You Just Never Know

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I just never dreamed that my wife would ever go for a wife-swapping party with two other couples. But I guess you've read the title.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Swinging   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

When I married Lisa twenty-seven years ago, she was not only a virgin at nineteen, she had been raised by parents who taught her that sex was something dirty and that she would be marked for life as a bad girl if she ever yielded to carnal temptation. Her parents were strict in almost every way imaginable but sex was the most heinous of sins according to them.

So, it was our wedding night when the first penis entered my wife. It was also the first time she'd ever seen a penis, other than changing diapers when she babysat. Yes, it's true.

You can imagine how slow it was to bring her thinking around to trying to enjoy sex, to make love just because it felt good and made you feel closer as a couple. She was also brought up with strict attitudes about dancing and drinking and card-playing, even Solitaire, but these she seemed to modify mostly on her own. It was sex that was so slow to evolve in her mind.

The first years of our marriage were filled with guilt for her. She never wanted to admit that she had desires, that she could or would get horny, that she would desire an orgasm; she often satisfied me and then ended our sex. Now, for me, I didn't have that background, I felt sex was to be enjoyed, that it contributed to a marriage, that a woman not only should have an orgasm every time but that she deserved it as well.

During these years, if Lisa had a strong and dramatic orgasm, she would somehow feel guilty that it was so pleasurable. Now I know that you might find this hard to believe but that was how she was brought up. It took years for her to actually try to increase her pleasure from sex.

I kept urging her, of course, telling her that the pleasure she felt was good, that it was meant to be that way, it was why her body was programmed to react so wonderfully when an orgasm happened. She slowly began trying to improve how she felt when we had sex and to be more spontaneous about sex.

Spontaneity was something that came slowly. For the first few months of our marriage, she would undress in the dark when we were to have sex, I did get to see her body at times, like in the bathroom showering and such, but she never felt comfortable spreading open for me and any thought of oral sex was out. She just couldn't understand how I might want to get down and lick on her.

She did suck me off once in a while, in the beginning I had to be fresh and clean right from the shower and she always had me tell her when I was about to cum so she could finish me by hand.

Her attitude toward cunnilingus changed but not from anything I ever said. It was really Rita, one of her closest friends who one day told her about how wonderful her husband was with his head down between her legs. Lisa just listened as Rita told her how Jack would lick and tongue and finger her until she orgasmed over and over and over.

That evening, she told me about the conversation and I said I'd love to do it any time she wanted and later in bed she had me give her oral sex. She was never the same after.

I really meant that I would do her whenever she wanted and, well, that was a really big step toward getting her over much of her remaining reluctance in bed.

Oh, not just bed now, either. If our two daughters weren't home, she was now open to having sex just about anywhere in the house - kitchen, bathroom, shower, office; yes, she had come a long way.

After being married about fifteen years, Lisa began working out, trying to get back to the body she had when we got married and did trim off some pounds and firmed up in general. I had thought she looked good even with a few extra pounds but, I had to admit, she now had her flat tummy back, her butt firm and tight and her legs sexy and shapely. So, at thirty-five, she was looking mighty good, at least ten years younger than you might expect.

She seemed pleased at the time about her new body and took pleasure in showing it to me, such a change from the first few years we were together. She even posed for a few pictures in her new bikini which showed far more than she'd ever exposed before in public.

As the next few years went by, the photos I took were slowly getting more explicit. The first ones that were really beginning to get hot were some in her bikini with the top off and her hands cupped over her nice, firm B-cup breasts, smiling at the camera. I even took one when she had dropped her hands for a moment and she didn't have a fit. A long way my Lisa had come.

Over the next few years, she seemed to be much more accepting that her body was desirable and that she enjoyed being an object of desire. I would point out guys who were eyeing her as we shopped in the mall or wherever and she was dressing more like a woman comfortable and accepting of her sexuality and sexiness.

The photos were also moving into full nudity, even after a few more years, into open legs shots, sometimes with a finger or two inside. She had come a long way, for sure.

