Work and Play

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I worked at the library during the summer and got checked-out by three women I worked with ending in very happy returns. You'll want to know how it turns out.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   .

It was the second summer that I worked for our local public library but this time, I was assigned to a different branch from the one last year, which had been the branch I generally went to.

Now, before I tell you about what happened, I'll tell you something about me, after all, I do work in a library so maybe I'm not the senior all-star quarterback. And I'm not.

If you thought I didn't do a lot of sports, you're right, I mostly work at getting good grades so I can get a scholarship wherever I want. I'm pretty set right now on majoring in business or finance, my math grades have always been good, and I'm near the top of my class.

So, I do get kidded about being a bit of a nerd, though I don't wear glasses and look pretty normal. I'll enter my senior year at the end of summer and then it's a straight shot into college and I'm ready.

But, there's still a year of high school and a summer of work at the library. I do mostly shelving and putting new books into the system which I already know how to do, so I was assigned to work with three women who did much the same.

It didn't take long for the kidding to begin, I think somehow people can smell when you're inexperienced and, well, while I've dated a number of girls, I always seem to pick out the ones that, well, you know, they're just the nice ones who don't want to do anything that boys always want to do. Am I making that clear?

So, the three I was working with every day, Carol, Lisa and Judy, all seemed as different as night and day but they seemed to have once common goal, to kid me unmercifully. Well, it was in good fun.

These three women, especially when you combined them, had all the experience that I seemed to lack and then some.

Carol was the youngest, she was nineteen and had worked for the library through high school. She was fairly short, about five-two, but very curvy. And, her curves were just impossible to hide, not that she tried to particularly. She had blond hair, often in a ponytail and a set of boobs that no doubt were the talk of her high school when she was still there.

Then, there was Lisa, actually quite pretty in a quiet way, kind of medium height with light brown hair. She was in her twenties, had a couple of years of college and was single.

Finally, there was Judy. Well, she was all woman, divorced, no kids, pretty hot-looking, you knew she enjoyed life and she was the person who had general supervision over our little group so we were destined to have a good time; Judy liked to have a good time.

If you met her, you'd know right away, this is one woman who doesn't keep you guessing. I was there three days when, at lunch, she said to the other two, "I'll bet you anything that our new man here, Neal, hasn't gotten himself any nookie yet."

Well, one of the four at the table blushed.

Carol said, "Oh, I bet you're right, Jude, he just has that look, doesn't he? Still wondering what it's all about."

"Look at our new man's face, will you?" Lisa snickered; they all loved calling me 'their new man.' As if.

"Oh, maybe I've done a lot more than you three think. I cut quite a path through the third grade," I shot back, trying to hold my own with little success.

Of course, it didn't work, I got kidded and teased but it was fun and they were fun.

So, at lunch on Friday, when Judy asked me if I wanted to come by her house after work for a little TGIF get together including Lisa and Carol and a few other guys, I thought it would be fun and eagerly accepted. A real grown-up party.

When I got there, I did go home first to change, there were several cars out front and the door was open so I knocked and went in. The house seemed empty until I got to the kitchen and heard the talk and laughter from the back outside.

I went out back and there was Lisa, Carol and Judy, all in lawn chairs, drinking Margaritas and wine coolers, beer and stuff; there was a whole tub full of various bottles in crushed ice and as I came out, Judy called to me, "Here's jail-bait, oops, sorry we don't have any Shirley Temples, dig around in there and maybe you'll find something."

I think maybe they had already had one or two already. So, I did get a beer, I might have been seventeen but I had consumed a few beers in the past and walked out into the yard.

"Sit here, Neal, come close," Carol said, patting the lower part of her chaise lounge.

All the women had changed, Carol was in a light yellow sundress which, when she leaned forward to pat the cushion, gave me a quite lovely view of the tops of her wonderfully full boobs. She smiled right at me as I gazed at them.

Lisa had on denim shorts and a cutoff top which also was scooped out on top and showed some of her nice boobs but Judy, well, Judy led the show in a white pleated skirt, a very short, white pleated skirt topped with a peasant blouse which was both low-cut and mostly transparent. I could easily see that she had a very low-cut bra under it which was just overflowing with her boobs.

All three of my coworkers were attractive but on this nice, warm Friday night, out under the trees, they were all quite alluring.

"I'm the only guy so far?" I asked.

"Yeah, guess so, well, maybe the others are just late," Judy answered then went on to something else.

