Night Moves

by Baron Rod

Copyright© 2011 by Baron Rod

Romantic Sex Story: Mark is a 15 yr old computer geek and amateur photographer. Marion is a 14 yr old closet exhibitionist. This is the romantic story of a voyeur and an exhibitionist meeting.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Violent   .

My name is Mark Lewandowski. Yup, Polish decent. You can't tell a Polish joke that I haven't heard, and I only turned fifteen in February of this year. I live in a suburb of Detroit which has one of the largest Polish populations in the US.

My dad is a design engineer for Ford and mom part times at the library. We live in one of those almost identical split level houses on a quarter acre lots that were thrown up by the thousands in the fifties and sixties. There is the basement with my Dad's wood shop, storage and laundry, up a half level to the family room, with doors to the back yard and carport. A spare bedroom (we use it as a library/computer room), half bath and a foyer with the front door to a covered walk to the carport. Up a half level to the kitchen, dining room and formal living room. Up another half level to the bedrooms and full bath. Parents to the front, me in the back, with my own computer setup, and a half size bedroom Mom uses for sewing.

About a month after I turned fifteen I went through a growth spurt, so by the time school let out in June I was five foot ten inches tall and weighed a hundred and thirty pounds. I'd spent most of the spring and early summer getting used to the new placement of my feet. I tripped a lot. Really helped my self esteem. My weight was ten to twenty pounds under what my new height should weigh. Tall and skinny. Brown hair and blue eyes. Only thing missing from the stereotypical computer, gaming and SciFi geek was the glasses, which I thank God I don't need. At least not yet. Mom is nearsighted.

This is the story of my first forays into full contact sex.

I'd been on a couple of dates and had even managed to feel a nipple harden under my fingers. It was my hand up her blouse and under her bra. I had yet to see a live unclothed breast. Aside from more than daily masturbation, that's the extent of my actual, real life, sexual experience at the start of this story. With my stereotype that's actually better than average.

Given that I'm a computer geek and I get along with the internet I know what the female of the species in its infinite variety looks like ... in detail. I have read a lot of what people call 'real' sex stories, and I'm smart enough to realize that eighty percent or more of the stories are pure male bovine fecal matter. In among the drek I have also picked up some tips and tricks that sound reasonable to use when the time comes. Also, from what I've read, I'm going to be well endowed when I finish growing up. Fifteen, and I'm already the size and thickness of an average full grown man.

The neighborhood we lived in had mostly older couples whose kids had left the nest or young couples who were just starting their families. The only kids sort of my age lived to the left of our house, the carport side, with a privacy fence around their back yard. We hardly knew anything about them beyond that their last name was Hollister and they had a son that was a year older than me, a daughter a year younger and another daughter two years younger. Figured that out because of the grades we were in at school.

My parents had tried to be neighborly when the Hollisters moved in a couple years back, but were quickly turned off by their attitude. The problem with them was they were rabid fundamentalist born again Baptists in a predominantly Polish Catholic community. They thought us to be all damned and told my parents so. Well, the Catholic community had the same feeling about them. I was ambivalent about the notion and tried to talk to the kids, but was snubbed, so gave up.

My bedroom overlooked the privacy fence between our yards and I could see into their backyard. I had noticed the eldest girl had started to 'camp' out in her backyard a lot in one of those small three person popup tents. She had it set up under a camouflage plastic tarp giving extra coverage against rain, if any. She was always dressed in very conservative clothes that were fairly baggy and hid her figure very well.

One Tuesday night in late June I had gotten up to go to the bathroom at about one in the morning. It was a nice moonlit night and when I got back to my room I was looking out the window at the night sky. A beautiful mix of small clouds, full moon and stars. I had just decided to go back to sleep when some motion caught my eye.

What I saw was the neighbor girl in what had to be full rebellion. She was coming back to her tent from walking somewhere in the neighborhood. The walkabout wasn't overly rebellious, but the fact that she was totally nude, except for flip-flops, definitely was. She had a great figure for a fourteen year old. Small, pert breasts and curves in the right places and a dark triangular bush. She went to her tent, crawled in and zipped up the entry. End of the show. I had gotten instantly hard and masturbation is our friend. I had more than computer images to cum to now. Real memories of a real live girl!

