Sibling Ribaldry

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I ended up taking my younger sister on a hiking trip. Another friend we were with also brought his sister and we all four ended up camping together. It's not all we did together, either.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Swinging   First   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

It's summer and I'd had a hiking and camping trip planned for several months before school let out but it was all in the toilet now because my fucking former girlfriend dumped me like the bitch she is.

Does that sound like I'm not taking it too well?

Well, I'm fucking not. Life is shit right now as I try to see my way ahead to what my life might be like when I enter my senior year next year and have to see the dirty bitch again. Not that I'm holding this all inside, right?

So, I'm moping down my breakfast one Saturday morning about two weeks after school let out, when my mother asks, "Isn't your camping trip next weekend?"

Well, I didn't say, "I'm not going on that fucking camping trip because the dirty bitch dumped me like the whore she is."

No, what I really said was, "Nah, since I broke up with Meghan, I'm not gonna go."

"I'll go," I heard. It was my sister, Julie, who was pouring some cranberry juice behind me.

"Oh, you're really not in shape and all, it's just too much physical activity," and figured that would be that.

"I think she should go if she wants, Kenny, after all she's your sister," my mother piped in.

Well, now what do you say? You know I'm in deep shit if I turn this down, right? So, it turned out that I was still going on my three-day trek and now I was taking my little sister. Well, at least she wasn't little-little, she was fifteen, so it wasn't too bad. But, she'd never been hiking before and her camping was limited to a few times in tents at summer camp when she was ten or eleven.

So, I figured it was okay to have her come along, even though I would need to pace myself so she could keep up and all. She just wasn't in the same physical shape that I was.

When the weekend finally rolled around, I was in her room as she was packing, trying to keep her to a minimum of things she was bringing, just the essentials, toothpaste and toothbrush, soap, deodorant, extra dry socks, toilet paper, insect repellant, a couple of changes of clothing, just the things she'd be absolutely required to have.

So, she did seem to get the minimum packed into her backpack and we set off the next morning for a three hour drive to the starting point. We arrived at the trailheads about ten thirty on Saturday and met up with the five other guys I went to school with who had paired up with friends or, in the case of one other guy, Jeff, his sister, Amber.

There were six teams of two each, twelve in all, and we set out along a couple of different trails but were to meet up three days later back at the same starting point.

It happened that Jeff and I and our sisters set out on the same trail but it soon branched and we each took different legs. I had known his sister a little from school, she was a year behind us and a year older than Julie.

We started our hike which was a slow, gradual climb and, soon, Julie was behind the three of us huffing away trying to keep up. We soon split onto another trail and left Jeff and Amber as they went off on their own. The trail we were on did twist and turn with a few pretty steep spots and I could tell that my sister needed a break so we sat on a rock so she could catch her breath and have a drink of water.

"Does it get cold at night?" she asked.

"Oh, not much, the light cover you've got should be plenty."

"What about snakes? God, you know I hate snakes, Kenny."

"I've really never seen any, if they are around, they don't like people anyway." I wasn't sure if that calmed her fears or not but she didn't mention it again.

Then, we set back off and about two hours later we slugged up a crest and I looked at Julie and her face was red and she had wet perspiration stains circling under her arms. I could see a small stream rippling down through the rocks and told her that this would be a place to stop. She looked greatly relieved.

As we made our way to the water, there was a small pool among the rocks and I told her we could stop here and rest and cool off.

Just as we began to near the water, we both rounded a turn and there in the water was Jeff's sister, Amber. Naked. Totally naked.

We both stopped in our tracks, eyes wide at the sight before us, Amber standing there in the water just thigh high, her breasts glinting with water in the afternoon sunlight, each one tipped with small, dark reddish nipples, her legs coming up from the water intersecting in a slit between her legs and a small brown patch of hair just above. We just stood there.

Then, off from the side where we couldn't see, we heard some splashing and into the scene came Jeff swimming. Then he stopped and stood up about fifteen feet from his sister. He was naked as well, and very erect, his dick was pointing straight out at his sister who stood there watching him. I glanced to Julie next to me and her eyes were wide.

Then, Jeff saw us.

"Hi, guys, thought we'd cool off, wanna join us?" he called out.

Before I could say anything, my sister shouts, "Sure, be right in," and she's whipping her clothes off right and left. Incredible.

I stood there watching as my friend and his sister remained naked in the water while my sister strips out of her clothes and begins wading out. Her butt is stunning, then she turns and calls to me, "Kenny, come on, it's nice," and there she is, her breasts bare and pink-tipped, her pussy all smooth and bare with a delicate split down the middle. So, well, I got naked, too, and was soon out in the water with them.

