It Was All April's Fault

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My very best friend growing up was April and it was because of her that I lost my cherry. The way it happened was, well, I guess you'll just have to read the story.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

The first time I ever had sex, it was April's fault.

Oh, I know all that stuff about that I wasn't forced to do it, that no one made me, all that, yeah, I know, but, still if it weren't for April, it wouldn't have happened. At least when it did.

No, what I mean is it wouldn't have happened exactly that way. Sure, I would have had sex sooner or later, sure. But it probably wouldn't have been with my own brother.

Woops. Guess, I let that out sooner than I wanted to. Well, that's what happened. My first sex was with my brother, Mike.

Yeah, go ahead, say it if you want. Truth was, it was still damned exciting and, oh, very enjoyable. If it hadn't been I wouldn't still be fucking him as we speak.

No, not as I type this, I mean like it's still going on. Yes, three years later. It was that good.

Boy, have I gotten ahead of the story here. Let's back up and start from the beginning.

Let's go back to when I was about twelve or thirteen. My body was changing and all the girls I knew talked endlessly about their boobs and the hair growing on their pussies and how all they could think about was boys and sex, just all the time.

Well, that was me, for sure. And, it was the same with my best friend, April.

Oh, about her name. She was born in January and her mom told her on her twelfth birthday that she named her April because that was when she was conceived. Me, I sometimes call her 'May' because she's late so often.

So, anyway, April and I were best of friends and all we talked about, it seemed, was sex.

She had lived next door to us since we were six and we've been best buds ever since. April is the one, of the two of us, who is the leader, she's the one with crazy ideas and the guts and nerve to try them all.

So, one afternoon, we were talking in her bedroom about boys and sex, what else?

"Shit, here we are, Nicole, just about into high school, have you ever been kissed by a boy?" she asked me as we lay on her bed.

"You're kidding, right? Never, not once. Have you?"

"Not a single time. And we'll be in high school. What super-virgins we are, it's awful."

"What we need is a boy to practice on," I pined.

"Well, we could use each other."

"We're not gay, April. Well, at least I'm not."

"I know, it would just be practice, that's all."

"God, I'd be too nervous to do that."

"I know what, I'll be right back," and she ran off and soon was back with two cold cans of beer.

"Beer, what are you doing?" I asked her as she opened them both and handed me one.

"Well, it might make it easier to practice kissing, drink up."

Well, soon we were finished and she took the empties back and came up with two more which we soon drained.

"The second one tasted better," I observed as I began to feel some effect from the beer.

"How do you feel, Nicole, I'm a bit wobbly?" she giggled as she leaned over and kissed me on the lips.

Well, I was taken a bit off-guard by it but I sure didn't push her away, either. It actually felt pretty nice. Her lips are all soft and nice, yes, I liked it.

We both fell back on her bed laughing and giggling, then she moved back over me and kissed me again as I felt her tongue begin pushing into my mouth. She was frenching me. I've gotta say, she might have been a girl, but it sure felt sexy.

Then her lips pushed harder as I opened my mouth for our tongues to caress one another. Then, I felt her hand. I felt her hand on my boob. I was breathing harder now, my heart racing, yes, it was sexy, really sexy as her fingers began flexing, massaging my breast as we tongued each other.

Then, we broke off our kissing.

"Whew, that gets kind of hot, doesn't it?" April asked me.

"Yeah, but we're getting better, don't you think?"

Her hand was still on my titty, squeezing softly.

Then, we came together again, mouths open, kissing, tonguing, moving our heads around enjoying what we were doing. Her hand moved down, then went up under my teeshirt and onto my bra and kneaded me for a minute, when, I felt her fingers working under my bra as her fingertips wiped back and forth across my hard, erect nipple.

We kissed another minute or so as she moved my teeshirt up and reached around to undo my bra. Now she had her hand directly on my breasts, rubbing my nipples, softly pinching them, oh, this was getting hot. And, well, it was feeling pretty nice.

April was partly over me as she began kissing my neck, then just moved down, moved her mouth right to my nipple. Then, she took it in her mouth and began to suck.

Wow. My boobs were too small for me to be able to suck my own nipples. So, it had never happened to me before. I always thought that it would more or less just feel nice. Oh, it felt wonderful. I started easing her shirt up and she just stopped to sit up, she reached across and pulled it off, undid her bra and tossed it on the floor, then raised her butt and pulled her shorts and panties right off together.

I looked at her pretty body, so fresh and young and sexy, and pulled the rest of my own clothes right off as well.

When we lay back down in each other's arms, the sense was electric wherever our skin touched. We kissed again, then April got up and moved down, pulling my legs open and dipping her head down.

The first swipe of her tongue along the lips of my pussy were just stunning.

"Omigod, that feels so hot," I said as shivers went through me with each lick. I knew about doing sixty-nine, so I pulled her legs around, telling her that I wanted to do her, too, and we were soon over each other, head-to-toe, licking, sucking and tonguing each other's hot, wet pussies.

