Fifty-two Pick-up

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Sure, you know the card game, well, not really a game, is it? I never thought it was a game of seduction, either. Until my little sister played it with me one night.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Light Bond   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

Okay, you read the title. I hope most people know what the 'game' of Fifty-two Pick-up is. In case you're from some far-off planet, well, it's not a game really, it's when someone just tosses a deck of cards in the air (there are fifty-two cards in the standard deck of playing cards, hence the name) and the other person has the chore of picking them all up. Rather a lame joke. So, now you've added to your great store of knowledge.

On with the story.

This is about my sister, Melanie, or Mel, and me. At the time, she was thirteen, I'm a year older. We often played card games growing up and we were growing up. I had noticed my sister in new and different ways beginning when she was about nine or ten when there would be times when I saw between her legs, usually just a flashing view but often wondered if it was really accidental or not.

As she became eleven and twelve, these occasional glimpses also took in her budding breasts. There were times when she would be in her nighty and would bend down getting something right in front of me, the nighty hanging open, her puffy pink nipples in clear sight, and I would drink in this new aspect of my little sister. She was becoming sexy. And, I was noticing it more and more.

I still was never sure if it was deliberate but it kept happening.

Then, one night, we were in her room playing cards when she asked, "Ready to play some Fifty-Two Pick-Up?" and flipped the deck out of her hand sending the cards spilling everywhere.

So, it was both of us, down on the floor, picking the cards up and I looked and right dead in front of me was my sister's pussy.

Yes, right between her legs, in between her thighs, she had no panties on, there was the pretty slit that set girls apart from boys. And the little slit that boys wanted access to for putting what made them different from girls inside it.

She was pulling cards out from under her bed, reaching down, pushing her butt almost in my face.

I don't know where I got the courage from but my hand went up and my fingers went on the two pretty halves of her pussy lips and began rubbing up and down. At first she didn't move at all. Then, I heard a soft moan as she lay her head down on the floor, keeping her butt up in the air as I rubbed.

My hand was wet as I rubbed the soft, plump split halves and as I watched my hand going up and down, I took a finger and led it down the groove and pressed it in.

"Mmm, oh, Andy, that feels so good," she murmured softly as I went in and out.

This was sex, I was thinking; sex, sex with my sister. But it was sure sex and my dick was like granite.

"Mmm, can we get up on my bed, Andy?" I heard her ask.

"Sure," I said quietly, not wanting to break the mood and I pulled my finger out of her and we both stood up. As she was getting on her bed, she was also pulling off her nighty.

"Can you get undressed, too?" she asked and I didn't stop to answer, just did it and lay next to her. She wrapped her fingers around my dick as she spread open. I leaned forward and put my hand back in between her legs, rubbing, then sliding my finger back in again.

My heart was pounding as we both silently pleasured each other. It was obviously something that we both wanted as we lay there together. I was looking at her body, so pretty and delicious, her small breasts so dainty and sweet-looking.

"Mmm, mmm," she moaned softly as I continued fingering her in and out. I was trying to remember about the clit, trying to recall exactly where it was and worked my thumb up near the top where her slit came together to rub around with my thumb.

Her hand was making me feel really good. It's amazing how much better someone else can make you feel when they're doing basically the same thing to you that you do to yourself. But, oh, it's so much nicer. That I was finding out and, I suspected, so was my little sister.

"That feels really good, Andy, I like it when you do it," she whispered as we both pleasured each other. My heart was racing faster with every stroke she took and soon...

"Uh, UH, UH, UNH, UNH, uh, mmm, oh, Mel, mmm," I groaned as my cum spurted up out of my dick.

"You really shoot, Andy, it really flies out."

"Have you done this to a boy before?"

"It's not nice to ask, big brother, can I just say, 'maybe?'"

I turned to her so I could get my finger going better in her and leaned over and started kissing my sister like she was a girlfriend.

I knew when she started bucking against my hand that she was really excited now and I began rubbing my thumb over her slit as I fingered her.

"Oh, Andy, OH, OH, UUH, UUH, UHHN, mmm, mmm," she blurted out. Then she grabbed me tight and kissed me hard.

In a minute, we were holding each other, all our wonderful naked skin touching, her hand still on my penis, my hand rubbing her wet slit.

"I've got a confession to make, Andy."


"Well, this is something that I've been trying to start with you for a while now. Have you noticed that I've been showing you my body some times?"

"Hmm, well, yeah, I guess I've seen a little from time to time. Yeah."

"I kept trying to see if you would show any interest and, finally, tonight, I decided not to wear any panties and make sure I put my bottom right up in your face. So you couldn't miss it. And you didn't."

"Oh, it was so pretty, how could I miss it?"

"You really think it's pretty?"

"It's beautiful and, well, I really like what we just did," I told her.

"We could do some other things, too, Andy."

"I think I'd do anything you want like this, Mel. Whatever you want."

"We could use our mouths, you know give each other oral sex. Have you ever done it to a girl?"

"No, but all my friends talk about it. I've wondered though if it isn't just all talk."

