Helping Out Sis

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: If you don't quite believe this story I'm about to tell, well, in a way I don't blame you, I hardly believe it happened myself. The difference between you and me is that I know it happened, I was there.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

Here's how it all began.

My dad started me playing baseball when I could barely hold a ball in my hands. So, like most anything you start young enough and like enough, I got to be good. I did well in middle school, then in high school, well, let's just say that I got a full scholarship to our state university.

So, it turned out that my little sister, Gretchen, was also playing on a softball team in her school, the same middle school that I had gone to when I was her age. Not only that, it turns out that my mother had volunteered me to help her team out as they were trailing next to last in their league.

Well, being a big brother does carry some responsibilities so I agreed even though I'm not exactly sure I had a real choice.

So, the girls were all twelve through fourteen and, yes, you know, tended to be silly and giggly around an older guy like me. I drove my sister and three of the other girls to practice and games and my sister told me that they all were giggling all the time telling her how cute I was and how they each wanted to marry me, just the typical silly girl crap you would expect.

After one practice session, I was loading the girls into my truck when Mom called and asked if I would drop my sister off first as she had a dentist appointment to take her to. That was fine, it was really right on the way anyway as the farthest girl was Mia who lived out on a farm outside our town.

Now, Mia was also a bit different from the other girls as well. She was easily the cutest, she was thirteen, almost fourteen, more girly-looking than the others, with short blond hair in a ponytail, blue eyes, about five-one and actually had a figure, though she was still developing. I had met her mom who was a MILF for sure, Mia told me she was just thirty-one and had her when she was still in high school.

Anyway, I had dropped the others off as we began the drive out to her house and we were talking about some of the funny things that had happened during practice when she asked me, "Who do you think is the cutest girl on the team, Greg?"

"Well, several of you girls are cute but, well, I guess you're the cutest, Mia."

"Thanks, Greg. I think you're the cutest guy I've ever known."

Then, after a few moments, she asked, "Would you have sex with me if I let you?"

Well, there's a question.

"Mia, you're just not old enough to be doing something like that. You're how old?"

"Almost fourteen, I know girls who are doing it, even when they're twelve."

"Well, maybe they are but, well, it's pretty young."

She leaned over and kissed me softly on the cheek, then leaned back in the seat, lifted her hips up and pulled her shorts off. Then, she slid her panties down off her legs and tossed them over into my lap.

"God, Mia, what the hell are you doing? You can't do this."

I was trying to keep the truck on the road while trying to reason with her.

"Well, I want you to do it."

"Mia, it's just not possible," I pleaded as she turned her back to the passenger door and brought her left leg sideways up onto the seat exposing her pussy to me.

"But, I really want you to. I want you in here, Greg."

"Look, Mia, you've got to get dressed. You can't take your clothes off like this, it's wrong."

"Seems pretty right to me. It looks like you've got a hard-on in your jeans."

"That doesn't matter, Mia, you must get dressed."

"Not until we stop and talk about it."

Well, I've told you already she's the cutest girl on the team. If you could just see her leaning against the door, her legs spread so seductively. She had light blond curls around her pussy which looked so angelic. Then she began to rub her slit with her finger as she looked at me.

"Well, are you going to stop so we can talk?"

It seemed that Mia was a strong-headed girl for sure and I began to look for a place to pull off. There was a small dirt side road which I pulled onto and soon came to a small place to pull over.

"Okay, MIa, here we are. Now what?"

"I want you to have sex with me."

"I know that, you've said that already. I can't. It's as simple as that."

"I know you can, it's really that you won't."

"Well, okay, I won't."

She pulled her teeshirt off and undid her sports bra and dropped it on the floor, just sitting there naked except for her white socks. She was quite beautiful, young, yes, but she was perfectly formed, her breasts were pretty cones on her chest, each topped with rosy nipples that were swollen-looking.

My cock took over as I leaned over to her and kissed her softly on the lips as my hand cupped her warm, firm breast. My fingertips began to roll her nipple back and forth as I kissed her.

Then, I dropped my head down and began sucking her plump nipples.

"Mmm, mmm, oh, mmm," she moaned as I sucked her nipples. She really responded dramatically, more so than I would have thought, she really got off on having her boobs sucked. I was purposely staying away from her pussy, I just didn't want to go farther than what I was already doing.

"Would you take your clothes off, Greg? Please? I want to see you."

It was like a war inside me, wanting to go all the way, wanting to get her dressed and home. I couldn't help it, I started pulling my shirt off, followed by undoing my jeans and pulling them down along with my briefs.

"God, you're beautiful, Greg. And your ... oh, look at it, it's huge."

I moved from behind the steering wheel toward her. She got right up and turned over onto me, straddling me on my lap facing me, my dick pointing up between us. She started kissing me, her small tongue darting in and out of my mouth like it was fucking me. My hands were, of course, on her nice hard boobs, rubbing those hot nipples, now centered so rock-hard. Her hand was down on the top of my cock rubbing it with her fingers and palm. She was one hot girl.

My cock was straight up between us right along side her slit as she began pressing against me and moving up and down along my shaft, spreading her wetness all up and down the underside of my cock. I've got to say, it felt pretty damn good.

I bent my head down and sucked her nipples some more as she rode her pussy along the under-ridge of my dick.

