Lending Jenn

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: We got to know Steve and Jenn, a young couple in our neighborhood, when he came out to play touch football with a bunch of us guys. Then we started drinking beer at his place every Saturday when, one day, Jenn decided that we three needed some advanced sex-ed. Oh, my.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Gang Bang   First   Oral Sex   .

I grew up a city kid and we often had to improvise what we did for play or for sports. When I was in high school, at about sixteen, there were several of us who would get together every afternoon to play touch football in the street which was, thankfully, a side street with little traffic.

This that I'm going to tell you about happened one summer afternoon when a bunch of us were out playing our somewhat lame version of touch football when a guy called over from his front porch asking if he could join in.

He looked to be like mid-twenties, we were all in high school at the time but we waved him to join us and we hiked and ran and tossed the ball for about an hour when some of the guys started on their way home.

There were three of us left with the older guy, Steve, and we tossed the ball around for a while and then it all broke up.

He joined us some times in the next few weeks and he seemed to fit in pretty well with the rest of us. By this time we had also met his girlfriend who lived with him and, one afternoon, when he was out doing something with his car under the hood, I went over just to hang out.

He finished what he was doing which was putting more of that squirt stuff in for the windshield wipers and asked me in if I wanted a beer.

Well, I figured this was a chance to have a beer or two and I eagerly accepted. That began a fairly regular invite to his place where we would have a few beers and I, happily, left a few hours later with a bit of a buzz on.

After a few weeks, he had also invited my two other buddies, Don and Brian, over and we would sit around drinking beer and talking about all kinds of things - sports, school, drinking, partying, sex, guy stuff.

His girlfriend, Jenn, would occasionally cycle in and out, sometimes bringing more chips or whatever, but never really staying very long, it was mostly the four of us, swigging beer and shooting the shit. Guy stuff.

Then, one Saturday evening, we had all been chugging down the beers when Jenn came in to see if we needed anything.

"Just some more beers, hon, guys are thirsty tonight," Steve told her.

Well, she went into a bit of a rant about us getting loaded and then going home and maybe getting caught by our parents, so we all decided that for our future get-togethers, we would each tell our parents that we were each staying at the other's house overnight, then all crash at Steve and Jenn's and sleep it off.

So, that's how we did it from then on.

Then, one evening, Jenn comes into the den where we were, takes a beer out of the cooler and sits down on the floor. She had on cut-off denim shorts on that were really short with a tube top that let her nice, flat tummy show. I haven't mentioned Jenn much but she was really pretty, a short-haired blond that had that typical cheerleader kind of body, compact but built, really nice.

When she came in, of course, our conversation lagged for a minute so she asked, "What are you guys talking about?"

Don, one of my friends told her, "Oh, just guy stuff: sports, cars, sex, stuff like that."

"Well, I'm not much on cars and sports," she said with a bit of a giggle.

"No, but she's an expert on sex," Steve told us. "She's taught me a few things."

"Now, Steve, be nice," she told her boyfriend.

"Have you guys ever seen a girl's boobs?" he asked us? "And I don't mean on a porn vid or in Playboy, I mean the real thing."

"Not yet but I sure keep trying," Brian popped out with as I added, "Yeah, I've tried and no luck so far. Wrong girls I guess."

"I caught a quick glimpse of my sister but she's just thirteen and pretty small. And my sister," Don joked.

"Well, hon, why don't you give these guys a treat. Show 'em what you show me?"

Steve was asking his girlfriend to show us her tits, unbelievable.

"No, you're crazy, Steve," she told him and we went on talking about sex and porn vids we had seen and what kind we liked.

Then after a few minutes, Steve said again, "Come on, babe, show them your beauties. They've never seen any pretty ones like you've got."

"I agree with you that they're pretty but just what would I get out of all this if I did?"

Steve answered her with, "Well, what do you want?"

"If they see my boobs, I get to see their dicks," she said as she lifted her beer bottle up to her mouth and started sucking it like it was a dick. What a sexy babe she was.

"Well, guys? There's your offer. Everybody in?" Steve asked us.

Don stood up first to unzip his pants, reach in and out it came.

"Oh, no, if I pull my tube top off, you guys have to get rid of the shorts and briefs. Or no boobs."

So, Don pulled down his shorts and dropped his briefs to the floor and stood there with his dick sticking up in the air.

