How I Finally Opened Up

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My husband, John, has always had a much more open attitude about sex than I have. That changed forever, though, when I got out of bed one night and followed the dim, flickering light down the hall to see what he was doing. That changed everything.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Swinging   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   .

Chapter 1

John and I have been married seventeen years and they've been, I think, better than average. We certainly have loved each other and gotten along quite well. There have been adjustments and points where we disagree, like in every marriage, I'm sure, but we've generally worked through them.

One long-standing difference was sex. Now, before you think I'm some frigid, tight-assed woman who only allows sex with hubby once a year with the lights off, no, I do enjoy sex rather a lot and we have intercourse at least twice a week and I give John a nice suck once or twice a week, depending on my mood.

So, I do suck his cock, I know some women friends who just won't do it with their husbands, so I'm not that bad.

Where I have drawn the line is trading with another couple, you know, swapping, threesomes, foursomes, sex with others. I just have always thought that sex should be between John and me.

I have loosened up a lot, at least, to me, it's a lot. I've gone with John to a couple of nude beaches and, while it was fairly easy to take my top off, the bottoms were much more difficult. But I did it. I just didn't sun myself, like some women, legs wide apart, I suppose getting a labial tan.

I've also let John take some pictures of me, topless at first, then, of course, nude and, finally, a few pussy shots that he just begged and begged for. But none showing us having sex.

I knew he wanted more, he was never bashful about bringing up things, especially when we were being intimate, especially after sex. He would ask me about what my fantasies were and I'd always tell him that he was the one with fantasies, not me. He was also frequently on the internet watching porn or visiting swapping sites and chatting with people over his webcam. I knew it, he never hid it from me but I just never participated in it.

I did find some chatting that he'd had with a couple on one of the sites and looked at the pictures he'd saved. There were about ten of them, a number of the woman, she was quite nice looking, several with her legs wide open, and a few of them fucking and her sucking him and two other men.

Well, to be honest, I took advantage of the fact that he wasn't home at the time and sat in front of the computer with my robe open and panties around my ankles. It was one of the strongest orgasms I'd ever had. But, I still couldn't bring myself to participate.

Then, one night a few months later, I woke and John wasn't in bed so I got up, slipped a robe on and walked down the hall to our office and stood there in the doorway. John was at the computer talking softly as I watched.

"What'cha doing, John, some of your friends?"

"Yeah, come look," he said and pulled a chair over next to him. I sat and looked at the screen. There was a couple on the monitor and they were sitting together, his arm over her shoulder as his hand played with her nipple. Yes, she was bare from the waist up and, well, quite pretty.

"Annette and Charlie, this is Erin. She's kind of new to this."

"Hi, Erin, you're very nice, quite attractive," said Annette.

"Thank you, you're very pretty yourself."

"Thank you. We were just telling John about the party we went to last weekend. It was a swap party with four couples. We've met before but this time it was for the whole weekend. What sex. John tells me that you aren't in to this kind of thing, right?"

"No, I've really never done anything like that. Not even on the computer like this. It seemed strange at first, with you partly undressed and your husband, well, feeling you like that."

"Oh, here, let me move the cam," and the picture jerked a bit and then I saw that his fly was open and she was slowly moving her fist up and down on him.

"Oh, I didn't know ... well, have fun." I just didn't know what else to say.

"We are, he just loves cumming on cam," the man's wife said. "You have a beautiful wife, John, she's really nice."

"Yeah, she's super and from what I can see of her cleavage, she's got a great figure," Charlie added.

John went on chatting with them for a while and then I could see that Annette was getting her husband close to cumming as he was moaning and moving around more.

"Erin, why don't you show Charlie a little more of your pretty boobs, help him get off, I know he'd love it," Annette asked me as I watched them. I just didn't know what to do and John did it for me, he reached up and pulled my robe aside exposing one of my breasts to Charlie and Annette.

"Oh, so pretty, yes, you're really beautiful. So round and full," Annette said as she stroked her husband. "Come on, Erin, give poor Charlie here a boost, show him your boobs up close so I can get him off."

