The Way I Think It Should Be

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: What should a mother do when she comes home early from work and sees her son having sex with his sister? Well, this mother joined in and it's just the way I think it should be.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   White Couple   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

I suppose if you're pretty openminded about things, well, then this story I'm about to relate will seem plausible and pretty understandable. If you're hard-nosed about sex and how people involve themselves in sex, well, you might want to look elsewhere.

It all started when I came home earlier than I had expected one night. I own a small neighborhood grocery store and my night manager told me I looked tired and that he would close up later so I could go home early.

When I got home, I let myself in and looked around for my two children, Laurie, fourteen, and Ben, fifteen. Not seeing them, I went to the foot of the stairs and listened and hearing a few sounds went up, wondering if maybe they might be up to something, hoping it wasn't drugs and such, then quietly looked into Ben's room.

There they were, naked on Ben's bed, her up on her hands and knees, Ben on his knees between her legs, his cock sliding in and out of her. They were facing away from the door so I could stand there and watch their beautiful young bodies pleasuring one another.

I got a slight glimpse once in a while of my son's cock and was impressed. I had remembered the little penis he once had and, well, that had surely changed for the better.

"Mmm, oh, it feels so good, Laurie, mmm, oh, I love you so much, is it good?" I heard my son ask his sister softly.

"Oh, Ben, yes, like it always is, you make me feel so good. I love that we're doing this. I just love you so much. Mmm, cum in me so I can sleep with some of you inside me tonight."

They were really beautiful, when I first saw them, I was struck by the loveliness of them making love for, clearly they were, indeed, making love, not just merely having sex.

Then Laurie dropped her head down on the bed and began moving her hips around as Ben stroked in and out of her upturned vagina as she cried, "Oh, god, Ben, I'm cumming, oh, it's so good."

And he went faster as he grunted, "Oh, um, mmm, UHH, UHH, UHH, mmm, oh, Laurie, mmm, I love you so much," and they both collapsed down as he went with her keeping inside her as he still moved back and forth.

I stepped back quietly and tiptoed back down the hall and down the stairs to go and wait in the kitchen for a few minutes, then I slammed the back door, and called out, "I'm home," then spent a few minutes cleaning up the kitchen.

Ben came in and said, "Hi, Mom, early, huh? Laurie's already in bed, asleep, I think," and I kissed him and told him that my manager sent me home and that I was going to bed.

I did go to bed, of course, and lay there with the vision of my son and daughter making love so beautifully, so sweetly, so lovingly, that I masturbated twice before I finally fell into a happy, deep sleep.

All the next day, even at the store, my mind was on my two lovebirds, as I now thought of them. Everything I had seen and heard seemed to be consensual, seemed that Laurie was a fully-willing participant in their sex. My biggest question, the one that stayed on my mind the most was birth control. As far as I knew, my daughter was not on the pill, I didn't think she could have access to it without my taking her to our doctor, something I was going to do as soon as I could.

I had no real idea about how I would approach all this, it was so new and, well, so unexpected, though, looking back on it, I suppose a boy and a girl in close proximity, even brother and sister, may end up being tempted by all their hormones. I knew I did have another twenty-four hours before I had do anything about my daughter's birth control as she was due to spend the night with a friend leaving Ben and me home alone.

Before I go any further with what happened, let me tell you a bit about myself. I'm thirty-six, yes, I was twenty when I got pregnant with Ben. His father and I got married soon after we found out; I learned my lesson and, except for trying to conceive Laurie, I've been on the pill ever since.

I have tried to stay in shape since I've had children, I've seen in some other women what can happen so I do work out to keep myself fit. I'm five-six, one-twenty-one, 36-23-36 and the first 36 is C-cup, yes, nice, yes, firm even at my age, yes, I can even go braless which I do sometimes when I'm feeling really horny. I love my nipples rubbing the inside of my shirt.

