Providing a Service

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I've always wanted to be of service to mankind and have found the ideal way to serve and be serviced as well. I help young men overcome their shyness, oh, do I ever.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   First   Oral Sex   .

Have you ever looked at an alternative newspaper or website and joked about some of the ads? Well, my husband, Dean, just loves to surf them looking for ones he can get a laugh from.

A while back, one that caught his eye was from a young man, twenty-one years old, who wanted to lose his virginity to a woman who would teach him the art and skill of love.

"Oh, hon, here's one for you, oh, for sure," and he translated the ad for me into regular people-talk. "You are the perfect one. You're great in bed, know your stuff, and I know you'd be easy on a shy first-timer. I could even video it all for him as a keepsake."

"Sure, should I have business cards printed up? Something like, 'Sara Boyd, Male Cherries Popped, Satisfaction Guaranteed. Ask Us About Our Videotaping Special Package of your package?'"

"Yeah, yeah, that's the idea. You'd be perfect. I mean, look at you, what guy wouldn't want you to be the first pussy he stuck it into."

"Oh, Dean, you are so romantic, not. The guy should at least have a fuck of a lifetime. Might be fun, actually."

"Here's his email address, wanna do it?"

Now, I'm not exactly a prim, librarian-type, I love sex and Dean and I do it in one form or another eight or ten times a week. Not bad for a thirty-four year old woman and a forty-two year old guy after, let's see, eleven years of marriage and two years before that.

"You want me to have sex with this guy?"

"But he needs you, hon. You're exactly the right woman for the job. We've talked about another guy for you, right?"

"Never a virgin, though, come on."

"Have you ever been a guy's first?"

"No, pretty sure I haven't."

"Here's your chance. You can always turn him down. Let's send him a pic and let him send us one. Why not?"

So, Dean wrote up an email about how gently I would treat him and what we could do together and attached a pic from last summer, me in a thong bikini that wouldn't leave too much to his imagination.

Now, Dean and I have done some swinging in our time together, even one long-term swap with a couple we knew that lasted almost six years until they moved to the other side of the country. So, it's not like he's never shared me with another guy or even watched as it happened.

We did hear back from the guy, Philip Dillon, with a pic and some questions, pretty simple questions, really. He was a nice-looking guy, I guess just painfully shy and he wanted to know where and when this could happen.

Dean wrote back that we could use our house and plan an entire weekend if he wanted. He added a pic of me naked this time and also offered to shoot a video for him to keep.

Philip wrote back that he was interested but unsure of the videoing of his deflowering. We exchanged a few more emails and he wrote back that he would like to talk to us by phone which we both did.

It was finally agreed that he would come to our house for an upcoming weekend and just see what might happen, he wanted to be free to leave if he felt it was too much for him and we agreed. He seemed like a very nice guy, just really shy, confessing to us that he'd never seen a woman fully naked and had only touched a girl's breasts once.

I asked him if he'd ever had a girl see or touch his penis and he said, no. This was a very inexperienced guy.

So, we set a date and I picked out what I wanted to wear, a white tubetop and denim shorts which are sexy but not whorey. That's all, nothing underneath.

Just so you know, I'm five-five, one hundred twelve pounds, fill a B-cup completely and firmly, have ash blond hair down to my nipples which are small and dark red. Oh, and very excitable, they just love to be hard and tingly. Dean says I'm beautiful but I think I'm pretty. But I do get more than my share of looks when we're out.

The Friday night finally came and precisely at seven-thirty, as agreed, our doorbell rang and Dean and I opened it to let Philip in.

He shook Dean's hand and gave me a peck on the cheek which I thought was cute, then we went into our family room and he sat in a chair. I was on the sofa, Dean was standing, and we just chatted about things for a few minutes, then Dean asked him if he minded if he watched.

"Well, you already know I'm shy but, after all, Sara is your wife, I suppose it's proper for you to be there."

"And I can video everything for you if you want."

"Oh, yes, well, you mentioned that before and, well, I don't know. I suppose it might be nice to have a video to watch whenever I want to think back to this. Is it all right with you, Sara?"

It was sweet of him to ask and I told him I was fine with it and that I might like a copy of it to remember our weekend together as well. He really seemed to like that idea. With that, Dean got up and got his videocam and started recording us, keeping in the background as much as possible.

I asked him to come sit with me and he moved over to the sofa next to me. I took his hand and asked him if he'd like to kiss me. He turned and pressed his lips to mine as I put my arms around him. I let our first kiss remain closed, hugging him close after.

"That was nice, Phillip, I like the way you kiss me," and put my face up for him as he kissed me again, this time, opening and passing my tongue between his lips.

We just kissed for a bit, it was nice and he seemed to be a bit more relaxed.

"I think you kiss quite nicely, Philip, I'm rather enjoying this," I whispered as I slid down sideways on the sofa, kissing him more as we became more horizontal.

I maneuvered up over him as I kissed him, then began kissing his neck and licking around his throat.

"You can feel my breasts, I'd love that," I whispered as he slowly slid his hand under my tube top. I went ahead and pulled it down, uncovering my boobs as I raised up, putting them in his face and rubbing them around.

"You are so beautiful, Sara, oh, this is wonderful," he said softly as I took a nipple between my fingers and led it to his mouth. He opened and took it in to begin sucking. I ran my hand up and down his leg a few times, going nice and slow, then grazed the bulge with my palm as I heard the barest moan come from his throat.

"If feels so nice when you suck my nipple. Mmm, I'll bet you like it, too?" I asked as he nodded slightly up and down.

Dean was moving quietly around the room, taking shots as we went along.

He looked so happy and peaceful sucking my nipple, I just had to show him my appreciation by sliding my palm back down over his bulge as I saw Dean do a close-up of my hand.

"Mmm, mmm," he mumbled as he sucked and I slowly rubbed. I moved my hand up and began unbuttoning his shirt as he sucked and soon had it open so I could rub his chest. Philip was certainly a man who was handsome enough to attract women, I thought as I stroked his chest, then circled his nipples with the tip of my finger as I watched them harden.

"We could get more comfortable in my bedroom, if you'd like. I'd like that," I whispered.

He unlatched from my nipple and said, "Yes, I'd like that, too," as we got up and I led him down the hall to the master bedroom. The bed was all ready and turned-down, Dean had set up some soft music and the lights were low.

I turned to him and slid his shirt off, then pulled my tube top off and brought his hands up to my breasts.

"This is very nice, Philip, very nice," as his hands gently squeezed my tingling breasts. I reached to him and pulled his belt open, then unbuttoned the waist of his pants, slid the zipper down and lowered his pants to the floor.

"Here, sit down, I'll take your shoes and socks off," I said, then got up on the bed and patted the space next to me. Dean, always in the background, had been recording us all along. Philip lay there in his navy boxers, his cock pushing them up excitedly.

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