The Right Man for the Job

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My husband, Lee, and I have had many sexual fantasies we've talked about. It wasn't until we vacationed on Curacao that we lived one out. That's where we met Jack and I took him as a lover.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

I'm glad I found the right guy. Lee, I think it was on our third date, told me that he wanted a girl with some experience, not someone who had never had sex or hardly ever. He wanted someone comfortable with their body and how to use it for pleasure. Well, I was twenty when we met and he got the right girl.

Now, before you think I'm some kind of slutty whore, I'm not. It happens that the first time I had sex, unlike a lot of girl's first times, mine was wonderful. Even better than wonderful. I was thirteen, he was seventeen, yes, four years difference but he knew what he was doing and was kind and slow and gentle and loving.

So, once I tried it, I was sold. He and I were together for about a year until he went away to college and I had already become involved with a guy who was nearer my age and we were doing it almost every day. I've never really been without a guy since and, yes, I guess, if you add up all the days until I met Lee, well it's in the thousands, I suppose.

We got married and, now, fifteen years later, we're still together, still enjoying the sex we have, still frequently, about four times a week. A few years ago, when our passion started to fade a bit and our sex became tinged with a bit of routine, we began telling each other of fantasies we had in the past or were coming up with in the present.

That was fun and sure did spice things up and we told each other about threesomes and foursomes of various kinds, nude beaches and resorts, sex in public places, a bit of light bondage which we did try at times, just a bunch of sexy, naughty things we thought would be fun.

Then, one night, a few years ago, after we had talked about us having another woman join us and if I would be inclined to have sex with her (I would), we had a great fuck. Then, laying there in each other's arms, Lee asked me what my favorite fantasy was. Good question.

"Well, that's pretty easy, really, having you and another guy taking turns fucking me all night long."

"Have you ever really thought about doing it, actually having a threesome with me and another guy?"

"Of course, haven't you? I mean the other way around with me and another woman? Haven't you fantasized about that?" I asked as I rubbed his hardening cock.

"Oh, sure, lots of times."

"And really doing it, for real?"

"Yeah, I'd love it," he said as he rolled me over on my back as a short discussion of the possibilities of such an arrangement led to a second rousing fuck of the night.

We kept telling each other about our fantasies but never really acted on any of them though Lee did sometimes bring up adding another man or woman to our sex. And, he was serious about it. I wasn't, though, well, the thought of it makes me wet as hell.

Then, this year, we planned a vacation back on Curacao, an island just off the north coast of Venezuela, it would be the second time we'd been there and we were looking forward to not only two weeks of relaxation but two weeks of hot fucking, just as much as we could.

We had booked the same villa we had the year before, just a few minutes walk to the beach and the second day we were laying on a couple of chaise lounges at the beach enjoying the sun when a man walked up and asked if he could sit in the one next to us. We said he could, of course and he then added, "I heard you speaking English and was wondering if you knew the area here very well."

Lee told him we did, that we'd been here before and he asked if we knew any places one might have supper near by.

I told him of three or four that were quite good and reasonably-priced and we discussed the merits of each one. Lee then asked me if I wanted a coffee from the stand nearby and offered our new friend a coffee as well.

While he was gone getting the coffees, I was looking over our new friend, he was from England, named Jack Withers, and looked to be about our age, perhaps a couple of years older. He was quite nice looking and rather charming with his lovely British accent as he told me what part of England he was from and asked us where we were from as well.

I asked about his wife and he said, "Oh, yes, well, Margaret passed on two years ago. Been rather lonely ever since, of course. I decided to get a change of scenery and come here."

I had been wondering what scenery he was interested in as I had sensed that he was rather checking me out. I did have on a very skimpy thong suit I'd bought in a shop at the airport here, one that I wasn't sure I'd wear much at home.

We chatted some more and he continued looking me over, a woman can always tell these things, and I smiled at the thought.

"Why the smile, Jean?" he asked.

"Well, I was amused that you were doing just what I was doing when you first came up to sit."

He looked slightly puzzled, so I added, "Well, Jack, honestly, I was rather checking you out. Just like it seems you've been doing as well."

"Oh, I am so sorry. Well, no harm meant, please accept my apology. I hope you're not upset."

"Actually, Jack, I'm rather flattered. After all, I was liking what I saw and I hope you were as well."

"Oh, indeed. Jean, you are a beautiful woman and very ... well, very sexy as well."

"Well, at least you're being honest, Jack, I'm well aware of what men would want to do when they look at me like that."

"Well, my only excuse is that I haven't had a woman since Margaret died."

"You, at least, have an excuse. I'm quite well taken care of by Lee and, yet, there are men that I still wonder what they'd be like in bed."

Right about then, Lee came up with a tray holding our coffees and we talked some more about the island and several places we knew to eat. Then, Lee asked our new friend if he wanted to have dinner with us at one of our favorite places and Jack agreed.

Later that afternoon, we were back in our villa where we took a shower and had a nice naked nap to rest up from a spirited fuck. As we lay there after, enjoying the lovely afterglow, I brought up a long-ago conversation.

"You remember talking a while ago about getting me another guy to team up with for a threesome?"

"Sure, we've talked about it for a long time. That and a lot of other things."

