A Triple First

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Here's how my first time happened; it was a bit different from most.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

Do you remember your first time to have sex? I'll bet you do, I know I sure do. I'll pretty much bet that my first time was different from your first time. There's a couple of reasons that I suspect my first time was different and I'll get to them both shortly.

I should start this story properly with telling you about the people involved, yes, people, it was more than just two. It was four, actually, though only three were involved in the sex part. So, are you interested?

Thought so.

My name is Melissa and, when this happened, I was fourteen. It was summer, school was out, I would be entering the high school that my current boyfriend, Greg, was going to, he would become a sophomore.

I'm pretty average in most ways, five-four, one hundred and eleven pounds, thirty-four B-cup, yeah, not bad, nice and firm, really quite pretty with small pink nipples that get really excited all the time. I love for Greg to play with them and suck on them. He's the first boy I've let see my boobs and play with them. I now know how hot it can make a girl to have her titties sucked. I could have him do it for hours and hours.

My waist is twenty-two inches and hips are thirty-three. My legs are nice, they've got more the shape of a woman now, some of my friends in school still have little-girl stick legs. I'm glad I don't.

Like most girls, I guess, I stand in front of my mirror naked looking my body over in every detail, even squatting over a hand mirror I put on the floor to see up into my pussy as I hold myself open. If you're a girl reading this, I'll bet you did the same thing. Thought so.

I also started shaving my pussy last year. It was getting hair, of course, and my boyfriend wanted me to shave it off so it had the 'little girl' look. Maybe he's a pervert but, actually I like it nice and smooth.

Yes, last year. We started dating in March of last year and he first got my top off about a month after. That's when I fell in love. Not so much with him, more with having my boobs sucked. As soon as he started in on my tits, well, I was rubbing the lump in his pants, just like so many of us do, I guess, and soon, he had it out and I was jacking him off.

I'd never seen a boy cum before and, well, it was wild. I just loved being able to make him shoot his cum like that, spurt after spurt. He wanted me to suck him, of course, I guess every boy does, but, well, he had to be happy with me doing him by hand.

I did experiment around with doing his dick. I soon began using hand lotion so he didn't get sore. But, of course, it also made it feel better, right? And I would often crouch between his widespread legs so I could easily use both hands, I learned pretty quickly that one hand moving up and down along the shaft was simply thrilling for him when I used my lotion-covered palm rubbing circles around the top of the head. Oh, that drove him crazy, he loved it.

He soon got my panties off, of course, and began fingering me to the most wonderful orgasms. I just wanted to be naked with him now so we could give each other pleasure as much as we could.

Then, one afternoon after school, we were both naked on his bed, I had already jacked him off and he was sitting between my knees finger-fucking me as I writhed in such pleasure, my eyes closed, just loving the feelings, when I felt his finger pull out and something wet and smooth run along my pussy lips. He was down licking me.

I'll never forget looking down that first time to see his head between my thighs as I watched his furled tongue swipe up and down my wet and roused pussy lips. That day began my hunger for his tongue and lips on my pussy which I simply adore and have him do as much as we can.

It was about three weeks later, after he began eating me out, that I decided to go ahead and suck on him. I wasn't sure how far I wanted to go, if I wanted to suck him all the way to cumming, then whether I was going to spit it out or swallow it. I did talk to a few of my best girlfriends, the one's I knew were sucking their boyfriends, there were quite a few, and most seemed to swallow.

But, I still hadn't finally decided when he got his clothes off for me to jack him off, I was already naked, and I just leaned over and took his dick and put my lips over it and started sucking.

I knew he wasn't expecting it, that was part of what I wanted to do, make it a surprise. I moved up onto my hands and knees as I used one hand to hold his dick while I sucked up and down. I had just started when I felt his finger trace a path along the lips of my pussy which, of course, were very wet.

I was trying to concentrate on my first blowjob but it wasn't easy as he began working his finger up inside me and rubbing all around the walls of my vagina. Then, he began pulling my leg up over him and I figured that he wanted to do sixty-nine which, of course, we girls had talked about in great depth.

So, I swung my leg up over him and lowered until the thrill of his tongue ran up through my body. My first blowjob was so successful, that we started doing sixty-nine to each other almost every day. I had learned the first time his tongue touched my pussy that I would always love being licked and now to combine it with sucking his cock, well, it was magic.

I was one of those girls who really adored the throb and pulse of my boyfriend's cum shooting into my mouth, it gave me such a sense of power and control, I loved it, still do.

So, this brings us up to the day in question; Greg and I were in his room sitting at his computer. I'm not sure if his mom had ever put any porn-blockers on his computer but if they had, he'd figured out how to get around them. So we were sitting there at his computer, his mother was somewhere downstairs, and his sister came in and sat on his bed.

I'll need to tell you about Sierra, his sister. She was thirteen and really cute. About five-two and maybe a hundred pounds, she had short blond hair she usually kept in a ponytail, and she was well into getting a figure. Her boobs were nice for a seventh-grader, I'd guess B-cup, nearly the size of mine.

"You two looking at porn again?" she asked.

"Yeah, come on over, sit next to Melissa if you wanna see," he told her so I scooted over to give her room.