Oh, I haven't mentioned the children's father have I? We parted ways after about five years. He seemed to be getting a lot more sex than I was, I think I'll just leave the explanation at that.

For me, sex ever since has been somewhat hit and miss, mainly miss as the business I'm in generates long hours and hard work. Most of my sex is from my wonderful collection of sex toys, yes, I frequent several websites and snap up the latest if it looks interesting. There are a few favorites, I think of them as favorite boyfriends, and one, a suction-cup dildo, is one that I use often squatting over it doing 'fuck-ups' as I call them which helps tone my legs and the muscles between my legs. All that plus a wonderful orgasm or two as a bonus.

To round out my description, I'm a dirty blond with gray-green eyes, and am considered rather attractive, often mistaken for being in my twenties. And, yes, at the store, I do get hit on fairly often even by high school guys but try not to mix work with pleasure. I'm probably missing out on some good sex but it's complicated enough raising two teenaged kids without adding additional intricacies.

That, I'm finding out even more these days.

I went home at five so I could have plenty of opportunity to talk with Ben about what I had observed. I had already made an appointment for Laurie for after school the next day for her first ob-gyn exam and get that all taken care of so my children can safely enjoy their passion together.

I decided to talk with Ben about it as soon as I got home. He was in the kitchen eating an apple as I came in.

So, I took a deep breath and sat down next to him.

"Um, I'm not sure how else to say this, so I'll just say it. I came home last night and went upstairs to see where you two were." I had barely started when I saw his face pale and his smile disappear.

"Your sister was on her hands and knees on your bed and you were behind her. Is that enough?"

He nodded his head up and down.

"Well the first thing I must know from you is if you have forced your sister in any way, any way at all, to have sex?"

"Oh, no, Mom, I'd never do that to Laurie. She's my sister and I love her, no, I couldn't do that, not ever."

"And, what about birth control, were you using anything, Ben?"

"Yes, oh, I would never risk that with Laurie, Mom, I love her too much to ever take a chance like that. I have condoms that we use."

"How long have you two been having sex?"

"Um, well, it depends..."

"It depends?" I asked.

"Well, sex like that, the whole thing, you know the regular way, um, about six months now."

"With your penis in her vagina, is that what you mean?"

"Yeah, that way."

"So you started out doing other things? Who started this?"

"I expect you might want to talk with Laurie to confirm what I'm telling you but, well, don't get mad at her but, well, she kind of did."

"Hmmm, well, okay, I just want to be sure that Laurie did everything of her own free will, that she wasn't forced or did it because you're older or whatever."

"No, Mom, I'd never do that to Laurie. I'm really nervous talking about this but I guess I have to let you know that, well, geez, I hope you don't get mad, Laurie and I love each other. We're doing what you saw because I love her and she loves me. I mean, sure, we like the sex, who wouldn't, but it's more that we love each other, Mom."

I watched my boy tell me how he loves my daughter and there seemed to be a hint of emotion in his eyes which melted my heart.

"Well, son, I watched you two for quite a while, you were really in a total world of your own, you two, and it was beautiful, what I saw. I really think you two do love each other. I'm going to take Laurie tomorrow to get her on the pill but you'll still have to use condoms for a month before they take effect."

"God, I miss her so much tonight, Mom, I'm so used to us being together, you know..."

I looked down and the physical evidence of his loneliness for his sister was quite evident in the poking up of his sweatpants.

"Yes, I can see, Ben, you're not hiding it very well," I kidded him.

"Oh, Mom, sorry, but, well..."

I put my hand down over the peak in his pants and he got a really funny look on his face.

"Come up to my room, Ben, since Laurie isn't here, I'll take care of that for you," I said and stood up, took his hand and led him up the stairs to my bedroom, threw back the covers and asked him to get undressed.

"You don't have to do this, Mom. It's all right."

"I know, Son, but, well, I know your sister loves you and well, so does your mother. I love you, too, so let me make you happy."

