An Even Sweeter Sixteen

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I lost my cherry on my sixteenth birthday and the girl who took it was my twin sister, Allison.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

My very best friend growing up was someone I was related to. We were even together before we were born, we were twins.

You'll know we were fraternals when I tell you I'm Tom and she's Allison or Allie. At least we didn't wear the same exact clothes like twins of the same sex often wear.

Our parents never really pushed us to be tight with each other, it really more or less just developed that way. Of course, there were differences, I played with little sports car models, Allie had her doll collection. But we almost always got along well together and rarely ever fought.

That stayed true even into middle school and up into high school. Oh, we kidded each other, sometimes unmercifully, but never to the point of really hurting one another.

We each had other friends, of course, even shared some friends. We're not particularly competitive with each other the way some twins can be. We know a set of girl twins who simply compete on everything. If we compete at all, it's just school grades and even there, we mostly get the same grades, usually very close.

We also have a few different interests, I like field hockey and Allie likes tennis though I do play some myself.

What I was planning on telling you involved our sixteenth birthday which was celebrated a little differently.

Mom and Dad threw Allie a sweet-sixteen party the afternoon of our birthday for her and all her girlfriends. Yes, I was invited but, well, we were celebrating our birthday together with Mom and Dad later, going out to dinner and such, so I decided to pass on the afternoon party. So, I went over to some friends and we kicked a ball around most of the afternoon.

There were some differences between us, of course, not meaning that I'm a guy and she's a girl. But, in regard to that, she's had more of a social life that I had, I've had a few dates here and there, nothing ever serious but my sister had dated a lot.

Not only has she dated a lot, I know she's more experienced in sex than I am. How do I know? We've talked about it.

She knows that I got Becky Rollins naked last year and we did oral sex but nothing further and I know that Allie has had oral sex with three guys, Bert Parson, Oliver Nash and Gerd Berger, an exchange student from Germany.

And, beating me out, she's had full sex with Oliver and Gerd. She's on the pill, as soon as she told me she'd had sex with Oliver, he was her first, I asked her right then if they used protection and she told me that Mom had put her on the pill when she was thirteen.

Seems our Aunt Sarah, my mom's sister, had caught her daughter, our cousin Marie, doing it without protection and they both decided the time was right. So both cousins got taken to the doctor by their mothers.

I got home about the time all the girls were leaving the party and after they'd departed, Allie came in the kitchen and briefed me on her party.

"Oh, it was fun. Maybe you did the right thing, though, they were really giggly and all, probably would have driven you crazy. But it was fun for me."

"Get some loot?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah, some iTunes gift cards, a really cute bunny whose tail wiggles when you squeeze its nose, that was from Marcy, and, oh, some other stuff, you know, girl stuff."

"Yeah, that's why I went to Tony's," I added.

"Oh, and Marcie Edwards, god, she gave me this big dildo thing, wait 'til I show you. You'll be jealous."

"I really don't think I need to see it, thanks."

"Well, I've got something for you, mister birthday boy. But you'll have to wait until later," she said with a wink and went off probably upstairs to her room.

We usually give each other joke gifts and I was wondering what it might be that maybe she didn't want our parents to see, maybe something rude or sexual, we were sixteen, I thought, maybe that's it. So, it really pretty much left my mind.

Our parents took us out for a nice birthday supper to their favorite restaurant, very posh and expensive, and, well, surely memorable, it was a great meal.

We got home and changed into comfy clothes and soon our parents were off to bed. Allison and I were watching a movie and when it ended, she said goodnight and went up to her room.

It dawned on me after she left that she hadn't given me this mystery present but, well I could wait until tomorrow, after all.

So, I went up and got in bed with a book and was reading. Well, since I'm telling the truth here, I was, as most sixteen-year old guys, also playing with my favorite toy under the covers as I read.

A soft knock came on the door and I quietly said to come in and Allison came in and closed the door. She was smiling and standing there with a hand behind her back in a negligee that I'm sure I'd never seen before. That I know because it was very sheer and showed everything that was underneath it.

"Close your eyes, I've got your present," she said and though I wanted to keep looking at her, I closed them.

"Okay," she said softly as I opened them and saw the negligee drop from her hand onto the floor.