Our sex was more fun and more frequent. She was trying more positions, doggie, was, like for many women, I guess, her favorite and she wasn't hesitant in the least to ask me for a certain position or technique. She had come to love oral sex, giving and receiving, now swallowing without any hesitation at all.

Of course, I had accumulated quite a collection of photographs of Lisa and we sometimes thumbed through them both amazed at how much she had loosened-up over the years. Some of the pictures were now of us both, often engaged in sex of some form, thanks to the handy timer feature on the camera.

One thing we didn't have pictures of, however, was us with anyone else, another person or couple. I had brought it up several times and she just wouldn't hear of it.

I did meet a fellow who had told me that he and his wife did some swinging and swapping and mentioned it to Lisa. She was pretty set against it but did relent about having dinner at a restaurant with them. After that, she told me she just didn't feel some kind of chemistry with them and didn't want to go any farther. Well, I had gotten her to pose for pictures that I never thought she'd go for and our sex life was so much more rich and varied that I decided to just shelve the idea of sharing and let it go. I knew when I had it good.

So this went on, quite nicely, actually, and about eight years ago, I had been away for a two-week business trip and arrived home on an early Saturday afternoon with a carry-on full of dirty laundry.

It was about three in the afternoon and I was wanting little more than a long hot shower, a cold beer and a good soak in the whirlpool tub on the back patio.

"Well, you'll have enough time for that, sweetheart, but tonight we're having Brian and Diane over for dinner and they're bringing Jack and Rita with them. They'll be here at six-thirty and the girls are going to Grandma's for the night, I'll take them over in a while."

Well, shit, I thought. I was tired and really wanted a nice slow fuck after being away for two weeks. So, I went and took a shower, shaved nice and fresh, pulled on some trunks, grabbed a beer and slipped into the jet tub and lay back dreaming about our company finally leaving so I could get a nice fuck from my honey.

She got back after taking our girls to Grandma's, then went up to change. After a bit, she called out to me that I needed to get dressed, so I reluctantly got out, dried off and went up to change.

I was just finishing up when I heard the doorbell ring and a commotion of voices drifting up the stairs as people arrived.

I went down and greeted our friends and the first person I saw then I hit the bottom of the stairs was Lisa. Well, she was facing me as she kissed Diane on the cheek. My wife was in a white leather miniskirt that I don't remember seeing before and a sheer lacy white blouse which was open to somewhat below her bra. The bra she had on was one I had bought her several months before, one that cupped her breasts, pushing them up and together to enhance her cleavage.

Well, her cleavage was certainly on show tonight, her nipples were barely hidden from view. Well, well.

As I said, she was kissing Diane who was tall and blond, standing there in a satiny black dress that seemed glued to her. A long slit exposed one of her beautiful legs as she stood there. The dress was tied over one shoulder and exposed a nice curve of her upper breast. Lovely.

Rita was also standing in the entry hall, she was the shortest at just over five feet, a flaming redhead with curls spilling down to her shoulders. She was in a low cut spring green sundress that offered a captivating view of the ballooning tops of her generous freckled boobs. Rita was small but admired by all for her rather top-heavy figure.

As we all moved into the great room, Brian helped me pour the wine and distribute it among our guests. We all had a nice chitchat over our wine and then moved into the dining room as Lisa brought out dinner. We all ate the lovely meal my sweetheart had prepared and I was soon opening the fourth bottle of wine.

The companionship was nice yet I caught a slight unease or nervousness at times, especially from my wife. But, the others seemed relaxed, even rather giddy, especially Diane who seemed a bit giggly but maybe she's just more susceptible to the powers of wine.

Anyway, it was a lovely dinner and Lisa sent the three of us guys down to the game room downstairs while the three lovely ladies cleaned up from dinner.

Soon, the girls joined us and Rita announced that she had a game for us to play.

Lisa scooted tight next to me and placed her hand on my thigh as Rita went on.

