Easy as One, Two, Three

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Was your first time a foursome? Mine was. Was it ever.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Having three older sisters, when I was young it mostly meant that I didn't have to do much. All I had to do is point at something and one of my sisters got it for me. What did I know? They would do everything for me I guess just because they're girls and tend to be naturally helpful. Geez, I hope that's not sexist, it's just the way it all worked out.

So, they pretty much pampered me even when my mom and dad didn't. Yes, it was a nice life, there was always one of them to help me with chores or homework, whatever.

I really never had any fights or arguments with any of them, they might have had disagreements with each other but rarely me. Yes, it was somewhat of an idyllic life.

As I became ten and eleven, I did, quite naturally, of course, begin to see them in a different light. They were each older than me and further along or even beyond puberty.

So, as I began to really appreciate boobs and such, it was readily apparent that my three sisters had them and not only had them, they were pretty nice.

Lori and Anna, twins, fraternal, actually, were three years older than me and, of course, had the nicest bodies. I would see them around in nighties and such and, in summer, wearing bikinis that got smaller every year, it seemed.

All of us were blonds, natural blonds, for Mom is from a mostly Scandinavian family, so my twin sisters are both fairly tall and slender with long blond hair, blue eyes and beautiful, creamy skin. They are pretty like our mom who is universally rated 'MILF' by all my friends. They also all love to check out my sisters whenever they're over.

My third sister, Sue, is just a year older than I am and she's just as pretty as the twins, only younger. Her hair is shorter and her boobs are smaller but, these days, not all that much. Yes, I notice.

Now that I'm thirteen, these three are giving me hard-ons just all the time whether or not they know it. I mean, I'm thirteen, right?

My true appreciation for having three older sisters came one evening when I was just turned thirteen and was laying in bed with my hand under the covers playing with my dick when a knock came on my door.

Of course, I pulled my hand up and called out, "Yeah, come in," and in came all three sisters to crowd around my bed.

"All three of you? What's up?"

They're looking at me, then each other, all smiling, Sue nods at the middle of my covers and they all begin giggling.

"Oh, nothing, little brother. What's that? What's under there?" Lori asked pointing at the rise in the covers.

While they're teasing me, I'm also looking at them. Each one has on a teeshirt. Yes a teeshirt and what seemed like panties underneath. But each sister's breasts were somewhat visible and certainly their nipples were pointy under the thin cotton. This was doing nothing to reduce the state of my stiffie.

"Come on, Billy, show us what's under there. Come on," Anna pleaded.

"No way, get out of here and leave me alone." I knew our parents were out and the four of us were here alone.

"Let us see and we'll let you see," Lori said as she lifted her tee up to just under the bottom curve of her boobs. Then, Anna and Sue pulled theirs up as well.

"No, get out, I mean it."

Then Lori pulled hers off.

Well, I'm not crazy, I pulled down the covers and slid my briefs off my feet.

"Oh, wow, look at Billy's equipment, will ya," Anna cried.

"Used to be such a dinky little thing. Now, well, nice, huh?" Lori added.

"I may start calling you my big brother, Billy, look at that," Sue says.

"Okay, now let's see 'em," I urged and off came all three teeshirts.

Wow. Sure I'd seen them in bikinis, seen the sides of their boobs but here they were, totally uncovered. All three sisters with the most beautiful boobs I'd ever seen, just like in Playboy. Full and round and topped-off with the prettiest pink nipples with the center parts all poked out and the surrounding all raised and plump.

"Oh, wow, you three are so beautiful, incredible," I gasped as I took in the beautiful sight before me.

"Wanna see the rest, Billy?" Lori asked as she started to pull down her panties just a bit.

"Yeah, sure," I said unbelieving my fortune. What's to lose now, right?

They all three pulled off their panties and stood there.

"I don't want it to stop but can I ask why you are doing this?" It seemed like a logical thing to ask.

"Well, you're now thirteen and about a month ago Mom took us all to the doctor and started us on the pill and we thought we'd all four lose our cherries together. You are still a virgin, right?" Anna asked.

Even if by some super-lucky chance I wasn't, I was not about to admit it. But, I'd never even felt a boob before and decided that was the way to say it. I'm no fool.

"Well, girls, I've never even felt a girl's boobs before, so, yeah, I'm a virgin all right."

They all jumped on my bed each offering their own for me to feel.

Lori was pushing her's in my face as I groped for Anna's and Sue's as I felt a hand grip my dick and begin stroking it up and down.

"We want you to fuck all three of us, starting with the oldest and that's me," Lori said.

It was often kidded that Lori was the first out of Mom so she was oldest. I really didn't care about the order it was done, I was just thrilled that it was all three of my hot, sexy sisters.

