A Foreign Experience
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2011 by Lou Michael

True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Families adventure at home and abroad. The current story on line contains Chapters 1-3. the new addition is Chapter 4. Chapter 5 is in development and will be the final chapter. The story is based on true events. However, I have taken the liberty of enhancing changing etc., so the result is a work of fiction

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest   Swinging  

This is a mostly true story although many of the names, and places have been altered for obvious reasons. The experience starts about two and a half years ago so some minor details are a bit faded. The dialog is only approximate for the same reason and is intended to convey the gist of what was said. Some of the events can obviously be elaborated especially as the current scene and relationships evolve.

Hannah and Clay, my wife's oldest daughter and SO gave up their downtown apartment to avoid a new lease and came to live with us for the two months prior to a six month backpack trip in Europe. They are easy to be with, doing their share of work around the house and we are all very compatible enjoying cooking and good wines. They will often go back to the city for weekends and that makes a good break and balance for all of us. Hannah is 25, generally a very modest person, 5 ft, 5 in with a very athletic, fit body. Clay is 6 ft 1 in, good looking, 29, trim and a very much take charge guy. My wife Liz is 55 and in very good shape with large breasts with big nipples and a tight body. She's definitely a MILF and looks younger than her years. I'm the old fart, Mike, at 60 but I run 2-3 miles everyday, work out and also have a trim body. I can still beat Clay at tennis as often as he beats me and he played on the University team. My wife and I have a very active sex life, often sharing some of our old adventures during foreplay, in detail, of threesomes and foursomes we enjoyed in a "past life". This is a big turn on for each of us leading to some terrific intercourse and orgasms. As adventurist as we have been, we have never had nor discussed any sexual interest in the kids nor could have predicted the story that enfolds to this day.

The only possible exception to not having had a sexual interest is Lindy. A few times over the past 3-4 years Liz's younger daughter Lindy, 21 who has a sweet naiveté that is very loving and appealing would walk into our shower while I was showering to use the mirror, she said ... She had even done this in only her panties exposing her breasts. Maybe to get arise out of me which she did as I made sure that she saw my exposed erection. Nothing ever went further than the looks. But somehow Lindy and I have a bond that seems special and curiously intimate.

Hannah and Clay have their own bedroom two doors down from our bedroom. They sleep with their door open and we have often wondered when they had sex. Somehow they worked it out we were sure. One morning Liz had gotten up early to go to her office next to our bedroom to work on her email. She came right back to our bedroom to get me telling me to keep quite. We both sleep in the nude, so there I was tip toeing down the hall following Liz delicious looking behind and sporting a morning hard on. Liz stopped us at a point where we could look into their room and see them in bed. Hannah was on her side with her backside facing the door. We could see her puffy vagina lips and anus from the rear. Clay was on his back stretched next to her, nude, with an enormous hard on. The lad is well endowed!

We stayed there a few seconds and as we moved silently away, Hannah turned over and Clay opened his eyes and they both saw us looking in on them. Liz gave them a little wave and we retreated to our bedroom. When we got in bed we snuggled and I put my hand on Liz's belly and worked on down to her vagina which was now very wet. I asked her "did she like seeing Clay's cock?''. "Hmmm", she said as I started moving my finger in her and rubbing her clit. I said 'Hannah has a beautiful butt and pussy'. We were getting very worked up talking in that husky excited state of a sexual rush. Liz said, "I want your cock in me". I entered Liz and started fucking saying during our frenzy, "I think you would like Clay's cock in you". I heard a hmmm. In a few moments Liz started cumming with me cumming right with her. We both let out muffled but loud moans during our orgasms. It was a few moments later, we realized we left our door open and could easily be heard down the hall.

