Waiting Tables

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Well, it's not about working in a restaurant, it's a story about my wife, Alexis, and me serving a ten-person dinner party. So? Well, we were asked to do it naked.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Swinging   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

Ever since my first time; it was Melissa Malone in seventh grade; I've just loved sex. Well, I'm a guy and, I suppose, most of us do. But, I got really lucky on my first job after college when after working for two years, a new college grad hired on, Alexis Brown.

Oh, she was nice. Pretty, blond, fun, sparkly personality and, as I found out on our second date, loves to fuck. Well, even more, she just loves sex: blowjobs, handjobs, having her pussy eaten, she loved it all. And, she was adventuresome.

We'd be out somewhere and she'd just say, "Pull over, let's fuck, maybe somebody'll see us." Or we'd fuck in an alley, her backed up against a wall, her legs wrapped around me, or in the woods or at the beach in some semi-secluded place. But, if someone saw us, she didn't care. In fact, she really loved it and it made her orgasms even stronger.

She kept me pretty well drained of semen, even when she had her periods, she'd suck me off at least twice a day, usually in the morning then at night.

We got married and the sex didn't diminish one bit, Alexis was a tiger in bed and I almost never initiated sex, she did. Yeah, I know, I really lucked-out.

We had both agreed that we wanted to start a family and about a two weeks before our wedding, she stopped taking the pill. Well, with how much we fuck, you're right, about nine months later, we had little Melissa.

Now, I do have to tell you, the rigors of parenthood, late night feedings, calming your crying infant, all those things, well, sure, it did have an effect on our sex life. We still had the occasional fun fuck in the woods somewhere or in the car pulled off the road but it was much less than before. I'm sure you can understand.

So, for the next two years or so, things were more sedate in the bedroom and, we were both missing our former fun. But, as you parents know, there's not a lot to be done, there are only so many hours in a day.

Alexis stayed home with the baby until she was ready for nursery school when she got a part-time job during school hours. That did help her frame of mind and the bank account some but still did little for our sex life.

She was getting to meet some of the other mothers at the school and, one in particular, Linda, was the subject of our conversations after she'd gotten to know her. It seemed that this Linda was about as close to a nymphomaniac as possible.

She, and her husband, Martin, were about five years older than we were and she often regaled Alexis with her exploits with her hubby and with a variety of other men. Seems that Martin was open to her having a number of boyfriends and Alexis assured me that Linda allowed her hubby identical privileges.

One nice byproduct of Alexis knowing Linda was our sex life. When she came home with the latest tales, it often led to her giving me a nice blowjob or us fucking like mad. It had really turned Alexis on to have this new friend and it seemed that the two of them talked sex all the time they were together.

Then, one Saturday afternoon, when the three of us were out shopping in the local mall, we ran into Linda. I must say, I was impressed. I had actually seen her before Alexis had, though, of course, I didn't know who she was. I did however look her over as she was quite attractive. She was about five-six with beautiful, long legs, nicely shown under her short skirt, a nice bit of cleavage on view. Her head was crowned with a cascade of auburn curls to her shoulders. Quite pretty and, well, sexy.

So, I had already scoped her out, as men do, when Alexis said, "Oh, Look, there's Linda from school. Come, I want you to meet her," and she waved as she dragged us over to her.

It was a pleasure talking with her as she had a nice, sexy air about her and I couldn't help but notice that she seemed to be looking me up and down as we chatted about this and that. Then, we were off to finish shopping and I soon forgot about Linda.

But I guess she hadn't forgotten about me because a few days later, Alexis said, as we were eating dinner, "Remember, Linda, from school, you met her on Saturday?"

"Sure, your sex-crazed friend from school. What about her?"

"Well, she asked me about you today."

"So? Nothing strange about that."

"Well, it was her question. She asked how big your cock is."

"You serious? A woman you know from Melissa's school wants to know how I'm hung?"

"She asked just that, Charlie, right out like that. I told her, too. Hope you don't mind."

"So now she knows I'm sixteen inches long and six inches around?" I jested for my comment was surely a jest.

"No, I told her the truth, I thought that was good enough. And she did say I was a lucky woman. It was what she said after that that really surprised me."

"Oh, of course, she wants my cock, right?"

"Well, no, not quite that. It's that they're having a party, a dinner party."

"Hmm, okay, like a potluck? Bring your own, something like that?"

"Not even close. And we're invited if we want to come."

"Well, sure, why not, she seemed nice. We can have your mom take Melissa."