I looked at John who nodded, then I moved closer to the camera and pulled open my robe as I watched Annette pump faster and then arcs of cum went flying up out of Charlie's cock as he groaned in pleasure.

"Oh, girl, your tits did it for Charlie, thank the nice lady, Charles, for making you cum so good."

"You sure did, Erin, you are so hot, no man could last long looking at you."

"Why don't you jack John off, Erin? Geez, that sounds funny doesn't it? Jack John off."

I looked at my husband and he shrugged his shoulders as I whispered, "Well, go ahead, get it out," and unbuckled his shorts, zipped down his fly and slid his shorts to the floor followed by his briefs. I reached over and gripped his cock, then decided, what the hell, leaned over and started sucking him.

Then, I lifted off, leaving his cock wet and shiny as I took it in my hand and began jacking him off.

"See if this helps, guys," Charlie said as Annette lifted her legs up and began finger-fucking herself with her first two fingers as Charlie began stroking his cock which looked to be a bit floppy and soft.

John was arching his back, obviously enjoying my handjob as his hand came up to begin feeling my boob, lightly rolling my nipple between his fingers.

I had no idea who the couple was who were watching us or where they were from, all I knew was that I was really turned-on by the whole thing and wanted more of it.

I bent over and sucked him for a few minutes, brushing my hair up out of the way so they could see me working John's cock, licking around the tip and all, then raised back up and jacked him until the cum began spurting up. Right then, I bobbed down taking him in my mouth and sucking his cum out until he was through.

"Wow, Erin, you are one hot woman. What a blowjob or handjob, whatever," Annette said as she kept probing herself in and out. Then, Charlie yelled out that he was cumming as spurts flew out toward the camera. What a crazy sight.

John was back stroking himself though he wasn't fully hard, then I heard Annette, "Oh, OH, HERE IT IS, UUH, UUH, UUH, uh, mmm, mmm, oh, yes, mmm, really good, really good, mmm," and she slumped in her chair, still moving her hand back and forth.

We signed-off not long after that, each couple agreeing that we would link back up the next night.

As John was shutting down the computer, I reached over to take his cock in my hand, "I want a long, hard fuck, my dear, that was so sexy to do, I just can't believe how hot I am after all that."

"I guess I shouldn't tell you, 'I told you so, ' should I?"

"Not if you want a hot fuck, come on," and I pulled him by the cock to our bedroom and sucked him for a few minutes, then swung up over him and plunged down on him and fucked him crazy. It was, by far, the best sex we'd had in a long time.

The next morning, I got up and went to make us breakfast which I put on a tray and brought back upstairs. He was just waking up when I walked in naked, carrying the tray.

"Oh, I love the room service in this establishment, such wonderful servers."

I leaned over to set the tray down on the bed making sure I dragged a breast across his face.

We had our coffee and toast as we played with each other a bit, just keeping a little sex alive between us. Then, finished, I put the tray on the dresser and went back to our bed and widened my legs.

"I hope you know what you've started John, I'm horny again and I expect you to do something about it." Oh, he did, he did.

I always thought I was a pretty sexed-up woman but after the cam session with Annette and Charlie, well, my pussy was wet all the time. All my thoughts were now on sex. I couldn't do anything, even housework without thinking of sex. I woke John up the next morning with a blowjob to get him and me through the day. That next afternoon, right after we both got home from work, we went up to change and about an hour later came back down to start dinner. We never bothered getting dressed after a wonderful fuck.

"Are we going back on with Annette and Charlie, I really want to, you know. Look how wet I am," I said to John as I opened my legs. He reached over and rubbed the wetness around, then slid his middle finger inside as I lifted a foot up onto the seat of my chair.

As he finger-fucked me, I went on, "I loved doing it, I just can't believe how it felt to be doing things like that in front of another couple. And, oh, they were so hot. I just want to do it more. Our sex has been just incredible."

"Well, hon, I've been on several websites that are for meeting people who like to experiment with their sex life. And, there's some guys we can cam with, too."

"You mean just a guy by himself, all alone?"