"Well, we all probably remember Spin The Bottle, right? I've got a little more fun version for us to play, one I'm sure you guys will like lots more than the original back when we were in junior high."

Brian leaned back and said, "Hmm, I'm liking this already," as Rita went on.

"Well, here's a wine bottle from dinner and the way this works is someone spins the bottle and the person it points to gets to kiss the person and then remove an article of clothing from that person. As they do it, there can be no sexual contact with any part of that person ... as long as it is still clothed."

She stopped for a few moments to allow that to all sink in, then went on.

"Now just like in school, if the bottle points to someone who is the same sex, give it another spin."

"Sounds like fun, Rita," I tossed in.

"Oh, there''s more. The first gal to get naked pairs up with the first guy to get naked and they can go off and be together. Now if they're already a couple, then the second one naked pairs up."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The game was to pair us off with another person's spouse for a night of fucking. I looked at Lisa and she was just sitting there smiling at Rita waiting for her to finish. What the hell, I thought. I figured she's be mad as hell.

"So, there's no losers, just winners. The three bedrooms are all set up and we'll all meet for breakfast at nine. So, who wants to start? Let's get in a circle, just like we did in junior high. This time, though, the kissing will be all over."

The bedrooms are all set up? Well, Lisa obviously had a hand in this whole thing. Omigod, she's willing to swap. Incredible.

Then I heard the first person say, "I'll go first." It was my wife who leaned over and twirled the bottle around. It ended up aimed at Diane, so she spun it again. This time, it pointed to Brian.

Lisa stood up, crossed over to Brian who was now also standing, and they embraced and kissed long and hard as Lisa ground her hips into him. In a minute, they separated and she unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off, tossing it to his wife, Diane. Then Lisa bent down and began licking his nipples, taking sucks on them.

I have to say, it was pretty arousing to watch your wife making sexual advances to a friend of yours.

Then, they parted and got back down as Brian spun the wine bottle which ended pointing to Rita.

Brian got up and pulled Rita up off the floor into his arms and they kissed tonguing each other as they moved tightly together along their pubic areas. Then Brian took off her earrings which she said should count for one thing. Well.

Then Rita took a turn and got me. I stood up, took her in my arms, kissed her and pulled her close. Then she pulled my shirt off and licked circles around my nipples finishing each one with a suck.

Lisa was sitting next to me and I leaned over to whisper in her ear, "What made you change you mind about doing something like this?"

She looked up at me, smiled and said softly, "It was Rita, really. She told me of some swap parties she and Jack had gone to and that they were now were going to get together with Brian and Diane, so I kind of invited us in. She told me about it and, well, I went home after that lunch with her and got off three times. That was the day about a month ago when I was naked when you got home and had you fuck me before supper and after. Remember?"

I told her I did, indeed, and I was pleased that she was open to this. So, Lisa was excited about it. That was good, very good.

It went on a while more, I was now down to my briefs, Lisa was in bra and panties, Brian had socks and briefs on, Diane was topless in panties, it was Jack, Rita's husband who got her bra off and he had a great time licking and sucking her nipples.

Jack was in briefs and socks and Rita was now topless as well. I had taken her bra off and the bra she had worn under her sundress was a demi-bra which cupped her freckled breasts until they were overflowing. As I stood there reaching behind her to unfasten the clasp, I realized that she had thoughtfully worn a front-opening bra. I bent down and licked the exposed tops of her reddish nipples as I pushed the clasp together and it fell to the floor.

Rita is the shortest one of us and I really had to bend down to get her nipple in my mouth. But it was well worth the effort as I sucked her little rock-hard centers making me rock-hard as well.

Then, Diane spun the bottle and it pointed to Jack, Rita's husband. Off came his socks. Then Jack spun and Lisa got her bra taken off as I watched Jack hungrily kiss and lick and suck my wife's nipples. As he was bent over her, she was looking at me, smiling, as I winked at her. She looked pretty happy and my cock was as hard as it had been in years.

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