"Do you want to know what kind of dinner party it is?"

Now, I perked up. Knowing what I'd heard about Linda, now I could see that there was something behind what Alexis was telling me.

"Geez, not an all-naked dinner party?"

"No, just us naked, you and me. We'd be serving the rest of the guests."

I have to admit, my dick went on its own and stiffened-up.

"Naked? Us serving the dinner to them, naked. Are there other people there?"

"Five couples including them. They usually have six couples and one has moved to Boston recently. This is an initiation and trial to see if we like them and they like us."

Then, she added the bombshell, "I really want to do it, Charlie, I want us to join their group."

"And, when is this little dinner party?"

"Weekend after next, on Saturday night. They all pretty much sleep over and make a night out of it. Maybe you'd get to fuck Linda. You'd like that, wouldn't you? I saw you two looking each other over pretty good."

"Well, hon, she's pretty hot and with all you've told me, I guess she's about as close to a nympho as you can get."

"It's how she describes herself, she says she's a nympho. Bet you'd like to sample her pussy, wouldn't you?"

"Well, here, feel that, that's your answer," I said as I led her hand to the hard bulge in my pants.

"Well, maybe your thinking of Linda got you nice and hard but how about little wifey

getting the use out of it," she said as she started unbuttoning her blouse as she stood up to go to our bedroom. It was a great fuck.

As we lay there after, my cock still inside her but now somewhat soft, she asked me again.

"So, what are you thinking about this dinner party thing? You know I really want to do it."

"Yeah, you've made that pretty clear. Well, we'd have to think about Melissa."

"Mom will take her, I've already asked."

Well, it was looking like my wife wanted to try out this dinner party thing with her school-mom friend. Well, why not? I told her sure and that was that.

The next evening, she told me that we were on and would be serving the dinner naked and available for our guest's pleasure. To tell you the truth, I was pretty excited but also just a bit concerned about how far things could go.

Then she told me that same-sex stuff was only agreed by both parties and that none of the men were into homosexual couplings. And pain and such was also off the table. The group was more conventional in sexual tastes which now had me eager for the day to come.

And the day did finally come and we showered and dressed in a tee and jeans knowing that it really only was to get us to Alexis's mom's house and from there to Linda and Martin's. It was to be naked from then on.

So when we got there, there were three other cars already parked in the drive. We got out and walked up to the door which opened and there was Linda.

"Come in, come in. All ready for some fun?"

"Yes, a bit uneasy, but, yes," Alexis tells her.

She was dressed in a short dress that was somewhat transparent as she asked us to go ahead and undress before we went in. She was particularly watching me as I lowered my denims and pulled down my briefs.

"Mmm, nice, Charlie," she said softly as she reached down and took my cock in her hand, squeezed gently, then stroked me even harder. "Yes, I think you two will be fun, come meet everyone," and she led us into a large room where a number of people were sitting and standing, each one with a wineglass in their hand. All their eyes were on us.

"First, everyone, this is Charlie and Alexis. This is my husband Martin, that's Brenda and Stan, Sheila and Luke, Steve and Nikki and Ron and Carol. We all have placecards on the table to help you know who is who. There's also one of those nice little blue pills for each man and there's more for in the morning. Gotta keep those cocks good and hard, right girls?"

Well, Martin, Linda's mate, was a nice-looking guy, just under forty, it turns out, dressed in a polo shirt and khakis, about my height, six-one.

Brenda and Stan, well, she was a blond, really well-built, just under thirty, nice figure in a very low-cut dress that didn't seem to have anything underneath it. delicious. He had short blond hair and a Hawaiian shirt and shorts.

Sheila and Luke were also nice-looking, she was a streaky blond down past her shoulders in a tight tee with nothing under it but her lovely breasts, the fabric was translucent and her nipples, quite erect, were on view. Under was a short black leather skirt with two long, beautiful legs dropping to the floor. She was very sexy. Her husband was also trim and handsome, kind of athletic-looking about six feet tall with wavy blond hair.

Nikki and Steve were also very attractive, she was really hot, a redhead with a pair of boobs that were Playboy material. She was in a tube top that just grazed the tops of her nipples contained within, her pink aureoles just peeking out for all to see. Under was the smallest pair of shorts I think I'd ever seen. Steve was wearing a Hawaiian shirt open showing his muscular chest and curly hair and a pair of tight shorts that made his bulge obvious to all.

I did see that the women who were seated, none took any precaution to hold their knees together, most let their legs gap and there wasn't a panty in sight, just shaved, damp pussies.