Nothing more was said but we smiled later in the morning when we all got up. Also, from that day on we all seemed a little freer and relaxed walking around the house in the morning in our boxer shorts and the ladies in panties and thin tee shirts. Liz, especially, would often wear a semi transparent silk robe top that exposed her breasts and her large nipples. Clay would act nonchalant and seemed to enjoy his semi erect hard on being visible. I did the same wearing silk boxers. Hannah did not seem to join in this titillating game and wore her tee shirt and panties around occasionally and modestly. In any case nothing more was said about the incident of seeing them in bed nude nor was it repeated. It also did not come up in the little fantasy games Liz and I played during sex, talking about other people and having sex with them. I asked Liz if Hannah had said anything about being uncomfortable with the obvious reduced modesty and sexual overtones. She said no, that her kids were used to seeing her naked. She thought Hannah was following Clay's lead and was just going along with things.

In late August, Hannah and Clay took off for Europe for their six month odyssey. We kept in touch by email several times a week. We were surprised how much we missed having them around. It was Liz's idea that we arrange a rendez vous with them someplace in Europe during their trip. After countless emails and much excitement all around we finally settled on meeting in the Netherlands in mid October after most of the tourists and students have left.

We did research on the internet as to where to stay, what to do etc. plus again, many emails back and forth. We decided to trade our time share time for a week in a resort and spa outside of Amsterdam near Gouda. We would then follow that by three days in Amsterdam and then home for us and continued travel for them.

Finally October came and we went to Europe. After a big reunion in the airport, we had our hired car drive us to Moorsdacht and our retreat for the next six days. The resort was situated around a very old restored mansion that housed the dining area, a number of guest rooms and activity centers. The spa was in back with four, six and eight person wooden hot tubs and a community shower and changing room all surrounded by gardens. Behind the spa was a heated swimming pool. Our rooms, or as it turned out, a large suite with two bedrooms was in a newer building separated from the main building close to the spa. It was very nicely decorated with each room having a queen size bed. We were awarded the "master' bedroom which had a large marble bathroom with double sinks, wall to floor mirrors and large walk in shower all open to the bedroom. Their room door opened about ten feet from our bed. It had a WC and a small sink so we would have to share the bathroom sink and shower facilities. Interestingly, the mirror over their dresser across from their bed provided an excellent view of most of their bed from the vantage point of our bed. Of course the same view of our bed was possible for them. We wondered if this was an intentional design.

After dinner (delicious) with wine and a liquor to finish it off, we decided to use the spa. We went directly there to check out our robes and towels. As we passed the resorts crowded lounge-bar Clay ducked in to ask about the "special" bars in the neighborhood we had heard were aall through the Netherlands. He caught up with us with a small package provided by the barkeep for a small tip. He also got some interesting information about the local scene that he said we could discuss later.

There was an awkward moment after we arrived at the spa area and were shown our lockers in a low lighted public area. We could see the tubs and several couples, all nude, in the larger tub in the darkened spa ... Although our room was a short distance away we chose to undress in the locker room. Liz led by quickly stripping while standing right in front of Clay who was quickly in his shorts. Liz held his now bare shoulder for balance as she stepped out of her slacks and removed her bra. Hannah had taken off her blouse and was slowly removing her bra somewhat hesitant. I undressed quickly while trying to read how everyone was doing about our getting undressed together ... My erection was obvious as I stared at Hannah and Liz's beautiful full breasts whose nipples were already erect. Clay pulled his shorts down and once again we saw his large erection standing almost straight up. His cock was about seven inches with a large red head. Liz had sat down on a bench removing her panties with her legs spread wide exposing her open, glistening vagina. Clay's cock was no more than six inches from her face. Her staring at Clay's cock was very obvious to all of us.