"Mmm, mmm, oh, god, oh, Oh, OH, UUH, UUH, UUH, uh, um, mmm, mm, oh, Greg, oh, Greg, I love you Greg. You made me cum. I knew you'd make me cum. Oh, it feels so good," she cried as she pulled me tight and kissed me over and over.

"You made me cum, Greg, oh, thank you, thank you. It was perfect, just perfect. Mmm, I feel so good, you make me feel wonderful, I knew you would," she spouted.

"We can't ever tell any one about this, Mia, not any one. Not my sister, not your mom, no one."

"Oh, I know that, I know that, don't worry, it's our secret. But what about you? I got off really nice. Here. let me suck you," she said as she got up and knelt over as I felt her warm, wet lips slide over the head of my dick and begin sucking.

I'm nineteen and I'm in college so I've had my dick sucked a few times, well, more than a few, actually, quite a few. But Mia was wonderful, so soft. I reached around and rubbed my fingers along her wet pussy trying to work a finger into her but, from the angle I was and as tight as she seemed, I couldn't get one in. So, I rubbed.

She was getting me close so I knew I needed to tell her that I was going to cum almost any time. I had a girlfriend in high school who would suck me but never wanted me to cum in her mouth. Well, I figured that Mia has probably not done it before so I needed to warn her.

"Mia, Mia, I'm gonna shoot pretty soon, I'm about to cum, okay?"

If she cared, she never showed it, she just kept on sucking me and did it quite wonderfully.

Then, then, it happened, "Oh, oh, uh, UUH, UUH, UUH, UNH, Uh, uh, mmm, mmm," and she sucked and sucked. I almost fainted it was so good. She was spectacular.

She raised up, grinning, a dribble of my semen slowly tracing from the side of her mouth down her throat which I wiped off.

"Oh, Mia, that was wonderful, just the best. You were terrific."

"So I've been told," she said rather proudly sitting there facing me, beautifully naked in the late afternoon light.

"You've been told? You've done that before?"

"Well, I've only just now met you, Greg. I've known some other boys before you."

What a girl.

"We'd better be getting you home, Mia, let's get dressed, okay?"

"My mom won't be home for another hour or more, we could do some more."

What a girl, indeed.

I put the seat all the way back and got down on the floor and lifted her legs over my shoulders and began licking and tonguing her pussy and clit.

"Oh, wow, that feels so good. Oh, god, do it right there, right there," she squealed as I licked her clit as she humped against me.

"Oh, more, more, oooh, mmmm, oh, OH, OH, UH, UH, mmm, mmm, oh, Greg, Greg," she cried as I kept licking and tonguing her.

She had the most sensitive clit of any girl I'd ever been with. I licked her off through three orgasms in quick succession. She was amazing.

"Omigod, I feel like Jello. But it's sure happy Jello. Oh, Greg, you made me feel so good. If we had time, I'd suck you again but now we better get me home. Oh, I am so happy," and she jumped at me and kissed me hard and long, her pretty, naked body pressed against mine.

We quickly got dressed and talked on the way to her house about how we had to act with each other when we were with the other girls. I also told her there's no kissing goodbye or anything like that where we might be seen.

Chapter 2

Two days later we stopped again at the same place and were quickly naked with each other.

"You like my body, Greg? Am I sexy?"

"Oh, Mia, you are so pretty, so hot, so sexy, you're incredible."

"Are my boobs big enough? I know you're in college and all those girls have such big ones. Mine are so small."

"They're perfect. I love to suck them," I told her as I bent over and took a nipple in my mouth as her small hand moved up and down on my hard cock.

"I love you to suck them, it just feels so sexy. It makes my pussy get all tingly," she said as I rubbed my thumb up and down along her sweet, little slit.

"Would you use your tongue on me again? That was awesome. I really want this even more," she said as she squeezed my cock.

"Mia, I just don't think it would fit and you're not on the pill. I could get some condoms, actually, I've got some in the glove compartment. But your pussy's too small for me to get into, I'm pretty sure."

"Could you try?"

"Oh, MIa, you really want me to try?"

"Yes, more than anything in the world. Just please put it in me, it's what I want so much. Please do it for me?"

I reached over for the glove compartment and got out a packet, opened it and rolled one on. Then I squirmed down onto the floor, she pulled her legs back onto her chest, putting her pretty pussy right out for me and waited.

I moved my cock to her wet slit and rubbed the tip up and down. Her slit was so small, I just didn't see how I could ever get the mushroom-head to go in.

"Go ahead, I can take it, just do it, I want it so bad," she pleaded, so I pushed and pushed, mostly sliding up and off her. I kept trying and trying to no avail. Finally, I said, "It's just too big, Mia, we'll have to get you off with you riding on my lap like the first time."

So, with that, I got up on the seat, pulled off the condom and she swung over me, facing me, her pussy pressing against the underside of my cock and she began riding it up and down as I rubbed her small, perfect breasts while we kissed passionately. I just couldn't believe how hot Mia was, she was a little tiger who wanted sex more than any girl I'd ever known.

"Mmm, yeah, oh, mmm, feels good, really good," she groaned as she slid her labia up and down against the underside of my dick's shaft.

I had my hands on her butt pulling her against me as she humped against me faster and faster.

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