Bringing Family Together

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I've always been close to my Aunt Deb and her kids, my cousins, Greg and Kelly. Then I found out just how close a family they are and was invited to join in.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Aunt   Nephew   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   .

I thought I'd try to get all this down in writing, it's a bit of a crazy story, so bear with me.

So, I'll explain who each person is and that this all begins about ten years ago. I'm Paul and, at the time I was fifteen, a freshman in high school; it was in the summer and I would be in my second year in the fall.

I was due over at my Aunt Debra and Uncle Ken's house for a day of swimming with my cousin, Greg. He's a year older and not only are we cousins, we're good friends, too. They have a nice in-ground pool so I'm often over there in the summer. His sister, Kelly, is my age and we're also good friends.

Greg is a funny guy, I mean, with a good sense of humor and is also into some sports and works out in the pool all summer and has the tan to show for it. Kelly also has a great tan and in the last couple of years I've loved seeing her in her bikini. When she was a kid, she was kind of a stick, skinny, bony, well now, she's about five-four, maybe a hundred pounds, long, blond hair, sometimes in a long ponytail down her back, and boobs. Not really real big ones, after all she's not that big to start with.

They're just right for her. I don't know all the cup-size stuff, just trust me, they're nice, really nice. Her legs are long and slender, and she's as cute as could be.

I had ridden over and went right in the side gate to the back yard to the pool. Greg and Kelly were already out swimming in the pool and my aunt was on a chaise lounge sunning herself.

Now, let me tell you about my Aunt Debra. She's my mom's younger sister. She's thirty-six and is about five-six. Like Kelly, she also has blond hair, somewhat shorter, to just about her shoulders. If you saw Kelly, you knew where she got her looks from, her mom. She had a really pretty face and a figure that I began to appreciate when I was six or seven and she'd hug me to her generous bosom where I would be engulfed in her cleavage. I always looked forward to seeing my Aunt Deb.

Like her daughter, she had nice legs and in a bikini, she was so good. I almost always had an erection around her. She knew she was sexy, too, it was just part of who she was and there was little doubt that she was proud of the way she looked. I said she had nice, big boobs, well, they were and they looked really good in a bikini, nice and firm and solid. And big.

I went in and dove right into the water which, at the beginning of summer, was perfect, just nice and cool, the way I liked it. We swam around and knocked a ball around among the three of us, then my cousins got out and went inside the house.

I swam around some more, greatly enjoying the cool water on a warm summer day, when my aunt called over to me, "Where are Kelly and Greg, do you know?"

I told her I didn't, that I supposed they might have gone in for something to eat and she sent me in to find them so she could send them to a local quick-mart for some chips and stuff.

So I went in, scouted around the downstairs, then went up to the second story. I heard something down the hall and went toward it. As I approached the room at the end of the hall, it became clear.

"Oh, oh, Kelly, mmm, oh, suck me, Sis, mmm, oh, you make my cock feel so good, mmm."

Well there was no escaping what was happening in Greg's room. I carefully leaned forward and looked in. There was Greg, standing by his bed, his trunks around his ankles, as Kelly, kneeling on the floor, was bobbing back and forth, eyes closed, with his dick in her mouth. His head was thrown back, eyes closed as his hands moved her head back and forth.

I knew they hadn't seen me so I silently retreated back down the stairs and back out to the pool.

"Are they coming?" my Aunt asked and I almost choked when she said it.

"Um, I didn't see them," I answered nervously.

"Oh, I'll go get them, then," and she got up and went inside.

I stood there thinking that this might be a good time for me to leave and go home, there was just no way to tell what might happen if she catches them at what they were doing.

Then, in a few minutes, my Aunt Deb came back out, telling me, "Um, I couldn't find them either."

She had a grin on her face that made me wonder if she'd seen them but, surely, if she had, she would have had a fit. Well, at least the crisis was over.

She lay back down and said, "Would you do my back, Paul?" and held out the suntan lotion to me.

I went over and crouched down as she turned over onto her stomach, reached back and undid her top. I began putting the lotion on, beginning low on her back, then when I had her covered, she added, "Make sure you get my sides so I don't burn, okay, sweetheart?"

