Watching in Secret

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My little sister's best friend made a play for me and we were soon having sex every afternoon after school. Little did I know that my sister was, too.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Well, if you're a sixteen-year old guy, the first one home in the afternoon after school, what's your first priority?

Right, jack-off.

That's exactly what I was doing, naked on my bed, I did have to change clothes, after all, why not use the occasion for a little penile fun?

So, that's just what I was doing, dreaming of Jenny Hinson, a beautiful blond in several of my classes that I probably would never have a chance with except in my masturbatory fantasies.

I was near the point of cumming Jenny's pussy full, or was it her mouth this time, and I thought I sensed a brief movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked over at the door which was empty and continued my sex with Jenny until I had spurt up into the air several arcs of my horny boy-cum.

Right after, as I was reaching for some tissues to clean up with, I even thought I saw some movement down the hall but decided it was nothing, I knew I was home before my sister, she's younger and the middle school kids start later and end their school day later to get the maximum use of the school buses, at least that was the reason I'd been told.

Coming home a few days later, as I walked up the steps, one of my sister's friends, Tara, came up right as I was unlocking the door.

"Is Brenda home yet?" she asked.

"Not for about another forty-five minutes," I answered.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot, she's in public school, they get out later."

"You're not in school with my sister? I thought you were."

"Oh, I was two years ago but now I'm in a private school."

"If you want to come in and wait, you can," as I swung the door open and we both went inside.

She followed me into the kitchen and I put my backpack down as she said, smiling, "Maybe you want to go upstairs and do what I saw you doing the other day. I know how boys are."

My face immediately got hot as I realized she must have watched me. There really was someone in the house that day.

"Brenda told me that she'd leave the back door unlocked and to just come over and wait in her room. Then I heard you and, well, I looked and you were there, like, playing with yourself. It was fun watching you."

My immediate thought was that she'll tell my sister and all her other friends and soon I'd be laughed at all over the neighborhood, even school.

"Boys pretty much do it every day, right? So if you want to go up and do it, go ahead. It was fun to watch, I'd even watch you do it again. Even show you my boobs, make you good and hard."

"Um, watch, you really mean that, and take off ... really?"

"Sure, it was fun."

Now, tell me what you would do. Of course, I took her hand and led her up the stairs to my bedroom. I was looking her over, she was thirteen, same age as my sister, and, well, she was pretty nice, boobs that were quite good-sized, cute, blond, and she was unbuttoning her blouse and as it opened, I saw her white bra which was full and rounded.

"Well, Riley, are you taking anything off or is it just me?"

I was so intent on seeing my first pair of bare boobs that I just spaced looking at her. I pulled off my shirt and was unbuckling my belt when her bra came off.

Oh, perfect. They were perfect cones with pink nipples on the end, they just looked delicious.

"Geez, you're beautiful, Tara, they're perfect, so pretty."

"Come on, let's see how hard they make you, come on," and I pulled my pants to the floor and started pulling down my briefs which were poked-out like never before. Down they came and out was my dick.

"Oh, it looks bigger up close. Can I, um, touch it?"

I was hoping that she'd like to adopt it for her very own and then I felt her fingers fold around it as they began to move back and forth.

"Mmm, that feels really good," I grunted as my heart raced and my breathing became rapid.

"You want me to do it? I've never done it before but it's really exciting."

What did she know of exciting, I was almost in cardiac arrest.

"Uh, sure, yeah, I'd like that, it's really good, the way you're doing it."

"Well, I've never done this before, does it feel as good as when you do it?"

"Oh, even better, yeah, really good," I gasped out.

Then she took her fingertips and put them over the tip of my dick as she was going up and down with the other and began twisting them over the tip of my cock like she was taking off a bottle cap, just twisting back and forth. Oh, it was so good.

"I saw this on the internet at a girlfriend's house. Her brother fixed it so we could watch all kinds of stuff. You like it?"

"Oh, I love it, you're really making me feel good."

"You can feel my boobs if you want."

If I want? If I want? Is she kidding? I reached out and touched my fingertip to the nipple of the first breast that I've ever touched. Well, okay, maybe my mom when I was a baby, but, oh, oh, this is so better. Then I cup my hand around it and really feel how warm and firm, yes, so very soft, it feels.

Right then my whole body stiffened as I arched up and spurt after spurt of white cum lobbed up out of me all over my belly and Tara's hand and arm. There was a glob just on her nipple which I leaned over and sucked away and it was so wonderful to suck, I just kept sucking.

"We'll have to get dressed, Riley, Brenda'll be home pretty soon. This was so cool. I, um, I've had a crush on you for, well, ever since I first met you when I came over that time."

I looked up, rather forlorn-looking, I'm sure, at our having to suspend our wonderful time together and she said, "Maybe we can do this more tomorrow," and smiled at me. "I'd like to help you with it again." Tomorrow, I thought, tomorrow.

And there she was, waiting for me as I walked up our sidewalk to the house.

I opened the door, then as soon as we were inside, I decided to kiss her, after all, she was now pretty much a girlfriend. I thought she'd swoon she was so taken by my kissing her. She clung to me all the way upstairs.

"Oh, I just can't wait to see you do it again. Or am I doing it for you? Did you like it when I did?"

"Oh, it was so better than when I do it. Yeah, would you? And, it really did help when you took your top off."

"We could both get naked. Would you like to see my pussy? It's really pretty and I think it would make you really hard. You can play with it if you want."

There seemed to be no doubt about any of that and I was soon naked and staring at, yes, her very pretty pussy that was surrounded by thin, wispy curls of fine, blond hair.

She sat down on my bed, patted the spot next to her, where I sat. She took my hand and turned toward me, spread her legs and rested it right between her thighs.

"Feel how wet I am. Girls get that way when they're really turned-on, you know. You make me so hot, Riley, please rub me there?" she asked as her fingers wrapped around my dick and began stroking me up and down.

My fingers began tracing along her wet furrow as she moaned, "Mmm, mmm, oh, yes, I've wanted this so much. Mmm, can you put your finger in?"

My fingers slid up and down some more as I pressed against her, then my fingertip went in.

As I pushed it in further, she moaned, "Mmm, mmm, oh, god, that's good, oh, Riley, make me cum, please, I've never had a boy do this before, it feels so good."

I was finger-fucking her as she slowly stroked me.

"Here, here, that's my clit, rub it while you do it with your finger. Mmm, oh, god, mmm," and she was squirming and panting as I fingered in and out.

"Oh, yes, that's it, mmm, perfect, mmm, oh, oh, OH, OH, UUNH, UUNH, uh, uh, mmm, oh, Riley, oh, that was wonderful," and she bent down and slid her soft lips across the head of my dick and took me into her mouth to suck.

As she sucked me, she moved up onto her knees next to me, her butt up hear my shoulder with her pink, wet pussy looking at me, so pretty, so nice, I just had to put my finger on it and rub up and down which brought some moans.

Her sucking was wonderful, I'd never had my dick sucked before and, well, like every boy learns, I guess, few things are better in life. By this point, I had put my finger back up into her and was moving it in and out of her as she sucked and moaned and sucked some more.

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