"Sure, we can try to do one before we hook-up with Charlie and Annette, right now, if you want?"

"Maybe I ought to, you know, kind of dress up a bit. Get a little slutty, maybe?"

"Oh, that would do it. You'll have the guy jacking his cum out in no time."

"Really, jacking-off?"

"Oh, you'll see, hon, you'll see."

So, we quickly put the dishes in the dishwasher and went up for me to dress for my first single guy to cam.

I chose an ivory low-cut bra that just shows the very tops of my nipples and a thong panty that John loves for me to wear, then a teddy he bought me for our last anniversary, a black lace one that is very sheer. And a terry robe over that.

He got the computer ready and went on one of his websites and, in a few minutes, had some action.

"Oh, look, there's three guys, already. How about this one?" and he got a picture of a guy on the screen who was sitting there naked in front of his computer as he slowly stroked his cock.

"Hi, Ed, we're John and Erin."

"Hi, oh, Erin's really nice. You're a lucky guy."

"Thanks, why don't you show Erin what you've got?" and he took his hand away and let his big, thick cock fill the screen as he focused in. The guy looked to be about thirty, nice looking, and his cock was pretty big, at least eight or nine inches.

"Oh, I'll bet Erin would love to suck that for you, Ed. Go ahead, hon, tell Ed what you'd like to do to his cock."

Well, now it was up to me.

"Um, I'd love to lick the tip of that beautiful cock, Ed. It looks wet on the end, is it?"

"Yeah, just seeing you, is making it get all excited."

"Oh, it sure looks excited. Does this help?" I asked as I slid the robe off my shoulders and leaned forward.

He now had his hand wrapped around it again, slowly moving up and down.

"Mmm, yeah, nice, Erin, you're really nice. I can see your nipples, they look very pretty. All nice and hard."

I looked at the camera and took a finger and pulled down the cup, exposing my right breast.

"Oh, you're teasing me, Erin. I love it. Such a pretty nipple. I'd love to suck it. Maybe John can for me."

I pulled the teddy off, then stood up and turned around for him to see me in my bra and panties, then sat down again.

"Oh, you're so beautiful, Erin, really gorgeous."

My husband bent over, pulled my bra down a little further so my breast was completely out and licked circles around my nipple as Ed slowly stroked.

I had my hand on John's bulge rubbing down on it as he started sucking my nipple. The man on the screen, Ed, was now stroking faster as I felt my bra loosen. John had unhooked the back and was now pulling it off my arms.

"You have such beautiful breasts, Erin. Pretty pink nipples, just perfect," he said as he stroked away.

John moved the camera down a bit showing the tops of my legs so I, yes, me, I opened my legs and put my hand down to rub up and down over my panties.

"Is your pussy wet, Erin?" the voice asked.

"Yes, very wet, I wish you could taste me," I replied, surprised at my boldness. "John says my pussy tastes wonderful. I wish you could lick me and find out for yourself."

"Oh, I do too, Erin, god, you are such a hot woman, I'd love to eat you anytime."

I pulled the bottom of my panties aside and asked, "Like it, Ed? It likes you. Make your cock cum for my pussy, Ed. My pussy wants your cum. Hurry," I said as I slid a finger in and brought it back out to put in my mouth and suck. I was so turned on my whole midsection felt hot, just so sexed-up.

Looking up at the monitor, Ed was stroking faster and faster as I put my finger back in and began fucking myself as John leaned over to suck my nipple.

Then, what I wanted. Spurts of cum fountaining up out of his big cock landing on his leg and on the floor below, presumably, as he groaned and moaned.

"Oh, UH, UH, mmm, uh, oh, baby, you make me cum so hard. I wish you were here to lick it off my cock."

"Oh, I do too, Ed, it's such a nice cock, too. I bet you love to fuck with it. I love the look of it, can you get your cock closer to the camera?"

He stood up and moved closer. Oh, it was nice. John and I cammed a few more minutes with him, then signed-off.

"Oh, hon, I think you like this," John said.

"I am so wet. This is just the best. Is there a lot of this going on?"

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