So far, no one had said a word. We were all very excited when Liz said "you are all so beautiful, and we are going to have a wonderful time this week". It sounded like we all gulped a "yes" and started speaking at once. Liz stood and said "I think we all need a hug" and she embraced Clay with a tight hug. I turned following her lead, and looked at Hannah and held open my arms. She hesitated a moment and then moved the two steps to me and I hugged Hannah and felt like I never wanted to let go. It was like an electric shock or in a dream as I felt my cock push into her belly as her breasts pushed against my chest. We were both trembling from the combination of the forbidden and the pure excitement of the moment. I rubbed my hand down her back and caressed her buttocks as I kissed the top of her head and then her lips. Mean while I saw Liz holding Clay's butt, pulling him into her stomach. His hand was on her breast rubbing her nipple. It only lasted a memorable few moments before we broke the embrace. I turned to Liz for another hug and was greeted with her warm body as Clay and Hannah also kissed and hugged. Then, Clay said, "Let's hit the tubs and cool off". Hannah said "wait a minute, you two guys have to hug too!". We did and I could feel our cocks rubbing together for that brief moment. We all laughed, especially the ladies, Clay and I a bit nervously, with a few choice comments and climbed into the smallest of the three tubs away from the other couples. Even that moment was erotic as Hannah spread her legs climbing into the tub exposing her vagina. Liz's entrance was almost identical and uninhibited with a full open view of her vagina which she continued to show sitting on the edge of the hot tub before slowly sinking into the water.

The hot water felt great and we were all just quiet and enjoying the soak. Clay said he had gotten some interesting leads from the bartender that we could discuss tomorrow and decide what we wanted to do during the day and the next night. He had gotten his pipe ready to go while we soaked and we all took a couple of deep drags. A feeling of euphoria enveloped us and seemed like we were all very connected. After a half hour or so we decided we had had enough soaking and smokin' and we should go back to our room. The other guests had already left. We went back to the locker room, donned our robes and carried our clothes and walked the fifty feet or so to our room.

When we got to the room, almost like a test, although Liz said it wasn't, she called to the "kids", "why don't you guys jump in the shower first and rinse off". Liz was at the sink and had taken off her robe when they came in. Clay dropped his robe and started the shower. I was lying on the bed still feeling the high from the pipe when Hannah came up to Clay dropped her towel and entered the shower. In a few minutes they were giggling as they soaped each other. Liz said "save us some hot water"! Clay answered, "Maybe you guys had better join us". Liz waved me over and we got into the large two nozzle shower with them. We soaped up and I played with Liz, rubbing her back and breasts, snuggling up to her rear. Clay and Hannah were doing the same with Clay reaching around to Hannah's pussy and she playfully pushing his hand away ... After a few minutes of this fun, Liz again took the lead and said "we best dry off now, we have a busy day tomorrow. Then we all laughed still floating got out of the shower and dried ourselves.

After we dried off, I turned off the lights and left the one in the shower on which gave our room a subdued yellowish glow off the marble. Hannah and Clay headed for their room and Liz was already in bed covered up to her thighs with a sheet. She called "goodnight you two'. They laughed and came back and Hannah gave Liz a hug leaning over the bed, her breasts hanging loose. She then came over to me on my side. I had already dropped my towel to climb in bed.She didn't say anything and she came into my arms in another hug. Meanwhile Clay was bending over Hannah giving her a warm kiss on the mouth. Hannah's hand was sliding up under his towel and obviously caressing his cock. We all broke away and said goodnight. I could see them getting in bed through the mirror. I noticed they did not close their door as they turned off their lights...

I got in bed and Liz and we started deep kissing and caressing each other. I asked "did you feel Clay?". Liz said " yes, was Hannah watching?' I said "No, we were kissing". I sucked on Liz's nipples and worked my way down to her pussy. I suck on her clit and pussy lips, licking and tugging away. When my mouth was soaking wet with her pussy juices. I kissed her some more. I whispered "do you think they are watching?", She said, "I hope so". I went down again on her pussy lips and after a while, I heard moans from the other room. It was Hannah. They were a low, deep "ohhh, ohhh, ohhh". Liz had heard them also and held my head to her pussy as I worked on her clit. She moved me in and out in time with Hannah's moans and soon started making sounds of her own of very deep harsh breathing.

