Sex and Seinfeld

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Who says you can't learn sex from a television show? I did and here's how.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

Okay, you read the title and thought, 'What the hell can this be about Jerry Seinfeld and sex?' Right?'

Well, it does and I'll get to that in a minute. It all is about Jack and me so let me start with us.

My name is Marisa and I'm fourteen. I have long, shiny, light brown hair almost to my waist, brown eyes, I'm nicely-shaped, slender but in the last two years my boobs have developed really nicely. When I was younger I looked like a stick in a two-piece swimsuit, now I look pretty hot in a bikini.

Since you can't see me, I'm five-four, one-eleven, and what you most want to know about if you're a guy is thirty-four-B, and I fill the B-cup right to the brim. My next bra will be C-cup and that's probably just a few months away.

Now the boobs I've got, well, you'd love them; they're nice and firm, not only do they not droop, they actually point up. And each one points off to the side a bit and they have these swollen-looking nipples and the middles pop out really easy ... all I have to do is think about a boy's dick and out they come. My friend, Lindsay, says I have nipples that look like they've just been sucked on. She should know, her boyfriend sucks hers all the time, she tells me.

So, that's me. Oh, no, there's one more thing. I was still a virgin when this started and I was shaving my pussy like just about every other girl in my school.

Okay, now to Jack. He's also fourteen and I'd known him since we were little, just going into school. We lived on a corner lot and his house was catty-corner across the street. We played together and went to school together and were friends all through school.

Jack is five-eight and has developed some muscles in the last year or so, he was kind of skinny when he was smaller and he has light brown hair and hazel eyes. I didn't know it at the beginning of all this but he has a dick just over six inches (I measured it one afternoon after all this started) and it is circumcised with a pretty head that is the softest thing I've ever touched. Or licked, but that's later.

So, one afternoon when we were at his house; we were often at one or the other's house, we were watching television, some old Seinfeld reruns, after all we'd been too young to see them when they were new, and there was the one that quickly became a classic, the one about masturbation which was really funny.

So Jack turns to me and asks, "How often do you do it, Marisa?"

Of course I knew what he was asking but I nonetheless replied, "Do what?"

"Oh, come on, masturbate, get yourself off, like they were talking about."

Well, he didn't even bother to ask me if I did masturbate. Just how often. I felt my face warm as I wondered just how to answer his question.

But I didn't have to think of an answer because he started telling me, "I do it a lot. Oh, probably, well, it depends. During the summer, if I'm home all day alone, well, three, maybe four times then at night once or twice. When I'm in school, I do a quick one in the shower in the morning, then maybe twice after school and once in bed that night."

"You, like, do it four to six or seven times a day, did I get that right?"

"Geez, that sounds like a lot, doesn't it? Well, yeah, I guess I do. Pretty horny, huh?" he said.

"Well, yeah, I think it does seem like a lot. It's more than I do."

"How much is that?"

Well, there was the question.

It seemed he was being honest with me so I decided that I'd tell him.

"Well, in the summer, like you, I've got more time so I usually do it in the morning. The house is quiet and I can take my time which is nice. And, I don't have to be quiet," I added with a slight giggle.

"Then, well, sometimes before Mom and Dad get home, then in bed later. So, three times. During school, two times usually."

"How do you do it? It can't be the way I do it, you've got nothing to, you know, go up and down on. Do you put a finger inside?"

My face felt red hot but he had asked and he was my friend and I wanted to answer if I could.

"Um, girls rub on the outside and there's a particular place that's really sensitive. And, yeah, we put a finger inside, sometimes more than one," I struggled to get out, almost choking.

"Do you shoot stuff out like guys do?"

I'm not sure when I first heard about cum and that boys shoot it out the end of their dicks, maybe third or fourth grade. But, I'd never seen it though my friend Lindsay, well, she does her boyfriend all the time and tells me that it goes out pretty far.

"No, only boys I guess do that, girls get wet, it feels kind of slippery and helps when you rub yourself. Geez, I never thought we'd be talking about stuff like this. Whew!"

"Yeah, it's, well, pretty sexy, huh?"

I looked down at Jack and saw that his shorts were quite bulged out. I knew all about that from friends, of course, and asked him if he needed to go to his room and take care of that as I pointed.

His poor face turned crimson and he jumped up and said he'd be back in a few minutes. I sat there a bit dazed that he would actually go and do that but then got up and went down the hall to his bedroom and quietly opened the door.

There he was on his bed, on his back, his hand going up and down. There it was, his dick, right there. Then he saw me.

"Shit, get out, Marisa, close the door."

I walked right up to his bed as he was scrambling, trying to tug the covers over him.

"I'll help you, Jack," I said as I realized that what I'd said was funny with his name and all. "I'd kind of like to try doing it."

"It's a private thing, Marisa, you shouldn't have come in like that."

"But we've been talking about it and all and, well, I'd do it for you. I think I could do it, it's not that hard, is it?" I said as I realized again that what I'd just said had a double meaning.

He looked at me, then asked, "You'd never tell anybody? Promise?"

I nodded my head and said, "No, it'll just be between you and me, I promise," as I leaned over and placed my hand on the bulge under the sheet.

With that, he pulled the sheet back and my hand rested directly on his penis. I lifted my hand to look at it and it was standing straight up with a rounded pink head on the top.

