Practicing More Than Scales

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My music teacher was a friend of my mother's and she taught me a lot more than just how to play the piano.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Teacher/Student   .

I began piano lessons when I was six years old. It started when my mother met a new friend who was a piano teacher and thought that her son could use some exposure to culture and refinement.

Well, I actually loved it. The music, after all, she taught the classical piano repertoire, was new to my ears and much of it quite lush and beautiful, so melodic. I was an eager student and just loved my lessons and even my practice.

Miss Snyder, Diane Snyder, was the same age as my mom, twenty-six, when I started. She was friendly and patient, the latter a wonderful trait for a music teacher, and we got along really well. My lessons were on Saturday mornings and, as I got older, I became increasingly aware that my particular piano teacher was also a very pretty woman.

She was always dressed nicely in tight skirts and sweaters that complemented her form very well.

It was somewhere around age eleven or so that I really began to take notice of my teacher's physical charms. I knew about boobs by now, of course, having seen Playboy a number of times, and came to appreciate how nicely she always looked.

She didn't have one of these figures you read about in stories like this with multiple-Ds in the way of boobs. No, she was just right, trim, medium-height, just right. Her skirts were usually short and sitting next to her as we played, her skirt would often ride up, giving me some lovely looks at her thighs which sent me home with a hard-on that I desperately masturbated as soon as I got to my room.

So, my piano teacher was also morphing into an object of sexual desire as I entered puberty. I became more and more aware of her as a woman, a female, as I looked at her more and more as a man would look at a woman.

Of course, by now, we were quite friendly with each other and relaxed in one another's presence.

She was single and I often wondered why she wasn't married. She was certainly pretty enough, almost into the 'beautiful' category and certainly able to attract a large following of men. But it never seemed that she was involved with anyone.

She nonetheless attracted me, that's for sure, and I greatly enjoyed being next to her on the piano bench so much, having her hands move mine at times, showing me various techniques. I loved every touch.

I was fifteen, she was now thirty-five, and, if you know anything about the physiology of the young male sexual system, you know I was having erections as we played and practiced, her perfume's scent wafting over me, adding to the sexual frenzy I was in.

She seemed to be more touchy now, laying her hand on my arm as we talked, little things like that. And, I couldn't be exactly sure but I even think she was dressing more provocatively, though that could be my fifteen-year old horny imagination.

As time went on, my fascination with her body only increased. I would play as I sat next to her but my whole concentration was on the sexy creature sitting next to me, her voice so light and sensual, every touch raising a tent on my pants which I was hoping she would never see.

Then one Saturday right after my sixteenth birthday, I had just started running through some exercises as I sat next to her and I got an enormous hard-on. I was trying to look straight ahead, you know how it is, but I could kind of see out of the side of my eyes that she kept glancing downward. Well, there was really only one thing to see.

"My, Matthew, you've really grown up, haven't you? Sixteen, now, right?" she asked.

"Yeah, I guess we've been together, oh, ten years now."

"Yes, we have. Um, let's take a break," she said as she stood. "Come with me."

I followed her out of the room into the hall toward the rear of the house and we went into a bedroom, her bedroom.

She turned to me and pulled off her sweater, then reached back to unhook her sweater which dropped away as she tossed it on the chair with her sweater.

I was stunned, just frozen. It was so unexpected, so sudden and unusual that I just couldn't say anything, I just looked. Oh, and was she beautiful. Without her sweater on, her breasts were full and round, just beautiful.

Then, she slipped off her skirt, slip and pulled down her panties and stepped out of them like she did this every day. I was astonished.

"Would you please take your clothes off, Matt?"

I pulled off my polo shirt and undid my belt so I could get my pants off and ended standing there in my rather poked-out briefs. I was so nervous and scared, I just stood there. I had never seen a woman or a girl naked before and it just changed my life right there. The smooth curves and where they met in her nipples or in the patch of dark hair between her legs were just so sexy and lush.

She stepped to me, put her arms around me and kissed me softly on the lips as I felt her hands slide down my back and into my underpants onto my butt, pulling me tight to her.

We stood there for a few minutes, my erection pushing against her as she kissed me several more times, each kiss more like the kiss of a woman and a man. I was just swept up in the sex and passion of the moment.