Then, from below, we heard, "April, I'm home. Come help me put away the groceries."

"Shit, it's my mom, quick," and we pulled on our teeshirts and got our panties and shorts on and went down to help her put away the grocery shopping. I was hoping that her mom wouldn't notice my red face and we were soon done with the chore and off to my house next door.

Chapter 2

As we walked through the family room on the way to the stairs leading to my bedroom, April was leading the way. My brother, Mike, two years older than we were, was slouched on the sofa watching television as my very best friend turned to him and pulled up her teeshirt, flashing her bare boobs at him.

Now, I knew she had the hots for my brother, I just never expected her to do something quite this bold or daring. But, we were both pretty sexed-up from our fun up in her room and, no doubt, that must have emboldened her.

She just kept walking as he shouted, jumping up, "Hey, April, let me see those again," as we went up to my room, she turned and called back, "Not until we see your dick, Mike," and closed the door behind us and giggled.

He knocked at my door and asked for me to open it up which I did. There was my brother, Mike, standing there with his dick sticking out of his shorts.

"Okay? There it is, now do I see your boobs again?"

"Well, come on in, yeah, I guess a deal is a deal" April told him and she pulled off her teeshirt and stood there as my brother stood there with his dick out.

It was the first one I'd really seen and it was larger than I expected. My brother was sixteen so I knew it would be bigger, of course, than the boys I had babysat. The oldest of them that I'd seen was ten and his dick was pretty small. He did get an erection as I was reading him a bedtime story, though, I could see it poking up. My brother's was much larger and quite erect.

"What about you, Nicole?"

"Me? She's the one that made the offer, not me. Forget it."

"But you're getting to see my dick."

"Well, I didn't ask you to show it to me."

Then April piped in with, "Oh, come on, Nicole, they're just boobs. He sees just about all of them when you wear that orange bikini of yours." She was talking about a bikini I had that my mom didn't know about, one that I put on at the pool. I'll bet you can guess why.

So, I pulled off my teeshirt and stood there in my bra and shorts. April had left her house without her bra on, it was still on the floor in her room where she'd discarded it when we were making out.

April reached back and undid my bra, then pulled the front down, so I just let her take it all the way off.

Now, April and I are pretty, she has medium-length blond hair that's usually in a ponytail, we're both the same height, five-three, and weigh within three pounds of each other, I'm one-twelve, and, what you've been waiting for, she's a definite B-cup and fills it rather nicely, I'm in an A-cup bra and fill it pretty tight.

We both are what you would call perky and she has these large pink, puffy nipples while mine are small and red and hard most of the time. We both are firm and solid and can jump up and down and they don't bounce at all.

Our pussies are both bare, we both started shaving there last year. I'm a brunette, shoulder-length hair that is shiny and straight.

So, we stood there looking at each other when April took my hand and pulled me onto my bed. Mike followed us and we began wrestling him, trying to hold him down.

"Let's get his pants off, Nic," she huffed as she held his shoulders down. I grabbed his shorts and pulled as hard as I could and down they came, right along with his briefs still inside. I got right back up over him as he struggled against us and was fighting him when he suddenly quit struggling.

I looked over my shoulder and April was kneeling next to him with her mouth over his dick sucking him. I saw my brother's amazed look as she sucked him and it seemed like almost no time at all when his whole body went stiff and his hips arched up.

"Oh, OH, UH, UH, uh, mmm, mmm," he cried as I looked at April, smiling up at him, her mouth full of his dick, white, gooey dribbles running down her chin. She'd sucked off my brother. And swallowed it. That's my April, all right.

Boy, she sure did quiet my brother down, amazing.

"Wow, April, you are really something," my brother said as she licked around the end of his penis. She lifted off and looked right at me and said, "Try it Nicole, your brother's got a nice dick. You'll love it," and she tugged my shoulder.

"It's my brother, April, come on," I blurted.

"Just suck it a minute and you'll forget who it is all together," she said as her hand pushed my head down toward it. As soon as the tip touched my lips, well, I did it, I opened my lips and slid them over it and sucked on it. She was right, I immediately forgot who it was attached to and just became enthralled with the penis itself, long and warm, soft on the outside and very firm inside. Yes, it was exciting.

I tried to look up and there was April sitting up with my brother's mouth attached to her boob. I was not surprised at all, knowing April the way I do. What my brother didn't realize was that his little sister had sucked that same boob less than an hour earlier.

She had her hand on the back of my head holding me over his cock as I sucked and the longer I went, the more into it I got. In a few minutes I realized that I was greatly enjoying sucking Mike's dick and wanting to get him off.

"Suck the tip, right on the end and run your tongue around it," she told me so that's what I did and it soon had him moaning and moving around under me.