We started to hear load grunts and bed movement as Clay was obviously fucking Hannah and she was moaning louder. I climbed up and entered Liz, who held nothing back and gave out a loud "ohhhhh godddd'as we fucked holding each other in an open mouth kiss. Within a few minutes Liz started to have an orgasm with me cumming loudly along with her. All of the eroticism of the day had built up to this moment. We came loud and long.

As we came down from our euphoric and erotic high there was complete silence from Hannah and Clay's room. After a few moments, suddenly, there was a loud groan ascending to a high loud moan from Hannah and an "ooohhhhhhhh!" Along with that we could hear the bed again in what sounded like what I imagined to be four or five thrusts of Clay's cock into Hannah, and then him cumming with "ahhh, ahh, ahhhhhh..." And Hannah continuing her now very audible but quieter moan. I was still hard inside Liz and continued fucking her. I said "Clay's prick is way up Hannah's pussy, fucking her". Liz came again with a second less intense orgasm and softer mewing sounds that went on for a few moments.

I said 'this is some vacation. Those two and you have me turned on every minute! I hope it doesn't turn into any regrets about us being this open sexually". Liz said "I don't hear anyone complaining. I think we are all turned on by just seeing and hearing each other. So relax and take things as they come. If someone is upset, we'll know and we can just stop." With those words of wisdom, I fell off to sleep.

When I woke the following morning, I found a note that they were all at the spa and then going to breakfast on the main building patio from there. I showered and dressed and went to meet them for some nourishment. I was greeted with all smiles and warm hellos and hugs all around. Very nice. Clay told us about some of the local scene recommended by the bartender. First, were several 'brown bars' where you can purchase weed, coffee, munchies and the like. We had two recommended. The third recommendation was a ten minute walk into town to what is known as a Parenclub open for couples only on Saturday nights. It is supposed to be the best in the country with a bar, lounge, disco, private rooms, group rooms and a full spa. Clay said 'we can just look around or stay but I'm told we'll see plenty of 'lovin" going on. And you ladies may get hit on by other couples etc ... We should all decide together what we want to do" No one said anything at first. Finally, Hannah said 'if we go, I want us to stay together, OK? We all agreed we would give it a look around and if we didn't care for the scene we would retreat to one of the other bars.

The club was attractive, looked very clean and was populated by a dozen or more couples that we could see. Several were on the dance floor naked and in very sexual embraces. Others were at the bar with towels on. We were escorted to the spa area and given a locker and towel. On the way we passed a room that had two couples having sex! We were all speechless at this point. We undressed together when Hannah said "looks like this is going to be quite an experience". After undressing we wrapped ourselves in towels and headed for the bar and a glass of wine. Clay bought a joint and we each had a few hits with the wine. The dance floor/disco was visible from the bar and we watched the action. The couples seemed to be in their early 30s to mid 50s all engaged in some form of "vertical sex".

Two Dutch couples approached us at the bar. One of the couples looked very young. It turned out to be a family with the boy at 19 and the girl 20, both looking considerably younger. The parents were in their mid 40s. All were very good looking. We learned they were on vacation and had been having sex together since the boy was 16!. After some brief introductions, and before we knew it, Jan, the father asked Liz to dance, Joop the son and Hannah went on the floor, Clay and Susan, the daughter drifted off and Nan and I were in the rear so to speak, all leaving towels behind. So much for the "let's all stick together rule'. I found my self dancing and feeling Nan as she fondled my cock. I watched everyone in some stage of kissing and feeling. When we got back together at the bar, the excitement was electric. I said to Jan and Nan, "we had all planned to go to one of the rooms and we would catch up with them later". Clay said, "Let's have one more dance and took Liz by the hand to the dance floor. Hannah and I looked at each other and followed. They were immediately in a hot embrace and so were we. We held each other tightly, slowly rubbing our genitals together to the beat of the music. When we came up for air Clay and Liz had disappeared. We first kissed lightly on the lips and then held on to each other's hand. We went and grabbed our towels to go in search for them.