"Well, we could do it. If you want to," she added.

"Yeah, I'd like to," and as soon as I'd said it, she got up and turned around and got up over me and I felt her warm lips slide over my dick as she lowered herself down until she touched my face.

I put my hands up and rubbed my fingers along her slit, then pulled them open and slid my tongue along the crevice. She was sucking me wonderfully, just out of this world. I'd never had anyone do it to me before and, oh, it felt so, so good.

She lifted up so she was just sucking the tip and her fingers were jacking me up and down, it was all I could take, I started cumming in her mouth as she ground down on my face scrubbing her wet pussy back and forth as I licked and sucked.

She was moaning loudly down below me, then began to shudder.

"UHH, UHH, AYYH, AYYH, UH, uh, mmm, oh, oh," she groaned. "Oh, Andy, oh, that was beautiful," and she went back to sucking me softly as I slowly licked her juices away.

In a few minutes, she turned back around and we held each other, kissing one another, just enjoying the closeness of our time together.

"It was wonderful, Andy, just how I hoped it would be. I've been wanting this for so long. And now we've done it."

"I could try to get some condoms if you'd want to try having sex," I posed.

"Oh. Well, let's just do this for now. This is a lot for right now. Maybe later on, okay?"

We agreed that what we were doing was pretty exciting and that we could take it slowly and see what we wanted to do later on. She told me she would tell me when she was ready. Just not yet.

Luckily for us, both our parents were avid golfers and played eighteen holes every Sunday, leaving us home by ourselves so I could play with my sister's hole over and over. We had as much manual and oral sex as we could cram into the time as possible and, during the week, we stuck to masturbating each other which we could quickly cover up if someone was coming up the stairs or moving in the hallway.

When we had time alone, we were naked and doing oral sex and enjoying each others bodies as much as we could.

Then, we had our best chance together as our parents would be away overnight at a golf tournament and had arranged for us to call our Aunt Lucie nearby if we needed anything; she would be home all weekend.

As soon as we found out they would be away, my sister told me she was ready; that I should get some condoms and we would spend all day Saturday and Sunday losing our cherries together.

I lost no time getting the condoms, my neighborhood 'SomethingMart' sold them to me with no questions asked.

Chapter 2

They left early on Saturday and Melanie was in my bed minutes after they left, all naked and snuggly. She knew I had the condoms and I knew that she didn't have any hymen left. She had long ago dispatched that with her hairbrush handle, it was not a concern.

We played with each other for a bit, then got up and had a nice naked breakfast together. Then, as we put our things into the dishwasher, we knew the time had come.

"You ready, Andy? Ready to do it?" she asked as I followed her beautiful butt up the stairs, the two perfect half-moons of her pussy looking back at me from between her thighs. Half way up the stairs, I reached out and touched her pussy and she jumped a step.

"Can't you wait? You boys are all alike," she said, a statement that made me wonder a bit. We went into my room and she jumped up on me bed, fell back and spread her legs full open.

I pulled a condom out of the box and tore the wrapper open, then rolled it on my cock as I got up on the bed.

"Ready, Mel?" I asked and she nodded so I advanced to press up against her and try to push in. I pushed several times, keeping a watch on my sister to see if it might be hurting, and then I went inside about half way.

"You okay?" I asked. She nodded and I pushed in the rest of the way.

Then the magic started as I pulled back, then pushed in again. Oh, this was it. It wasn't just putting your penis inside a girl, it was moving it back and forth. Oh, it was heaven.

I kept going back and forth and she was soon moving under me and moaning softly.

"Mmm, nice, oh, nice, mmm. Feels good."

I took her hands and raised them above her head and held them to the mattress pinning her under me as I moved my hips up and down gliding my cock smoothly in and out of her.

"Oh, Andy, this is wonderful. Do you like it, too?"

"I love it, man, this feels so good, my god, I can't believe how sexy my own sister is. Oh, I could do this forever."

Well, that was the start of our sex together. We discovered a lot that weekend, especially that my sister was into role-playing during sex. It was a total surprise to me. She had me pretend to be Mister Coultis, her home room teacher one time and her best friend's father another.

My sister liked playing pretend and this happened several times a week. She would play a girl I had the hots for in school or I would play one of her teachers that she would seduce with a blowjob, stuff like that. It was fun and did add a bit of spice to things.

So, I wasn't surprised when she said, "What I want this morning is, I'm pretending I'm a prostitute and you're coming to pay me for sex. You can have me do anything you want. Even tie me up or I can tie you up. And, we'll do sex however you want it. I would like to try the ordinary way but also I want to try being on top and also up on my hands and knees."

Well, my adventuresome sister wanted to play a prostitute and for me to be the horny paying customer.

She went down the hall into our mother's closet and in a few minutes came back into her room with a skimpy red nighty and some lipstick on making herself look rather tartish.

"Okay, you go out and close my door. Knock and I'll let you in."

So I did and she swung the door open saying, "Hello, you're my first customer tonight. Come in.

"I'm Lulu and I'll give you whatever you want. So, what is it?"

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