The next morning when I awoke the computer geek in me kicked in. I wired a vidcam to the computer and set up a watch program that would do two things. If there was a change in the picture from when I started the vidcam (aside from lighting) it would save the images to a file and also set off a beeper that I put under my pillow.

What I found out over the next few weeks was that she didn't go 'walkabout' every night. Every two or three nights she would emerge from her tent and ghost out into the suburb. Besides the vidcam recordings I took pictures with my digital camera. The zoom lens worked great even in the low light. It looked as if I were standing right next to her when I took the shots.

Another thing I found out was that her dad peeked into the tent just before he went to work at six in the morning. He slept in on Saturday and the girl didn't sleep out on Saturday nights. After the first couple of times my alarm woke me at sixish I automated the alarm turn off for four in the morning. I like my sleep.

Fourth of July came and we went to the local fireworks which were as pretty as ever. Then my folks dropped a bombshell on me. They had decided that for their twentieth wedding anniversary they would take a vacation by themselves, leaving me 'home alone'. They were leaving after work next Friday and would return nine days later on the Sunday evening, giving me a full eight and two partial days by myself. Mom bought a lot of TV dinners, sodas and snack food to keep me fed while they were gone. Dad gave me money for movies, more food, and whatnot. They said that they'd call a few times, but not every day.

I'm normally a good kid, so they hadn't decided to foist me off on any of the relatives and they didn't put too many restrictions on me. I could have friends over, but no more than three at a time. (I only had four controllers for my PlayStation.) I could go to friends' homes or wander about the town, but had to be home by eleven. (I'd have to make sure that the movies I went to let out early enough and would have to download bus schedules.) I was to leave my Dad's booze alone. (No hardship there. I hadn't acquired a taste for booze yet.) I was to stay out of their room. (I guess Dad didn't want me to find his porn collection ... which was in his workshop in the basement anyway.) As I said not too many restrictions.

One restriction they either didn't think of, or forgot, was about girls in the house. It really hadn't been an attention getting subject around the family. To tell the truth, I didn't think about it until later, either. My contacts with that delightful other half of humanity were not extensive. The girl whose breast I had fondled was vacationing with her parents and wouldn't be back until well after my folks were back. I still hadn't done anything about the girl next door except take pictures and movies. I was trying to figure out how to meet with her without freaking her out.

Friday - Day 1

Friday came and my folks left, giggling like a couple of high school kids. It's hard for kids my age to think about what they'll be doing for the next week, but hey ... even their generation didn't discover sex. That happened a loooong time ago. About three hours after they left a light rain started, just a little heavier than a Texas dew. I turned the vidcam alarm on about then.

I was playing a game on the PlayStation when I heard the alarm go off. I went and checked and it was the fully dressed girl getting into her tent. I reset the file and went back to my game. Just after midnight the alarm went off again. I grabbed my camera and went to the window. There she went. Nude and getting wet. I saw her stand and stretch as if she were offering herself to the rain. Then she left her yard and went off into the night. That stretch made for a glorious photo.

I decided my approach right then. I went and got a couple of big fluffy towels and went out onto the carport. I set up a couple of director chairs. I went back inside and made some hot chocolate and put it in a thermos and got two cups. Then I went out and waited. She had, the previous eight nights she had went for a walk, always returned using the area between our carports and her walks lasted about a hour, plus or minus fifteen minutes. Their house was a mirror image of ours. I stayed clothed because she was going to be frightened enough just by my saying 'Hi!' I saw her coming after only fifty minutes and froze in position. Motion is very attracting. She came onto her carport and headed for the fence gate.

"Hi!" I said from my seat, "I have some towels. Do you want to dry off?"

She didn't scream, but made a very startled noise and spun to face me. I recognized the stance she ended in from movies and anime as something vaguely martial arts like.

