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by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I've won several art awards at my high school but it was when my stepsister began posing for me that I rendered the female body accurately. Then, she taught me a whole lot more.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   White Couple   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

I'm one of the millions of kids that are in 'blended families.' You know, parents divorced, then remarried, each with kids that get all tossed together like a big salad, often with stepbrothers or -sisters, then, sometimes, new additions of half-brothers and -sisters. I'm sure you know some, it's pretty common today.

So, I have a stepsister, Holly, two years younger than me, she's thirteen. That means, also, right now, at least, we're in different schools, I just finished my freshman year in high school.

Now, Holly and I get along really well, I think most people would think we're really brother and sister. She does look a little different, her mom, my stepmom, is Scandinavian mostly, blond, blue-eyed and so is Holly. She's kind of compact, only five feet tall, kind of like a gymnast, solid body and all. But, let me tell you, in one of her bikinis, man, she's so hot.

I've looked at her bras and she wears a 32-B size. Now, by porn standards that's tiny, but remember, she only weighs about a hundred pounds and she's just five feet tall and thirteen years old. Believe me, she's got great boobs. Last summer, around our pool, I had a boner almost the whole time.

If I seem to be talking about her figure a lot, you might think that I would like to get her naked and have sex with her. You'd be absolutely correct.

You might also be thinking that, well, you've got a hundred ways to go about trying to get her in bed with you. Well, I'm fifteen, so I don't. Well, I did have one idea.

I love to draw and paint and I do have a talent for it. I've won a number of art contests starting when I was about six. Now, being fifteen, I was also drawing nudes using a few stashed Playboys magazines as models.

But then, it occurred to me, why not make some mistakes in rendering the female anatomy and leave them around for my stepsister to see.

I figured running the vagina sideways would be pretty apparent and making the nipples with no centers, no little point that raised up and got hard.

So, one Tuesday morning during the summer, I was in my room drawing after carefully placing a few sketches around my room, when Holly came in.

"Whatcha drawing, Matt?"

I flipped the paper over on the tablet, "Oh, nothing. What's up?"

She picked up one of the sketches and laughed. "You know, don't you, that you've got this all wrong. Nipples have a center that pokes out and, oh Matt, vaginas, oh, they go up and down, not side to side."

She laid down my drawing and pulled up her tee, dropped it on my chair, then reached around her back and slid her bra off her arms.

The jackpot, I really hit the jackpot. Oh, they were beautiful. She took a few steps toward me, "See," she said as she rolled her nipples between her fingers, "they point out in the middle, see, just like mine?"

They were perfect, lovely cones tipped with puffy, pink nipples and the centers were like little erasers as she rubbed and pinched them.

"Here, see how the centers get all hard and 'pokey-outy?' Go ahead, see for yourself," and she leaned toward me as I raised my hand and touched her nipple with my finger and went around it in a circle.

Well, I had to keep the illusion alive. "Yeah, I guess I did get it wrong. Maybe you could model for me, Holly?"

There it was. I was asking her to get naked.

My heart stopped when she said, "Sure, why not. Can't have you making mistakes like this," and she pulled down her shorts standing in front of me in these pretty, pink thong panties which I now watched being dragged to the floor and kicked out of the way.

She stood in front of me, legs parted slightly and said, "See, up and down, god, not sideways, Matt. Have you never seen a girl before?"

"Not really, but ... you're absolutely beautiful. I've seen you in a bikini but, oh, you're stunning. Beautiful."

"That's sweet, Matt, thank you," and she leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth. I almost fainted. "Now, you want me to model for you?"

Again, I almost fainted.

"Um, sure, oh, yeah, that would be great. You'd be perfect."

"Just tell me what to do," she said and my mind was racing a million miles an hour.

"Um, why not stand right there by the window, the shade's down so nobody can see you but the light's really good. Oh, sit in the chair, right over there, turn just a little toward me. Get the shadow, oh, perfect."

She was beautiful and I had the hard-on of the century. I began to sketch, my hand moving quickly, getting the basic curves down then filling in more detail and in about twenty minutes, I turned the tablet around and showed her.

"Oh, Matt, it's beautiful, just perfect, you really make me look good," she said as she stood and walked to me to take my drawing in her hands. As she stood there admiring my work, I stood there admiring her, she was just magnificent.

She held it to her chest and leaned up and kissed me again. This time, I put my arms around her and pulled her tight and kissed her exactly like I had been wanting to kiss her.

She didn't resist, she didn't squirm, she just kept our kiss tight. Then, I slid my tongue through my lips as she opened to receive it. Oh, this was good, this was hot.

