Moonlight Walks

by Baron Rod

Copyright© 2011 by Baron Rod

Erotica Sex Story: A young girl wanders the neighborhood after dark... nude!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   .

I've always been an adventurous girl. My mom says that it was difficult the first four years of my life keeping me in my clothes. When my Girl Scout troop decided that camping was too yucky for words I quit and found another girl's group that advocated camping. I play soccer, basketball, volleyball and do long distance running. I'm real fit, five foot seven inches tall, a hundred fifteen pounds, which puts me on the skinny side. I have short black hair and little tits. Low body fat, y'know.

Mom and Dad have always allowed me to camp out in the back yard during the summer. I'm fourteen now and since I was eleven I have been wandering the neighborhood in the wee hours of the morning ... nude. I can't remember why I started doing that, but the summer air and the moonlight feel so good. The naughtiness is also stimulating. For the last year whenever I got back to my tent I'd masturbate. It was fun.

I was out on one of my walks early in the summer and was going past one house when I heard a loud moaning from the open window. I had looked in other windows, but had never saw anything but sleeping people. I looked in this window and saw a man's back with a woman's legs wrapped around him. He was moving his butt real fast and grunting and the woman was giving out this weird moan. I noticed another window on another wall and I moved over there. This gave me a side view of the action.

Wow!! Sex in the raw! While watching them get it on I began feeling myself up. I noticed that the man was really thrusting hard and then he suddenly slowed down. While still pumping into the woman he said "God, honey, that was great!" Then he rolled off of her. I ducked down and out of sight. So that was what sex was like. I felt myself all the way back to my tent and then finished off and started again. Oh, what a night.

That was the pattern for the next while. Sometimes nothing was going on, but quite often they were doing it. Several nights I got to watch the whole routine, from beginning caresses to roll off. They did other positions than straight missionary and watching that was fun. I imagined what it would be like to do the deed and got really hot and bothered. The real images gave substance to my imagination.

About two weeks later I had stopped by, and my couple were asleep, so I went out wandering again. As I crossed this one back yard I saw a tent. I snuck up and saw that the tent door was open. I looked inside, but no one was home. Either whoever it was wasn't camping this night, or had gone into the house to use the facilities or was out walking, like me. I ghosted away, being even more alert since I might have company. Eventually I went back toward my home. I decided to wander by my sexy place before calling it a night. As I approached I saw a figure looking in the window.

I melted back in the shadows. It was a naked boy and my couple must be going at it, cause he was gripping his penis and stroking it like mad. I had seen the lady give her guy a hand job one night, so I guessed that this was how boys masturbate. I started feeling myself and things played out in their normal course. I heard the moans and grunts from inside the house and knew they were soon going to be done and then the boy squirted something onto the wall and then ducked down.

He left, sticking to shadow, and I ghosted along after him. I noted which way he was going and detoured over to the window and got some of the stuff he squirted on my fingers. I tasted it as I hurried to catch up. Not something I'd want as a steady diet, but not bad. I tailed him home back to the tent I had found. He opened the tent and was crawling in when I came up behind him and pushed him in. He gave a surprised squawk, but shut up quick when he turned and saw boobs in the moonlight.

I crawled into the tent with him and said, "I saw you tonight. Did you like watching that couple?"

He just was staring at me, eyes darting from my little tits to the bushy dark triangle at my pussy. I snapped my fingers in front of his face and he stammered "Sh ... Sh ... Sure! I never saw anything like that before. Wow! You're a girl!! And you're naked!"

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