I stood there watching him pull off his teeshirt then sweatpants and put them on the chair. His briefs were rather tented out more than I'd expected and when he pulled them off, I had my first clear view of my son's lovely cock. He was the size of any man I'd ever been with, I have to admit that I was now looking at my son as a potential lover, sharing him with my daughter.

I took all my clothes off as well, except for my panties which did have a rather large wet spot underneath, then I had him lay back on my bed.

As I knelt on my bed, I gazed down on his beautiful cock sticking up; it had been over a year since I had had one of those deep inside me; it looked so good.

Chapter 2

"Does Laurie do you by hand or by mouth?"

"Um, well, she's done both but you can just do it by hand, Mom, it's okay."

"If you're like every other male I've known you like it sucked, so let's do that," and I leaned over and softly kissed my son on the lips, then shifted down and licked circles around the head of his cock hearing his breath quicken as I did.

As I eased my lips down the thick shaft, I was just overcome with desire, desire for this beautiful shaft to be sliding deep inside me, I wanted to ride it up and down in my vagina, I wanted it so bad.

I raised up and looked at him.

"Is everything all right, Mom, you don't have to do it, you know."

"I know," I said as I raised up over him. "This is what I want the most," and reached under to hold him upward as I eased down taking him into me as I lowered over him.

"Oh, Mom, you're..."

"Yes, Ben, I'm fucking you. I want you so bad and this feels so right. Just let me do it once. If you don't want to again, then, okay. I won't stop you and Laurie."

"You won't, really? We can ... well, do this, what we're doing, Laurie and me, and you won't mind, you won't stop us?"

"That's right, you two can sleep together from now on if you want. As long as you both want it."

"Oh, Mom, you're the greatest. I can't believe all this is happening, like with you and me right now."

"Well, like I said, I just want this once. You can go back to Laurie, but I just so wanted what I saw when I got your pants off."

"But, Mom, what if I wanted to do this again? With you?"

"You have Laurie already, she's so young and beautiful. Why me?"

"Mom, look at you. Why do you think Laurie's beautiful, she looks like you. You stay fit, all my friends call you a MILF. You know what that means?"

I laugh, telling him I know exactly what it means and that, to him, I am just exactly that right as we speak, then he laughs.

"Yeah, that's right, you're a mom I want to fuck, all right. Mmm, it feels so good, too. I never had any idea you would be so hot and sexy to fuck. I hope you aren't mad me telling you that."

I laughed, "Well, I guess at age thirty-six, knowing that you're also having sex with a fourteen-year old girl, I take it as a pretty high compliment. I sure never thought I'd be having sex with a fifteen-year old guy again."

It was wonderful having my son's big, hard cock up inside me as I rocked up and down on it while his hands rubbed my breasts and tweaked my nipples. I knew it was my own son but, well, it just felt so good that I really didn't care.

"Mmm, Mom, oh, this feels so good. I can't believe I'm having sex with you and Laurie both."

"Well, it's just this once, Ben, unless you want to continue it," I reminded him.

"But I do, this is so good and, well, you are so hot, Mom, so sexy, yes, I want to do this more, do it again, lots more, with you."

"You may change your mind when your sister is here all the time," I told him as I slid up and down on his wonderful cock. I had already decided to let them both do whatever they wanted. If they wanted to sleep together every night, so be it. As long as Laurie was protected from pregnancy, let them enjoy themselves together. After all, sex when you're in your teens is so exciting. It sure was for me. Well, it still is in my thirties.

"Mmm, oh, oh, I've missed this so much, mmm," I moaned.

"Mom, I'd love to keep you happy, I just love what we're doing. I really do want to do it more, even after Laurie is back. There's really no reason why I can't be with both of you."

"Both of us, huh? Sounds like I've raised a typical male for a son. I'm just kidding, Ben, it's actually rather charming that you want to keep us both happy, though I'm sure that at fifteen, it's in keeping with your horniness."

"Well, I sure am horny, just ask Laurie, though, truthfully she's pretty much that way too. But I'd just love having you both like this."