I was stunned by what I saw. I knew my sister was a beautiful girl, I'd seen her in any number of bikinis she owned and she was super-looking.

But those bikinis covered parts of my sister that were now on view right at the foot of my bed. I could always tell that she had nice, firm, round boobs but now saw that they were tipped with small dark red nipples that were poking out. And below, she was shaved smooth and clean. Her pussy lips were plump and soft-looking, just perfect.

"You are so beautiful, Allie. So is this your present, for me to see you like this?" I asked as a tent was rising over my lap.

"Yes, and more. My present is me," she said as she pulled the sheet back off me and knelt on my bed taking my cock in her mouth and sucking me.

The first few sucks were so intense I thought I might faint. My heart began to pound and the feelings were simply incredible. She was kneeling beside me, her feet up near my head as I looked over at her butt up in the air and the most beautiful sight on earth peeking out from between her thighs.

I reached out to touch the wetness of her pussy and she flinched when I touched her but then immediately spread her knees giving me more access.

I rubbed my fingers up and down along the second pussy I'd ever touched and then, pressed it in as she wiggled a bit while sucking me. I'd been sucked before but, wow, my sister was better at it than Becky Rollins, lots better. She was making my dick just go crazy.

My sister was sucking me so good as I fingered her, I knew I couldn't hold out much longer and that I had to be pretty quiet when I cummed because our parents were right down at the end of the hall.

So, as my muscles tightened and I pushed my hips up while my cum spurted into my sister's mouth, I held back myself to a few soft groans as she sucked and swallowed.

She lifted up off my cock, turned toward me and opened her mouth wide showing me a lacework of cummy strings across her open mouth, then closed and swallowed it all.

"I like how you taste, you might just get me to do that again some time," and she leaned forward and kissed me as I took her firm breasts in my hands loving their feel.

"Thank you, Allie, that was the best present I've ever had. You're the greatest sister a guy could have."

She looked at me smiling as she said softly, "Oh, Tom, that's just the warm-up, I've got your present right here," as she patted her pussy.

I knew that my sister wasn't a virgin, in fact I knew she'd had sex with several guys. And now it looked like my name was going to be added to the list.

"So, here, happy birthday, I guess for both of us, huh?" she said as she swung a leg up over me and crouched straddling me as she reached under to hold my dick steady and she wiggled down over me. I had to think she'd done this quite a few times before.

Then she began scissoring straight up and down over me, not even touching me, well, except for the inside of her pussy and the outside of my dick.

"Mmm, mmm, this is nice, I like fucking my twin brother. I think maybe we might start doing this a lot more, what do you think?" she asked as my hands went to her perfect breasts.

"I'm not even sure I can think right now, oh, this is so good. You know, don't you, that you're taking my cherry. I'm a virgin, oops, was a virgin."

"Well, I kind of wondered. So, it's me that gets your cherry. I'm pretty proud of that, actually. You're the first boy I've ever had sex with who was a virgin. Was," she ended with a big grin.

"This is just incredible. I thought my present was the blowjob you gave me, well, it was awesome. But now this, oh, Allie, this is even better, way better."

"So you like your present? I'm pretty good, am I?"

"Oh, Sis, you are the best even if you're the only girl I've ever had like this. You do this so well, I never dreamed I had such a hot sister."

"Well, I've been told I have certain talents, you know, and this is one of them," she said as she patted her pussy while she rocked up and down over me. "And I'm kinda liking doing this with my brother. It's kind of nice keeping it in the family like this, huh?"

"It's incredible. This feels so good, now I see why everyone wants to do this all the time."

"I knew you'd like it and if you're nice to me, maybe we can do this a lot, after all, we sure are convenient to each other right here in the same house."

"Yeah, we sure are and I just hope you'll want to do this as much as I want to."

"What you might not know about your twin sister is that she's a very horny girl. Maybe it's in our genes, huh?"

"I can tell you that it's in mine, so then it's in yours, Sis, well, you've got yourself a deal," I told her as my hands thrilled at the touch and feel of her firm, supple breasts. She was still going straight up and down on my hard cock, all shiny with her juices, up and down, up and down, oh, it was heaven.