The room where we found them was about 15x20 feet with low padded benches and some mats for the floor. In the dim light we could see that Liz was on a bench with Clay between her legs licking and sucking her pussy as she moaned with pleasure. It took a few moments for Hannah and me to adjust to this scene. This was the first time any of us had engaged in sexual contact with one of the other couple. I moved with Hannah to the end of the bench and we started kissing and fondling while watching Clay suck on my wife's pussy. I kissed Hannah on the mouth, her neck and sucked on her nipples. She had my erection in hand and played with my balls. I went down on her pussy which is wonderfully puffy and opened her lips to lick deeply. When I came up for a moment, I looked over and Liz was giving Clay a blowjob as he watched Hannah and me. The next time I looked over Clay was fucking Liz. Hannah had been watching as I licked her. I leaned her back on the bench and slowly entered her for the first time. It was exquisite and we kissed deeply and in a few moments began to shiver to an orgasm holding on for dear life. I said, "you are wonderful and a beautiful lover. I love being inside of you". I could feel her squeeze my still erect cock with her vagina and she said " Mike, you are too, I love how you make love me. I hope we can always be this way together" We kissed again and held each other. In a couple of minutes, we looked over to see that Liz and Clay were in their recovery mode in each others arms and were smiling at us like approving teachers.

I looked around the room and pointed to Hannah to look. It was the Dutch couples down the bench from us. Jan was fucking his daughter Susan and Nan was giving her son Joop a blowjob. The four of us then huddled together and polled our interest in joining them. The vote was unanimous to take a quick hot tub, shower and go back to our resort. It felt like we were all so much in love and into each other at the moment that we did not want to share it with strangers. We saw them on the way out, claimed fatigue and jetlag and got their phone numbers for some future date perhaps.

When we got back to our rooms, we decided to all go to bed together in our bed with the ladies in the middle, each snuggling with our mate. Sometime during the night I woke up as Clay and Hannah were making love. I reached over Liz and felt Hannah's breast. Liz was also awake and had her hand down between them feeling Clays cock go in and out of Hannah. Liz's pussy was drenched and I moved on top of her. She put her leg up and over Clay's ass as I entered her. The four of us were tight together and in the same rhythm. When Liz started to make noises that she was going to come, so did Hannah with Clay and me cumming loudly. We didn't exactly cum together but close enough if you are tracking those things. We quieted down and said good night again with some hugs and kisses and they went off to their bed.

I woke early in the morning to see Liz staring at their mirror at Clay and Hannah sleeping. I said "this is incredible. I hope we don't cause any big problems with Hannah and Clay and you!' Liz said " Stop worrying, No one has said anything. You are fucking your step daughter and you both seem to love it. Clay obviously has a "mother" thing and his cock feels wonderful inside of me. I'm loving the whole thing. Hannah seems to be enjoying seeing Clay fuck me it as much as the rest of us, so please stop worrying". We semi collapsed into each others arms and finally drifted off to sleep.

The next morning it was raining as it did for the next two days. We decided not to go to town or the bars and hang out eating at the resort, relaxing in the spa and room. After breakfast we came back to the room to decide what we were going to do. Hannah had a card deck of a game she said she and Clay played with some of their friends. It turned out to be best described as a XXX form of something like Truth or Dare. Basically you either answered a very intimate sexual question or performed a sex act as described on a card.

We sat on the floor and played several rounds which gave us the 'opportunity' to kiss and feel each other. Hannah for the first time sucked my cock with friendly coaching from the sidelines. Clay went down on Liz and into a 69 position. We all agreed to stop short of cumming to keep the fun going as long as possible.

