet. She daintily stepped out of them, picked them up, wiped some surplus cum from off her face then threw them into a corner of the bedroom.

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