My hands slid down her tight body, her skin so smooth, on to her butt cheeks as I pulled her middle tight into me, my tongue moving around and in and out. Then, I pulled my head away as we held each other in a hug.

"You know I've wanted this, Matt, didn't you?" and she backed up to my bed and got up leaning against the headboard, widened her legs and put a finger up inside her and began moving it in and out.

"You know what I want, don't you?"

Yes, I was stunned, she obviously had far more plans than I did and I was quickly out of my clothes and in bed next you her as she fingered herself.

She pulled out the finger and put it up to my mouth. "Wanna taste me?" she asked smiling as I opened my mouth, then closed it around her finger while her other hand wrapped around my rock-hard cock.

There really wasn't much taste, just slightly salty as I sucked her finger while she jacked me up and down. My hands of course, were not in my lap, they were on her pretty boobs, so soft on the outside, so firm underneath.

I bent over and took a nipple into my mouth and began to suck.

"Mmm, that's nice. I've wanted you to do this for so long. God, am I hot. I just want you to fuck me, Matt. Please?"

"Um, I don't have any protection. Maybe I can get some."

"I'm on the pill, it's okay, just fuck me, I want you so bad, I've been dreaming of this for months, getting myself off every night thinking about you fucking me," and she flopped down, opening herself to me.

I got over between her legs and looked down. There was no hair, she just had two rounded lips that looked like they were wet in the middle, she must shave, certainly she'd have pussy hair by now. She widened her legs even more, just opening her slit a little as I led my dick up to her and pushed.

"Rub it up and down, Matt, get it wet, then push it in."

She sure seemed to know what to do, was even kind of relaxed about the whole thing, god, I was nervous as everything.

"Have you done this before, Holly?"

"That's why I'm on the pill. Mom caught me with a boy, well, actually two boys. She got me right into the doctor. Funny, after she cooled off, she joked with me having two guys doing me, said she'd never had the guts to do it herself and her twelve-year old daughter had already done it. So how many girls have you had sex with?"

I pushed and it went in about half way, then another push put me deep inside her.

"Um, well, one," I admitted.

"How was it, good?"

"I'll let you know when it's over," I laughed and she laughed so hard that my cock came out of her.

"Oh, you're a riot, Matt, you really mean this is your first time? You've never fucked a girl before?"

I got back inside her and was moving in and out, savoring all these new and wonderful feelings.

"Yeah, you're the first, Holly."

"Oh, well, you've got a lot of catching-up to do. I guess we'll just have to do this everyday. Think you could stand that?"

I fucked her harder as her answer.

"I guess I'll have to model for you every day, too. It might give you naughty ideas and you might get all excited and need some relief. I'd love to help with that, too."

"Oh, you can model all you want. I'd love having you naked all day long."

"I will if you will."

She really said that.

"That's a deal, you're on, we can just be naked all day."

"Will you come in and get in bed with me when our parents leave for work? I sleep naked, too, Matt," she said, smiling a saucy grin as she moved her hips from side to side.

"Mmm, I knew you'd be good, I've been wondering how to get you into bed. Now I have and I'm not letting you go," she said softly as she raised her legs up so I could push deeper inside her.

"Oh, oh, Matt, just push down hard, just keep pushing, don't go back up, just push, mmm, oh, it's ... oh, OH, OH, UUH, UUH, UNH, UNH, MMM, mmm, oh, yes, so good, Matt, now fuck me more, mmm," and I began going up and down again as I felt my orgasm getting nearer and nearer.

"Mmm, I'm gonna cum, oh, yes, UUNH, UUNH, UUH, uh, uh, oh, oh, feels so good, so good," I groaned as my cum spurted deep into my stepsister, my virgin cum, my first time, far from my last as it would turn out.

I dropped down over her, kissing her, moving up and down, the feelings still wonderful, my cock still hard.

"Mmm, I could just stay like this with you inside me, your cum all up in me. You know, I'd like to do it again if you could," she said, looking at me with naughty eyes.

I started moving inside her again, my cock regaining its hardness as I looked at her perfect body. I was going to be seeing this wonderful body of hers every day, I knew then that my life had changed completely.

"I just never knew you were so sexy, Holly, so hot."

"Well, I've been hoping you'd make a move, Matt. I even tried to flash you a few times but I don't think you saw."

"Mmm, I wish I had, this feels so good."

"And now you're not a virgin any more. I took your cherry," she said beaming up at me. "Mmm, and how is your second fuck, Matt?"

"Just as good as the first, maybe even better. Does it keep getting better?"

"Well, it has for me, though the first time was pretty good."

"When did you do it the first time?" I asked as I stroked in and out of her.

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