As I was sucking, I could feel a slight throb, then pulse after pulse of his cum spurted into my mouth as I tried to swallow. I did keep up pretty well and managed to get it all down. I looked up and he was moaning, eyes closed as he sucked on April's boob.

"Well, how was it, Nicole?" April asked. I raised up and said, "You were right. It didn't take long to just get to enjoying it, it was fun."

My brother lifted off April's nipple to tell me, "Well, Sis, any time you want to do that, I'll sure let you," as he grinned from ear to ear.

"I think you should do us, Mike. After all, fair's fair," April said as she nudged him with her elbow.

She was asking him to do our pussies, like oral sex. My brother. Then, I heard him say, "I'd love nothing better, girls, who's first?"

April pulled down her shorts and was bare underneath. She had come over with just her teeshirt and shorts on, no underwear at all. I think she had further plans for sex with me but now that had shifted to my brother instead.

She lay back on the bed, all naked, spreading her legs open, lifting her head up to tell Mike, "There it is, make it happy." What a girl.

My brother crawled up between her legs and began licking around under her. I was sitting there watching him go at her, his butt up in the air, head down, his dick pointing down underneath him as I wondered if I should play with it.

I finally got up my courage and reached under to begin playing with his dick and balls. I'd really never known much about boy's testicles except that you could hurt them easily and, really, they were fun.

But, the real fun was what my brother was giving to my best friend.

"Oh, mmm, that feels so good, oh, Mike, mmm, so good," she moaned as he went on with his lips and tongue. His face was all wet just the way she was. I'd been wet before when I played with myself but, wow, she was just so dripping, obviously she was really turned on big time.

I sat there next to her as my brother feasted between her legs. She was looking at me, smiling, as she reached over, took my hand and led it to her breast. So, I started massaging her boob as Mike ate her out.

"Oh, wow, I'm ... oh, OH, OH, AYYE, AYYE, UUH, UUH, UNH, mmm, mmm," she groaned loudly as her hips bucked against my brother's face as he licked her. He raised up, covered with her wet juices, smiling, looking at me to say, "I'd just love to do my own little sister, Nicole," he said as he nodded to the bed.

"Oh, girl, he's good on a pussy, let him do it, you'll have him doing it every day," April said eagerly.

I took down my shorts and panties, then spread open for him as he got down, looking up at me as he swiped his tongue up along my pussy for the first time. I jumped a bit when he did it and he smiled and went right back to it.

April leaned over and started kissing me, rubbing my boobs with her hands as Mike licked my pussy. What a day. For the second time ever, now in the same day, I'm getting my pussy licked. First by April over at her house, up in her room, now by my older brother up in my room. Which was I enjoying most? They were both wonderful, I guess maybe I'm bi-?"

Then, she kissed me and whispered, "I'm gonna suck your brother, okay? Enjoy," and she moved down the bed and I could see that she slid up under him and she must have his dick in her mouth. That's my April, all right, she's up for just about everything and anything.

I was squirming around as my brother ate me out, it was so hot and sexy, and I soon began feeling kind of spacey and dizzy.

"Oh, oh, Mike, oh, it's so good, I'm gonna cum, I'm ... uh, uh, AYYE, AYYE, uhn, uhn, mmm, mmm."

My orgasm was simply the best I'd ever had, it was on an entirely new level, stronger and longer. I was just laying there under him panting for breath when he raised up and I looked at me, smiling, and April still had his dick in her mouth working away. Mike sure looked happy. I knew I was.

He flopped onto his back and April followed him the whole way never letting him out of her mouth.

He turned his head toward me and asked, "Do you mind, they're really nice?" as he reached over toward my boobs. I smiled and nodded as his warm fingers began kneading my breasts and feeling my nipples as my best friend sucked him off.

We knew it was getting later in the afternoon and didn't want to risk getting caught by parents returning home from work. So, after April got him off, we all got dressed and made plans for April to come back over to our house in the morning, we all agreed that it would be fun to have the whole day together after what had started today.

As usual, April and I talked that night all about what had happened and that now that we had all started, how she wanted to see it unfold the next day.

"Well, girl, I'm gonna lose my cherry tomorrow and your brother is the one who's doing the job. I'm on the pill, have been since the end of seventh grade, and I just love his dick, don't you?"

"Yeah, but, geez, he is my brother."

"Oh, like I didn't know that. Well, you know Sandra Kucher? She's fucking her brother and her cousin. She told me. Oh, I swore I wouldn't tell, promise me you won't."

"God, I won't April, she really is, huh? She's cute and her brother is a friend of Mike's. I know him, he's hot-looking."

"So is your brother, kiddo, just thinking of him eating my pussy this afternoon is making me so, so wet. Pardon me while I rub my puss. Just keep talking, I'm still here."

"April, you are one of a kind," I told her.

"Good thing, too, the world couldn't handle two of me. So, I get your brother to fuck me tomorrow. How about you?"

"I don't want to fuck you, tomorrow or any day," I jested, knowing that wasn't what she meant.

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