"I don't mean any harm," I calmly said while holding out a towel, "but you should get dry before you catch cold. Ha! I sound like my parents."

You could see the 'flight, fight, go with the flow' debate within her. I stayed seated, trying very hard to appear non-threatening, holding out the towel to this five foot twoish, about a hundred ten pounds soaking wet (which she was) vison of loveliness.

"My name's Mark" I said, "and I've been watching you wander off for a couple of weeks now. I've been trying to think of a way to meet you and this rain gave me the idea."

That decided her. She came over to our carport, still wary, took the towel at arms reach, backed up a bit and began drying herself.

"You've been spying on me for a couple of weeks?" she asked, curious rather than angry, "What are you, some kind of voyeuristic pervert?"

"Voyeuristic ... yes." I replied, "Being the typical skinny computer geek my social skills aren't overly developed, sooo ... looking is what I do best. Pervert ... well I guess I'm about as perverted in one way as being an exhibitionist walking about the neighborhood nude is in another." She actually blushed ... right down to her nipples. "They say that 'normal' is a setting on the dryer. You are very pretty and watching you has been a pleasure. Here's another towel. Do you want some hot chocolate to help you warm up?"

She got a strange look on her face and asked, "Do you really think I'm pretty? Or do you say that to all the girls? Especially naked ones!"

I said "When you're finished drying there's another chair. We can talk. To date, you are the only real live naked girl I've ever seen. As for 'pretty' ... you are. If I only had the live girls here at school to compare you to I'd say you were beautiful."

The girl sat down, holding the towel over her hips.

"Adding in the girls and women I've seen on the internet changes it over to pretty, in the classic 'girl next door' mode, but that's still really nice. Your body has curves in all the right places and would make any guy proud to be seen near you. Your shoulder length black hair frames your pale face beautifully. The other assets you normally have covered only reinforce that impression. You have such beautiful pale skin and your dark bush draws attention to your pussy. Your breasts are lovely and firm ... perky ... a bit more than a handful, with those rosy, sort of puffy areolae giving a nice contrasting shade to the rest of your skin and the nipples are sized to match both breast and areola. I said pretty and I meant pretty. Again ... do you want some hot chocolate? And would you tell me your name?"

After a long pause to think about what I'd said she said, "Marion. Yes, I'd like some hot chocolate. You say my tits are lovely. They aren't very big. You even commented on their size. I thought guys liked big breasted women."

I reached down for the thermos. I poured both of us a cup of hot chocolate. Marion. Two years living next to each other and we were just learning each other's name. I grinned at the absurdity. I reached over toward her and passed her a cup. Then I sat back and still grinning said "I don't even pretend to be an expert on breast size. At a shear guess I'd say you're probably a B-cup?"

She nodded and said, "Good guess."

I smiled and in a conspiratorial tone said, "Well, I shouldn't do this, but I will. You've got to promise that you'll never reveal that I've let you in on a 'guy secret'. Promise?"

She got an amused, exasperated look and intoned, "I promise to never tell that you've let me know things that only guys are supposed to know."

"OK! Here it is." I said "Yes, guys look at girls with big breasts, but that's just because there is a lot more to look at. Call it a better advertising budget. However, it doesn't matter if the female has tits like a bad bee sting or Elsie the cow. It doesn't matter if the shape is globular, pear shaped or cone shaped, firm or droopy. It doesn't matter if the areola is big, little, light pink or dusky brown. It doesn't matter if the nipples are pencil eraser sized or smaller or thumb sized and larger. Just one thing matters to us guys."

I paused and took a large swig of cocoa and then said in a near perfect imitation of Disney's Goofy, "Can I touch 'em?" and went back to my normal voice to continue, "That's it. Don't tell anyone I told you."

She started a wonderful laugh that reminded me of silver wind chimes and then clamped her hand over her mouth. We had been talking fairly low and I guessed that she didn't want to wake anyone at her house. But to hear that laugh again I would do anything. Anything!

When she got control she said, "We need to be quiet. Aren't you afraid that your parents will find us out here? You don't have siblings, right?"