We were all warmed up from playing the game, sitting holding each other when we got a big surprise. Clay said that they had been playing the game with their friends Sean and Kathy, a married couple and they had had sex with them. Sean and Kathy were often our house guests also and we would have never have guessed. They are a very young, happy and playful couple close to Clay and Hannah's age. Both have good jobs and are doing well in their professions. They are on the small side with Sean slim and about 5" 6'' and Kathy a bit over 5 '. She has short hair, a good figure with small beasts. We learned that they had had a conversation with Clay and Hannah on getting to play the game with us sometime. Hannah volunteered that "Kathy really had the hots for Mike and Sean really wanted to fuck Liz. We were naturally "flattered" and made even more excited. Acting on one of the "dares" in the game, I took Hannah by the hand and led her to their bedroom and started making out and kissing her pussy. She became ready quickly as I entered her. As we fucked slowly, I asked her if she was Ok if I fucked Kathy. As I asked this, I said "look in the mirror, Clay's already fucking your mother". She said, I can't wait to see Sean fuck her. He wants to so much. And you will love fucking Kathy from everything that Clay says''. The talk put us over the edge with a super O.

Later that afternoon, after lunch, Clay had an idea, he said, "let's make a movie of us all loving each other." We had two digital cameras and Clay would edit them into one movie on his Apple he said. We spent the next hour creating an admittedly corny plot and scenes that got all of us in twosomes, and then our first threesome and foursome. So, that's what we did for the next two rainy days. We had a ball doing the movie and great inventive sex along the way. By time we finished, it was time to go to Amsterdam for our final few days together.

We changed our Amsterdam reservations to one room with two double beds. What a change of pace. We had a ball so to speak visiting the sex shops and the popular sights all in the first day. We bought a variety of vibrators, anal toys, cock rings and movies to bring home. We spent the next two days in a sexual frenzy. Each of us got a full body massage by the other three using mouths, vibrators, dildos up the butt and resting while watching a XXX movie of a family having sex. We enjoyed switching partners for twosome love making four feet from each other. We also agreed that Clay and Liz would leave the room for a couple of hours so that Hannah and I could make love. Indescribable. We then did the same for them. None of us had ever had an experience like that and now we try to do it every few months or so and will continue as long as no one starts getting jealous.

When we got home, we found an email from Clay and Hannah. They missed us! They were cutting their trip short and would be leaving to come home within the next two weeks. Hooray!!!

The homecoming was wonderful. You would have thought we hadn't seen each other in a year. Even though they were exhausted from their travels we all fell into our king size bed together. Butted up and entangled, I made love to Hannah and Clay made love to Liz. After conversation and updates, we did it again. Remember, I was 60 then! But felt like 20. We couldn't get enough of each other over the next few days.

A comment on age. The sexual stimulation Liz and I are enjoying is intense. Both with Hannah and Clay, as well as together. I am fortunate in that I do not have to take any tion enhancement drugs yet. We do occasionally use pot as an added dimension of our partying but infrequently. A benefit of being 60+ is that I last longer and there are many times that I do not have an orgasm because I had one a few hours ago. That is OK as my erection can still give the lady pleasure...

It's now almost three years after our return from Europe that I'm writing this. Clay and Hannah are now married and have moved 100 miles away and working hard building their careers. They told Sean and Kathy about our experiences together and how we looked forward to being with them. Besides us, they are the only ones who have seen our movie and the slide show of the stills from our digital cameras. Needless to say we are told that they were very turned on. They arranged to come visit us for a weekend while Clay and Hannah were still with us after their return. It was some weekend. They now come to see us whenever they can which is about once every month or so. The same goes for Clay and Hannah and we also shorten the time away by going to see them...

