Joining the Kids

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Our two children, Bryce and Tara, have always played together while they were growing up and the day I found them playing in Tara's bedroom naked, well, it looked like so much fun that I joined in. Then I had their dad join in as well, just one happy, playful family.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Raising our children was fairly easy until they became teens, then it became much less predictable and, as a result, much more challenging.

I found that out especially when I came home from work early one day and walked upstairs to change. On my way down the hall, I passed my daughter's bedroom and there was my son, Bryce, laying on her bed, absolutely naked, with her crouched over him, her head going up and down over his middle.

Well, I've sucked enough cock in my time to know what it was, after all, I did my husband several times a week usually and he and I have done some swinging so I've participated in lots of suck-offs.

Well, well, my fourteen-year old daughter sucking her sixteen-year old brother. Both naked. So, I stood there watching, they couldn't really see me and as she sucked him, his hand was up between her legs rubbing along her pussy. Truthfully, it was a beautiful and exciting sight to watch.

It was quiet except for my son's soft moaning, then, his hips lifted up off her bed and he groaned, "Oh, Tara, oh, OH, UUNH, UUNH, UUH, UUH, uh, mmm, oh, oh, that was so good, Tara, mmm, you are so good," and she raised up off him, then dipped back down to lick the remaining drops oozing up as her eyes caught sight of me.

She shrieked and pulled the covers up over her as Bryce jumped up off the bed and tried to run out of the room. I quickly grabbed him and pushed him back to the bed where he pulled some of the sheet over his lap.

I reached down and yanked the sheet off them as Tara tried to pull her pillow to herself as she cried and cried.

I sat on the bed and pulled each of them to me, one on each side and said, "Look, guys, I'm not upset, I'm not angry. I know stuff like this happens. Nobody is going to get punished, okay?"

I kissed Tara, telling her, "It's okay, Tara, you can stop crying, it's okay, baby." She was shaking as I held her next to me. I looked down and saw my son's lap, his cock aimed right up at me, stiff, hard, only the way a teen boy would be under the circumstances, I supposed, aroused by the whole thing.

I took my sleeve and wiped the tears away from her eyes and kissed her again, right on the lips, my tongue slipping inside her mouth. Her eyes opened wide looking at me, then closed as I softly tongued her and felt her relax in my arms.

Then, I turned to Bryce and kissed him, also sliding my tongue into his mouth which opened and accepted me and returned his tongue to my mouth as we kissed. While he tongued me, I lowered my hand to his lap and the hard cock that was standing up from it. His arms went around me, knowing this was not a normal everyday occurrence.

I pulled my lips away as I noticed Tara looking down at my hand on her brother, on his cock. I was wet, of course, I'm a pretty sexy woman, I've always been horny and eager for sex since I began puberty. And, it hasn't lessened, either.

"I think we three need to talk, guys. First, Tara, were you doing that freely, of your own free will? Not pushed to do it?"

"Oh, yes, Mom, Bryce would never make me do anything like that, he's not that kind of a brother. No, I did it, well, we kind of do things to each other and, honestly, oh, this may sound slutty, but, well, it's something I really like to do."

I chuckled and added, "Well, honey, maybe you inherited that from your mother. Now, Bryce, have you two had intercourse?"

"Oh, no, Mom, no, just ... you know, oral."

"So there's no worry about pregnancy?"

"No, Mom, Bryce didn't want to risk getting me pregnant. I mean, we did talk about it, you know, about pulling it out and stuff, but he said no, it was too risky."

"Yeah, there's no way I'd ever want that to happen to Tara, Mom."

I hugged them close. Yes, it was kind of strange to be sitting on my daughter's bed with her and my son, both of them naked, as I asked them questions still in my work clothes.

"Tara, have you ever had sex with any boys?"

"Oh, no Mom, just what you saw us doing and that's just with Bryce."

"Bryce, how about you? Intercourse with any girls? Um, Melody Bryan, last year, maybe, the redhead girl?"

"No, Mom, we didn't, actually, she wouldn't let me, I did kind of try. But, I only got her top off. Well, and she did ... um, handjobs," he replied somewhat red-faced.

"And, nothing else with any other girls?"

"No, just what you saw this afternoon. Well, you didn't see what I do, I guess," he added.

"To your sister?"

He nodded.

"And what's that?" I asked having a pretty good idea.

"Um, oral sex on her, well, between her legs. Geez, Mom, I'd sure like to get dressed."

"Well, Son, let's put that off a while. I'm thinking that you might just have your first sex this afternoon," I said as I stood up and began unbuttoning my blouse.

Now it wouldn't be fair to compare me to my daughter. After all, here''s twenty-three years difference in our ages, I'm more than twice her age, easily. But, I still look pretty good.

Tara is five-four, about one-twelve, shoulder-length blond hair, hazel eyes, beautiful body which I am seeing as this happens, she's like so many girls her age, just ripening into a hot, sexy body. She's 32B, 22, 34 and her breasts are perfect. So solid, so firm, they stand right off her chest just like mine did at her age, the one difference is that her nipples are those puffed-up kind that look fresh-sucked, all pretty and pale pink.

Her mother, well, I am older. You can add about two or three inches in height and to her other measurements, I'm also B-cup but can wear a C-cup, I'm right between and I'm about fifteen pounds heavier and I'm more ash blond.

So, as I reached around and unhooked my bra, I knew that I didn't look like Tara but I'm still in the running for MILF from the looks I get from my son's friends.

"Oh, Mom, you're so pretty," my son said as my bra slid off my arms to fall on the floor.

I unzipped my skirt, stepped out of it, leaned over and pulled my panties to the floor. They had a large wet spot as I kicked them aside. I got back on Tara's bed and pulled her down next to me as I gripped her brother around his back, hugged him tight and rolled onto my back pulling him up on top of me as I widened my legs.

I snaked my hand down between us, gripped his cock and pulled it up to me, he seemed to know what to do after that as his hips pushed forward and he slid up inside me.

"Oh, Mom, omigod, oh, we're..."

"Yes, Son, we're making love, Bryce, we're fucking. I think it's time you did. Is it good?" I asked knowing quite well what any sixteen-year old boy would say to that question.

His hips were cycling back and forth driving his hard cock into and out of me as I moved my lower body around getting the most out of our coupling as I could.

"Mmm, yeah, it's fantastic. I never knew it felt this good. Oh, man," he groaned as my daughter watched us next to her.

I have had a lot of sex in my thirty-seven years but this was, by far, the most erotic and arousing sex I'd ever had. It was my own son, my very son's cock that was fucking me this time, my legs spread wide to welcome him into my body.

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