"Nope!", I grinned. "No sibs and my folks have gone off for a second honeymoon to celebrate their twentieth anniversary. They won't be back until the Sunday after next. I'm home alone for over a week."

Marion's eyes widened and she said "Maybe we should go into your house so that we don't wake anyone at my house."

"Ahhhh ... sure," I cleverly said. I truly hadn't expected things to move quite this fast. I picked up my cup and thermos and escorted her to the door. She started in and I stammered, "Hav ... Have a ... have a seat while I fold these chairs and I'll be right in." I folded the chairs and put them in the storage shed. I also adjusted my woody to make it easier to move about and slightly less obvious. When I came into the house she was sitting on the couch. I went toward the easy chair.

"Why are you distancing yourself from me?", she asked. "Don't you want to sit next to me?"

"I'm probably trying too hard not to spook you." I replied. "From what you normally wear and the way your family views sin I just want you to be comfortable tonight. I can enjoy the view ... after all, I like looking ... and maybe later when you trust me a little more then maybe we can get to 'can I touch 'em'."

"My family," she snarled, "would think that talking to you in a crowd at high noon, in the open, fully clothed and even chaperoned would be contamination. They're soooo 'holier-than-thou' and they're hypocritical to boot. I'm fourteen and what I know about sex is what I've heard in the girl's room, and what the school library has on the subject ... almost nothing ... and my mom showing me how to use a maxipad and saying 'No girl in our family has ever disgraced the family and don't you be the first.' That's it. My dad thinks the internet is an evil place and won't have it in the house. Your comment about girls on the internet means you know what I'm supposed to look like, but I have no idea, except for the line drawings in the book at school and a few art books in the library, what's under your clothes."

She tossed the towel that she had covering her onto the coffee table and said "You're seeing me naked, let me see you. Please."

Fair was fair. I doffed my clothes. While I was disrobing I said "As I said, other than computer images you are the first live girl I've ever seen in the buff. Us computer geeks don't get much chance to be near real naked girls." I eventually got down to my BVD's and as I took them off I said "I'm aroused right now. I've got a hard on, a woody. A guy's penis isn't always as stiff or as big as this, but I'm in the same room with a naked lady and I just can't help it." I was still trying not to spook her.

She grinned and said, "I've wondered what made that lump in guy's pants. Sit down here next to me and we can look at each other closely."

I sat down on the couch near her, but not touching, and we looked at each other's normally hidden areas.

After a short bit I asked "Ahh ... could you, maybe, ahhh, bring your one foot up on the couch. I can't really see what's hidden in your pubic hair."

There was that laugh again. Beautiful! She moved her right leg up to the back of the couch, leaving her left foot on the floor, and she leaned back against the armrest, displaying her normally hidden charms to my hungry eyes. I've already described the rest of her body. Her labia were a pretty pink and were somewhat distended. Truly lovely. I didn't think it was possible, but I got harder.

"Wow!" she gasped. "That was some reaction. Your ... cock ... jumped and I think it got bigger. Did I cause that? Ahhh ... to use your phrase ... can I touch it?"

"Yup! All your fault. You can touch me ... if I can touch you, too." I boldly said.

Marion nodded as she scooted nearer to me and took my rod into her hand. I gasped. Oh, God, that felt good. I reached out and caressed her breasts, running my thumbs over her nipples. Her turn to gasp, which quickly changed to a moan.

"Ohhhh! I've never felt anything like that!" she said with rasping breath. "Don't stop."

I asked, "You mean you've never touched yourself? Never masturbated?"

"That would be a sin. The sin of Onan!" she replied.

I had read a neat thing on the net and paraphrased it while continuing to massage her tits. "Ha! That sin just refers to males. 'Spilling his seed' and girls don't do that. Also Onan wasn't playing with himself. He was boffing his dead brother's wife and pulled out before cumming in her because he didn't want to get her pregnant. What the Lord killed Onan for wasn't that Onan was masturbating and 'spilled his seed', it was Onan didn't do what He had told him to do, which was 'get the woman pregnant'. So that argument against masturbation is merely a logical extension of a false premise."