There was no way I was going to keep my dick under control with these two beautiful naked girls nearby, it was just too much. And it didn't matter in the least that one of them was my very own sister. Jeff had a hard-on already so I figured if he could, then I could, right?

As I waded out, I asked what must have been a rather obvious question of Amber, "Do you two skinny-dip very often?"

She quickly glanced over at Jeff, then answered, "Well, we're pretty close as a brother and sister," as she reached down to splash up some water on her body. I was standing only a few feet away from her, my dick aiming up at an angle right over the top of her head as she looked at it and, smiling, said, "Nice."

I must have had a briefly puzzled look because then she nodded at my dick, then added, "Bigger than Jeff's," as I felt my face redden and warm.

"Jeff, come over here a minute," she asked and her brother began wading in our direction, his dick waving from side to side. My sister also came closer as Jeff closed in.

I could see both girls now and they were each very pretty with just about the same size breasts, my sister's with light pink nipples, Amber's were dark red and poked out. The biggest surprise was my own sister, she was stunning.

"Yeah, what?" Jeff asked.

"Stand next to Kenny, go ahead," his sister urged him.

"Oh, I get it, oh, well, yeah, he's bigger, I bet you like his cock, huh, Sis?"

"I already told him it was nice," Amber said.

"Julie ever get you off, Kenny?" he asked.

I stood there a moment, trying to process the words.

"Um, off, like, um, sex?"

"Yeah, like sex, get you off. Has your sister ever gotten you off? Jacked your cock?"

My head moved from side to side as Jeff turned to Julie and asked her, "You've never thought about getting your brother off, making him feel good?"

She squeaked, "No," and he looked at his sister and told her, "Why not show Julie how it's done, how a nice sister takes care of her brother," and Amber moved next to him and my sister and I watched as her fingers wrapped around his hard dick and began to stroke back and forth.

"Just like this, it's easy," Amber said, smiling, just like it was the most ordinary thing possible. She stood there rubbing her hand back and forth as Jeff's breathing quickened there in the afternoon sunlight.

"Try it, go ahead," she told my sister who looked up at me.

"Uh, I don't know, um, it is my brother."

"Well, that's why I do it, it makes my brother feel good and if a sister can make her brother feel good, then, why not? What's the big deal? Go ahead, he'll love it," and Amber nods toward my dick.

Chapter 2

Then my sister put her hand on my dick and curled her fingers around the shaft.

We were all four standing knee deep in the warm water, both girls jacking-off their brothers like the most ordinary thing in the world.

Soon, Jeff was moaning, "Mmm, oh, babe, you are so good, mmm, just like that. Oh, watch her make me cum ... uhn, uhn, UHN, UHN, UHH, UHH, umm, mmm," and white arcs came shooting up out into the water standing in front of them forming floating globs, evidence of a boy's very good time.

"Wow," my sister exclaimed when Jeff started cumming. "That really flies out."

"You've never seen a boy cum before?" Amber asked her.

"No, I guess I've got a lot to learn, huh?"

"Well, I know my brother's willing to show you and, from the look of it, your own brother is, too. Is she making you feel good, Kenny?"

"Oh, is she ever, it's really good, I'm getting close myself," I groaned.

"Make him cum, Julie, my sister does mine all the time. She's just the best," Jeff told her as she stroked me back and forth.

"If you want to get him off really quick, here, do this," Amber suggested as she spit on her hand and put her hand down as Julie moved hers off my dick. She slid her fingers straight down on my cock just like you would turn a bottle cap and began going up and down as she twisted her hand back and forth.

"Oh, god, oh, man, that's so good," I groaned and Amber took her hand away so my sister could finish me and Julie spit on her hand the same way and began pulling up and back in the same fashion. Did that feel good.

"Oh, mmm, yeah, that's ... uhh, UHH, UHH, UNH, UNH, MMM, mmm," I groaned as my cum splashed into the water, floating there in little white, gooey islands, evidence of my good time.

"Is that the first time you've ever jacked a guy off?" Amber asked my sister who nodded her head up and down.

"Well, how'd you like it?" she asked.

"It was fun. I never expected to do it to my own brother, always figured it would be a boyfriend but, well, I don't have one, so..."

"Well, use your brother, that's what I started doing. I was thirteen when we started."

Julie looked at me and kind of smiled.

"Let's get out of the water, we're over there," Jeff said, pointing to the other side of the pond.

I told them to go ahead and that I would go and get our stuff and bring it over to where they were so I waded back to our backpacks and clothes and gathered it all up. The shortest way back was to wade through the pond but I wasn't sure it was shallow enough everywhere, so I walked around some and waded some of it. As I came into view, it was a view that was astounding.

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