"So, move over, you can do me first," Lori said as I got out of her way. She plopped down and spread her legs wide. All my sister's were shaved. None of them had hair down there. I crawled over between Lori's legs as my other two sisters sat on each side of us. I guess I was losing my cherry to an audience.

"Have you ever seen a girl's pussy, Billy, up close like?" Lori asked. I shook my head sideways and she motioned me close.

"Well you can see that I shave my pussy hair off. We all do. I guess I can tell you that we all shave each other, it's easier if someone does it for you. Oh, maybe we'll let you try doing the three of us. Three pussies in a row, you'd like that I bet."

"What a hard-on our little brother would have shaving all of us," snickered Anna.

"Now, look, these are the outside lips, um, see these inside, we have two pair of pussy lips and they really feel good when you rub them or lick them. Maybe you can try that tomorrow, we'll have all day. Tonight, though, we've got to keep going."

She pulled her pussy open saying, "Get down, yeah, see up in there, can you see that opening?"

"Um, humm," I agreed.

"Put your finger in there, see, it goes up inside, that's my vagina, that's where your dick fits inside. Feel up further, see, all warm and wet and slippery? Now, I guess you can fuck me, Billy, you ready?"

"Oh, I can't believe this is really happening, geez, look at the three of you, wow," I exclaimed as I moved up closer.

"We've been planning this for months, Bill, we wanted to be on the pill and for you to be at least thirteen. We knew you'd have done it before that but, well, here we are now, anyway," explained Sue.

"You can lick me there if you want to. Nobody's ever done it to me before," she said so I dropped down and licked and tongued her and she squealed and trembled as I did.

"Go ahead, Billy, I'm ready, I mean if you are," and I put the head of my dick up and started pushing.

"I think it works better if you slide it up and down getting it wet with my lips first," Lori said.

Well, it worked quite well as we all watched me enter my oldest sister for the first time ever. I started going back and forth as my hands enjoyed her wonderful breasts, oh, they were awesome, so soft but firm, warm and so sexy. Her nipples were hard and all puffed-out.

"Mmm, oh, wait until Billy fucks you two. Mmm, even better than I thought it was going to be," Lori moaned.

Oh, she was so right, it felt the best I've ever felt from anything. I just knew it would be so good when I got my first time but, oh, this was so much better. Lori, inside, was so warm and slippery, it just made my dick feel so good sliding in and out of her. It was incredible.

"Oh, wow, this is so good, I can't believe you three are doing this," I moaned.

"Well, you better believe it, Billy, you've got two of us to go after you finish with Lori," Anna told me as they watched me fucking my oldest sister.

"Mmm, slow down, Billy, yeah, mmm, better. Oh, this is so good. I've fingered myself so many times and, oh, this, with a real live dick, mmm, and it's my little brother's, too. You look so hot up over me, fucking me like this. I'll bet you think you've gone right to heaven, right, Bill?"

"Oh, do I," I panted, "I still can't believe that we're all doing this."

"Mmm, rub right there, Billy, that's my clit, it really helps get me off. Mmm, oh, yeah, you got it, mmm."

So that was where a girl's clit was, I thought. I'd heard about it but none of the boys I knew had much knowledge of it. Now I hoped to become the expert among my peers on the female clit.

"Mmm, oh, yeah, mmm, just rub right there and, oh, your dick feels so good. You're gonna make your big sister cum, Billy, oh, girls, just wait, it's so ... uh, UNNH, UNNH, AYYE, AYYE, EAAH, EAAH, aah, uuh, mmm, oh, wow," she groaned.

I did it, I really did it. I'm pretty good at making myself cum but now I've done it to a girl. It might be my own sister but still...

"Okay, Bill, Anna's next," Lori said so I looked down and watched as I pulled my happy dick out of her all shiny with our juices. There was my dick, now experienced in sex, ready for its second fuck.

Lori got up and Anna got down, spreading open for me, telling me, "Start slow, Billy, I don't think it'll hurt but just in case, okay?"

I nodded and moved up to her pussy holding myself steady. I rubbed and pushed a bit and felt the end slip inside, so I just stopped to make sure she was okay.

"I can feel you inside of me, Billy, geez, it's really happening, I'm losing my cherry, Go ahead, it feels fine," she said so I pushed in further and began going back and forth. Oh, this was so good, both my older sisters were so hot and sexy.

Anna raised her legs up in the air so I could push deeper and moaned, "Mmm, mmm, oh, it is good, mmm, so good, better than I ever thought it would be, mmm."

"This is so wild, I can't believe I'm doing this, first, Lori, now Anna, and next Sue."

"I think you better be taking vitamins, Billy, having fun, so far?" Sue asked.

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