Marion still held my shaft, but she wasn't moving her hand. She was really into the feel of my hands on her breasts. I decided to do an all out fondling of her charms. I said "Let go of me and I'll feel you up. When two do it to one another it's called foreplay and when done alone it's masturbation. When I'm done with you then you can do the same to me. Schooch forward a bit."

She move her butt closer to the couch edge, letting go of my cock. I moved one hand off of her nipple and rubbed down her torso using a small circular motion. I got to her belly button and circled it with a finger before lightly dipping in. That got a giggle. Not as good as the laugh, but I liked it. Then I continued the circular massage downward again and when I palmed her mound she gave a small moan and gasp. I had my palm over her slit and on all sides of it. I dipped my middle finger into her and felt her wetness. She was panting. I drew my finger up the length of her pussy lips and when I got to the top and felt, for the first time for both of us, that little nub of pure pleasure she gave a wordless cry of passion. I played with her clit for a few moments until she started crying "Oh, God! Oh, God!" over and over.

I stopped for a moment and positioned myself between her legs and moved in to be able to taste pussy for the first time. I spread her bush and then ran my tongue from the now gaping hole of her vagina up to her engorged clit. I tongue lashed this for a moment and then brought my nose into contact with it. Oh, she smelled sweet. While nuzzling her clit with my nose I stuck my tongue into her love tunnel and at that she almost screamed. I continued this assault and suddenly her hips began to buck and she said "Oh, God! Stop! I'm gonna pee! Oh, God!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!" and she orgasmed. Her toes curled and her back arched. I had thought her pussy had been wet, but it was suddenly even wetter as she continued to gasp out to God.

I gave one last lick and moved up and tongue kissed her, letting her taste her juices on my tongue. As I gently caressed her breast her eyes came back into focus and she suddenly grabbed me and hugged me while returning the kisses I was giving her.

She sat back and babbled, "Oh! My! God! That was the most incredible thing I have ever felt. Except for that tongue thing you did I can see that I could do what you did with your fingers to myself, by myself. Wow! That was awesome! OK, now tell me what to do to you."

I lay back on the couch with one foot on the floor. I instructed Marion to take hold of my penis and then pump up and down. At first her hold was too light and when I told her to use a tighter grip she got too tight. Eventually I coached her to the optimum grip. Then I told her that on the down stroke to run her thumb over the head. I was already way too excited from playing with a real live girl and watching her orgasm that I knew I wouldn't last long. I decided that I'd get her to suck me off the next time. From what I'd read on the net I figured that most girls are curious about that spurt of life stuff. I'd let her see it this time and then the most of the rest of the time would be hidden in one orifice or another. I told her to gently play with my balls. She laughed at the emphasis and said she knew how sensitive that area was. She touched my ball sack and that did it. Cum everywhere.

She startled away and I quickly gasped "Don't stop! Milk it!"

She did even better. She dipped her head down and wrapped her lips around my shaft and swirled her tongue about the head and I continued to splooge into her mouth until she had sucked me dry. When I stopped cumming Marion sat up and I could see her swirl my cum around in her mouth. Then she swallowed it. She hugged me close and kissed me and I could taste my cum as it mixed with her juices.

She stopped kissing me and said "The girls in the locker room say they mostly don't like that stuff. It tastes weird, but I think I like it." She looked at me and said "I thought ... I read ... guys went soft after cumming. You're still fairly stiff."

I kissed her and then answered "That's true in a lot of cases, but I'm fifteen and you're still here naked, and I'm going to be excited for a long while. Probably until well after you go back to your tent."

"Umm..." she said while blushing, "Could you, would you, make me orgasm again?" Then she laughed once more. "I see from the way your cock reacted that the answer is yes." and she started kissing me again.