"Please, Matt," she asked as she nodded to my briefs which I knew I had to pull them down. I swallowed and exposed myself to the first female since my mother changed my diapers and, well, maybe a few aunts and babysitters.

she knelt down in front of me and, as she looked up into my eyes, she slipped her mouth over me and began sucking. I actually felt a bit faint and flushed as the wonderful sensation washed over me with each pull.

Then, she pulled back, took my hand in one hand and with the other, she swept back the covers and got into her bed.

She was on her side waiting for me and we were soon back embracing one another and kissing passionately as I moved part way over her. I had just put my hand on her breast as I felt her fingers curl around my hardness; I thought I'd faint right then.

"You've become quite a nice young man, Matt. I've noticed that you've been getting erections more and more when we're together and I hope it's because you've wanted me, wanted me like this, Matt. Have you? Tell me."

"Oh, this is so crazy, yes, yes, I've ... well, sitting next to you all these times, being that close and you're so pretty. Oh, I never believed I'd ever see you like this, it's incredible. Yes, I've just dreamed about this."

"Have you masturbated while you dreamed about me?"

How did she know?

"Oh, yes, so many times. And now this."

"Would you do it now? Do it while I watch?"

"You really want me to... ?"

"Yes, I want to see what you do in your own bed when you go home after our lessons. Do you go do it right after?"

"Yeah, I usually go right to my room. You really want to see me do it?"

"I do. Do you need anything? A cloth, lotion?"

"I use some lotion unless I'm in the shower," I answered and she leaned over and got a bottle of hand lotion out of the nightstand. I guess I was going to jack-off for my music teacher. What a day.

I dribbled some on my dick and took hold to begin moving up and down.

"Does it feel good, Matt, tell me how it feels," she asked as her hand began rubbing across my chest.

"Yeah, good, it feels good. I'm kind of nervous, I mean, after all, but it feels good, especially seeing you like this."

She shifted, opening her legs up for me to see her pussy as I stroked up and down.

"Do you like looking at my pussy, Matthew? Does it make you hard?"

"Oh, yes, it's so pretty, I never knew it could look so pretty. Well, in Playboy maybe but, oh, you are so pretty everywhere."

"Have you wanted to have sex with me, to fuck me, Matthew?"

She really said 'fuck, ' I couldn't believe it.

"Oh, so much, even when I was ten or eleven."

"Ten or eleven? My, my, Matthew, I never knew. I did see you getting erections when you were about thirteen or so. That's when I started dreaming about you. I began masturbating after you left each Saturday."

"You did? Really?"

"I went right to my bedroom, just like you did when you got home, and I took my clothes off and masturbated while I thought of you sitting next to me at the piano."

I had seen videos on the computer of women masturbating so I knew that they did it by rubbing the outside and putting their fingers inside. So, I thought I'd ask.

"Do you want to do yourself while you watch me?"

"Would you like to see me get off, Matthew?"

I nodded and she wet her fingers in her mouth and spread wide as she started rubbing back and forth across the lips of her pussy.

"Mmm, yes, that's nice, what a good idea. Could you scoot close so you cum onto my pussy when you ejaculate?"

Well, I was thinking my piano teacher was a little kinkier than I had first thought but I sure was loving every minute of our being together like this.

"This feels nice, Matt, is it making you feel good? Doing this together?"

"Oh, I can't believe this is really happening. Mmm, oh, it really feels better than it ever has before."

"You like me naked like this? You like my breasts? My pussy?"

"You're even more beautiful than I'd ever imagined. I'll never ever forget this," I told her.

"I never will either, Matt. Mmm, I'm feeling really good, close now. How about you?"

"Oh, yeah, real close. I just ... oh, UNH, UNH, UHH, UHH, uhh, mmm," I groaned as my cum sprang out the end arcing up and landing on my leg and on the sheets.

"Oh, sorry, it got on your bed. I'll clean it up," I offered.

"No, Matt, no, don't bother. It'll be lovely to sleep on tonight. It'll make me think of you."

She was still rubbing herself and, at times, putting a finger or two up inside her and moving it in and out.

I watched her as I slowly stroked myself, now over my initial discomfort at being naked with my piano teacher.

"You're still hard? Your penis, it's still erect?" she asked.

"Yeah, well, I think most teenaged boys would be under the circumstances."

"Well, yes, I suppose that's true. It's been a while since I've been with someone your age. Um, since you are, well, I hate to send you home like that..." and she shifted around and lay down on the bed, spreading her legs open. "Come, Matt, get up here. I want you to put it inside me."

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