Alexis and I were passing around hors d'oeuvres and refilling wine glasses circulating among the guests as they chatted with us and touched us as they wanted. Linda had told Alexis that our bodies would be both on display and available for touching as we served the guests and my cock was getting some nice attention as I circulated around the room.

Alexis, too, of course, was being fondled by the men and a few of the women, Linda, I noticed, especially was interesting in my wife's breasts and my cock as we did our rounds.

Then, after about forty-five minutes, Linda popped into the kitchen, then came back to announce dinner. Alexis and I went with her and we were soon serving the guests around the table.

As I stood next to Brenda, holding a tray, she bent over and gave a quick suck to my cock, the nicest tip I'd ever gotten as a server. Alexis, I noted was getting a few pats and rubs on her pussy and even spread her stance as she served Martin, our host for the evening. He had his thumb up under her as she stood there refilling his glass.

We finally served ourselves and sat to eat with the rest. I was between Nikki and Carol who each took turns stroking my cock as we ate. Alexis, across the table, was between Ron and Steve. Her legs were open as Steve fingered her and Ron played with her boob. What a dinner party.

Around the table, several of the women now had exposed their breasts and several cocks were now out in the open being fondled.

Did I say it was highly arousing? Do I even need to?

We had just about finished eating when Linda asked, "Charlie, Alexis, we'd like to watch you both masturbate. Just scoot your chairs back so we can all see, okay? And, Charlie, make sure you don't cum, we want to save that."

There were bottles of sexual lubricant on the table, I had noticed that as soon as we had come into the dining room. I put a squirt onto my left hand, yes, I'm right-handed in everything but jacking-off, scooted my chair back and gripped my cock ready to start.

Alexis wet her fingers in her mouth then dropped them between her outspread legs and began rubbing up and down as her other hand pinched her nipple. Ron had also moved his chair back and was rubbing her other boob as she got herself off.

I was stroking myself, getting closer and closer, now beginning to get that nice, tingly sensation in the tip of my cock that always foretells a cum. I slowed down, looking over at Alexis who was now moaning softly as she rubbed with one hand and fingered herself with the other.

I was getting some help from Linda, our hostess, who was sitting at the end of the table. She had her chair pushed back, her breasts bared and one leg up on her chair, opening herself for me to stare at her beautiful, bare pussy as she probed herself with a finger while she smiled at me.

If you think that being naked and jacking-off in front of other people would make your cock wilt, think again. It was making me even harder, it was exciting to be watched as I jacked back and forth.

I had to slow because I was getting close and was asked not to cum, not doubt, Linda was having some plans for my load of semen, at least, I hoped that.

"Mmm, I'm getting close," I groaned and Martin and Linda got up, she came over to me, Martin to Alexis and both stood behind us as we each masturbated.

Then, I saw Martin reach around my wife and cup her breast in his hand as his other hand reached between her legs as he slid two fingers up inside her. Then, Linda bent over me, her breasts pressing my back as she pulled my hand away and replaced it with her own and began stroking me as her other hand reached around to softly pinch my nipple.

As I watched, Brenda reached over to Ron and zipped down his fly as she reached in and pulled out his cock, the only one still uncovered at that point and began stroking him as he put his hand under her uplifted skirt and began fingering her.

"Time to clear the table," Linda said and a couple of people began taking the plates and glasses and silverware away; one guy, Stan, I think, carrying plates to the kitchen with his cock hanging out of his pants, yes, it was a somewhat bizarre dinner party.

Linda was stroking me slowly, I really wasn't any closer to cumming, when she announced, "Now, Alexis, Charlie, you two can get up on the table and fuck for us. We want to see you cum."

Chapter 2

So, they helped Alexis and me up onto the table and I whispered in her ear that we should do some sixty-nine first but not cum, then fuck for them. I got down on my back as she crawled up over me lowering her head down to take my cock in her mouth. Then, I watched her pussy drop down as her labia touched my lips and upturned tongue. I just held my tongue pointing straight up out of my mouth as she fucked my tongue up and down with her pussy.

Her sucking was as good as always, my wife is a wonder at sucking me off. It's something she really enjoys, like me with her pussy, and she excels at it quite well.

The dinner party was now close up to the table, I really didn't get much chance to look at anyone else, it was pretty quiet, I think they were enjoying our lovemaking, I know we were.

Then, Alexis, I think knowing that I couldn't hold off much longer, got turned around and crouched up over my cock as she positioned herself directly over my cock.

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