I kissed right back and massaged her nipples to diamond hardness again. This time when my one hand started descending I leaned in and sucked on the abandoned tit. When I got to her mound and started stroking along the slit Marion went nuts. I poked a finger into her vagina and man was she tight. I just got in a little way when I ran into an obstruction. Her cherry ... I had thought it was farther in. I didn't go in any more because I wanted that hymen to be broken the proper way ... with my cock.

Her first orgasm had taught her what to expect and what she was feeling and she was able to be coherent enough this time to get hold of my manhood and start pumping it. After a short bit of mutual groping she somehow got us both on the floor and initiated a sixty-nine with her on top. I was able to tongue lash her clit and also use my hands to keep her tits stimulated. She was bobbing her head up and down on my shaft and using her tongue to advantage on the head of my cock. For a while there was only the inarticulate sounds of shared and mounting passion.

I paused in my pleasuring her clit and gasped out "I'm gonna cum. Oh, God! Here it comes." and sent a jet of cum deep down her throat. She hadn't climaxed yet so while she was sucking me dry I went back to work. She had just finished milking me when it hit her and she screamed out in release. She collapsed onto me. Then we rolled apart and kissed, mixing our juices in a wonderful cocktail.

When we paused Marion commented "You've lost your hardness. If we continue kissing will you get hard again? Are we gonna 'do it' tonight?"

I replied "Yeah, I'll get hard again, but ... as much as I really want to do the full sex thing I don't think we should tonight. I don't have any condoms ... something I'll remedy tomorrow morning ... and I'm willing to bet big money, given how conservative your parents are, you aren't on any kind of contraceptives. I know I don't want to get you pregnant and I don't think you want to be pregnant either. Maybe we could take a chance if your menstrual cycle is dead regular and we can figure out if now is a sorta safe time."

She separated from me and said "You're right. I'm not on the pill or anything and I really don't want to get pregnant. My cycle varies wildly. From twenty-six days for the shortest it ever was to eighty-eight days for the longest. I never know when I'm gonna start. It's been fun tonight and very educational. Both in sex play and in some of the things you've said. Thought provoking on a lot of levels."

"You've been a great 'study buddy'" I said. "We've learned a lot of practical biology together. I hope you camp out tomorrow and come over."

I stood up and offered my hand to help her up. She took it, although at my question her face had gotten a pained expression. When she was up she said, "My folks take us to church real early on Sunday, so I'm not allowed to camp out on Saturday nights. I'll see if I can sneak out after everyone has gone to sleep."

"Damn! Don't get caught. I wouldn't want you to be punished, grounded or anything like that." I paused and then asked "Ahhh ... one thing before you leave. I'd really like ... Ahhh ... Could you maybe feed my perversion and allow me to take some pictures of you?"

Marion gave me a studied look, laughed that beautiful laugh and then replied "You are a voyeur, aren't you? I don't want the local photo shop place or the drugstore to see me nude. That wouldn't be cool."

I smiled and said "No problem! I'm all digital. No one will see the pictures I take except for us two."

She thought for a moment and then nodded and said, "OK. I'll model for you. But you'll have to coach me. I really don't know anything about naked pictures. That's ... pornography ... isn't it?"

"Yup!" I replied. "And to make it even worse, since you're fourteen it's kiddie porn, which is very illegal!"

I went and got my camera and for the next hour coached Marion on the poses I'd always liked out on the net and snapped many dozens of pictures. In the family room on the couch and floor, in the computer room sitting in the computer chair, in the kitchen on the counters and table and finished up with shots on the dining room table. Twice during that hour I fingered and licked her to orgasm and got some shots of that too. A couple times I set the camera up for auto-shoot and once even gave her the camera to shoot me while I was eating her out. With all the posed shots I also took close ups of her face, tits, pussy and ass. After her second orgasm she sucked me to a world altering climax of my own. I took pictures of her with my cock in her mouth.

After that we parted for the night and she went back to her tent and I went to bed.

