My New Next-door Neighbor

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My parents were always pretty fair with me, sure I got punished for things, but my first spanking happened when I was thirteen. It was administered by our next door neighbor, Hannah, a young woman who also worked with my mother. You can imagine what I looked like after with a blazing-red butt and, well, my front was also pretty inflamed and excited as well.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Spanking   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

If you're a guy, you probably remember what it was to be thirteen and have a constant hard-on. Well, that was me. I could jack-off all I wanted and would still have a boner; it just never went away.

I was right in the middle of that turn in every boy's road when he begins thinking of girls as soft and sexy rather than bossy and mean. There were several girls in my middle school that I was fascinated by but was too shy to make any advances.

I had also begun to notice older women, those who were college-aged and older, even one of the mothers of a friend of mine. Harry's mom was tall, well, at least compared to me, and really built. She was blond and very curvy with big boobs which she seemed to like to show off. Her cleavage was always on display and I always thought she was teasing Harry's friends with little peeks. So, I was at Harry's house quite frequently.

Then, one day during the summer, there was a moving truck next door at Mrs. Henderson's house; she'd died about six months earlier, so I guessed the house had sold.

"New neighbors?" I asked my mom.

"Neighbor, Justin, singular. She's a young woman I work with at the bank and was looking for a house, so I told her about the Henderson's place and she bought it. Come on, she's there, I'll introduce you."

So, we went outside and walked over as the moving men were unloading the truck. There was a young woman standing by the end of the truck telling the men where to put each item inside the house. She was pretty.

"Hannah..." my Mom said.

"Hi, Joan, the day has come, looks like we're neighbors now, for sure. This must be Justin. Oh, Joan, he's adorable," and she put out her hand. As we shook hands, I couldn't get over how pretty my Mom's friend was. She had wavy blond hair, gray-blue eyes, and, well, the rest of her, even in a teeshirt and denim shorts was beautiful. I could feel my dick stiffen as she and my Mom started chatting.

Then, Mom turned to me and said, "You know Dad and I are traveling the next two weeks and, I was wondering, instead of staying at your Grandmother's, would you rather stay here with Hannah and help her get settled in and unpacked? I mentioned it to her at work the other day and she's okay with it. What do you think?"

Well, I just wanted to be around this new, pretty neighbor of ours, so I agreed.

The next day, Sunday, my Mom helped me pack a bag to take and they got ready as well. Around two in the afternoon, Dad loaded their things in the car and Mom took me next door. As I went in, Mom hugged me goodbye and told Hannah, "If he gives you any trouble, you can punish him any way you see fit, he's usually not any trouble but, just in case."

She told Mom that she didn't expect any problems and I was soon settled in her spare bedroom and back out into the den helping her open boxes and put things around. We had dinner that evening and watched some television then each went to bed.

After breakfast the next morning, we were moving some things and she caught her shorts on cabinet door corner, ripping them.

"Damn," she sputtered, "Well, I better go change," and she went off toward her bedroom. All I could think about was that she was going back to take her shorts off and my mind just went crazy. I snuck down the hall, my dick now like steel, and, yes, her bedroom door wasn't fully closed, it was just ajar enough for me to try to sneak a peek.

I was as quiet as I could be, leaning forward, squinting in, trying to see what I could see. There she was pulling her shorts down as I saw the little pink thong she was wearing underneath. Omigod, she looked so hot.

I leaned in to get a better view and slipped, knocking the door open.

"What the shit are you doing? You were spying on me, Justin," she screamed at me, "Come in there this instant."

I went in her room as she was looking angrily at me, but still just in her brief little panties and top.

"You were peeking at me while I was changing weren't you, Justin? Tell me the truth."

"Uh, yeah, I guess I was..." I answered lamely.

"You guess, Justin? How the hell can you guess about something like that? Either you were peeking or you weren't. Which was it?" she screamed at me.

I was scared, of course, knowing that she was liable to tell my parents, then my life would be over. But I still couldn't help but be aware that she was still standing there in these tiny little panties.

"I was peeking. I'm sorry, I just..."

"Well, what am I supposed to do, Justin? Tell your mother? Punish you like she said? What?"

"Oh, just don't tell my mom, please don't do that. Just anything but that."

I stood there, just scared shitless. What had I gotten myself into?

"Well, I can understand to some extent that at your age, you're curious about girls and women. But, Justin, that doesn't make it right. What you did was wrong. It betrayed my trust. Really wrong. So, you choose, either I tell your mom or you get a spanking ... a bare spanking with your pants down. You decide, Justin, you decide."

"I really couldn't help it, I couldn't."

"Oh, come on, that won't fly and you know it. You should be ashamed of what you did. So, do I tell your mom?"

"No, wait, no please don't do that, I'll do anything just don't tell my mom."


"Um ... the spanking, I guess."

"It's going to hurt, Justin. I mean it."

"Well, it's better than telling my mom."

She went to her dresser and picked up a hair brush, then sat down on the bed and waved me over. She really meant it, a spanking, and with my bare butt. I was terrified by now, just knowing what was coming.

She reached out and pulled me forward, "Well, get 'em down, Justin. You made your choice."