As my son was telling me how he wants to continue having sex with me, I began feeling like I was getting closer and closer to an orgasm. I always love that approaching wave of ecstasy, the way it just sweeps over me, covering me from head to toe as my body shakes and convulses under the power of release of my pent-up sexual energy.

"Mmm, mmm, oh, Ben, Ben, I'm cumming, oh, you've made me cum, I'm so happy, uhh, UHH, UHH, UHH, UNH, UNH, UH, uh, uh, mmm, oh, oh, Ben, thank you, Ben, you've made me so, so happy," and I dropped down over him kissing him over and over as I kept moving my hips up and down, not really wanting to stop.

"Oh, this is so good, Mom, I don't want to stop doing this, I really want us to do this more. I'm so close, oh, you're making me feel so good right now."

"Mmm, good, I want you to cum in me, Ben, make me happy and cum in me, I want to sleep tonight with your cum inside me," I moaned as I rocked back and forth, so happy with my new lover.

"Oh, I'm really close. I want to sleep here with you tonight, too, can I, I really want to?"

"Yes, yes, Ben, I'd love you in my bed tonight," and with that he trembled and arched upward driving his cock deep into me as I felt the warm spurts I'd wanted so much.

"Oh, OH, OH, UNH, UNH, UNH, UH, MMM, mmm, mmm, oh, Mom, oh, it feels so good, so good to be inside you, mmm, mmm, can we do this again? I really want to do it again, I'm still hard."

So, yes I rolled over on my back and he brought me to another fantastic orgasm and left me filled with more cum as we fell asleep in each other's arms. I began getting an idea of just how horny a fifteen-year old boy can be when in the middle of the dark night I felt him trying to insert his hard cock from behind. I did the motherly thing and helped my son with his desire. I could get very used to having a horny male in my bed, especially one I already loved so much.

We did take a shower together the next morning and had a quick coupling under the warm running water, then we got dressed and Ben went off to school and I went off to the store with my son's cum in my pussy to remind me of what we had now started.

I wanted to be home when Laurie got home that afternoon so I could take her to the doctor for a four-thirty appointment. But first I needed to talk with her about my knowing what she and her brother were doing and the new development between Ben and me.

So when she came in I followed her up to her room to change and told her about the doctor's appointment and why she was going.

"Omigod, you really watched us? When we were, you know, doing it?"

"Yes, Laurie, and I'm not angry about it. I do want to ask you who's idea it was."

"Oh, hmm, well, it was really me, Mom. I kind of started the whole thing."

"And Ben didn't force you? Pressure you?"

"Oh, no, Mom, Ben would never do that. He's not like that."

"Well, I have to know, Laurie, I have to protect you, you know."

"I know, Mom, but he never pushed me, in fact, he asked me if I was sure and I told him I was. He asked several times."

So I told her that I would allow them to do what they wanted and that she was going on the pill be they must use condoms for the next month.

Then I told her about my new relationship with my son, her brother.

"Oh, Mom, you and Ben, you're also having sex?"

"Yes, dear, it's something he wants to continue but he also wants to continue with you."

"He wants us both, both of us?"

"Yes, and you can talk with him alone after we get back from the doctor."

"Does he or you want to do this all together like all three of us doing it at once, that's a threesome, right?" she asked.

"Oh, no, what I meant was that Ben and I would have times together and you and he would as well. He can sleep with you sometimes and with me sometimes. What do you think?"

"Well, when you first said both of us, I thought you meant all together. I'd almost ... well, this may sound awful but I'd almost be willing to try it. That's pretty slutty, I guess."

"Oh, people have done things far more daring than that. Um, let's just go this far at first."

With that we went off to the doctor's and had a spirited discussion on the way there and on the way home. As we pulled into the garage I suggested that she go and talk with her brother about everything and that if they wanted to sleep together tonight, they certainly had no objection from me, just use the condoms until she was a month on the pill.

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