"You the only one that want's to see my boobs? Maybe we'll go in the other room."

At that, Brian and I got up and were quickly out of our shorts and briefs as we each stood there with our sixteen-year old cocks hard as could be waiting for Jenn.

"Well, look at you three. Very nice," she said.

Well, maybe to her, we were all waiting on her boobs.

I did scope out my friends as we stood there. Don looked to be about six inches and pretty average thickness while Brian was a little longer, maybe close to seven and fairly thick around. I was eight inches but average around the thickness of it. We were all three circumcised.

Then, we each pulled our briefs and shorts back up.

"Okay, hon, they did it. Your turn," Steve said.

"Aww, I was liking them all out like that. Well, I really didn't think you guys would do it but you did. So, here," and she pulled her tube top down and there were two beautiful and firm breasts, nice sized, probably B- or C-cup, with pretty, pink nipples.

"Well, there they are. What do you think, guys?"

"They're the most beautiful things I've ever seen," I told her and it was true.

"They're better than in Playboy," Don said and Brian added, "I can't believe how hot you look."

Then she pulled her top back up.

"Aw, come on, that was too quick," cried Don.

"Yeah, just leave 'em out, they're so hot," Brian begged.

"I will if you guys will. Take your pants off and I'll take my top off and leave it off, how's that?"

"Well, if we take our pants off, you should too," I exclaimed, hoping she'd assent.

"Great idea," Steve said.

"What? Are you kidding?" his girlfriend shot back.

"Oh, come on, hon, you may never have any other guys the rest of your life who would be as turned-on by your beautiful body as these three."

"Well, then, you, too, Steve. We all get naked, then."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. We are all here to drink some beer but, oh, man, this just made everything so, so much more interesting. I was hard as steel.

"Fine with me," he said as he pulled off his shirt and began unbuckling his belt.

My heart was beating a mile a minute. Was this really going to happen? Would she not only show us her boobs but her pussy, too? Unbelievable.

Then Steve lowered his shorts followed by his briefs and there he is, it's bigger than any of ours. Don and Brian are also standing getting their clothes off, so I did the same. In less than a minute, there were four naked guys with dicks that were straight out.

"You guys sure did that quick. Guess you want to see me, huh? Geez, guess it's my turn, huh? Wow, I've never seen so many dicks. Well..." and she pulled everything off and stood there for us all to see.

And, she was so pretty. Her pussy was bare, shaved nice and smooth. It was so quiet in the room now, we guys were just looking as hard as we could. She turned a full circle so we could see all of her, then sat next to her boyfriend.

Steve bent over and whispered something into his girlfriend's ear to which she said, "Are you kidding? Right here?"

"Sure babe, maybe they've never seen anything like that before."

We all stood there with our dicks straight out as they discussed something that was just between the two of them but also seemed to have something to do with us.

"Just how much sex have any of you guys had," Steve asked. I told him none as did Don and Brian told him, "A little."

Steve and Jenn were sitting together, all of us naked now, his arm up around her shoulders with his hand resting on her boob. My dick was like steel.

He lifted her leg over his and put his hand up between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. She laid her head back on his shoulders and she closed her eyes.

We just stood there watching him rub her pussy, it was wet and glistening as he moved his fingers in circles. Then, he rubbed a finger up and down and, as we watched, he slid it up inside her and began finger-fucking her with it.

"Mmm, I can't believe we're doing this but it does feel good, mmm," she moaned as he continued fingering her.

What we were watching seemed incredible, just unbelievable, but, it was happening right as we watched. We are all now slowly stroking ourselves and didn't care who saw us doing it.

Her legs were wide open as he kissed her, all the time sliding his finger in and out of her.

Then Steve looked up at us and nodded his head for us to come closer.

I didn't know what to do but Don did come close and Steve pulled his finger out of her and nodded to Don to put his in. My eyes widened as he bent down and slid his finger up inside her and began moving it in and out. She opened her eyes, smiled and reached up and took his dick in her hand.

It was incredible, she was stroking Don's dick as he finger-fucked her while her boyfriend held her.

"Why don't you suck him, hon, you're so good, he'll never forget you doing it," he said to her. She looked up at him and he nodded to her as she pulled Don's cock to her and took it in her mouth.

We stood there naked, our cocks in hand as Jenn sucked Don's dick while he finger-fucked her while Steve held her legs open.

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