We all talked about this and that, about work, about my lack of girlfriends, then, after we'd all had a few more, Judy suggested that we all retire to the hot tub which was on her back screened-in porch.

"Yea, looks like the other guys aren't coming, so, well, it holds four comfortably and there's one, two, three, four," as she pointed to each of us.

"Great," said Carol as she jumped up and pulled off her sundress, standing there in her bra and panties. Then, Lisa and Judy both stood up and pulled off their clothes except for their underwear.

They really were beautiful and sexy, I was just taking it all in as I sat there.

"Well, Neal? Come on," Judy urged as they all went inside the porch and started getting in the warm, bubbly water. I knew I had on boxers so I pulled off the polo shirt I was wearing and got my shorts off, trying desperately to walk kind of sideways to keep from poking out and embarrassing myself for the rest of my life.

I was getting in the water when Judy said, "You're pretty cute when you're almost naked, you know that, Neal?"

I felt my face get warmer than the water I was getting into as I settled down on the bench between Carol and Lisa. The truth is, I just didn't trust Judy to behave herself, she was such a hot babe.

"See, this is nice and our man here still has his virginity, right, Neal. You've never exactly told us, you know. Are you or aren't you?"

"Well, maybe, how's that?" I so cleverly replied.

"You're what, seventeen? I think maybe some of your classmates in middle school were getting laid when you were, um, what did you do in middle school, Neal?" Carl asked.

Lisa jumped right in with, "Oh, we all know what he was doing in middle school, same thing he's been doing in high school, whacking off. Oh, what our new man is missing, right, girls?"

They were all just at boob-height in the water, their bras just visible with the tops of their breasts dotted with glistening droplets of water.

"Yeah, he just isn't getting any, poor man. Our poor man," Lisa said with mock sympathy.

Then, I felt it. I felt a hand rest on my boner and press down on it, then take it in a grip. It was either Lisa or Carol, I couldn't tell which.

Then, I knew.

"Oh, what's this?" Carol cried. "I've found something really hard here under the water. What could it be? Here, see, Lisa?" and another hand came over and snaked right into the front of my boxers, pulling me out.

"I've got it, what can it be?" Lisa snickered as Judy, across from me, leaned and pulled my boxers right off and dropped them onto the decking.

"Well, let's all get comfy," Carol said, as they each stood and began pulling off their bras and panties.

Carol was the first to get naked, her boobs were nice and round and full with big pink nipples. I looked down and she was bare between her legs. Lisa was now also bare, her breasts were smaller but really nice, firm with small, dark nipples that were really pointy. Her pussy was also bare as was Judy's who was now up in front of me, her bare pussy right before my widened eyes as she held her large boobs toward me, their nipples brown and enlarged, the centers all hard and swollen.

"This is what girls look like, Neal. What do you think?" Judy asked.

They all just stood there beautifully naked. I couldn't believe it. Then Judy reached down, took my hands and pulled me up out of the water.

"Oh, look. Our new man is really a man," and she reached down and took hold of my dick.

"Take your hand away, Jude, I want to see how big it is. Oh, yeah, nice. Well, well, Neal, you'e been holding out on us. May I?" Carol asked as she gripped my dick and rubbed it back and forth.

"Let's share it, girls," Lisa asked and she took hold of me and began stroking back and forth.

I might have had a few beers by this point but, well, what was happening was unreal, just amazing, all three of the women I worked with were naked and each one had been playing with my dick.

"Here, he'll like this better," Carol said, then knelt down in the water to take my dick in her mouth as she began sucking me. Judy and Lisa moved close as they started rubbing their hands across my chest and taking turns kissing me. Judy took my hand a placed it on her breast and Lisa saw it so she did the same. So I'm standing there feeling two nice boobs being sucked-off by another of my fellow workers.

Carol leaned back, my cock wet from her mouth, and said, "Oh, he's so hard, so hard. Okay, Neal, it looks like your cherry is history, come get it," and she turned around, spread her legs and leaned over gripping the railing of the tub.

Judy took hold of my dick and nodded for me to step forward as she led the crown right up between Carol's legs and rubbed my dick up and down along her plump, wet pussy lips.

"Push it in, Neal, it's your first pussy, right?" Judy asked and I did just what she asked. It was the biggest thrill of my life to stand in the water and watch my dick slide up inside its first pussy. And then that thrill multiplied as I began moving back and forth. I really didn't care if the other two watched.

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