So now we have an "empty nest" so to speak but somehow our life is very full of love and excitement. We are fortunate that the sexual contact we have had has evolved into a loving relationship among the four of us. Liz and Clay are more playful and aggressive together than I. Liz likes a little aggressive sex and Clay likes to give it. She will jump into Clay's lap and start tickling and teasing him. Before long he'll have her blouse open and sucking her nipples and pulling her clothes off and fucking her hard in front of us. Hannah enjoys a more gentle approach and the break from Clay's hard fucking. She likes having her pussy eaten for a long time. She has "fat" pussy lips and it's a lovable feast. The distance helps too, I think, and reduces the obsession to continually have sex with each other. It keeps the novelty alive. It also gives Liz and I time to enjoy each other and relive the escapades and plan new ones...

Our adventures with Sean and Lindy are completely different. They like to regress to a childlike place with us and be "punished" for being naughty. They each have shaved their pubic area so they have a very young look. Lindy sometimes calls me "Daddy" and tells me to fuck her in a little tiny voice. It's a wild turn on. Liz calls Sean her little boy and asks him if he wants to be spanked and have his cock sucked in front of everyone. There are many variations on this theme that seem to come into play without effort. They always sleep in our bed where we enjoy incredible foursomes of frantic sex. Kathy has sucked Liz's pussy, Sean has sucked my cock and vice versa on both accounts. We end up being exhausted and sleep very well together.

On final note. Three weeks ago, Lindy, Liz's younger daughter was home for the weekend and came into our bedroom one evening, upset, carrying a CD marked "Mike and Liz". She said "I just saw this slide show on Clay's computer and I didn't know that you and Hannah and Clay were having sex together! She started to cry saying "I'm being left out living away at school. I love you both so much too. It's not fair..." Liz held her with soothing words and brought her into our bed between us to comfort her. We both held and stroked her back. Liz explained how it happened that we started having sex with Clay and Hannah. She was quite graphic about what went on at the club including meeting the Dutch family and watching them have sex. Liz told Lindy that we were sorry she felt left out. Lindy asked if Hannah and Clay would be upset with her now joining with them next time we are all together. Liz didn't think so but said it was their decision.

Liz asked Lindy if she would like to stay in bed with us. She said "oh yes!". Liz said "let's get you undressed. Are you OK with that?" Lindy said, "oh yes, again. Thank you'. She had on a silk camisole top, no bra and a short skirt. We both helped her take the camisole off over her head exposing her small white breasts. I played with her breasts and kissed her face and neck. I wasn't sure what to expect. She was very receptive and leaned back into me as Liz slid her skirt down exposing a pair of white thong panties. I kissed her fully on the mouth and she moaned softly and cuddled into both of us. I slowly worked my kisses to her tiny hard nipples, down her belly under her panties to her pussy and clit checking her reaction on the way. She was soaking wet. Lindy had moved her hand on my cock. Liz and I helped slide her panties down to her ankles and off. I looked at Liz mouthing that I wanted to fuck Lindy. Liz gave me a high sign to go ahead. I moved Lindy on her side. Liz cuddled up behind her reaching over and holding us both. I lifted Lindy's leg and I entered her warm wet pussy for the first time. I moved very slowly allowing the warm wet tightness suck my cock into her. I fucked her while Liz felt her and played with my cock and her clit from behind. The three of us held each other until Lindy started to whimper with a low moan saying "oh mommm, I'm cumming" over and over. I rolled over on top of her fucking her while Liz now held my balls from behind. We were very gentle with her asking how she felt. She seemed euphoric and as happy as I've ever seen her, kissing me over and over and hugging her mom. During the night we would waken for few minutes and hug, or kiss or feel each other. When we woke in the morning, I went to Liz's side of the bed and we made love. Lindy held us and felt us the whole time. Later, Lindy was asking Liz how it was with Clay and again how Hannah would be if she went to bed with him.

Clay has finished editing a second movie we made since returning from Europe. The first was a success and we enjoyed watching it in bed together on a laptop. Sometimes we actually saw the entire movie before having sex. Hannah and Clay will be here next weekend with the new movie and so will Lindy. We are planning to show her a double feature.

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