I put some on her sides making sure I didn't get into forbidden territory, when she reached for my hand and brought it to the side of her breast which was spilling out from under her.

"Make sure I don't burn, sugar, okay? Mmm, yes, just like that."

I rubbed the lotion on the bulging side of her boob, then she asked, "Put your leg over and to the other side, okay. That's nice."

So, I did as she asked and straddled her back and reached down to rub the lotion on the side of her other breast.

"Mmm, that's nice, Paul, your hands feel so nice on me. Do I feel nice to you?"

Wow, that's starting to sound like it has more meaning to it that just thanks for putting the lotion on and now, my dick was responding to her words.

"Uh, yeah, it feels really nice. You're so smooth."

"Come around and do my shoulders, honey. It feels so nice when you do it."

Of course, now I was right in front of her and you know I had an enormous hard-on which my trunks weren't hiding. That made me even more nervous and as I ran some lotion onto her shoulders, a bit dribbled onto my trunks.

"Oops," she said and reached out to wipe it away with her fingers. Every touch caused my dick to jump.

"What's this, Paul?" she asked smiling up at me. Then she reached to me and pulled my trunks down.

"Oh, look, how nice," she said as her fingers encircled my dick and began moving back and forth. "You've become quite a nice young man, Paul, come closer," and I took a step closer as she leaned toward me and wiped her tongue around the end of my cock. I thought I'd almost faint.

Then she started licking along the shaft and was raised up some to do it which was exposing her breasts in all their voluptuous glory. I couldn't believe I was standing there while my aunt licked and sucked my dick. If my cousins had come out, they would have seen it all.

As I stood there while she sucked me, I knew I was getting closer and closer to cumming. Nothing, nothing had ever felt so absolutely wonderful in my life.

"Oh, I'mmm ... uh, UNH, UNH, uh, mmm," and my whole body shook as I had my very first orgasm given me by another person, my own aunt.

She sucked a minute more then pulled off me, leaving my cock glistening in the bright sun as she sat up, now giving me the first really good view of her magnificent breasts. They were huge with large brown nipples and they didn't sag down either, they were nice.

"Come over here, Paul, it's my turn," and she turned and pulled off the bottom of her bikini and lay back, patted her pussy and said, "Time for you to do me. Have you ever licked and tongued a girl before?"

I silently moved my head from side to side to which she replied, "Well, now's a good time to learn," and pulled me down to between her legs.

Most of the girls in Playboy were completely shaven, my Aunt Debra was bare except for a little patch of blond hair right above the slit of her opening which looked wet. I got down between her legs and started doing what I thought was the right thing to do, just lick around the whole area underneath her which she did seem to like. I know I did.

"Mmm, that's nice, Paul. Do you like doing it?"

I nodded the best I could, mumbling a muffled 'Mmmm, hmmmm' to indicate that I did indeed.

"You're making your Auntie feel so good, Paulie," she added.

I went on for a while as she moaned and moved around, obviously enjoying what I was doing. I was expecting to have my cousins walk out any moment, well, hell, it was their mother who had her legs open for me.

Then she lifted her head and told me, "Here, get up here, Paul, yes, right here," and she took my cock and pulled me right up between her legs.

"Go ahead, do it, put it in and fuck me, Paulie. I'll bet you've wanted to fuck your Aunt Debra, haven't you, honey."

I pushed as I watched my dick enter its first pussy. Then I pulled back and pushed in again, doing it over and over. God, I was fucking, really fucking. Fucking my aunt.

"Is it good, Paul? You like my pussy, honey?"

"Oh, it's the best thing I've ever felt, it just feels so good."

"It's your first fuck, right? Your Aunt Deb is your first pussy?"

"Yeah, I've never done any of this, any of it."

"Well, Paulie, you can fuck your Aunt Deb any time you want. You're doing really well, feels good."

It was sure feeling good to me, this was incredible. The only thing holding me back was the certain fear that my cousins were going to come out at any time and catch us doing this.

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