I sat on his bed and wrapped my fingers around it to begin going up and down on it.

"Am I doing it right, Jack? Does it feel good?"

"Oh, yeah, it feels really good, lots better than I can do."

"I really like doing it, it makes me feel, well, kind of hot doing it, you know?"

"Do you use anything on it, like hand lotion? I have a friend who does her boyfriend that way."

"Yeah, I do, there's some in my top dresser drawer if you want to use it."

So, I got up and went and got it, a bottle of the old, familiar Jergen's lotion and I squirted some on my hand and started again.


"Oh, yeah. I usually use it but, well, I was in kind of a hurry. Didn't want to be gone too long," he said looking a bit sheepish.

"Well, we're in no hurry, now, right?" I asked as my fist slid up and down his hard cock.

I'd really never masturbated a boy before but I'd read about it on the computer and, like most of my friends, had seen it in porn videos. One friend of mine seemed to have dozens of videos showing girls jacking off their boyfriends and she watched them every afternoon with her boyfriend as she did him.

So, I was trying to remember the various points like the real sensitive part right under the head and to circle my fingers around the tip and twist around, things like that.

"Feel good?" I asked him as my hand slipped up and down his cock.

"Oh, Marisa, it feels wonderful. So much better than when I do it. It's so good, you're gonna make me cum pretty soon."

I knew when he closed his eyes that he was near. Then, he groaned and shoved his hips up and, oh, wow, jets of white cum started spurting up out of him, one after the other, spurt, spurt, spurt.

I'd seen it on the computer before but this was the first time I'd ever held a boy's dick when it cummed. It was wild, I loved it.

I reached over and took some tissues and wiped off my hand and wrist and his stomach but did wipe some up with my finger and tasted it, I was curious. Not bad, a bit salty, just a trace bitter, not much else.

"Oh, that was great, Marisa. Really great. Want me to do you?"

Well, there it was. I knew it meant that I would have to show him my pussy, well, how else? Was I ready for that? Did I want to get naked with Jack? I was fourteen, his was just now the first boy's dick I'd ever held. What now?

"Um, well, have you ever done a girl before?" I asked more to stall than anything else.

"No, but you can tell me what to do. I know you rub yourself and use your finger inside, right?"

"Yeah, that's mostly how girls do it."

But did I want his finger inside me? Did I want him to see my pussy, see me naked? No boy ever had, even though I knew that someday a boy would pretty much have to, either that or I'd never have sex and that I didn't want. So, well, maybe now was it.

"Yeah, I guess you can do it to me. I'll have to take my clothes off, just a sec," and I began disrobing in front of the first boy ever to see me naked. It wasn't as hard as I thought because, when I got my bra off and he told me how beautiful and sexy I was, well, I was pretty eager after that for him to see the rest of me.

So, as I pulled my panties off, I heard his breath suck in, "Oh, Marisa, you're beautiful, so beautiful." And I felt beautiful.

"There's one thing you can tell me, where's your clit? I've heard about it but don't know where it is. Is it inside?"

"Oh, no, look right here, let me..." and I pulled the top of my labia apart. "See that little white bump? That's it. But you can rub on the outside like this and put pressure on it to make it feel good, see, like this," and I showed him how I do it.

I lay down, opening my legs to him as his fingers slid up and down in the wetness of my slit, it felt so good, lots better than when I did it. Then, he began working a finger inside me as he pressed down over my clit rubbing gently but firmly as he pumped his finger in and out.

I had my hand on his dick as he did me, my head thrown back, my eyes closed, quietly moaning once in a while as the pleasure spread outward across my body. It was wonderful.

Then I felt him shift as his finger pulled out of me and, when I looked down, he now had his head down between my legs and began licking me and swiping his furled tongue up and down in my pussy slit.

All I could do was shake as he licked on me. I'd never had a boy do that before and it was so intense and so thrilling I just couldn't stop trembling. I'm not sure how long he did it but it seemed like only two or three minutes before I was in the middle of the most fantastic orgasm I'd ever had, I couldn't believe how strong it was and for how long it went on, my head was spinning.

I was shaking and groaning as I held his head between my thighs while he licked and licked, I just never wanted him to stop. He just kept going at me and I had two more orgasms, I was just exhausted but, oh, so happy.

I pulled him up over me kissing him over and over.

"Oh, thank you, thank you, Jack, that was fantastic. No boy has done that to me before. It was awesome, I've never felt anything so good," I babbled as he rubbed his cock up and down along my throbbing pussy lips, the bottom of his shaft sliding in the wetness of my lips.

"Mmm, that feels good, too, I really like that, what you're doing."

"Yeah, does feel good, I might even shoot my cum it feels so good."

Well, at least it wasn't inside my pussy where it could get me pregnant so I just lay there as he slid back and forth making me feel so good.

I tried moving just a bit to get it where he was sliding better on my pussy lips and, oh, it felt even better.

"Mmm, that's really good. Is it for you?"

"Yeah, really good. It feels like we're really doing it, really having sex with me inside you."

"You've had sex then, done it with a girl?" I asked.

"Oh, no, it just feels like I think it would feel. No, I haven't done it but if I could, I'd like to do it with you, Marisa."

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