Saturday - Day 2

I woke the next morning, wacked off to last night's memories, and fixed breakfast for myself. Then I got on the internet and looked up a Consumer's Report on condoms. Yup, I'm a geek. I figured I didn't want the desensitizing lube so I was left with four kinds that rated the highest. I got dressed and walked to the bus stop. I got on the first one that came along. I rode it for about a half hour until well out of my immediate neighborhood and got off at a shopping center. I went into the pharmacy there and looked for the condoms. I found three of the four brands and types I was looking for. I bought a thirty-six pack. Wishful thinking perhaps, but there were eight nights before my parents got back. Even if I didn't use them all in that time period I knew ... I hoped ... that Marion and I would find ways to be together in the future. I caught another bus back to my neighborhood.

When I got home I made lunch and ate. I got on my computer and made an album of the photos that I had of Marion, including a dated walkabout movie section. I came twice while working on the album. Doing that made me think about the condoms and for the second bout a tried it with a condom. While I'm glad I did that for the practice of putting it on. I had to take it off to get the job done. It didn't allow much friction between hand and cock, though I knew that with a well lubed girl it would be different.

One thing I noticed in the pictures of Marion in my room and the kitchen was the clutter. A lot of the things I'd read on the net mentioned how special the first time is to a girl. If we did 'do it' tonight my room just wasn't very romantic. Well, even if I cleaned it up it wouldn't be romantic, but at least it wouldn't be a messy memory.

I picked up clothes and either hung them in the closet if clean or dumped them down the laundry chute to wash later. I straightened the CD cases and books next to my computer and generally tidied up around it. I picked stuff up off the floor and found places to put things, usually somewhere that Mom had already designated as the place to put 'that'. I even vacuumed!

I eventually got hungry and fixed myself a big dinner. Then I did the dishes and straightened up any mess that had occurred since my folks left. Then I did something I hadn't done in years. I took a nap. Just for a hour and a quarter, but I knew it would help me later, if Marion could sneak over.

When I woke up I optimistically striped off the top sheet and went to the linen closet and got the oldest set of sheets I could find and a half dozen old towels. I double layered the towels and put them under the sheet at about butt point. If there was much blood tonight I didn't want any evidence around. I could toss out what I had put down, if I couldn't wash it, and mom might never notice. I put the top sheet and bed spread on and then folded them into a foot wide bundle at the foot of my bed.

After setting up the bed I spent some time selecting the music for tonight. I thought my favorite German technorock might be just a bit too much and finally decided to go the other direction and went with light classical. I set up my CD player with five CDs and set it to cycle though and repeat. Once that was set up I continued my cleaning frenzy.

About ten I had a thought and got out two spare vidcams. I set them up focused on my bed from the right and left sides looking toward the head board. I reset the vidfile creation program to a higher resolution and to accept the two bed feeds. I set it so one touch would start recording. With the drive I have I could get almost a eight hours recorded, more than enough.

I looked at the room. It was clean, but what if Marion wanted less than reading level lighting. I turned off all of the lights and looked at the dark monitor. I turned on the light in my closet. A little better, you could just make out a bed. I turned on the hall and bathroom lights. Almost. I went downstairs and got a package of a dozen votive candles. I knew I could replace these from almost anywhere. Back to my room and placed the candles around as close to the bed as I could. I used our BBQ lighter and waited for a couple minutes for the flames to steady. Yes! There was color and contrast. As a last thought I replaced the bulb in my night stand lamp with the smallest wattage I could find that fit. I played with the resolution and decided that it really didn't matter that much, so I went with the higher res. Then blew out the candles and turned on the lights and settled in to a computer game.

Just after midnight my backyard alarm went off. I switched to the video feed and saw Marion heading for our side door. I quickly went downstairs and was at the door when Marion knocked.

She started doffing her clothes as she came in. I grinned and stripped, too. I went to her and hugged her tight which was returned with a kiss as interest. We hugged and kissed for a few moments and then I had this sudden feeling of guilt wash over me.

I stepped back to arms' length while holding her shoulders. I looked her directly in her eyes and said "I am a real, live, absolute piece of scum!"

Marion got a startled questioning look and said, while trying to get closer to me, "No you're not. I want to do this, too."