"Well, I think I might have finally found a man that I'd be interested in for a threesome."

"Must be Jack, huh?"

"Yes, he's really quite charming and rather good looking, I think. Yes, Jack. Now, were you serious?"

"Do you really want to know?"

"Yes, I think I do."

"Sounds like you may be serious. Well, I think Jack is a very nice guy, I can see why you would be attracted to him and if you are, then, sure, I'm willing and prepared for him to join us in bed."

"Now, I guess the ball's in my court, huh?" I added.

"Seems that way. We're having dinner with him later. Kind of makes it easy."

"God, I've really got to decide, don't I?"

"Looks that way, love, it looks that way."

"Well, you've wanted me to be more adventuresome ... I want Jack to fuck me. There, I've said it. I want him tonight."

"You've got yourself a deal. Well, you do if you agree that I can have a woman join us sometime in the future."

"Deal," I whispered as I closed my eyes and tried to imagine our new friend, Jack, naked up between my legs.

Then, I whispered again, "I'm so horny now thinking about tonight, if I suck you nice and hard, would you fuck me again?"

Lee, bless him, was quick to grant my wish.

Later, Lee was in a sport shirt and chinos as I pulled on the sexiest thing I brought, a plush terry minidress, black, with a see-through black lace bra and stood before Lee.

"Oh, girl, no panties? Poor guy, remember it's been two years for him. He's liable to cum when he sees you."

"I'll see that he cums and more than once, he deserves a great night."

"From what I see, he's gonna get just that. Lemme see how wet you are?" and I lifted my hem and spread open. Very wet.

"Well, hon, there's no question what's on your mind tonight," he said as we went out the door of our villa and began to walk to the restaurant.

Jack was already there at the bar and jumped up when we came in and showed us to the table that was to be ours.

"Hi, you two, and, well, my, Jean, I have no words for how wonderful you look this evening," as he bent down to kiss my cheek which I turned away getting his lips instead.

We ordered wine as we looked over the menus. I could also tell that Jack was looking me over as well. I was hoping he was famished.

Our dinner was lovely and we had a cognac after, then asked Jack to come back with us for a final nightcap.

As Lee got us each an Amaretto, I found some music on the radio and asked Jack if he'd dance with me. He professed that he was rusty, of course, but then glided me around the floor with grace and ease.

I was just tipping my head up kissing him when Lee came in with our drinks.

"Oh, sorry, I've been rather a cad, it's been so long for me, please forgive me," he stuttered.

"Only if you kiss her like you'd really like to, Jack," Lee offered. "I'm sure Jean is old enough to stop you if she doesn't want you to kiss her."

I tipped my head back and he kissed me again, this time with a bit more pressure. I slid my tongue between his lips as we slowly danced. We danced arm in arm, lips to lips for several minutes as we french-kissed while my hands explored his back and butt.

"She loves her butt rubbed while you dance with her, Jack. Believe me, she'd love you to do it."

We danced for a minute more, then his hands came down and up under my dress as he began to rub my bare butt. I don't think he had realized until then that I was bare-bottomed but, surely, he was getting the idea now that the evening was headed toward the bedroom. I was sure of that when I pushed my pelvis forward and felt the erection pressing back as he kneaded my ass and pulled me to him.

"Why don't you let Jack dance with you naked, hon? I know how you love to dance that way. Bet he'd like it too."

I tilted my head back to look up into Jack's eyes as his facial expression expressed some disbelief at my husband's suggestion. Then, I stepped back, pulled off my dress, reached around to undo my bra and let it slide down my arms to toss it over to Lee.

Jack's eyes were devouring me as I stood there for him to see and to hunger for. Then I took him in my arms again as we began to dance once more, his hands eagerly discovering more of my landscape.

I leaned up and kissed him again and when it was over, he whispered in my ear, "Are you sure Lee doesn't mind about all this?"

"He knows I want you, Jack, we've talked about it and it's okay with him. Have you ever danced naked with a woman before?"

"No, but I'm certainly enjoying it."

"I meant, have ever gotten naked and danced with a naked woman. I wish you would, Jack."

I couldn't have hinted any stronger, I'm sure and he was soon out of his clothes, no doubt, rather non-plussed that my husband just sat and watched.

Jack was lovely, his salt-and-pepper pubic hair surrounding a very healthy-looking cock, it looked to be about the size of Lee's, around seven or so inches and maybe a little thicker around. I reached out and took it in my hand as we began to dance slowly to the soft music.

"I just can't believe this is really happening, it's just nothing I ever expected."

"Well, we have the kind of marriage, Jack, where we both want each other to enjoy life in all it's facets and Lee knows I've been thinking of having a new man every once in a while. And, that's you."

"If he has no objections, I would be honored to have you any way I could, Jean."

"Well, how about any way you wish?"

Chapter 2

"I think you two need to take this into the bedroom. I'll join you shortly. Save some for me, Jack," Lee chortled as I took my new English lover by his lovely cock and led him into the bedroom and pulled back the top sheet and lay down spreading wide.

"Come fuck me, Jack, I am so horny."

"Yes, but first, my dear," and he got up between my legs and lowered his face as I felt his tongue begin to sweep up and down adding to my wetness.

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