Greg had gotten up a video of a college dorm sex party where they were all fucking and sucking and licking all over the place. Guys fucking girls, girls sucking guys, girls licking girls, girls doing both, it was wild.

Sierra leaned over to me and whispered, "God, am I wet. This is so fucking hot," and I said back, "Me, too, my pussy is sopping."

Then Greg unzipped his fly and wrangled his dick out and began stroking it. I had measured it just a few weeks before after I'd sucked him for about five minutes, knowing he was super-hard; it was just under seven inches, a really nice one.

Then, Sierra got up from next to me and went to the other side and sat on the floor next to her brother. He turned in his chair toward her, swinging his far leg to behind her and she began licking along the length of his cock.

I sat there watching the computer screen but certainly also seeing Greg's sister licking his dick. This was something I'd never seen before, never had any idea about. He must be getting sex from his sister too, now I knew. Well, truthfully I really didn't care, it wasn't like I was desperately in love with him or anything. I liked Greg fine, it was the sex that I was in love with.

Then she put her lips over it just as I had done so many times and began sucking him.

"Um, my sister kind of does me, too, Melissa. Hope you're not jealous. She started that about six months ago, asked me if a girl had ever sucked me off. I told her you had and she asked if she could too. I do her, of course, like I do you."

"No, I'm not jealous," I said as she got up and went to his closet and brought out a small package and held it up and shook it in front of his face.

"You gonna fuck us, Greg?"

"I haven't done it with Melissa yet, Sis, she wanted to wait."

"Well, you can fuck me."

This was all so unexpected, I never had any inkling that Greg and his sister were fucking but, well, there it is.

"Do you mind? I know it's kind of unexpected but..."

"Sure, I don't mind. I could leave, I guess."

"No, I don't mind, Melissa, you can watch us. It's okay with you, right, Greg?" his sister asked.

"Sure, this is kind of incredible. Well, don't let me stop you two," I told them as the both stood up and took their clothes off. I had, of course, seen Greg naked many times but I have to say his little sister was beautiful. Her young, ripe little body was so sexy and fresh.

He sat back down on his chair with his dick sticking up and Sierra bent over and sucked him for a minute, then opened the condom packet and rolled it down his cock like an expert. I guess she was.

Then, he spread his legs open and his sister backed up to him as he held his dick steady and, facing away from him, her butt backed up to him, she began to sit down on his dick while she wiggled herself getting him inside herself.

She then leaned back and started moving her hips around as his hands reached around and rubbed her boobs.

"See, this way we can both watch the computer. We do it this way all the time. You really ought to let Greg fuck you, I just love it, his cock is so good, mmm."

Well, I guess you never know about families. I did have a friend last year in school, they moved away not long ago and she told me that she and her two brothers and their mom and dad all had sex together. I didn't believe her until she had me hide in her closet one afternoon after school. I believed her after that, for sure.

I was more interested in watching my boyfriend and his sister have sex than anything on the computer. Sierra was sure at home moving up and down on Greg's dick as they both watched the computer, it must be something they do a lot. Well, it sure looked sexy.

"Mmm, mmm, oh, Greg, mmm, it's feeling so good, my pussy feels so good, you're so hard," she groaned.

"What do you think, Melissa? My little sister's pretty hot, huh? This giving you any ideas?"

"You two have got me so wet and horny, I guess. Think you could save me some of your dick for after you two finish?"

"Yeah, I've got plenty of condoms. I'll have to tell you about that sometime. Quite a story," Mike said.

"Yeah, be sure and have him tell you that one, it's a great story," his sister added.

"Oh, Sis, I'm getting close, mmm."

"So am I, oh, man, it's so good. I think having Melissa here watching us is really got me so hot, oh, oh, I feel it, yeah, OOH, OOH, OOH, UUH, UUH, AYYE, AYYE, UHH, UUH, uh, uh, mmm, mmm," Sierra cried out.

I got a chill when she went off like that, part of it from the force of her orgasm, part of it from the fear that their mother would hear her.

Then, Mike threw his head back as Sierra bounced up and down on him, I could actually see his cock between them as she fucked him faster and faster.

"Oh, yeah, I'm cumming, UUH, UUH, UHHN, UHHN, UUHHG, UUHHG, uuh, uuh, ummm, mmm," he groaned as he kissed his sister on her back as his hands squeezed her boobs while she moved her hips around in a circle on his lap.

"KEEP IT DOWN, FOR GOD'S SAKE," their mother shouted as she pounded on Mike's bedroom door.

"Sorry, okay, sorry, Mom," Mike yelled back.

Chapter 2

I had dived onto his bed pulling some covers over me as I looked over and they were laughing.

"That was you're mom, weren't you scared she'd come in?" I asked as I huddled under the covers.

They were still laughing and, even more surprising, Sierra was still on Mike's lap with his dick up inside her.

"Oh, she knows we're fucking, Melissa. Mom knows all about it. That's why we have condoms, she keeps us supplied," my boyfriend said.

"Yeah, she caught us about a month ago. Made us finish while she watched. It was unbelievable. I mean, she's divorced, no boyfriend, she must have watched us for a while, then I saw her and we did just what you did, jumped under the covers."

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