"You don't understand." I replied, fending her off. "I have no problem with both of us wanting to lose our virginities." I sighed, "I wasn't going to tell you, but I just realized that I've got to tell you ... I've set up a couple of vidcams in my bedroom and I was going to record this night with you. You wouldn't have known and I would have files that I could look at forever." Marion's face had a strange expression of curiosity and amusement ... and lust?! "When we met yesterday you accused me of being a voyeuristic pervert. Yup! I proved it by taking all those pictures of you last night, and now tonight I was really going to confirm that first impression, even if you wouldn't have known about it. But I can't be that pervert and still expect you to be more than a summer, or this week, fling. I want you as a friend and friends don't hide important things from friends."

Silver wind chime laughter. When I looked the question at her she said, "Before we did anything important tonight I was going to ask to see the pictures you've already taken of me. Both the backyard and all the ones from around the house. Then, if I thought you have an artist's eye, I was going to ask that you set up to record us tonight. Remember, I'm an exhibitionist. I want to be friends with you, too. Great minds, same gutter." More laughter.

I grinned and laughingly said "Get out of the gutter, you're blocking my snorkel." which produced another gale of lovely laughter.

I shook my head and sighed and said, "You have a beautiful laugh. One of my first conscious thoughts about you as a person, and not as this nude dryad, was that I would do almost anything to hear you laugh. Silver wind chimes. Wow! Let's go up to my room and I'll show you your pictures."

"Awww! That's sweet." she thanked me for the truthful comment and gently kissed me.

Then we went upstairs. I brought up the files, both movie and still, and showed her what I had. She made comments like 'Oh, that can't be me. I'm not that pretty.', 'That's a nice shot', 'the movies are kinda boring, just me walking in and out of the tent.' and the like. She especially liked the one taken yesterday of offering herself to the rain. The ones around the house and of our oral sex she didn't comment on too much.

"You're good. You could be a pro someday. How many vidcams do you have?" she eventually asked.

"I have eight vidcams, but the software I use can only handle up to six. At the resolution I used for the tent shots I can record over a day and a half on the unused space available on this hard drive. I had these two cams set up for even better resolution, so if I set up all six I can record about ... ahhh ... two and a half hours. It won't be digital camera quality, but it will be very good"

That laugh again. Marion said, "That should be more than enough, considering how many times we came last night. That and I really should get some sleep tonight, since I'll get woken up tomorrow at seven. I probably should get back to my bed by threeish."

"I'll set things up." I laughed. "You get on the bed so I can aim these things correctly. Put your butt on that little lump under the sheet."

So for the next few minutes I set up the cams. Feeds one and two were the two that I had set earlier, but I focused them better. Feed three was from the middle foot of the bed and four was the middle head board. Feed five I put up on my room light looking down at the bed. Feed six was a pure side shot. In addition to the vidcam program I set up two countdown alarms. One was for two and a quarter hours and the other was for two and a half hours.

By this time I had lost my hard on, but knew that wouldn't be a problem.

I asked, "Do you want a lower light level? I can still record if I turn off the overhead and use side lighting."

"Try it," she replied.

I repeated the setup I'd tested and then also turned the study lamp at my computer desk. I aimed it at the wall for bounce light. We both looked at the monitor and the different angles and were satisfied with the light levels.

However, I had another thought and told Marion, "Ya know, we could do a full production number here. Why don't you go get your clothes on and I'll get dressed, too. Then we can do a full slow undress while making out. Then foreplay to orgasm and then ... then go with the flow. Do it. What do you think?"

An impish grin, a quick "Neat idea!", and she was heading for the door and downstairs. I followed and got my clothes and dressed. I didn't bother with the shoes, but did put my socks on. As I helped Marion dress I started laughing. She looked at me quizzically.

"The usual guy thing is figuring how to undress a girl", I said. "Here I am with the my first bra puzzle and I'm figuring out how it goes on. Well, I guess that will help in a few minutes when I'm reversing this process." Laughter to die for. Her dress was a simple pull over and she also was only wearing socks.

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