I just knew I couldn't last much longer, this was just so sexy and arousing, who could?

"Oh, Allie, I'm gonna cum, yeah, I feel it. You're on the pill right?" I asked, still pretty sure that she'd already told me.

"Yes, just go ahead, it's what I want, I want my brother's cum inside my pussy. So, give it to me, Tom, fill me full," she urged as I pushed up my hips driving deep in her as I felt that mind-blowing release of intense pleasure when my cock began spurting deep inside my sister as she bore down on me, pushing hard and grinding her hips back and forth, twisting and pushing.

"Oh, oh, Tommy, OH, OH," she started to cry out then realizing that our parents were home, she doubled over me, laughing as quietly as she could.

"Oh, god, I hope they didn't hear. I just got carried away. Oh, that was so good, what an orgasm. And from my own brother, nice."

She lay there on top of me, my cock still hard inside her as she kept moving, making me feel good as she whispered, "Think you can cum again? I'm up for it if you are?"

"I'm just right here, Sis, just do with me what you will," I chuckled and she began moving in earnest as my happy cock became even happier.

She was so good, every time she lifted up, I could feel her tighten around me, her pussy pulling on my dick, then going down, sliding so smoothly on me, just sending wave after wave of pure pleasure all across my body. My sister had a phenomenal body and used it fully to bring me to orgasm.

"Oh, this feels so good, maybe I can have a birthday every day?" I asked looking up at her smiling down at me.

"Well, maybe that could happen, after all we have the same birthday, maybe we can celebrate it every day?"

She had sucked me off brilliantly, then we fucked twice after, I felt so good, I was reeling in ecstasy.

She kissed me goodnight as she slipped the nighty over her head and left me in my room dazed with pleasure.

For the first time in several years, I didn't jack-off that night, I just drifted off to a delightful sleep filled with naked images of my beautiful twin sister.

Chapter 2

I was totally sound asleep when I felt my bed move; opening my eyes, I was met with my sister's smile and her hand gripping my cock.

"You're asleep, Tom, and, oh, so is this," she said as she gave my flaccid dick a squeeze. "I want to get both of you up and awake. I'm so horny and you have to do something about it," she said as she flung the sheet off us and knelt there so beautifully naked.

"Come on, dick, get up, time to rise," she said as she bent down and took me in her mouth which quickly accomplished its intended goal.

I was super-hard in like a minute, that's how good Allie is at sucking cock. I was hoping to get a lot more of that. Then, she raised up over me, crouched down, reached under and sat over my cock wiggling herself down over it until she was sitting solidly on me with all of me up inside her.

Then, she started flexing the muscles in her pussy over and over as my hands kneaded her breasts.

"Mmm, this is such a nice way to start the day don't you think?"

"Oh, I can't think of any better. Can we do this every morning?"

"Well, on the weekends, Mom and Dad might not like us doing this," she said with a grin.

"But your twin brother sure would."

"Mmm, me, too," she replied as she began rocking up and down on me. "Oh, yes, that's so good. My pussy making you feel happy?"

"More than happy, Sis, I still can't quite believe this has happened."

"When you cum, you'll believe that, right?"

"Mmm, sure will," I admitted as I lay there being slowly fucked right up to heaven by my beautiful, sexy twin sister.

She was taking long, long strokes, pushing all the way down on me until she was pressed firmly on me, then rising up until I almost fell out of her, then back down again. All the time, smiling down at me, knowing how wonderful her body was making me feel.

"Pretty good, huh?" she grinned.

"Oh, so good, I hope I wake up this way every morning."

"You just might. That's how much I love my twin brother."

She just kept gliding up and down over me as I caressed her beautiful warm breasts, rubbing my fingers around her hard little nipples. She leaned her arms out and came forward dropping one of those hard nipples on my lips which I eagerly opened to suck. It was heaven.

"Mmm, oh, Sis, you're gettin' me really close, oh, it feels so good," I moaned.

"Good, I am, too, really close, you feel so good inside me, it's so ... oh, yes, YES, YES, OH, TOM, TOM, I'M CUMMING, UUNH, UUNH, UUNH, uh, uh, mmm. mmm, oh, feels so good," she cried out.

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