I opened my belt and unzipped my fly and slid my shorts down to the floor and pulled my feet out of them, standing there in my white briefs. My white briefs that I just knew were tenting out. God, how could I have a hard-on at a time like this?

"Well, Justin, are we going to take all day?"

Maybe you can't believe this but there was this part of me that was actually excited about getting spanked, yes, wanting it. I know, crazy, but that's what I felt at the time, this huge mixture of extreme dread and a little bit of a turn-on.

Then, she reached out and put her fingers under the waistband and pulled them down for me. I stood there for a few seconds, my dick not rock-hard but, still, far from soft. Then she clutched my shoulder and I went down across her lap.

I have no idea if it was intentional or not, but what happened was that my dick went right down between her legs when I lay over her lap.

She put her hand on my butt softly rubbing it around as she announced, "This is going to hurt, Justin, what you did was bad." But, truthfully, at that very moment as she was caressing my butt and gripping my dick between her thighs, it was arousing rather than painful.

That was not to last, however, as her hand flew up, then down over and over with a whack, whack, whack as her palm came down stinging me time and again. Then she stopped for a minute, then returned to smacking me with her hand, now, hurting more since my butt was already chafed and reddened.

I tried but I couldn't help it. I started to cry. Yes, I may be thirteen but I was crying like a kid. It did hurt and it hurt a lot. And with my tears, my penis hardened, fully hardened.

When she stopped, I was up over her lap, my butt sore and red, my dick between her legs hard and excited as I felt her hand slip down her abdomen and between her thighs to begin rubbing my dick. She was really rubbing my hard dick.

I soon quit sobbing as the wonderful feelings from her soft, warm hand gave me as it slowly glided back and forth.

"Justin! You seem to be enjoying this. Well, you need more then," and she picked up the hairbrush and began whacking me with it. Oh, shit, that hurt.

"Yeooow, oow, oow," I bellowed. Damn, this really hurt. She kept up and in a minute, stopped.

"Okay, up," and I stood and, yes, even with tears running down my face and my nose snuffling, my cock was like a flagpole.

"My god, Justin, what am I to do with you. I try to punish you for peeking in my room and all it does is make you cry, then you get even more excited?"

She turned me to look at my backside and exclaimed, "Oh, wow, your butt is so red and covered with welts. Here, let's get you calmed down," as she took out a bottle of body lotion from her dresser drawer and put some on her hand and softly rubbed my tender butt cheeks.

Then, after a few minutes, she quietly said, "Turn around, Justin, let's try to ease those urges, too," as her lotion-covered hand wrapped around my dick and began to stroke back and forth.

It was incredible. I just stood there, my butt stinging like everything and, on the other side, my dick just being sent right up to the heavens with pleasure. I was confused beyond all belief, but thrilled beyond all belief as well. She was jacking me off. Really doing what I did so much to myself. And it felt so much better when she did it.

I dropped my head back, it was feeling so good as she stroked, then my back arched and cum went spurting out onto the floor with the last few just dribbling down her fist as she moved back and forth.

"Well, maybe that'll calm you down some," she said as she let go to get up and go to the bathroom for a small towel to clean up with. I stood there, my butt on fire, my cock in heaven, my head just spinning.

"From now on, Justin, no peeking, got that?"

"Yes, ma'am, I've got that, my butt will remind me for sure."

"Well, if you get these urges again, you must promise to tell me, Justin. Now promise."

"I do," I answered sheepishly.

"You promise, what, say it."

"I promise that if I get urges to peek at you, I'll tell you. I promise."

"You must, so I can take care of it like I just did. I know how young boys like you are and, if we're going to get along for two weeks, well, I suspect we'll be doing quite a lot of that. Not the spanking, the other," she added with a smile.

I was still standing there with my dick pointing out, naked from the waist down and she added, "Okay, now get dressed, we've got some more boxes to move in here."

As I began pulling up my shorts, she interrupted me.

"Um, just leave those off. Just wear the briefs, that way I can see how you're doing if you're too embarrassed to tell me. Then we can take care of things."

Chapter 2

So we went about doing some more moving and unpacking and I almost forgot that I was just wearing my briefs. The thing that I especially was amazed at, however, was that Hannah had never pulled on her shorts, she was doing all this, like me, in just underpants. In her case, a brief thong that I simply couldn't ignore.

And, my resulting condition didn't get ignored, either.

As we were sitting in her kitchen eating the pizza she had baked, she reached over and put her hand on the bulge in my briefs.

"You boys. Well, I promised you I wouldn't tell your mother, so, after we eat and clean this up, we'll take care of this. I guess that's all the work for today. I'm tired and, well, this needs seeing to," she said as my dick got a squeeze.

I was so excited. She was sounding like she was going to jack-me off again. Oh, god, how lucky could I be? I knew my butt hurt, oh, did it, but my dick was hard as could be.

"Come on, Justin, we've got things to take care of before bedtime," and she walked down the hall to her bedroom. I followed her in and she said, "Go ahead, you might as well just get undressed since it's about bedtime," then turned and went into her bathroom. No, I didn't try to peek.

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